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Dear People,

As I wrote in the Article in March, Psychic Decision Making, being Psychic means that I surely have an edge in making decisions. However, one of the other things I noted when I speak to my friends, to colleagues, to clients or to family members is that being Psychic makes me very attuned to possibilities and thus to what I call Powerful Thought.

Many people understand how our thoughts can shape the world around us. How, if you complain loudly in a restaurant about a waiters in general, most likely your service will suffer if the waiter hears you or if you claim that all (wo)men are shit, decent people don't really want to associate with you. A negative outlook colors everything around you, because people respond negatively to negativity.

On top of that, a negative outlook or negative thoughts can color even good experiences with negativity. I have heard people complain about a flat tire, but fail to mention somebody came up to help them. Often, there are positive sides that we can find in any experience, if we look hard enough. Without my illness, my company wouldn't exist. As a Psychic I can see the good more easily as it presents itself in powerful positive energy.

When I describe these two instances of negative thoughts and not being aware of what it does to your life and your experience, many people understand immediately. However, becoming aware of what you are thinking and taking steps to focus on positivity, joyfulness and awareness is a lot of work. In many meditative teachings the focus is upon letting negativity slide away and harnessing your thoughts. I heartily agree and tell people that meditation or reflection is really worth it. A gratitude journal can also help to boost positivity.

While your thoughts shape your now, they also shape your future. If we think that something isn't possible to achieve we won't strive for it. Whether it's a teacher that tells you you can't make it or a doctor that says you will never be healed, as soon as you buy into it, this becomes truth. I have seen many miracles in my life, especially after working as a Psychic Healer. It's easier for me to believe in the so-called 'impossible', because many people find my work to be impossible anyway.

So, harnessing your thoughts and striving for what's right is what I call Powerful Thought. To see yourself as a co-creator of your destiny. To believe that you are cherished and loved and everything that's good will come your way. I do feel that it's easier for me then for others due to being Psychic.

As such I have seen many wonderful positive things happen to me and always hear certain people exclaim that I am lucky. A positive attitude makes for a positive experience.
Dear People,

Many of us forget it's our right to be showered in abundance. That our Earth has everything we need to support and uplift us. That there is more than enough money in our world and money is just a type of energy. So, now that we have heard so many voices saying there is an economic crisis going on and many of us are feeling that pinch in our wallets, what better way than to start the Spring with an Abundance Exercise.

What is Abundance?
Abundance is the idea that there is more than enough for us in this world and that all of what we need flows around the world. There is more than enough companionship, because we are with billions on this planet. There is more than enough love, money and energy for all of us. Some of us feel that the Earth provides while others feel that Heaven does. It's not so strange for me that the The Lord's Prayer says: "Give us this day our Daily Bread" as it's very important to have the basics down so we can focus on shining our light and doing our Soul's work.

At the basis of Abundance is the rejection that receiving money is hard, that receiving love is hard or that it's a resource that has to be fought for. All is well as we have more than enough. Practice this until you realize that it's true.

Abundance Exercise: Money Goal
Many of us have learned as children that it's important to save for big expenses using a piggy bank or cash box. Our parents might have given us money for birthdays, report cards or other important days or achievements. As such, I find that symbol, the one that calls upon us to save for our goals a very cute and relatable one when doing abundance work.

So, go out and buy a piggy bank that symbolizes your goal or the achievement you want to reach. Then, place a trail of coins before the piggy bank. This symbolizes that money that will come towards your goal from the Universe/God. You can choose small coins or large one's depending on what is right for you and your goal. I prefer 2 euro coins.

After you see your desires manifest and money or discounts come your way, place one of the coins into your piggy bank and put another one on the trail to symbolize the money gifted and new money coming in. Remember these coins only symbolize the real amount that you have been granted. Put the real amount safely away on your bank account! I usually say a gratitude prayer.

Another alternative is to put larger amounts in your piggy bank, symbolizing money growing and coming your way. You are asking the Universe/God to use that seed money to grow money for you. This has to do with the idea that you need to invest for things to grow, but you are asking it to be invested for you instead of doing it yourself. I prefer to donate the money when I'm done with my exercise, but I also know of people who prefer to use it again or to put it with the money they have grown.

You can of course also combine both methods or adapt it to fit your own needs. If you want to share abundance/miracle stories don't hesitate to comment on the Blog or on the Facebook Fan Page.