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Dear People,

It's hard to let go of control and to surrender to a higher source, be it God/The Universe/Higher Self. We might see in hindsight that we would have been happier with more trust, but in the moment, it's often something to strive for. To believe that letting go brings better rewards and surrendering will help create  much better outcome compared to working hard.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I want to surrender
I want to surrender this problem
I want to surrender this situation
I want to surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self

I am willing to surrender
I am willing to surrender this problem
I am willing to surrender this situation
I am willing to surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self
I trust and surrender
I trust and surrender this problem
I trust and surrender this situation
I trust and surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self

I gracefully surrender
I gracefully surrender this problem
I gracefully surrender this situation
I gracefully surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self
I surrender to love
I surrender to wisdom
I surrender to trust
I surrender to grace
I surrender to God/Heaven/The Universe
Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by email or publicly online.


Dear People,

With the pandemic going on and the holiday season coming up, it's time to talk about traditions. For a lot of us, traditions that we have established won't work this year. Meeting up with large groups will most likely not be possible, so we have to adjust and adapt. I'm pro revisiting traditions often, because sometimes they become a burden, making us feel obligated and upset, instead of filling us with joy.

Why traditions?
Humans like rituals, like repeating cycles and those help give meaning to our lives. So it's not surprising that all of us have traditions. Some are cultural, some are religious, some are ancestral and some are personal. Traditions help us enjoy, find safety or share experiences.
A lot of times people will tell me they hardly have any traditions, mostly because they become so normal that they don't think they are worth mentioning. Even so, we all celebrate in our own unique ways and we al have things we want to do at certain times. It might be as simple as allowing the person whose birthday it is to choose dinner or as elaborate as a multi day wedding.

Bane or Blessing
When traditions move from a blessing, a shared joy, towards a bane, an obligation filled with guilt, it's often because people decide that the tradition is more important then the person. People then forget why a certain tradition is meaningful or what the original thought was.
For example: if it's tradition that you eat ham at Easter with the family and you don't care that a new family member has allergies, that means the tradition itself (eating ham) is more important then the original thought: sharing good food together.

Another reason traditions become banes is, because often people feel pressured to do the traditional thing, even when it no longer serves them well. Remember that most traditions start in our childhood and if we don't choose to create traditions in when we become an adult, meet a partner, have children or at any other stage in life, that means we'd stay stuck with traditions that no longer serve us. 

It can be daunting to tell your parents that you will no longer spend Christmas Day at their house, but changes in your life will always mean changes in your traditions. Some might be seamless, like having a partner join in, but others might not.

Another reason tradition become banes is when people have opposite traditions and have to figure out what will work for them as a couple. It might be really disappointing to give something up that is meaningful to you. I recommend compromising in traditions, even if it means it becomes every other year, instead of each year. Giving up meaningful traditions permanently breeds resentment and anger.
Check in for traditions
I believe it should become common place to discuss with your partner, your family or your friends if certain traditions still work as intended or if they have to be modified. That group holiday with friends every year might work splendid in college, but not so well once people start having kids. 
By keeping options open and modifying traditions to keep them inclusive, the first person with a changed life, will not feel pressured or obligated, but instead will continue to feel blessed. If making time for each other around Christmas is more important then a specific date, sharing Christmas with more people becomes a blessing instead of an obligation.

Take some time to think on which traditions no longer work for you and ask people around you if they can be modified in a way that works again. After all, following the spirit of a tradition is so much more important than the exact letter of it. 

Be brave, and start new traditions this year! Need some support to change your traditions or want to share your favorite tradition? Ask me for a session or talk to me in the practice.

Dear People,

Flexibility isn't the easiest for me, personally, so I'm always looking for ways to feel secure and safe with unexpected changes. I've been ill for a long time and having a settled routine really helped me recover and keep things moving. With all the unexpectedness of COVID-19 a lot of planners are facing more and more need for flexibility - so if you want to work on that too, now is the time.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I want to deal with unexpected changes
I want to easily deal with unexpected changes
I want to graciously deal with unexpected changes
I want to accept unexpected changes
I want to happily accept unexpected changes
I easily deal with unexpected changes
I graciously deal with unexpected changes
I accept unexpected changes
I happily accept unexpected changes

I acknowledge the changing nature of life
I understand the changing nature of life
I accept the changing nature of life
I move easily within the changing nature of life 
I am safe within the changing nature of life
I celebrate the changing nature of life
I am flexible
I am easily flexible
I am easily flexible in all circumstances
I enjoy my flexibility
I celebrate my flexibility
I am flexible in my thinking
I am flexible in my plans
I am flexible with my schedule
I am flexible with my goals
I am flexible with my life

Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by email or publicly online.

Dear People,

Sadly, with the pandemic going on, a lot of people have lost their jobs or want to find a second job. For most people job hunting is a slog and getting rejection letters is super demotivating. I've heard often from people that it's so hard to keep yourself motivated and to move forward. So here are some tips and thoughts to reframe your job hunt and to hopefully enjoy it more.

You aren't being judged on your merits, you are competing with others
A lot of times people tell me how painful it is to hear that 'they aren't good enough' for the job. They feel discouraged, heart broken, rejected etc. The truth however is, that it's not about how good you are, but how good you are compared to other candidates.

You could be a 99% a great fit, but if there is somebody who is 100% you will not receive the job. Other candidates could have more experience, have a better click, more relevant certificates/schooling or any other part. While it sucks not getting a job offer, don't let it hurt your self esteem. There was just a better candidate.

It's not all about what they want - it's all about what you want
A lot of people enter their job interview nervously. Will I present myself well is foremost in their minds. They want to do their utmost to be the best candidate and impress their interviewers. While that commendable in some ways, it's also a recipe for disaster. It increases pressure and also moves past an important question: Do I want the job?

Everybody who ever found themselves working for a company that was unethical, had dramatic staff shortages or other major issues, knows how horrible it is to work in the wrong job. When you have an interview, you should be sure to also check quite diligently what you feel, think and notice. 
Keep your intuition primed for any signals and measure carefully if you want the job. Of course, if you have massive debt or a money problem, working somewhere 3-6 months is better than nothing, but often, that's not really the case. Waiting a few weeks or sometimes even days longer might net you a much better offer and keep you from being stuck at an employer or in a job that you will hate.
So be mindful of listening to your spirit and not your fear and move into the job that's right for you.
Finding the right job
When job hunting, it's important to do some introspection. I always notice how often people who come to me for job advice have no idea of what they want in a job. If a job is only a pay check to you, it's hard to find fulfillment and harder to convince a person to hire you. We like to see people passionate or at least happy about a job offer.
Taking the time to think of your perfect job, perfect company or perfect opportunity helps you connect to your path and your passion. You might notice that you would prefer to go for a higher paid position, switch industries or start work a business. 
Once you know what you want, I recommend visualization or law of attraction techniques to move forward rapidly, as well as keeping an active eye on job listings, sending out resumes etc. 

Want help finding the right job for you or an idea of what you can expect on the job front in the next few months? Book a session or a Reading with me.

Dear People,

I often get asked what the difference is between "being open to things" and actively connecting to God, Heaven or the Universe. For simplicity sake, I will be using God, as that's my belief system, but substitute it with any type of Higher Power that you are comfortable with. I will write about some ways to connect today, but there are many different ways that you can connect with God.

Active asking

The most simple way of actively asking for me is praying. When I pray, I often ask for wisdom, inspiration, support or direction, for myself and people I love. I take time then also to listen. Since I'm psychic, I often hear instructions or sense something or will dream something important after prayer. Prayer helps tune up the connection for me. For others, it might be meditation, silence, automatic writing or many other tools.


I wrote a blog post before on Asking for help with tips on how to ask for help in different ways.

Active lessons

I like to live a very conscious life, so I usually have a theme of the week, a monthly Reading and many other ways to actively connect to the lessons that are mine. I highly recommend doing this, either by using your intuition or choosing what you want to work on.


If you choose what to work on first choose a theme like for example growth, awareness, forgiveness, assertiveness etc. or a subject like for example relationships, work, career, health etc. Then, ask that you may actively receive lessons that day. 


You can receive those lessons by suddenly gaining insight during a conversation, by seeing a pattern in the world around you, by something that happens to you or by something you feel in your body. 


Personally, I like to use both ways often, by using introspection a lot and giving everything that happens in my life it's proper weight. I try to practice gratitude for the good and bad things that happen in my life.

Using my gifts

Another way to truly connect with God is to use the gifts I've been given. I love doing creative work and it helps me feel very close and connected. However, I also count cooking, enjoying food, helping others and many other talents as my gifts.


A lot of people feel deeply inspired or close to God when they work creatively. If you feel you can't be creative or block yourself, enjoying other people's creative work (music, books, tv etc.) can also help us actively connect to God.


So in summary, for me, actively connecting means I am taking an active role, either by doing something or by using introspection. Just being open, is a passive thing, that is just 'on' all day long. I prefer to do active things regularly, because when you live a busy life it's much easier to disregard signals consciously or not. 


Have a question for me about my work, me or my techniques? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.


Dear People,

Often our life doesn't go the way we want to and we get to choose: accept what is happening and go with the flow or fight it and build heartbreak, resentment and anger. Acceptance is a miracle force as it keeps us energetic, kind, open and willing. Some people feel that if you accept something, it won't ever change, but for me, the opposite is true. When we accept the reality of what is, we are much more able to create changes. Acceptance is just a first step, which helps us see the truth and open up possibilities. 

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I am willing to accept my body
I am willing to accept my emotions
I am willing to accept my thoughts
I am willing to accept my circumstances
I am willing to accept my life
I am willing to accept my body's need for rest
I am willing to accept my body's need for relaxation
I am willing to accept my body's need for food
I am willing to accept my body's needs  
I accept my body completely

I am willing to accept my anger
I am willing to accept my disappointment
I am willing to accept my frustration
I am willing to accept my pain
I am willing to accept my sadness
I am willing to accept my unkindness
I am willing to accept my envy
I am willing to accept my guilt 
I am willing to accept all my emotions
I completely accept my emotions

I am willing to accept my fears
I am willing to accept my childishness
I am willing to accept my anxieties
I am willing to accept my negavitity
I am willing to accept my victimhood
I am willing to accept all my thoughts
I completely accept my thoughts
I am willing to accept my financial situation
I am willing to accept my relationships
I am willing to accept my family
I am willing to accept my job/work situation
I am willing to accept my health
I am willing to accept my home
I am willing to accept all my circumstances
I completely accept my circumstances

Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by email or publicly online.

Dear People,

I've already talked a bit about compatibility when it came to friendships, but compatibility is also an important ingredient in romantic relationships. I've seen a lot of people desperately trying to hold their romantic relationship together with love and effort and then finding out that this isn't working. Compatibility can also change throughout a relationship, which makes it an important pulse on how you are doing as a couple.

Compatibility in goals
This is the type of compatibility a lot of people will warn each other about. Make sure you both figure out if you want kids is a frequent topic in certain age categories. If you want very different things with your life, that's just a problem waiting to happen. Some goals you can compromise on, but others you can not. You can't have half a child. 

Goals do tend to change though - what we find important in our 20ies is not the same as in our 30ies or 40ies. By talking regularly about our goals, we can keep our relationship healthy. A partner who helps you reach your goals is worth their weight in gold. If goals are incompatible, partners will naturally start to drift apart or the relationship will blow up when an important goal won't be reached.

Compatibility in values
Values are different from goals in the fact that they usually don't change much. People who find honesty important will continue to do so. People who find family life important will continue to invest time in their families. Often it's hard to see what our values are until we have a confrontation with a mismatch in values. That's because values feel natural to us, so we never quite think of how others might perceive this.

Talking through situations, ethics or your past together will help show each other what you value in your life and how you like to live it. It helps to show each other what kind of commitment you are looking for, what your perfect relationships wold look like. When values are compatible, the relationship will feel natural and easy, if values are very incompatible, partners will be judgemental, angry and frustrated with each other.

Compatibility in communication
A lot of people know communication is key in relationships, but seem to think that there is a way to create communication even if there is no compatibility. While it's true that we can improve our communication, learn about our partners communication style and try to match, communication styles can be incompatible. This can happen due to old trauma, but also just due to how people like to talk to each other.
If the communication is incompatible, both partners will continue to feel misunderstood and problems in the relationship won't be resolved. It's especially difficult if goals and values are compatible, but the communication is not. 
Other forms of compatibility
There are of course other forms of compatibility which are nice to have in your relationship. Two night owls have more fun and ease then a night owl and an early bird. Compatibility in lifestyle makes it's easier to create something together, but when people ask me what they truly need to make a relationship work, I talk about the basics of a strong, growing and healthy relationship: love, trust, values, goals, communication.

Want to ask how compatible your relationship is or know more about how to evaluate your compatibility with a prospective partner? Ask me for a relationship Reading or talk to me in the practice.


Dear People,

The world being what it is at the moment - a global pandemic, unrest in several countries etc. etc. it's hard to see the force of good at work in the world. It's also much harder to be a force of good, when you feel overwhelmed, angry or burned out. So today, I made some affirmations to help with that.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.

Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).

I see the force of good in the world
I see the force of good in all things
I see the force of good in my life

I see the force of good in myself.

I feel the force of good in the world
I feel the force of good in all things
I feel the force of good in my life

I feel the force of good in myself.

I embrace the force of good in the world
I embrace the force of good in all things
I embrace the force of good in my life

I embrace the force of good in myself

I build the force of good in the world
I build the force of good in all things
I build the force of good in my life
I build the force of good in myself


I am a force of good in the world

I am a force of good in all things

I am a force of good in my life   

Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by e-mail or publicly online.


Dear People, 

With everything going on in the world, nurturing yourself and others is vital. We are bombarded with difficult news, changes in our routines and for most people stress levels are rising. Nurturing is a beautiful antidote, making us feel loved, cared for and cherished. When we nurture ourselves and others, we recharge in many different ways. So today I'm writing about ways to nurture yourself including a little exercise.
Nurturing your body

There are many ways to nurture your body and it's vital that we do so. The easiest ways are with those we have readily available to us: sleeping and eating. Don't hesitate to take some naps if you need that type of nurturing. Naps can help us feel more relaxed and rebuild our bodies. In hot weather or stressful times, we often don't sleep enough and going to bed earlier doesn't always work. It's no wonder that in hot countries daily siesta is a thing. Enjoy that type of nurturing for yourself.


 It's sometimes hard to eat the right food for ourselves as we might choose easier to prepare foods, fatter foods or more sugar, alcohol and coffee just to feel like we can remain upright or relax. Taking some time to home cook a meal, create a lovely salad or eat some extra fruit can really feel extremely nurturing. Taking the time to eat it and savor the flavors can really nurture your body and kick start your energy.


Other ways of body nurture can include: massages, nice body lotions, longer showers or a bubble bath, long relaxing walks or exercise. Take some time to check in and give yourself what you need.


Nurturing your heart

It's easy to fill your life with chores and plans, but harder sometimes to eke out time for ourselves. Our hearts needs nurturing too. It's good to connect with friends and family who uplift and nurture us. To do things that make your heart glad. I always encourage creative pursuits, but working towards your goals can also bring heart happiness. 


Nurturing our heart is vital in making sure we feel motivated, joyful and positive. If you notice your mood dropping or feel listless and empty, it's time to nurture your heart. Another great way of heart nurture is to spend some time in nature. Seeing how it nurtures growth is a great way to feel relaxed and happy.


It's harder to give tips for heart nurturing, because it's so personal where our heart is most invested, but one way to consider is to help nurture others. When we help others out (not sacrifice, but true helpfulness) we also feel a great sense of joy and accomplishment. So look around and see who you can support.


Nurturing your mind

Nowadays our mind can be filled so quickly with stress, with bite size morsels that keep us occupied like reading the news obsessively or checking out social media. It seems like our minds are always running, but they aren't being nurtured at all.


A good way to nurture the mind is learning, by reading, watching or listening to something that helps us learn something new. Mind energy is always running, so why not move it towards something that enriches your life? Check out a documentary, read a book or listen to a podcast that improves your life. 


Other ways of mind nurturing include: meditation, visualization, writing in a journal, reflecting on your day, goal setting and fantasizing. Set some time aside to nurture your mind.


Nurturing your spirit

We all have a soul path to walk and we move into busy-work, our spirits will find ways to get us back on the path. If you feel unsatisfied with your life or like everything is meaningless, it's a good sign that your spirit needs nurturing. A sense of wanting some drama/adventure and something that happens to shake things up is also a warning sign that you should start nurturing your spirit.


A wonderful way to nurture your spirit is taking time to listen within: what truly matters to you. What secret hopes and dreams have been forgotten and have to be reclaimed. Actively asking for help from your idea of higher power (God/Universe etc.) will get you back into nurturing your spirit.


Other ways of nurturing your spirit include: gratitude journal, meditation, soul path healing, attraction work and shadow work.


Want to talk about what you do to nurture yourself? Post a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.

Dear People,

While I have a B2B website a lot of people still wonder what my work with businesses looks like or if I have any examples of the work I've done. I have to admit that I've been a bit lax in asking for references, but now that the new website is up and running, I thought I'd write a blog post about it.

Work with freelancers
When I work with freelancers it's often hard to see where the line is between business and private life. If you are feeling strong, capable and happy, your work will improve and you will attract more clients. Having a healthy work/life balance also brings about more abundance and joy. To have a healthy business, we also have to confront where we are lacking or sabotaging our own success.

So when freelancers come to me for help, what matters to me is the intent. If the intent is business related: more prosperity. growing the business, having a healthy business or improving their business, then it's considered a b2b session. It's natural that personal talents, energy and balance have a role in the session, but the focus will remain on the business.

So in a b2b session with freelancers, I've had great results in helping people negotiate higher prices (without guilt or insecurities), attract better clients (higher paying, better collaboration, higher satisfaction), build a better life/work balance, place a product and make the most of marketing decisions.

Work with coaching employees
There are many reasons I can be asked to coach an employee: reintegration into their jobs (after illness), leadership qualities, general well being etc. Sometimes the requests come directly from businesses when they see a valuable resource (personnel) not being happy, sometimes the employee gets a coaching budget and chooses to work with me.

Depending on the request and the agreed upon goals, I talk with the employee, the immediate boss, occupational physician or other doctors. Working together to create the best environment to have an employee succeed is very important to me. Even so, I will keep the privacy of the employee at all costs, so if reports are being written, the employee will always see them first and have the opportunity to add to it or request edits.

Personnel costs are very high, so having people leave or stay ill long term can really be a drain on a business resources. Results in long term coaching mean happier, healthier and therefore more productive employees or regaining an employee quicker.

Work with businesses
I also help larger businesses with personnel acquisition (who to hire and why), product placements, general advice etc. by writing business reports. My insights are unique due to my gifts and give businesses a great advantage. I've seen results in better investments, easier teamwork and hiring key personnel.

I'm also asked sometimes to host workshops or parties for business who want to improve communication, team work, leadership qualities, stress reduction etc. The call for living more mindful and creating success in better ways is growing.

Want to know what I can do for you and your business? Send me a message, talk to me in the practice or ask for a call back or price quote on the website.
Dear people,

I meet a lot of people who are afraid of their emotions and suppress them regularly until they explode in anger or in tears. For some people suppressing has become so natural to them, that they feel they have lost touch with their emotions. Common complaints are feeling empty, dissatisfied or even feeling dead. Today I'm writing an exercise to return to your emotions in a safe environment to help process them and see what might have been living deep inside of you.

Sea Exercise
  1. Make sure you have at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time
  2. Seated yourself in a comfortable position or lay down
  3. Imagine yourself a calm sea floating relaxed in a pool float 
  4. Your float is being carried by your spiritual Helpers, be it Angels, Guides, Spirit Totems, God or whatever forces of good you believe in. They will keep you safe at all times and help you heal, process and cleanse all emotions.
  5. Allow the sea to become a little bit more stormy and the feelings to start flowing. You might feel wind, rain or waves reaching out towards you. Embrace them and allow feelings to flow. You might feel yourself crying, making sounds or aggression, but just sit with those feelings. The sea will naturally return back towards calm after you processed your feelings
  6. If you start feeling anxious or overwhelmed, ask for help to return to calmer sea. Don't be afraid to repeat the process a couple of times until you processed your feelings.
  7. Once you feel calm and aware, notice that there is a little anchor settled against your float. Lift it upwards and you will retrieve a little box. 
  8. In the box are the gifts that have been hiding behind the emotions. It might be awareness, knowledge, lessons learned, but can also be positive gifts like joy, satisfaction or openness.
  9. Open the box and embrace your gifts
  10. Thank your helpers and bless yourself and then return by gently opening your eyes, drinking some water and/or eating something. 
I recommend repeating this exercise if you feel disconnected from yourself or if you are practicing staying in touch with yourself. It will become easier and easier to restore connections to your feelings and you will naturally notice how you won't suppress them as much. Our feelings have important messages, so opening the box will allow us to see what needs to be done or learned, instead of staying stuck in just the feeling.
Want to share what you do to reach your feelings or how this exercise went for you? Post a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.
Dear people,

Recently I had a talk with somebody about confrontations. Many people shy away from what they consider to be confrontations with other people, but also confrontations with themselves. I embrace knowledge, so I'm always on the look out for places where I can grow, even if it initially feels painful. I know that long term, walking around with unhealthy behavior, suppressed feelings and resentment is much worse, then that one painful moment of clarity. So today I talk about some mindset reframing to start to easily deal with confrontations.

Awareness vs Confrontations
It's easy to fall into a defensive trap when we are confronted with things we don't want to acknowledge. It might be a loved one telling us something we don't want to hear, our bodies giving us a signal or consequences that come knocking at our door because we ignored something.

If we fall into the trap of feeling confronted, we can start feeling defensive, guilty, victimized and upset. We might even shoot the messenger and in the end, we have a bigger problem to solve than we had before.

If we instead decide to admit that something painful comes into our awareness, we can choose to be grateful and bless the messenger. We choose to be happy that we have a chance to correct our mistake, learn the lesson and move into a happier life. We can ask for help when we need it and it will be freely given.

Notice how your thought patterns behave when something painful comes into your awareness. Do you choose to be confronted and create that emotional drama or do you choose to be aware and quickly and effortlessly solve the issue by accepting it, asking for help and learning your lesson.

Sharing yourself vs Confrontations
A second type of confrontation that people tend to feel bad about is, when we have to talk to others about something that isn't right for us. A lot of people will swallow their feelings until they explode or just feel very anxious about talking to the other person.

If you decide to fall into the trap of saying that you are going to confront another person, you will start from a place of anger, attack and anxiousness. On some level we do know it's bad to confront others, because nobody likes to be approached in such a way. We know we are creating more drama and more pain.

Instead, we can choose to decide to share ourselves and our feelings. We want to let the other person  know of our experience and ask for a compromise or maybe even an apology. When then come from a place of understanding and bonding. That makes it much easier to listen to what they need and what they were thinking. When we choose to share and bond, the chances are high that the other person is willing to listen and doesn't fall in the trap earlier discussed into this article.

When something goes wrong or somebody goes over your boundaries, notice how your response is, do you choose anger or fear or are you willing to share yourself and find bonding?

Want to have share something about confrontations? Leave a message on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.
Dear People,

Often we feel guilty accepting the bounty that can come towards us in our flow of Miracles. We worry that we take away from others or that we might have to deal with jealousy or guilt. Affirmations are a wonderful way to keep yourself open to abundance.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.

Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).

I deserve to be in the flow of Abundance 
I accept the flow of Abundance
I receive the flow of Abundance
I welcome the flow of Abundance

I am open to an Abundance of time
I accept an Abundance of time
I welcome my Abundance of time 

I am open to an Abundance of energy
I accept an Abundance of energy
I welcome my Abundance of energy

I am open to an Abundance of love
I accept an Abundance of love
I welcome my Abundance of love

I am open to an Abundance of kindness
I accept an Abundance of kindness
I welcome my Abundance of kindness
I am open to an Abundance of wealth
I accept an Abundance of wealth
I welcome my Abundance of wealth

Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by e-mail or publicly online.

Dear people,

Moderation isn't always easy on us in our world that is full of temptations and distractions. I find it important to moderate in life, because when we don't, big imbalances will appear. Everybody has their own personal balance as well as their own personal pitfalls, but today I'm writing on two ways to see what needs moderation and why.

How to moderate the addictive pitfalls
Don't you hate it when suddenly you realized that you spend too many hours on your phone, a game or just ate too many sweets? Or start to realize you spend too many hours at work or at the gym and neglected your social life? We all have pitfalls that are addictive, meaning we will over consume if we don't stop ourselves in some way.

Addictive pitfalls mean that you don't get tired of something before it gets out of hand, so it doesn't have a natural boundary. We will probably get sick of water before drinking a damaging amount, but we might not get sick of drinking soda before we do.

How to moderate addictive pitfalls in 3 easy steps:
  1. write a list of what is addictive to you personally
  2. find a healthy boundary for you 
  3. implement steps to create that boundary
So, step 1 is simple: what do you overdo in your life?

Step 2 is one that will require some thinking. What do you think is healthy? How many hours of screen time? How many hours of overtime at work? It's very personal, because it depends on our own personal goals. If you want to work for that promotion, you might allow more overtime as healthy than a parent with a family who needs to be home. If you have no other goals, it's easier to have hours of screen time, while if you want to go to the gym or have a more active social life, you might want to reduce them.

Step 3 is crucial. Since we established we don't have a natural boundary, we need to take steps to create one. A time based boundary is usually the most effective. For some people an alarm on our phones is helpful, that alerts us that we are still at work when we should have been at home or that we have spend more then 1 hour browsing already. A simple kitchen timer can also help us.

Besides using time keeping for your boundaries, it's also important that most addictive pitfalls are easy, while doing the right thing often seems much harder or require more energy. Substituting activities is also a great way of keeping addictive pitfalls at bay. We will gain in discipline, motivation and health.

Another useful boundary is keeping track of how often and when you fall into the pitfalls. You might see patterns based on stress, cycles or situations. The more you track these, the easier it is to make better choices.

When you can't seem to moderate addictive pitfalls
Rarely, people keep struggling with an addictive behavior that they can't seem to moderate and is damaging to their lives. It can be one that is considered 'good' like working hard, being extremely forgiving, being a people pleaser or one that is considered 'bad' like drinking too much alcohol, having hours of screen time,  etc.

Often I find deep seated beliefs underneath behavior that means healthy boundaries can't be set, sometimes these are even family beliefs or past life experiences. If you are stuck moderating parts of your life, don't hesitate to ask for help.

Want to share how you moderate your addictive pitfalls? Leave a message on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.
Dear People,

Support is something that we all love to receive and give in these difficult times with a global pandemic arriving in our world. Some of us are rocks for others: sturdy, dependable, not easily emotionally swayed. Others are more like stars: shining brightly of trust, positivity and hope. And some of us are rock stars! Whether you need more support or want to be able to give more without depleting yourself, it always helps to do some affirmation.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.

Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
Enhance your support by listening to the 5 minute Support Manifestation Meditation on My YouTube Channel.

I am willing to give support
I am able to give support
I naturally support others

I am willing to support positively
I am abundant with positive support
I naturally support others in a positive way

I have enough energy to support others (and myself)
I receive energy to support others (and myself)
I naturally overflow with energy to support others (and myself)

I am emotionally steady when giving support
I am emotionally strong when giving support
I am emotionally stable when giving support

I give support with great satisfaction
I happily give support
I joyfully give support

I am willing to receive support
I am able to receive support
I naturally receive support from others (including God)

I happily receive support
I joyfully receive support
I know that I deserve to receive support

Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by e-mail or publicly online.
Dear People,

With so much going on in the world, it's been a very busy time for me. Even so, I'd like to write about sensing the threshold today, as I feel a lot of people are noticing signs of transition in their lives. When we speak about transition, we know that this is a journey, a time span, but usually we only receive the peace and gratitude when the transition is completely over and the goal has been reached. However, I find it very important to find that relaxation within a transition. The waves are always moving, so it pays off to feel at peace with that movement.

Start of a transition
Often, people are quite unclear on when a transition has started in their lives. If you are looking for a transition in your love life, did it start when you start looking for a partner, when you were dating, when you fell in love? Most transitions don't have clear start times, but there are phases during the start of a transition that can help you pinpoint what is going on and what transition is happening.

Almost always a transition starts at a Spiritual Level: feelings of dissatisfaction, wanting a new challenge/the next step, missing excitement, feeling less alive and getting signs that you need to make changes. Not everybody is aware of this level, most people will rationalize these feelings and signs away causing the transition to move downwards.

Now the transition will reach the Mind Level as well: we start worrying, thinking or analyzing. We find ourselves with an idea or a situation that becomes stuck in our mind. Like a stone in our shoe, we keep coming back to it. Time to make changes, but again, some people will rationalize these thoughts away.

So if we don't take appropriate steps to transition, it will reach the Emotional Level. Now the feelings of dissatisfaction will grow. We will feel exhausted, upset and irritable. We struggle with meaninglessness, feeling unhappier and out of sorts.Again, some people will rationalize these feelings, on top of the already existing thoughts and signs, away.

Then, it will reach the Physical Level. Almost always people will start getting small health complaints: tiredness, soreness, aches and upsets. If we keep struggling against the tide of transition, the health problems will become worse.

As a Psychic, I keep myself tuned into my Spiritual Level as much as possible. I ask to be a divine tool as a miracle worker/light bringer. I listen to what's needed for myself and others. I often pray and meditate. As such, I have easier transitions in my life and less general upset.

Sensing the threshold

Embracing the transition doesn't mean that we don't struggle a bit. This mostly happens because people want a transition to be over faster (so they can get to the goal) or they don't see any improvements yet (so they want to move faster).

Just like it's darkest before dawn, a transition is often working quietly until the situation has changed completely. When we continue to put in the energy, thoughts, prayers and dedication, we will transition to our next phases. So, if you are impatient, invest in gratitude and dedication.

If you listen quietly though and meditate, you might already sense the threshold to your new level. As such, that's a great way of keeping yourself motivated. As a Psychic, I often get forewarned about big transitions (moving house, marriage etc.) and I will do Year Readings to see when I have thresholds hidden in my year. I highly recommend taking the time to do the same or ordering a Reading.

Want to hear more about my Psychic Life? Ask me a question on the blog, Facebook Fan page or in the practice.

Dear people,

When times are hard, for ourselves or for our loved one's it's important to spread some joy. Even if you aren't in the mood for joy, joy is so contagious that when you try to spread it, your mood uplifts too. Some of us are naturally optimistic and upbeat, but even if you feel you aren't, it's always worthwhile to spread joy.

Reflection exercise
Before giving some tips to spread joy, it's important to do some reflection on what specifically brings you and your loved ones joy. There are so many ways to spread joy, but not all are received equally and not all will be as fun for you either.

Questions about your ways of spreading joy:
  • What skills can I share to spread joy?
  • What hobby's/passions can I share?
  • What knowledge can I share?
  • What gifts can I share?
  • What do I love to share?
  • What type of helping makes me happy? 
  • What enlivens me?

Questions about others:
  • What help do my loved ones need?
  • What could I do to make their lives easier? 
  • What gifts do my loved ones enjoy?
  • What are my loved ones passions?
  • What are my loved ones favorite past times?

Ways of spreading joy
There are many ways to spread joy, some simple and some complex, but these are some of my favorite ways:
  • Smile at everybody you meet that day
  • Bring a good mood to a difficult meeting
  • Make or bring coffee or tea for everybody
  • Share a (home baked) gift together
  • Share a comic, joke or funny video with somebody who needs it
  • Write a sweet note or leave a sweet voicemail
  • Draw a quick cute doodle
  • Bring Gerbera Flowers and share them around
  • Have a pillow fight
Want to share your ways of spreading joy? Post a comment on the blog or Facebook Fan Page.
Dear people,

A lot more of us are working from home at the moment and I've heard a lot of people struggling with keeping a healthy routine. It's hard when all of a sudden things are so different in our daily lives and we are juggling many responsibilities. It's natural to feel overwhelmed and to struggle, especially as this situation is bound to continue for more weeks. So today I'm writing about some common pitfalls in working from home that are causing people to overwork.

The three main ways that people are overworking themselves when working from home are:
  1. Compensating for distractions by working longer
  2. Compensating for an unproductive day by working longer
  3. Working longer by forgetting to take breaks
Distractions when working from home
When we work from home a lot of people are annoyed about the many distractions that they have (children, private phone calls, spouses etc.) compared to working from the office. They imagine that they would have completed so much more work if only...

We tend to forget that when we work at the office, we do have distractions as well, just different distractions. Outside distractions like a colleague asking for help, having a little chat with a coworker or client, a question from your boss etc. Or inside distractions like quickly checking your private e-mail, making a small phone call or checking in on social media.

When working from home, many people feel guilty when they have to step away from work, but remember: distractions exist in both situations. You don't have to make up for your distractions by working more hours. If your colleagues do this and you get work mails after your normal work hours, let it sit for the next day if at all possible. Many people work too many hours, instead of not enough hours when working from home, even when it feels you 'hardly worked'.

Having an unproductive day
Sometimes things just don't get done. When we have an unproductive day at the office - this is where it stays. It might have been unproductive due to too much meetings, no focus, no inspiration or many other things. It sucks, we move on. Tomorrow is another day.

However when people work from home and they have an unproductive day - they tend to decide to work longer. They feel that for some reason they have to make it a productive day or compensate for not finishing a project. They often work a lot more hours and start the next day exhausted. There is no reason to compensate for an unproductive day when working from home, because we all have them. End your work day - tomorrow is another day.

Taking breaks
Working from the office there are many natural breaks due to the outside distractions, but also since most of us work in office where we have natural longer walks. The walks to the coffee machine, the toilet or the lunch room are much longer then at home. When you work from your own kitchen table or office, we tend to bring in all our stuff so we won't be distracted, but that also means we lose our natural walks.

It's paramount to take breaks when working from home even though it might feel very unnatural in the beginning. Nobody knows how much break time we usually have at the office, but taking 5-10 minutes every other hour is a good way to start taking breaks. If you feel better, keep them at this level, if you keep feeling unfocused/stressed, increase your breaks.

Creating a healthy routine

My rules for creating a healthy routine:
  1. Have a set start time and end time
  2. Take enough breaks - find your sweet spot
  3. If you don't compensate for it when working from the office - don't compensate for it when working from home
  4. Expect some things to move faster and more productive (less distractions) and others to move slower (no help from colleagues). 
  5. Make your work environment clean, nice and uplifting
It's vital that to keep rule 3 going strong. If your mom called you at work for 20 minutes, do you work 20 minutes longer? No? Don't do it at home if your kid needs you for 20 minutes. If you are 10 minutes late, do you work 10 minutes longer? No? Then ok, you missed your start time, but that can happen.

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Dear people,

This corona virus and it's impact is unprecedented for all of us - I've been helping people keeping a positive outlook during this difficult time. I urge everybody to take precautions and be smart and sensible about your health and others. Hand washing and social isolation is the best way to keep everybody healthy. However, social isolation can be very jarring for people, on top of the stress of job safety, changes in our vacations and in our life. Here are some tips to make your life easier and happier.

Social Isolation
Being along is pretty boring but it's keeping people safe. Don't hesitate to video call, voice call or chat with people. A lot of schools are doing video calling for the kids. It helps to see a friendly face.

If your time is very limited, consider leaving a voice message through WhatsApp or just on somebodies voicemail. It's easier to listen to a message that you can repeat a few times, while doing the dishes or cooking, and still hear how your loved one's are doing. Ask them to send you some voice messages back.

Keep a routine and increase self care
All our normal routines are shattered and it's quite tempting to just slump in the funk of staying inside, waking up late, going to bed late, eating junk food, playing video games etc. etc. However, doing these things will definitely tank your energy and sense of well being.

Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time you normally do. Scrap projects that you don't have time for and increase your self care instead. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Find an outlet for your stress.

Limit news
It can be tempting to feel like you are on top of things by checking news constantly, reading articles and refreshing the website that gives out the number of corona cases. However, spending hours a day on the news will inevitably get you down. More bad news is coming and keeping yourself inundated is going to tank your mood.

Try to check only 1 or 2 times a day and limited your checks to reputable sources.

Create positivity
Take some time to do things that create positivity. There are many companies right now offering quite a few resources that can make you happier and healthier. Listen to beautiful podcasts or audio books that focus on feel good stories or make you laugh.

I've seen some interesting free things from Hay House, which has always published lovely positive books on a number of topics.

Want to share what you are doing or want to request some help? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.

Dear People,

I've been asked this question before but with the current corona virus situation in the world, I felt it was a good idea to write a blog post about it today. The virus has reached Delft, the city of where I live and work, and it's expected that infections will grow. As such, I'm thinking I'd get this question more often in the coming weeks.

Impact of sickness on the healing work
Most sickness doesn't negatively impact your session at all. People are often worried that they won't remember the work that we've done or that they aren't in tip top shape to their part of the work. I can understand these worries, but even if you remember nothing of your session, you will get results. The most you have to do during healing work is answer some questions, so it's fine if you are up to that.

So if you can answer questions, you can make it to the practice in a safe way and you can stay in the room for at least 25 minutes, you can choose to come without any negative consequences to the healing work. Most people will even feel much better after the work, so coming will often speed up the recovery process.

The only exception is if you have a fever, which means I can't massage you (which I sometimes do with healing work).

Of course, often people prefer to either:
  1. reschedule the session for another day
  2. Change the session to a phone session
  3. Change the session to a report session
Impact of your sickness on me
If you are sick I usually have no trouble working with you in a private session, but I do prefer a heads up. Every year I make sure I get my flu vaccine and I don't get sick often. Still, it's nice for me to know what is what, so I can take precautions, change plans I have with family members that are immunocompromised or just reschedule with you.

With corona now in Delft, it's vital that you call me and reschedule your session if you feel any symptoms that mean you suspect you might have corona.

Impact of your sickness on other clients
Since I often work with people who have serious illnesses, if you call to ask if you can come to a group event while sick with something that's contagious, I will say no. That small throat ache or cold can be serious for clients of mine who have COPD for example.

Yes, it's a pity if you can't make it, but let's keep each other safe and healthy.

Have a question you want to ask me? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.
Dear people,

In our daily lives we all have annoyances, some big and some small. Mostly, we are able to process these because we have acceptance, forgiveness and wisdom. Sometimes however annoyances can stay stuck in our mind, our heart, our body or even our energy field. Then they can grow towards resentment, frustration or other more difficult energies to process.

So today, I'm sharing an exercise about how to get rid of those small annoyances by giving yourself a combination of venting time, reflection time and laughter. This exercise is best done with two people, but can also be done alone. If you do it alone, I recommend you either do it before a mirror or you choose to actively move position (like moving seats or standing space) to get the most of this exercise.

Releasing Annoyances Exercise
  • Person 1: admits the annoyance out loud
  • Person 2: acknowledges and accept the annoyance
  • Swap sides after Person 1 is done 
Now, this sounds extremely simple, but it's very important that the person listening actively decides to join in the energy of the first person. It's very hard not to judge the annoyance (Oh, you are being silly, childish, stupid, vengeful etc.) or to offer up solutions.

If this is done well, person 1 will feel heard, understood and validated. Person 1 might even feel how the energy of the annoyance changes, just because the annoyance is shared and validated. The healing power of active listening compared to receive advice or a solution is quite beautiful.

Person 2 might feel judgements come up that they can choose to release. Releasing your judgements on another also frees you. If you judge an annoyance as 'childish', that means you will judge yourself too if you feel that way about something or someone.

Besides freeing themselves of judgements, person 2 can feel the struggle to 'want to help' come up for release as well. Releasing the need to play the hero/be the helper/find the solution, brings a sense of peace to both parties. We are only talking about small annoyances after all, so why do they need to be solved?

Some examples to acknowledge and accept the annoyance for Person 2:
  • "Oh that sucks"
  • "That's irritating"
  • "That's sad"
  • "You are right that's <insert feeling person 1 shared>"
  • "I share in your <insert feeling person 1 shared> 
  • "I hear you"
 Want to share your experiences with this exercise? Post a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or send me an e-mail.

Dear People,

When people want to order a Reading I always have a small intake to see what answers they are looking for. Recently somebody asked me what the limits are and why I need to do an intake instead of just having a clever set of rules people can follow. So, time to explain some more about how my gift works.

How I see the future in general
In general, I see the future as follows: a stream such as a river (which can split, depending on your choices) and stones (which you will certainly encounter as the river flows over it). As I look further, it is more difficult to give very clear predictions, because depending on the choices you have made, your future may change. If the predictive part also talks about other people, it’s even harder to stay accurate, as they also have choices to make. Just as a weather forecast over several days the first few days is often more accurate than the last few days.

Time Limit
The closer an event is, the easier it is to predict. I can already see a lot of the energy flowing into something or not. I can see what kind of energy there is and what it is doing. The further along I look, usually the fuzzier it becomes.

  • A Reading about love/career/family opportunities will have a higher accuracy if it's about the next 2 months, instead of the next year, 5 years, decade etc.
  • A Reading about an event in the next 2 months will have a higher accuracy if it's within the next 2 months, instead of next year, 5 years, decade etc.
  • A Reading about your health will have a higher accuracy if it's about the next 2 months, instead of the next year, 5 years, decade etc.
Choice Limit
If you are doing a Reading about choices, I always check multiple paths. As such I will see the pro's and the con's for all choices available. Sometimes people there is only one choice, but that's never true, as there is also the choice not to do something/to wait.

However, if a Reading is done about something with multiple choices in between, then it becomes less accurate. It means that for the end result to happen, all choices have to be made a certain way.

  • After a few dates, a Reading about long term relationship potential is more accurate then one where you check the time line for marriage
  • After working in a position for a few months, a Reading about your possibilities for promotion is more accurate then one where you check if you can be CEO/CFO etc.
People limit
I almost never read about other people (see my Ethics), because I strongly believe in privacy. There are some exceptions, so that's why it's important to talk about this in an intake. The other people limit is that when I predict something that has more people involved, it almost always impacts the accuracy.

  • A Reading about possible job chances is less accurate if no offer has been made, since there can be many people applying/choosing to apply or not
  • A Reading about buying a house is more accurate if there is just one person bidding, instead of several people
Even with these limits, I can still sometimes predict things that are far in the future, involve many people and seem to imply many choices. For me, that's obviously then a rock, a soul lesson that you will encounter, but I don't always know that in advance. That's why an intake is necessary.

Some examples include:
  • Predicting somebody would have a child (far off, with a choice, limited people involved)
  • Predicting somebody would not work in the field she was studying for, but would be offered a job with teens (months off, with a choice, many people involved)
  • Predicting somebody would find their dream car (very small time window 2/3 days, with lots of choices, many people involved)
  • Predicting somebody would be happy with the result of their court case (very long time window, lots of choices, many people involved)
Want to know if I can predict something or want to order a Reading? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.
Dear People,

I'm happy to embrace 2020; a new year, new opportunities and a year filled with joy. I have some big plans on a personal level, but also for my business. A lot of people are filled with fear due to the changes in our world at the moment, but I always keep an eye out for the helpers. I believe in the people willing to make a difference. So let me talk to you a bit about my plans for 2020.

Like every year, I did a Year Reading to best see which months are best suited for plans that I have made and to see what kind of surprises the year has in store for me. Usually the energy of the year is a mix, but sometimes I receive a lot of happy energetic months in a row or have some warnings that help me navigate a difficult streak. I was looking specifically for months that matched some of my plans or expectations of events. So far, I heard that one might be correct, which is always gratifying. A wedding invitation is in the month I predicted.

Besides the Reading, I also filled in the Year Compass. Last year I did it for the first time, so it was quite fun to see what I've managed to accomplish from the 2019 session, but also what things have changed. I can highly recommend doing this. It's lots of fun to relive the highlights of 2019 and to choose what you want for 2020.

Of course I also always have some New Years Resolutions, that I check back on almost every month. As many of my clients know, I love to track and measure progress. I'm guessing it's my engineering side.

Having some extra information always helps me plan and in the beginning of the year (or end of December), I always set out some guidelines for myself. Plans can change, so they are definitely not set into stone, but give a good idea what I want to accomplish.
  • A global year plan for group activities: what kind of workshops do I want to offer/theme's etc.
  • A global year plan for PR - when will I be in the paper/on the radio/etc. and what do I want to communicate
  • A global year plan for projects
This year, the first main project is the name change from Hart en Ziel to Flow of Miracles. It is a lot of paperwork and changes. Not everything goes as smoothly as I'd prefer: for example: Facebook won't change my name and they haven't responded to my request yet. On top of that some of their internal links for this procedure don't work. 

The second project is to have the new website up and running. And other things in the pipeline this year are the new group activities as well as some promotional work and work abroad.

If you have something you think I should really do for 2020 or if you want some help in your own planning or plans, don't hesitate to contact me. Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or shoot me an e-mail.

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