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Dear People,

Often I get variations on questions regarding sensitivity, intuition, psychic vibes and psychic gifts. Sadly for all of us, there is no manual when we are born, specifying what we can do, what we can learn and what we are capable of. However, there are some guidelines that can help you on your path.

If I'm Psychic, do I need to make it my career?
Often this is the question I get the most, from slightly anxious sensitive people, who are afraid that they are somehow not doing their part or blocking their own Spiritual Journey. We all have free will. You are not in any way obligated to work as a Psychic, Psychic Healer, Healer, Medium or in any other capacity in the field. For many, that sensitivity is there for a reason, but not for a job.

However, there are also many of us, who start flexing our Psychic muscles and are overjoyed at how much of a difference we can make in people's lives. We feel great at doing something wonderful, increasing our own happiness and that of others. It feels meaningful and right for us. So while you might have some anxiety actually talking to others or helping others, this can definitely change in the future.

Can you tell me what my Psychic Gifts are?
When we are born, we all have varying levels of aptitude and talents. Some of us can have a perfect pitch, while others are tone deaf. The same counts for Psychic Gifts, psychic sensitivity and intuition. Some of us are born with a big dose of it, while others will have to train to help hear their inner voice. 

Many different Psychic Gifts exist and not one Psychic works in the exact same way. I know people who prepare sessions in advance, people who just open themselves up and also people who do nothing. I know people who receive guidance from their own Inner Voice, from Guides, from Angels and from God. I know people who see things, hear things, taste things or just know. Psychic Gifts are as many and as diverse as there are people. You can however test what comes easy to you and what does not to give yourself a broad idea of where your talents lie.

Can I stop my sensitivity?
Often people ask me this when they are intensely sensitive, but can't deal with that pressure that causes. Some only receive vague feelings. They will feel sick to their stomachs knowing something is going to go massively wrong (death, accidents, health problems), but have no clue what it is going to be until after the fact. Besides being sensitive to future events, some people are highly emphatic, feeling the moods and physical complaints of others, making it hard to stay in groups and keeping their own mood stable. Others can be energy sensitive, having places where they just feel off or weird and can't own secondhand items.

Sadly, no, you can't stop sensitivity. It's possible to muffle it a bit, sometimes because of fear, sometimes because of techniques, but mostly, I advise you to accept your sensitivity and work with it, instead of against it. There are many ways for people with a high level of psychic sensitivity, to start learning to refine the message, so you can deal with what is going to happen. The same counts for ways that highly empathic people can use to separate themselves from other people's energy and ways that energy sensitive people can use to deal with energy that feels negative or frightening.

I receive many people in my practice who want help to deal with sensitivity and it's an easy path once you know what to do.

Can I train my sensitivity?
Yes, there are many ways to train that work for a multitude of people. Some of these are simple (taking reflection time, visualizations), while others can be a bit more demanding (meditation, practicing your Gifts). I usually help people train their sensitivity in workshops, but it's also possible to have a specific plan tailored to your needs and gifts.

Have more questions for me? Don't hesitate to ask me in the practice, on the phone, by e-mail or with a comment on the blog or Facebook Fan Page.
Dear People,

I wanted to combine the November and December Readings, but December was a whirlwind that just shook up many things. Some of you know my sister ended up in the hospital a few days before Christmas and that put a dent in the time I had to update the blog.

So today, even though it's the halfway mark in January, I'm officially doing the last Monthly Evaluation Reading to end 2013. I know a lot of people who do symbolic endings for their year and most of the time I don't, but 2013 has been a heavy year for me. 2014, as I told a client yesterday, will be Power Woman year, so I'm planning to kick ass.

I've decided to go with the "Hemels Licht, Wijsheden van de Engelen" from Sulamith Wulfing, which has illustrations that I just love.

What should I take away with me from 2013: 11. Don't ask somebody who knows the path for directions, because afterwards you will never be able to get lost
An interesting card in which you can see a larger Angel holding on to a child. I know that oftentimes, people are afraid to listen to their intuition. Afraid because it might tell you to make a decision or to take a path that you don't want to take. In the bible Jonah's story is a prime example of that, wanting to flee instead of face what he knows is right.

I'm human. Sometimes I'm scared to ask for the road. Scared to hear that I need to make sacrifices that I don't want to make. Scared that I will hear something that I do not like. Even so, I need truth in my life, to make the best decisions and to live a life that is vibrant. 2013 had some very uncomfortable truths for me and others around me. I will continue to try to be brave and face these truths.

What should I leave behind from 2013: 18. Because you have placed your loved one on a pedestal, in the end, you will be unjust to them.
Ah, well, I know this one, quite well. I've talked about it only yesterday. Sometimes I just wish people can be nice, polite, caring and great. It's been the bane of my existence that I can be very disappointed when people are selfish, careless, jealous or otherwise engaged in activities that I dislike.

I know that I need to find it in my heart to let go of that judgement and to embrace all people, on all levels. I will ask my Angels to help me leave this behind in 2013 and to start 2014 with Acceptance.

What do I need to know about 2014: 32. The Law of the Spiritual Path is simple: Say little, be very loving, give everything, judge nobody, strive for everything that is good and move tirelessly forward.
Well, there isn't much more to say to that, I must say. I'm not that happy with the tirelessly forward part, but the rest, the rest is all fine. I believe truly, that only the Path to a vibrant life, to a Spiritual Life is what brings all joys, love and fulfilment on our Path.

I wish everybody the best in 2014 and hope your life and year will be filled with goodness, joy, love, care and happiness. You all deserve the best! This has been the last Evaluation Reading - this year I will be writing more healing exercises and answering more questions on the blog.
Dear People,

For the start of the New Year, what is more important then Self Care? Often I hear people tell me how hard it is to take care of yourself, with a family, job, friends, children and oh so many other obligations. However, now that most of you are making resolutions, focusing on what you feel you need to accomplish this year, it's an excellent opportunity to also check in on your own needs.

Why is Self Care so important?
Many people feel like it's not OK to take care of yourself first. The most obvious place is when you board an airplane and get the safety drill. You are urged to first help yourself and only then help a child with the oxygen mask if anything happens. Still, often our first impulse is to help others. If we do that, without appropriate self care we will drain ourselves dry. That isn't in anybodies best interest.

If you find yourself too tired to do anything, realize that last year you weren't able to accomplish the things you wanted, have trouble saying no or just wish you could crawl back into bed this instant, please read on!

What should my Self Care be like?
For it to be truly Self Care and not some sabotaging behavior the Self Care must net you a positive in either: mental relaxation, physical relaxation or fitness, emotional release or relaxation or reduce your stress. It is also important however, that it doesn't give you a negative in those area's either. If it does, it's not appropriate self care, but instead sabotaging behavior.

Examples: A glass of wine might net you some relaxation and reduce stress, but if it also disrupts your sleep or makes you feel awful in the morning, it's not true self care. If taking a long walk allows you mental relaxation, but making it too long gives you pains and aches for 2 days, then it's not true self care. If you schedule a vacation to reduce stress, but leading up to it, you have too much work and freak out, it's not true self care.

How do I find out what Self Care I need?
I split the way life can tax us in three categories: mentally, emotionally and psychically. I then choose appropriate self care for each of those categories. When I'm mentally exhausted, I need things that allow me to zone out and to refresh my mind. When I'm emotionally exhausted, I need things that lift up my spirits, make me laugh or allow me to release emotions. When I'm physically exhausted, I need massages, sauna, a long bath or other things that allow me to love and care for my body.

Self Care means often that we have to not only think on what it is we need, we also need to schedule it. If you don't, you know that your busy life might swallow you and it will come back to haunt you. When we don't do enough self care, we yell at people, feel under the weather or just want to crawl back into bed.

Exercise: Your Own Self Care
Take some time off, turn off all your devices and take a sheet of paper. Take a deep breath and look back upon 2013. Which times or situations were difficult for you? When and where you did feel overwhelmed? Rate those situations and times for mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

Looking back over your list, what area's do you score high in? Those are the ones that need the most care and be sure to already plan your self care at the end of the exercise!

Now that you know which area's are most important (or maybe all of them are!) and you also know how balanced your life is. You can have stressful situations and still feel a-ok, because you take care of yourself and lower your stress levels. Or you can have less stressful situations situations and still feel completely overwhelmed.

Write down your list of self care methods. You should have at least 3 in each category. If you don't take some time to brainstorm, browse the web or ask friends what helps them. Make sure to plan time to use those methods in 2014.

Want to share your self care methods or ask me to look at your situation? Post a comment on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or send me an e-mail!