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Dear People,

A few days ago I did some Readings for free for sitters with the 100% positivity Deck for Healing and Advice. I have permission to relay these Readings as sample Readings, to give an idea of what you can do with this lovely Deck. For more information on getting this Deck for yourself, check here.


Sample Reading 1: Single Card

In this Reading, I decided to use a single Card answer the question: What energy do I need right now?
What energy do I need right now: Red: Healthy
Health is a cornerstone of our lives. When we are out of balance and unhealthy we can't do the things we need to do, enjoy our lives as much as we should and walk our path. Healthy Energy is an Energy that allows us to feel our bodies, feel our needs, our emotions and our mental energy.

We all admire health, just look at athletes and how they can shine. Healthy Energy encourages you to take the steps you need to vibrate with health.

Sample Reading 2: Small Spread

In this Reading, I decided to use a Small 2 Card Spread to answer the question: What do I need to know right now. I decided to draw 2 Cards side by side.

What you most need to know this is hidden: Green: Open
Openness is a good way of being, when we no longer feel the need to build walls or barriers and are at peace with others, their emotions, their energy and our own. However, I have the feeling that this isn't what this card is mainly about.

Do you notice that you lose energy quickly or swing with moods depending on who you are with or what places you go too? It feels like you are a little too open sometimes, so energy of others latches onto you and that can be a bother.

Check your openness before going into emotionally heavy situations, you can do several meditations/visualizations to 'close' your energy field a bit more or making it stronger so you stay you.

What you most need to know that is in plain sight: Green: Listening
I swear I shuffled all of them, truly. It seems like you already know that you are being guided and helped along the way. All you need to know is that you need to listen. Find quiet places often and check in with your Guides, Angels and/or Animal Totems. They are available to work with you.

Sample Reading 3: Larger Spread

In this Reading, I decided to use a Larger Spread to answer the question: What do I need to know about the person I'm maturing and evolving into. I decided to draw 5 Cards in the shape of a pyramid.

The bottom three cards will be, the foundation, where you are now, the second 2 are what you are building onto, and the top one, the pinnacle is the unrealized potential.

Foundation: 3 Cards: Orange: Laughing, Red: Decisive, Orange: Transforming
Where you are at now is based on your very root, main issues in your life, having to do both with your own stability and with feeling and creativity.

The main card for me is Decisive in red, bouncing in the middle, you are making choices for yourself, leaving behind self doubt more and more, and harnessing your own power, intuitively, mentally and emotionally. It's a new era for you and I felt a little release in the throat area, a definite sign you are becoming more assertive and are finding your own voice.

Laughter shows me how often you haven't found things to smile about lately, but it also shows that you are willing to laugh at your demons. To stop taking life so seriously and to see where you can improve, change or just enjoy. Good for you.

Transforming, with a question like yours, hardly needs any extra information. You have noticed your own changes and while it can sometimes scare you a bit, it has also released huge joy and potential.

Where you are going: Purple: Heavenly & Green: Listening
Where you are going is based upon a more emotionally satisfying life, finding peace within the turmoil that sometimes surround you, as well as being more in touch with Heaven and Spirit. You are able to do gratitude and abundance work with great success soon.

Heavenly shows me that better times are ahead, because you are able to deal better with life and its many disappointments, as well as finally receiving the rewards you deserve. Hard work is going to pay off and changes you made will start to bloom soon. You deserve Heaven on Earth.

Listening reminds you on how important it is to find peace, quiet and contemplation, it will help you feel much better and allows for better choices. Listening to your true heart, not the flighty emotions we all have, but below that, towards our true core.

Pinnacle: Dark Blue: Meditation & Pink: Cherished
So, this was one card, supposedly, but Cherished fell out, so, it's getting there too. A new era of peace, mentally and emotionally, will be your reward, as well as feeling more loved and cherished in the coming times. Meditation will allow you to reach new heights and even more talents, while strengthening your life now.

Have a question for the 100% Positivity Deck? Order a Reading through e-mail or phone me to make an appointment.
Dear People,

Today's article is about baggage, which we all carry forward from our past lives, from experiences in our current life and from your family. Baggage can blind us, hold us back and make us miserable. In a lot of healing work I do - I discard baggage so life becomes manageable again.

Family Baggage
All families have history and all history has baggage associated with it. A good exercise to see family baggage is to see what has been similar problems for many family members. What type of obstacles is most of your family facing? These obstacles can be a recurring health problem, problems with money, career or relationships. It won't be long before you can see patterns emerging within your family. Sometimes baggage translates into a different type of experience or behavior, so it seems like it's not related, but it really is just a different expression of the same baggage.

Example: I met a client who obviously had family baggage concerning self esteem. In the family itself many members would work either extra hard (high achievers, compensation behavior leading to burn outs, physical problems like heart failures and depression) or didn't work at all (slacking off, falling through the cracks leading to mostly mental problems like addiction and depression)

All of these family members were struggling with the mistaken belief that they had to do something/amount to something to truly matter and to gain value. Some of them were sabotaging this belief by doing nothing, but almost all of them were trapped in this web. Since we grow up within the family often this type of behavior or a specific belief is considered normal and won't be reevaluated until somebody else mentions it. I helped my client see this web and disentangle her involvement in it so she could move forward freely.

Personal Baggage
Sometimes clients find it easy to identify personal baggage, because they can see how they have been stopping themselves gaining specific goals. A client who went through a difficult divorce will notice that it's harder to open up again to a new relationship. A client who has difficulty dealing with authority figures due to problems with their father will understand how this is related. Knowing your baggage however is only the first step to resolve it. The second step is focused on processing the old pain so you can move forward.

Personal baggage can be misunderstood however, because we can be blinded by it. Often this is compounded by people being very strict with themselves, finding fault within themselves, because something that is easy for others is very hard for them. Consider this: If you find something simple very hard, it's time to figure out the why and sort it out, instead of punishing yourself. If you can't figure out where the baggage is coming from - seek help.

Example: A client was generally happy in his life, except for some health issues related to weight. He has lost quite a lot of weight already, but couldn't find it within himself to exercise more. Even when doctors recommended more exercise he felt angry, but couldn't find the cause of the anger. He tried everything, from personal trainer appointments, doing team sports and going on his own. He failed to see that this wasn't a discipline problem, but old baggage. His parents told him to go exercise and he took the mistaken belief with him that he was fat and that was why he had to exercise. We successfully released this belief so he was free to exercise for his own health and well being.

Past Life Baggage
If you notice a pattern in your life that is destructive, but you can't figure out where it's coming from, mostly likely it's past life baggage. This type of baggage is usually easily resolved, because it's carried over just so you can resolve it in this life. Some people have flashes of past lives or feel that they know a certain person deeper then is justified in this life or have a special connection. You can find all my blog posts about Past Lives here and I also did an Instagram Live Session about Past Lives, which you can watch here, which includes 2 exercises to connect to your Past Lives. If you want to do Past Life Healing with me, try out the free True Unity Video: Past Life Trauma or ask me for a free intake.

Want to talk about your baggage or ask me a question? Post a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.
Dear People,

Some of you might have already seen on Facebook that I have designed my own Oracle Deck. I've had many ideas of Oracle Decks before, but since my artistic side usually shows itself through words, not pictures, I never completed a full project. This time however, I had an idea of a text only Oracle Deck in Chakra Colors.

As you can see, the back has the information of the practice on it and the front have 100 positive words in the following colors: dark red, red, orange, yellow, light blue, blue, light green, green, pink, light purple and purple. Most people will recognize the main Chakra colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and probably wonder about the pink.

There is no clear consensus on what the main Chakra Colors are, as I've seen Crown Chakra range from gold, white to purple, and the Third Eye Chakra range from indigo, to light purple to blue. Also, a lot of people feel that besides those main 7, there is one between the Throat and Heart Chakra, sometimes called High Heart Chakra or Thymus Chakra that has to do with our service to others and ourselves. I find that Chakra to be very important in healing work as it's often out of balance.

100% Positivity Deck Guidelines
For me, I follow this convention with the Deck:
  • Root Chakra (dark red/light red)
  • Sacral Chakra (orange)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)
  • Heart Chakra (dark green/light green)
  • Throat Chakra (dark blue/light blue)
  • Brow Chakra (light purple)
  • Crown Chakra (dark purple)
  • High Heart or Thymus Chakra (pink) 

100% Positivity Deck Uses
So, why did I design this deck while there are hundreds of Oracle Decks out there? In my healing practice I often felt a lack in the niche of Decks only used for healing. When you read for advice or awareness, it's important to have a mix of positives and negatives, but when you want to do healing work, the negative cards often intrude. I also have had Decks that focus on positivity qualities or virtues but those don't connect to Chakra's.

For healing purposes, the 100% positivity Deck gives you the ability to draw cards and focus on those Chakra's and their qualities that need healing or balancing. It's easy to put a card in your pocket for the day, meditate or visualize with it or tune into the vibration of the quality that you need.

For gratitude work when you find it hard to focus on something to be grateful for, the 100% positivity Deck can help you find a quality for each and every day and for each person that you interact with.

Want to spread more kindness into the world? You can give Cards away or place them between library books or spread them in other ways to entice other people to do Random Acts of Kindness or to brighten their day.

Of course you can use the 100% Positivity Deck for longer Readings as well. You could do a full Chakra Spread, separating the cards by color and seeing what you need to balance the 8 Chakra's for healing and deeper understanding. You can use it to see what ties from which Chakra's you have to other people or what you need to cleanse out ties. In the coming weeks I will post sample Readings on the blog.

Buying the Deck
I have 2 versions of the 100% Positivity Deck, an English and a Dutch version. They are similar, but not completely the same due to the difference in languages. If you are interested in buying a set, please be aware that I have to have them printed, so it will take around 3 weeks for them to arrive.

You can buy the set with or without box. I've added in a credit card sized card for size comparison  purposes. The whole box is slightly bigger then the card, and the cards themselves can almost fit twice in a credit card format (height is just a little more), but they are less wide. They have a glossy finish and are easy to handle. Don't hesitate to ask me about them in the practice if you want to see them.

Price would be €20 for a full set (so 2 cent a card!) or €22,50 for a set with box. If you want a different back send me an e-mail to discuss prices and options.