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Dear People,

The difference between surviving your life and really living it is amazing. To make sure you move from one state to the other it's important to understand your base needs and how to meet them. Some of them you might already know, while others might grant you more understanding or tell you to change your ways!

Base Need: Sleeping
For me, personally, the first base need is sleeping. If I don't get enough sleep, I can function for a long time, but I know I don't truly feel alive and I don't work effectively. There is nothing as nice as waking up refreshed and ready for the day. Whenever I'm out of sorts the first thing to bring me back to balance and to center myself is more or better quality sleep.

So, are you getting enough sleep? If you don't feel refreshed, don't wake up before your alarm and often feel tired, it's time to work on your sleep. Practice Sleep Hygiene: making sure you don't do much before going to bed with bright screens, make your bed a nice resting place, deal with your worries and take the appropriate amount of sleep.

If you don't get enough hours, please do check what you are spending your sleep hours on. Some people use them for relaxation (reading late, playing games, hobbies), some for work (bringing work home), some for exercising and some for household tasks. Reschedule your day so you can have enough sleep and you will notice increased energy and effectiveness. Sometimes that means you have to sleep 10 hrs for a week, but once you have dealt with your sleep deficit you will feel grateful.

Base Need: Sustenance
We all need to eat, but most of us aren't eating what we need. Short on time, we often eat junk food or food that isn't appropriate. We snack on a candy bar, forget our fruit and don't want to make the time to cook proper dinner. When we don't get what we need, we often feel lethargic or buzzed as we use uppers like coffee or sugar to make it through our day.

Make sure you get proper sustenance and check up on what your body needs. Plan dinners ahead on busy days, peel some fruit in advance or get some food that is right for you. You will notice increased energy and happier moods.

Base Need: Relaxation
We all need to relax and unwind. If you don't make time for relaxation, your stress levels increase and often your mind will find a way to relax that is sabotaging your goals. You might find yourself reading a book till 3am, watching silly TV shows that you don't care about that much or playing a game on your phone obsessively. That won't do for a happy life.

So find out what relaxes you mentally, emotionally and physically and schedule that regularly. Make time to unwind with friends, to exercise, to fantasize or to play. You will find that you are happier and more productive when you take a time out now and again.

Once you get those base needs met, you often will feel energetic and well, but like something is still missing in your life. So it's time to look at the second tier. You can't invest in those base needs unless your base is strong, so be sure to meet the requirements for the first three base needs.

Base Need: Fulfillment
We all need to feel like our life matters, like we are making a difference. This can be done in big ways with big sweeping gestures, but also in small ways by building a daily pattern. If we don't feel like what we do matters, we can't find contentment. Life will start to feel boring and empty.

Take time regularly to reflect on what you feel is right to do with your time and energy. Set goals and evaluate if and how you are reaching them. Enjoy and celebrate the goals you achieve.

Base Need: Growth or Adventure
Even when you are living a productive and happy life, setting goals, being in good physical, emotional and mental health, you will start to find your life boring soon enough. When we only walk within the lines, it starts to feel like a chore.

We all need to experience new things so we can grow and have a sense of adventure. Challenge yourself with new interests, talk with new people, take a holiday or eat at a new restaurant. You will soon find how it energizes you.

Want to discuss base needs with me or talk about what you feel you need in your life? Leave a message on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or talk to me at the practice!

In 2016 I will start a new training based on getting your life happier, healthier and more in line with your spirit. Ask me about it or check the website.
Dear People,

I've had clients tell me that I have appeared in their dreams to help them or heal them and while I don't think it's very common, more and more clients are coming forward with their stories. So if you were too embarrassed to talk to me about it, don't be, you are not alone.

Dream help from me
There are two distinct ways that people have received help from me. One is where their subconscious just moves into a figure that they feel is helpful and I show up. Those dreams usually mean that there is a quality or behavior that your subconscious wants you to grow and you've seen that quality or behavior in me.

The second type is rarer: I truly show up. I've had dreams myself in which I visited others (and could accurately tell them how their house looked even though I'd never been there in the flesh) as well as people visiting me (where I would receive information). So, it is possible that I'm actually there and we are connected in this dream world, because you really needed my help.

Dream healing from me
When receiving Dream healing from me, people often describe healing techniques that I do use in the practice, but that aren't visible. For example one client dreamt about me making a form of cocoon around her and removing energy that didn't belong. When healing, I sometimes do use visualization techniques like a cocoon, but those are of course not visible to clients. I use cocoons to close, strengthen or heal the natural energy field.

So, if you had a dream about me and you have questions about it, don't hesitate to ask me in the practice, e-mail me or leave a comment on the Blog or Facebook Fan Page.

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