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Dear People,

The fastest way to heal a problem is to find the root cause and demolish that. However, finding the root cause is often confusing and hard for people. The root cause might be buried within your subconscious or it might not be what you thought at all and have been working to eliminate. The benefit of going to a Psychic Healer is that I can tell you what your root cause is. I must say that in all my sessions telling people their true root cause it always leaves them quite surprised. Afterwards however, they can often see how this root cause is interconnected with their problems.

Sometimes however, people do not have a single root cause and that is what this article is about. You need to find the base structure of your problem to effectively solve it.

Tree Structure
A Root Cause can be like a tree structure. Underlying the problem are the roots that we mostly don't know about. Above grows the trunk, the visual representation of the problem, with sometimes branches (side problems) that are all connected to this problem. To dissolve the problem, we really need to uproot the tree. Cutting down the trunk won't help, because the roots will continue to grow.

For example: A Root cause of a Depression can be a chemical imbalance, the trunk are the depressed feelings, sadness, lack of motivation etc. and the branches are related problems like not feeling sociable, frustration at not being able to do what you want, physical complaints because you are not active enough etc.

In the example, the root cause needs to be eliminated, so the chemical imbalance needs to be treated. If instead the main visible problem (the trunk) is treated, with for example talk therapy, the problems might decrease, but it won't be eliminated.

Web Structure
In a web structure, there is no central cause. Instead, the main problem consists of strands of problems that are build upon each other are are interconnected. To dissolve the web, you need to pull enough strands so it will collapse upon itself.

For example: A Depression with a web structure will have many different root causes that all build upon each other like: several instances of abuse (sexual, mental, emotional, physical), behavior problems rooted in multiple past experiences (anxiety, social problems) and several instances of past trauma.

In the example, there is no root cause to eliminate. However, if you choose to pull one strand of the web, for example, a past traumatic experience limited by time or by type, most likely you will see improvement across the board, because other strands will lose coherence. It's hard to see which is the easiest to pull though and which will have the most effect.

How do I recognize which structure is underlying my problem?
Almost everybody who comes into my practice is aware of the problem they are having. All of them have tried solving their problems, sometimes extensively and often with help from others. How your problem responds is one of the best ways to see what is going on.

How has your progress been?
If you have had very little or almost no progress, despite knowing the main problems (for example relationship patterns, self esteem, physical health etc.), most likely you are having a tree problem, but you haven't been working on the root issue.

If you have made progress, but it's slow and steady and it seems that you still have so much to work on (for example multiple trauma's), most likely you have a web problem and you can see many interconnected problems in your life.

If you have made remarkable progress, only for your problem to return, most likely you will have a Tree structure problem. Tree structure problems tend to grow over time, as the longer the root cause stays, the more the pattern of problems will grow. Subconsciously, you will attract the kind of energy to truly solve a problem, so you will return to this pattern over and over again to have it solved.

If I find out I have a Tree Structure Problem, what's the best to do?
Find the root cause. You can try dream work, meditation, visualization or of course book a session with me. Remember that the root cause can be an incident during a specific age, a mental pattern within, a subconscious story, a blocked emotion, a past life karma or many many other things.

If I find out I have a Web Structure Problem, what's the best to do?
Understand that you are in for the long haul, because you need to patiently work on issues that are all interconnected. The upside is that the collapse will be striking and improve many area's of your life. Often that collapse is sudden, as not all the stands need to be pulled.

Wondering what's underlying your problem or have an interesting story to share? Post on the Blog or the Facebook Fan Page.
Dear People,

Today I'm going to talk about another quite nice (but slightly silly) joy of Psychic Life. I haven't thought about it for a while, but since it happened again recently, it seemed like the perfect moment to write a blog post about it.

Subconscious Psychic Flash
I'm used to knowing things in advance, knowing things that come true, getting feelings and basically being aware of what being Psychic means in my life. Some of it has been instinctual, but I had to work on refining my flashes by using my Psychic muscles. I still notice my psychic abilities evolving and I work with them as much as I can. However, I am sometimes unaware of a psychic knowing and what happens then is what I call a subconscious Psychic Flash.

Here I am, just living my life, talking to people, doing things and not even noticing anything relatively psychic going on. And then, out of the blue, something happens that puts something I did or said into a completely different light. One of my friends complained about that happening by saying: "I never know if I should have paid more attention to what you were saying or if this was just a strange coincidence again".

Example of a Subconscious Psychic Flash
A week ago or so my partner told me that he had chosen to switch mobile phone provider, because his phone plan was ending. He also pays for internet service at home from the same provider he wanted to switch his mobile plan too. I told him that he should call to ask if they have any extra discounts for existing customers. He did it, but they told him that they didn't. He didn't question my request.

Looking back it's kind of an odd request though, because usually those services are complete separate and I don't know any provider that has discounts for such radical different services. They have discounts if you want to combine certain services (home phone/home internet/home TV) or if you are at the end of your plan and they want to put you down for a new one (mobile phone). I didn't think it was a psychic knowing though, because I didn't register the feeling I always have with it.

So, now, a week later we both receive an e-mail from that provider (I have home internet from them as well) and they are offering to give a significant discount if you take out a mobile plan with them as well. I had to chuckle when I saw it. He called me to let me know he got that e-mail and asked me if I had sensed something. Well, apparently, I did, but not consciously.

So did you ever get a subconscious psychic flash? Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook Fan Page! 
Dear People,

I often work with Archetypes and I really recommend Caroline Myss excellent work in that field. If you never worked with them, this is a quick 3 way exercise to see what you can do with them. Speaking as concise as possible Archetypes are mental thought constructs that we can all relate too. They often are universal, but we have personal responses to all of them. Each archetype can encompass positive and negative qualities.

Balancing the Mother Archetype
The Mother Archetype is very universal, because almost all of us have mothers or mother figures or in the course of our lives have mothering behavior towards pets, children or adults. Balancing out this Archetype means that we can take care of others and ourselves in a fashion that's healthy and right for us.

Take a sheet of paper and around 10-20 minutes of time. Imagine the Mother Archetype: what does she look like, how does she act, what kind of qualities do you see in her and what kind of items would she be holding or using.

Set it the paper aside and work on the other Archetypes first.

Balancing the Father Archetype
The Father Archetype is also very universal for extremely similar reasons to the Mother Archetype. Balancing this archetype means that we know how to take charge of our lives, are able to move forward and own our own authority.
Take a new sheet of paper and around 10-20 minutes of time. Imagine the Father Archetype: what does he look like, how does he act, what kind of qualities do you see in him and what kind of items would he be holding or using.

Set it the paper aside and work on the last Archetype first.

Balancing the Child Archetype
All off us have had radically different childhoods, but some aspects of behavior are still universally connected to children or childhood, hence the word childish. It can mean negative qualities like immaturity, but also positive qualities like childlike delight. Sometimes people split the Child Archetype into different expressions, but for this exercise, just see yourself as the child.

Take a new sheet of paper and around 10-20 minutes of time. Imagine the Child Archetype: what does he/she look like, how does he/she act, what kind of qualities do you see in him/her and what kind of items would he/she be holding or using.

Using your impressions in a healing way
Most people have written down positive and negative attributes on each of their Archetypes. Take a look on how balanced your Archetypes are. If they are mostly negative a lot of healing opportunities await you and if they are mostly positive congratulate yourself.

Usually we write down the negative attributes that are a reflection of the way we personally see the Archetype that have come about because of experiences in our past and will continue to effect your now and future. You might have seen these negative attributes within yourself or within others you love as well.

For example: Ascertain what past experience has made you feel the Mother Archetype was smothering and acknowledge where that happens in your life now or where you are trying to be the exact opposite. Affirm gently that you allow that Archetype to be balanced in your life again - close your eyes and gently breathe in and out. Affirm that you forgive all past experiences and move on.

You can also use the negative of an Archetype to balance them out by affirming the positive part. So affirm that Mother figures should be nurturing and inspiring and breathe in that energy until you feel sated.

Want to share how you feel about these Archetypes? Post your results on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me about them!
Dear People,

Some of you might know my workshop concerning satisfying assertiveness, but since not all do, I will give a quick recap of some of the terms I use. In my workshop I do not focus on saying no or standing up for yourself but on being balanced and feeling satisfied with your interactions. I recognize three emotional/mental states in assertiveness balancing: lion (aggressively saying no, shouting down other people's needs and feeling too angry to think straight), ostrich (saying yes out of habit, only thinking of other and feeling guilty) and balanced (saying yes or no out of awareness of your own spirit, thinking of both the other and yourself and being happy in your life).

Today I write about interactions between lion and balanced state that I see happening more often lately. Must be because of all the political upset happening at the moment in Holland. This type of interaction also tries to reduce the amount of personal responsibility and personal power.

Using others to feel more assertive
You have to make a decision and you know not all people are going to like it. You don't want to be a loin and be angry and say no, because then people will respond back angrily as well. You can't be balanced yet and just say no and own your decision, so instead you try to find a way to make the decision legitimate. So, you ask around to see if there are others who feel the same or who will give you the same advice. This is a silly tactic, because for each point of view, we can find people who agree and disagree with us.

If you hear yourself say in conversations: X agrees with this too or Y told me they wouldn't do that either or Z feels I'm right as well, remember that it doesn't truly make your opinion or decision more legitimate. The person asking for your help or your opinion is interested in you and has nothing to do with X,Y or Z. Balancing your relationships means not adding in extra people, but clearly owning your opinions,  needs and wants.

Another way of shifting responsibility is versions of the famous: "The computer did it". We all know that computers are programmed and only operated by humans. So the computer can't make any decisions or do anything - without a human being. Somebody somewhere has made a mistake, but instead we blame the computer so we don't have to be assertive and put the responsibility where it belongs. Sometimes people do not use the computer as a scapegoat, but a colleague, friend, the weather or some other nameless source.

Remember: you are taking the decisions in your life, so claiming somebody else told you to do something, doesn't mean you can shift the blame to them. People will still be angry at you, the person who made the decision.

Fibbing instead of being assertive
The little white lie, the fib or even plain lying is also a way to escape being truly assertive and owning up to your opinions or decisions. Often people think this way is best as no feelings are being hurt, but neither is a true connection being made. If somebody asks you if you want to come to their party, and you don't want too, but you tell them that date you just can't make it, what do you do when they switch it for you? What if you lied about how much you enjoyed the food and they bring it again next time believing it to be your favorite?

So if you are tempted to duck responsibility and not be assertive, be aware that you won't make a true connection. You can always be assertive in a tactful, respectful way that is true to your feelings. All it takes is some practice, but at least people will know the real you.

Do you recognize these behaviors in yourself? Share them on the blog, facebook fan page or e-mail me about them.
Dear People,

A question I've been asked several times is if I believe in Past Lives and if I do, if I work with Past Lives. I must admit that my idea's about Past Lives have changed before and might change again, so I'll first talk about my own journey with Past Lives and afterwards will answer questions of clients.

My Past Life Journey
I was raised catholic and didn't really believe in Past Lives at all. After you died, you are meant to go to Heaven. Sometimes of course I would see Spirits or Souls and I would feel like those where either able to return from Heaven to give advice or to resolve issues or those that didn't find peace yet and needed help to get to Heaven. I never believed much in Hell. After all, God is all forgiving.

During these years I'd have strong dreams in which I was never myself. I would call them my movie dreams, as they were usually about exciting situations. I would be a man, woman and child and they would be in very different time periods. I remember waking up with a strong ache in my shoulder after dreaming I was watching a man get pierced by a crossbow bolt, falling off his horse and wondering if my wife and children would be alright without me. I also had strong reactions to places where I'd never been before, but still felt very much at home in.

I only started to shift a bit in my ideas when I went abroad and met somebody. We had an instant connection. Could finish each others sentences, felt each others emotions very keenly and I was just swamped with a constant feeling of knowing. I cautiously started on the road towards accepting that there might be past lives and that I might meet souls again.

Another notable moment was when I reconnected with another soul. She was older then me, but we always felt she was my 'adoptive child'. It was funny because when we talked about that, outsiders would think I was the child and she was my mom, because of our obvious age difference in this life. I mentioned to her that I've had flashes of a past life in which I was aiding a young Jewish woman in WW2. Sadly, the young woman got sick and died. I was pretty sure that this was a Dutch life. She was shocked to the core - as she had a notebook in which she had written that she felt she had been a young Jewish girl in WW2. She was fascinated by Anne Frank and although she wasn't Dutch she did end up living in Holland due to all kinds of circumstances.

Past Lives for me now
I did some exploring of course of Past Lives and people in them that were meaningful for me. It did illuminate many connections in my current life. I could understand why some interactions felt different then I was expecting or why certain blockages came up. I gained a deeper understanding of myself. Of course, I still have some work to do, so I will continue to meditate on them.

Past Lives in the practice
Past lives usually either come up because somebody is interested or because it affects the issue they are in the practice for. If it comes up as connected to the issue they want to heal and/or get advice on, I will often discuss the Past Life in question and it's current effect. Past Lives regularly come up during True Unity Healing sessions, because not all problems are rooted in this life.

When people are just interested, usually I ask them what type of Reading they are looking for. Most often my Past Life Reading is centered on Karma. What did you bring into this life, that can be healed now or what issues are connected to Past lives. I usually combine this type of Reading with some healing.

Sometimes however, people want to know who in their current live is a Past Life connection. I often tell them they do not need a Reading for that! Past life connections will feel curiously stronger then they should be, you will feel more at home with them and you might recognize that the interactions remind you of a different relationship than you are having in this life (parent-child while you are friends etc.). However, it can improve relationships if you get the old stuff 'out of the way'.
Curious about working with Past Lives? You can find all my blog posts about Past Lives here and I also did an Instagram Live Session about Past Lives, which you can watch here, which includes 2 exercises to connect to your Past Lives. If you feel you have Past Life Trauma you can also heal that with my True Unity Video: Past Life Trauma.

If you are interested in Past Lives, post a comment here on the blog, on the Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.
Dear People,

Things have been a little hectic around here, but this morning I have the time to sit down and do a Reading. The best Readings are sometimes done in a hurry (5 minutes or less), but I like to burn some incense and relax when I do a Reading for myself.

I've chosen to work with the "Helende Lotus Kaarten" or Healing Lotus Cards by Yvonne & Serrie Nieuwhoff - van Berkel. I've used them in many weekly Readings before but then took a break from this deck. I bought it second hand at a flea market so I'm not even sure if it has all the cards. For my Reading today I chosen to the theme Nurturing as it fits with the cold weather here!

How do I nurture the body in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement): Heart Chakra: Forgiveness, Third Eye Chakra: Darkness, Third Eye Chakra: Color

Well, I can see how I nurture my own body through forgiveness in the practice. I work a lot with my heart Chakra when I do healing work to stay open to my clients, to give nurturing healing energy and to be present. Sometimes I help clients with issues I have worked through or that I then will see within myself. Helping somebody else can also help yourself, because what you are able to forgive in another person is what you will start to forgive in yourself.

I can see how I nurture the bodies of clients through my Third Eye Chakra. Often people do not know what root causes have got them in such trouble. They medicate until that is no longer an option and then search for alternatives. When I see blockages I often see them as dark spots or feel them as dark sticky energy. This is also the main reason I call myself a Psychic Healer, because without those insights and capabilities it would be a lot harder to heal people.

Improvement through Third Eye Chakra Color is very interesting to me. I bought some lamps that can shine different colors (LivingColors from Philips). So far I have only used them at home for myself, but I was planning on using them in sessions. I also work with crystals sometimes which are also very colorful. I will definitely research more around and try out some new things.

How do I nurture the heart in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement): Third Eye Chakra: Trust, Heart Chakra: Affinity, Throat Chakra: Harmony & Sound.

There is no better way to nurture one's heart then with trust. I do trust that what I'm told will happen and what I see and hear it true. It does nurture my heart that I always know how to hit the right note with clients. Often they tell me that I'm saying what they are thinking or using words that they use themselves too. Most strikingly was recently when I used a Flemish word that I didn't even know, but was perfect for my client.

So, I can see how many clients feel that I have affinity with them and know what they are experiencing and what they need. Affinity is very important energy wise to make sure that you vibrate in tune with each other and get the best results. I'm very pleased to see it here.

As for improving heart nurturing in the practice I drew two cards (stuck together) which were both 5th Chakra. I do work with sound sometimes, but not as much as I would like. Today I will, because somebody booked a massage and sounds will help well being. I usually do not use sounds in the practice as it can distract from what I'm saying or asking during sessions. Most of the healing music I have at the practice has vocals, but I recently bought some more relaxing CD's, so I will definitely look into that in the next couple of sessions. I also am glad for the singing bowl I have and use it sometimes. Time to create more harmony!

How do I nurture the mind in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement): Throat Chakra: Music, Third Eye Chakra: Vision, Crown Chakra: Awareness

I can see how I nurture my mind with Music. At the moment I have already listened to music for an hour or so. I love listening to relaxing music and finding peace and harmony. I can have quite a bit of brain storming and nervous energy in my mind if I'm not mindful. So, I choose to meditate and listen to music regularly to nurture my mind in healthier ways.

My Psychic Vision does help many clients to nurture their minds. Sometimes because I speak of things in ways that they haven't considered yet, sometimes because I give voice to lingering doubts or other thoughts they weren't aware of yet, sometimes because I confirm things that they know but haven't used yet. Clients often continue on the road to deeper self discovery after being at my practice. Many have told me that they started workshops or courses or started other nurturing activities. I'm always very happy when people nurture themselves.

For improvement it's important that I continue with the importance of self awareness. Self Awareness has great significance to leading a happy vibrant life. Without it, we don't know where to build, where to release or where to go. Many of my workshops have self awareness components, because I find it so important. I will definitely write some more articles about this and revise some of my workshops.

How do I nurture Spirit in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement):Third Eye Chakra: Memory, Heart Chakra: Self Acceptance, Solar Plexus Chakra: Warmth

Memory in conjunction with the Third Eye Chakra makes me think of Past Lives and Karma. I have been working with that extensively for myself, but I know there are still some blockages there. It's rare to have past lives intrude upon the present one in such a degree that it causes massive blocks. Still I know more positive benefit can be had by working on the past.

For clients, I do recommend to nurture your Spirit with self acceptance. That it's ok to walk at your own pace. That you are always where you need to be. That the road you are taking is the one that is meant to be. Self Acceptance is a huge part of the work I do with clients. Often they are surprised at out dated belief systems or self destructive behavior that comes from not accepting yourself. I am not, as in this western world, many are told to push harder and farther and to ignore their own boundaries. Healing this mindset of course harkens back towards the Awareness.

Warmth is something that had me smile a bit, as I always make sure the practice is warm. It's not nice to lay on the table or talk and feel cold. It's important to be comfortable when healing. Also, many of my clients have talked about the fact that they feel I am a warm person. This is a very beautiful compliment to me.

Well, many things to try in the coming weeks. If you are interested in trying out music, sounds or color within your session, please let me know!
Dear People,

Recently I have had a few clients who have asked me this question so I thought I'd write it down so I can refer clients to this explanation in the future.

Why do I need to heal before I can make this decision?
Very regularly I have clients in the practice who have been struggling with a (major) decision. Some of those are decisions are choices that we might experience as well (changes in career, changes in relationship status, changes in health care) and others might be choices we will never encounter.

Often they want me to help them make the decision and if it's a matter of more information I will gladly give that, but if it's a matter of healing, I will always recommend healing. The more we struggle with a choice, the likelier it is that something is blocking us. Once the blockage is healed, we can take an informed decision that is in tune with ourselves. True healing brings choice.

Here are some examples:

Example 1: Trauma is directly blocking one true decision
Buying a car can be a major expense for your household so buying a car that suits your needs is paramount. Most of the time people will have a clear idea of a budget, go for a few test drives and then buy the car they feel is the best choice.

However, if you have had a negative experience concerning cars like a serious accident, the buying of a car can become much more difficult. You might not feel comfortable in any car you test drive. You might start finding reasons why a car is not so necessary or why none of the cars are ever good enough. In the end you will spend a lot of time concerning this decision and will probably end up not liking any choice you make (waiting, buying or not buying), because none are satisfactory. This is a huge clue that healing is necessary.

When trauma is directly blocking a decision most people will recognize the extreme amount of energy the decision takes and will often tell me the reason (trauma) as they are aware of it themselves. Usually one session to release the trauma is enough to free the energy and open the road to that true decision.

Example 2: Prolonged trauma is causing extreme doubt concerning a major decision
We are often told how important it is to make the right decision if it's a major one that has an impact on our lives for years to come. I know I will tell my kids how important it is to choose freely and adapt their choices when necessary instead of placing the emphasis making on the right choice. The right choice changes all the time due to circumstances and growth within ourselves.

The major decision that comes up often with clients is concerning relationships. Usually the relationship is in trouble (sometimes for years) and they want to know if they should stay or go. Often the reason they have not left is because there are still romantic feelings, there are kids or the relationship is not that bad, but also not that good. When none of the decisions (stay, leave, wait) are satisfactory I always recommend healing.

Many people have tried to save their relationships by stopping behavior that they need to feel good, by making themselves smaller or by doing things that are so far out of their comfort zone that it saps their strength and energy. When you have lost yourself like that, you can not make a decision that is right. It's absolutely impossible, because you have ceased to be the whole you.

Usually I recommend at least 3-5 session to return towards balance within yourself. During this time, often the relationship changes as well. Relationships are bonds based on two people, so when one changes, the other in necessity has to change as well. In some cases, the changes within one partner were enough to save the relationship without any further work, in other cases some work together or for the other partner was needed and in some cases the only right and healthy choice was leaving.

Example 3: Prolonged trauma is causing extreme doubt concerning all decisions
Very rarely I have a client with a long history of abuse or multiple traumas. When I do, it's always a long term work together, as many aspects of their lives are affected. One of those aspects is often the inability to make decisions. When we are very traumatized we lose sight of who we are and since that is necessary to make true decisions progress in life is often blocked.

I usually start by healing root/core issues concerning the abuse and starting the road to small decisions like what type of food do I like, what type of hobbies would I like to do gradually moving up to bigger decisions.

Usually this type of work is a long commitment, because decade long abuse can't be undone within a few sessions. It's extremely helpful when there is a strong support network (friends and family) and a professional healing network. If those are not available I will work with clients to start the road towards those networks.
Dear People,

It's rainy again here, making me think of ways to make sure my health stays vibrant and I don't have to deal with flu and other complaints. Besides physical vibrancy I always also check on other parts of my health and this got me thinking on Unfinished Business.

Why is there Unfinished Business in our lives?
We all have responsibilities that pile up daily, from simple tasks (brushing our teeth) to more difficult tasks at work or in our relationships. Besides those daily tasks we also have goals that we want to work too, ranging from things we want to fix in our house to writing a book or studying.

Life is a process and as such we sometimes forget that we can't cram everything into 24 hours. The human mind can think of multiple tasks taking a life time in just 2 seconds. So overall, everybody has a list of things we want to accomplish and that is labelled "Unfinished" and for most of us that list grows unchecked unless we reflect upon it.

Two types of Unfinished Business; Dreams & Responsibilities
We have two types of Unfinished Business that commonly are on the list that are important to pay attention too. They both have different reasons why we have to pay attention to them though, although dealing with both will increase Vibrant Living.

Often we have dreams that end up in our Unfinished Business List. Sometimes because we don't quite know how to start, sometimes because we can't seem to make the time to go after these big goals. If you never make the time or use energy to invest in those, they will stay stuck in the mental phase. Occasionally you dream of how you would like to write that book, redo your house, start a new business, but then the 'real' world steps in and you are off to do what "needs" to be done.

Many of my clients feel that the work they have done with their lives hasn't been meaningful and they feel too old to make massive life changes. There is a lot of regret and pain that is unnecessary. We are never too old to live Vibrantly and to make changes in our lives. I challenge all of you to see what Dream is on your Unfinished Business List and to start to incorporate it into your daily life.

The other things that are often on our Unfinished Business List are those things we know we need to do, but whenever we have the opportunity we will try to escape from. Don't really feel like fixing your garden, your taxes or paint your walls? For some reason you will always be too busy. These kind of things will float up into our consciousness and make us feel guilty, because we know we should fix them.

If there is something in your life that is not getting done, don't waste time feeling guilty. Recognize that to feel free and happy again, you need to go and fix it. I often recommend doing a healing exercise to already visualize your life as if this duty was done. Wallow in the freedom and joy it gives you and then make the commitment to follow through in reality. If you can't visualize it being done, there is often an underlying emotional or mental blockage that is preventing you from doing the work. Time to have a healing session with yourself or another healer so you can feel unfettered and free again.

Have some free time this week? Find out what your unfinished business is or let me know on the blog or Facebook Fan Page!
Dear People,

A while ago I was talking to a dear friend we came upon the subject on how much he wanted to achieve with his life and how he felt he wasn't ever doing enough. So I helped him out with acknowledging what was going on and it wasn't what he expected! I didn't tell him to work harder or more, but to acknowledge his hard work and set goals he could meet.

Recognizing the More More More Feeling
Often in my practice I talk to people who feel like they should be doing more. It's very difficult and frustrating feeling. It blocks the creative positive flow and people feel like they never accomplish anything. A sense of meaninglessness can suck the joy out of anybody.

Are you often frustrated or look at your day in the evening and are you not sure where your day and time has gone? Are you always feeling you are behind in your goals and you are not going where you should be going? Does your impatience and irritability seem to be on the rise? Time to acknowledge what is going on and to move forward joyfully.

Acknowledging what you want to achieve
We all know the road is important and that the journey should be treasured but if you continuously look at goals that you are not achieving it can become harder and harder. I often tell people that it's good to acknowledge first what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to have a loving relationship, start a family, have a better job or finish your degree. Acknowledge what you want and own it.

Setting your Goal(s)
We can't achieve big goals in one day, one week or one month. So, every day it can be sad to acknowledge that you want that better job, but you seemingly aren't moving into that direction at all. Now that you know what you want, it's time to set appropriate goals.

Cut your ultimate goal into little pieces that will in the end get you where you need to go. Want to have a loving relationship? The road to your goal is filled with little victories like being more social, flirting, opening up to strangers, trying out new hobbies and going on dates. Want to have a better job? The road to your goal is filled with sending out resumes, networking and checking for job openings.

Feel accomplished when you put in time and energy into your goal, even if it's only 5 minutes of checking something online. Don't put your eye on the top prize, but build yourself upwards by setting goals you can achieve. Build a ladder step by step or a road stone by stone and as long as you are willing, your energy will help you move forward easily.

Gratitude and Grace
Now that you have set the road before you, you can enjoy that you have put in effort and energy. I often write down how grateful I am for even the little movements towards my goal. This allows me to create a positive flow for the road.

I also have little goal pots in my house, small boxes which contain my goals. The color and shape of the box shows for me what type of goal it is and why I want to accomplish it. Some of our goals are met because we work hard and some of our goals are met because of grace. By putting my goals in my boxes I ask for Grace to be delivered. You might want to do the same or write down your goals in a notebook!

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Dear People,

I didn't have much questions to ask this summer, because I had a busier summer then usual so that always cuts down on my reflection time. However, I did want to do another evaluation Reading so I chose the Water Crystal Oracle. I almost never use this Oracle with Questions. Instead I use it to help release emotions or blockages, bring some positivity and sometimes just to enjoy.

So I just decided to draw 4 Cards and received: Reverence, Self Love, Love for Humanity and Automatic Nerve Hado: Affection.

I can certainly see these cards vibrate within Hart en Ziel and me. I do the work I do with a lot of Reverence. Often people tell me how lucky and blessed I must be to be able to do this kind of work. Naturally, I do study and practice and having your own company is a lot of work on the administration and promotion side, but I can't deny I feel incredibly blessed. It's wonderful to feel the healing energy in my practice, through my body and hands and within my clients energy field. I love being able to help with the road ahead and getting the information my clients need. I know that I am only the facilitator and so I feel deep reverence for what some people call The Universe, The Universal Energy, A Higher Power, and I simply call God. I truly believe that as long as you recognize the reverence and wonder it will be impossible to have a bloated ego!

Self Love is another important pillar of my work. It's important for me that clients feel self empowered, feel like I help them by telling them about choices and consequences so they stay in charge. Many clients report being kinder to themselves and loving themselves more during and after treatment. Also, it's important that I have enough self love to protect my own boundaries. A lot of people who have strong Helper tendencies forget their own lives and burn out and I do not want to be one of them. Sometimes that means I have to disappoint a client, sometimes it means I have to take a little break or recharge myself. I receive a lot of energy from the work I do, but I do not have unlimited time.

Love for Humanity is something I thought about just this weekend when I went to a free Music Festival (Zomerterras in Vlaardingen). There was a band there that said they dedicated the following song to everybody who is making a positive difference in the world. I do feel I'm making a positive difference in the world by aiding people to become their true selves, by allowing more positivity and love to flow and to release negativity. I am still working (although not as diligently as I would like) on my book, so I can reach even more people.

Automatic Nerve Hado: Affection is one of the 12 Healing Cards in this Deck. The idea is that some of our emotions are tied to organs and that of course links closely to EFT which I also work with, which theory is that our emotions can become locked within our body and energy field. Affection is one that I truly feel for all of my clients and which makes it so natural to want the best for them. I also know many clients feel affection for me and want me to succeed. I hope to find affection to be growing increasingly in my practice!

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Dear People,

Responsibility is often a theme in the healing I do for myself and others. Sometimes people take too little responsibility and they do not want to take charge of their healing, sometimes people take on too much responsibility and then do not have the energy to heal themselves or live their lives.

When I speak about too much responsibility in my personal life I always say: "That's not my dog", a line that for me comes from the movie Pink Panther. I have embedded the video below:

At first glance this situation is funny, because of the miscommunication. If he had asked: "Does this dog bite", he would have gotten a truthful answer. However, looking deeper for me, this funny scene is about the fact that it's not his dog, so therefore he can't give good answer as to if it would bite or not.

So, whenever in my life I have things going on that are not my responsibility, that I can't control or that simply shouldn't be solved by me, I usually respond by: "Not my dog". It is also American Slang, although I don't know if it finds it's origin in the movie or not.

By saying "Not my dog" I make it funny and light hearted for me. Usually things that we want to take responsibility for: our parents health, our partners well being, our children's happiness are heavy and even though we know we aren't supposed to carry it, we sometimes still try. We want to help so badly and it hurts to see them suffer.

So now, when I see somebody has a problem, I reaffirm that it's not mine (unless it's a problem in a relationship they have with me). I say "Not my Dog", smile and let it go. I reaffirm that it's theirs to deal with and that their path will have challenges just like mine. I use humor to lighten the load for myself.

Sometimes however, that's not enough and I find myself carrying burdens that aren't mine. Usually you can easily check this in the evening. Do you feel particularly tired, but didn't do anything for yourself or any strenuous activity? Are you thinking in bed on issues that you need to resolve or things you need to tell others, that frankly, are not your dog? Do you feel your shoulders or neck hurting? If so, I usually do a cord cutting exercise or an exercise to return my energy to myself.

Do you have something that is 'not your dog' but find yourself spending energy on anyway? Share you story in the comments or on Facebook!
Dear people,

During our life we all form bonds continuously. Bonds with people, places and even companies and products. Most of these bonds are healthy ones, as we feel loved in return by our spouses, enjoy our homes, our job and our favorite foods. Some of these bonds are not and that is what this blog post is about.

Analyzing unhealthy bonds
I can easily see the bonds that are between people and use this in my work as a Psychic to help heal and balance bonds. For me those bonds are visible in the energy field and based on where they exists (head to head, heart to heart, belly area etc.) and how they look (strained overburdened etc.) I can see how healthy they are and what is missing/incorrect.

If you do not feel that you can check up on these bonds intuitively, looking at the results of these bonds is an easy solution to find what is going on.

Unhealthy bonds have the following consequences:
  • After contact with that person, place, company or product you feel drained, guilty, upset for a long time or experience other negative emotions
  • After contact with that person, place, company or product you feel physical upheaval, stomach aches, head aches or other physical complaints
  • After contact with that person, place, company or product you are overly worried, anxious, remunerating or other mental complaints
You might notice a mix of these consequences. The difference between an unhealthy bond and a healthy bond with a temporary upset is that one has troubles almost all of the time, while the other rarely has problems. So having this happen once in a while, doesn't make your bond unhealthy, but it happening all the time does.

Do I need to cut my unhealthy bonds?
People often worry that they have to cut all contact when a bond is unhealthy. I do not recommend doing that every time, because that way we will never learn. We are responsible for half of every bond, so it becomes toxic or unhealthy we have the opportunity to learn and grow and balance that bond in a better way.

I only recommend cutting bonds if there is a danger to your life or your well being, because you shouldn't risk that for anything or anybody. Or if you have tried to balance the bond, but it isn't working.

What can I do to achieve balance in my bonds with others?
The perfect way is of course seeing why there is an upset and solving that root issue. If you solve it on your end, the bond will balance itself out. Often people are surprised that their spouse, parent, child or friend acts differently. While it's madness to expect things to change if you do the same thing over and over, a small change can have large results. If you can't seem to find the root cause rationally tune into your intuition or ask for a reading on this issue.

Sometimes however people will also carry old bonds when the people, places, companies or products involved are no longer in their lives. Like a loyalty to an old company that went bankrupt disrupting your current job or a trauma concerning a parents disrupting your own parenting. In that case, it's smart to just 'cut the cord' and release the past. There are many cord cutting exercises online. Some focus on asking for help while others use visualizations to release those bonds.

I personally choose a method that fits me and the occasion. I have cut cords by writing letters and then burning them. I have asked Archangel Michael to cut some cords for me. I have done many visualizations to cut cords and urge people to find what works for them or ask me for an exercise that they can use.

 Want to know more about Energetic Bonds and do some cord cutting with me? Check out my Instagram Live: Energetic Bonds & Cord Cutting
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Dear People,

Sometimes questions are very personal, so I won't answer them on the blog. However, the issues that I generally outline here have been asked in one form or another by clients. After all, many people want to know how much sessions they need.

How much sessions do clients need?
On average I need around 3-5 sessions when clients come with a specific problem. An example would be: fear of driving, relationship problem or career problem. 

Besides giving the average is there a way to estimate how much sessions I need?
I can only give an estimate based on what I feel is right, which is usually accurate. Sometimes it's not due to circumstances that have changed during treatment (worsening due to behavior or external circumstances) or due to changes in how well the treatment is working. I try my best to give a good estimate, but sadly I'm not all knowing.

When I give an estimate I usually check the following:
  • How long has the problem persisted
  • How well is somebody responding to treatment
  • Is the problem isolated or connected to many different layers 
Sometimes that means the estimate has to increase to 5-10 sessions and sometimes it means only 1 or 2 sessions are needed.

Why does it matter how long the problem has been around?
When a problem has persisted for a long time (10+ years) it usually takes longer to shift then something that has been around for a year or so. It has become more of a part of somebodies life and energy field and that pattern has to be broken.

I also notice that a long term problem shifting can cause a feeling of stress or imbalance when it's gone. For example, somebody living under the cloud of depression for 20 years with all the problems that entails (mood, energy, goal setting) will need some guidance when that cloud lifts.

How can you tell how well somebody is responding to treatment?
After the energy healing I will see the changes in the energy field. Sometimes people will have noticed changes themselves (feeling lighter, yawning, crying and feeling a bit dizzy), sometimes they won't, but I always see it. So I can gauge how well the session has worked.

The next time I see somebody I can see what type of changes have stuck and what type of changes haven't. I also of course discuss with them what they have noticed. Some people notice rapid changes in their behavior, physical body, emotional life and mental peace, while others will note little to no changes. Since I see the energy field again I can gauge better how much sessions they will need.

Very rarely the energy field has responded extremely well in the first few sessions, but then levels off. Sometimes this means there is another root issue to discuss and explore, sometimes it means that the issue has more roots in the physical body. Since I work on the energy field, sometimes the changes on the physical level are not enough. All treatments have their limits. I will then refer clients to somebody else.

How do you see if an issue is isolated or not?
I often see how an issue is connected, because I work on the root cause of issues. This is the reason the healing 'sticks' and you don't have to come back regularly to keep the benefits. Sometimes it's strange for people to realise their issue is connected to something that has happened when they were 6 or 12. However, when you clear it and they notice a lot of improvement, they often see the issue in a bit of a different light.

When an issue is very isolated, connected to only a few events, it's easier to solve. However sometimes an issue can be connected to so much past events or to karma that when I start resolving layers more and more pops up. It's like you caught a fish in your net, but when hauling it in, you realise it has 2 or 3 more fishes and the bounty just keeps coming. It can be great to resolve so much issues, but sometimes it's disappointing to work for a long time before finding total relief.

Often an issue is resolved completely but it was connected to another issue so there are changes there too. For example I once helped somebody release her fear of cars and driving after some serious accidents in her family. After one session she noticed she not only was happier in her car, she also felt more safe in stores and outside. This might be a connection you expect, but I also seen unexpected connections when old pains in the body or behavior rapidly disappeared. This extra benefit is wonderful, but often very unexpected.

Can I ask you for an estimate?
Sure. You can ask me before we meet for the first session by e-mail or phone or during your session. 
Dear People,

Often I do Readings on new ventures, workshops or other ideas I was brainstorming about. So right now I do a lot of different things: workshops, courses, sessions by phone, e-mail or at the practice. I also use several different techniques. It seems I'm always adding new things and while that is very satisfying it also eats up quite a bit of time. So this month, I decided to check what I should cut from my practice.

I decided to work with the Good Witch/Bad Witch Oracle from Gillian Kemp again. I've used it for a Monthly Evaluation Reading before. It will help fine tune where I need to make changes. Sometimes you do not have a specific set of Questions for a Reading or a focus, so I will usually cast a wider net and then fine tune the Questions. When I work with clients, I usually do a General Reading first, so I can see what issues pop up. After that, we will deepen the issues so the advice becomes more specific. Readings for myself, I have more time then during a session, so some questions will probably be superfluous, but it will also give a clearer total picture.

Current state: Good Witches: Immortal Witch, The Woods Witch, Happy Witch and Water Witch. Bad Witches: The Silver Moon Witch
Overall, my practice is healthy. I enjoy the work I do, it gives me and others much happiness and a clearer view on both their emotional/subconscious as the rational/conscious. The only problem is the one most companies have at the moment: money. The Silver Moon Witch is all about creating enough money and feeling safe and secure. Sometimes I do feel like a little boat on the waves, wondering where new clients will spring from. And then, out of the blue, three people will call me. I often told people that being self-employed is not my dream, but with my calling I have no choice.

Am I spending the right amount of time on clients (aka e-mails, preparation time, phone calls)? Good Witch: Treasure Witch, Bad Witches: The Warty Witch & The Bat Witch
Ok, I know technically that I spend a little too much time on clients sometimes, but I treasure my clients. Sometimes I can spend around 3 or 4 hours answering e-mails, picking up phone calls and preparing for sessions. I definitely know that I should cut down on it some, but I am often very long winded I must admit.

I will look into several options to cut down time a bit.

Am I spending the right amount of time on brainstorming new workshops? Bad Witch: The Green Witch, Abracadrabra Witch and Good Witch: The Immortal Witch
I much enjoy giving workshops on plenty of different subjects. I love to teach, as it gives everybody the opportunity to learn and flower. I believe we are all eternal students. It does however, take quite a bit of time. I brainstorm the workshops, make my own workshop books and have to do quite a bit of promotion for them. I adjust workshops based on the groups that I will receive.

Many times people have told me that I should cut down on the amount of workshops that I give and I have done so this past year. Even so, it might free up more time if I make a dedicated change. I plan also to have more leadership as a workshop leader. I'm often also involved in the workshop if the number of participants is uneven and then it's hard to check up on all participants.

I got a lot of inspiration while working on this, so I guess I have more then enough on my plate to brainstorm with now!

Do I need to cut down the number of techniques I use: Good Witch: Happy Witch, Bad Witches: The Bat Witch and The Green Witch
I guess I already knew this, which is why I asked. I have some techniques that I rarely use and that I hardly ever advertise because I rarely use them. In the beginning when I just started I loved working with as many different techniques as possible. I tried honing my skills with different things to see what suited me and sometimes just for fun. However, business wise it can be quite a hassle to keep up with all of them and to take all my tools everywhere.

Also I have seen changes in some of the techniques I use, which is wonderful. I want to work in a deeper fashion with those techniques so it will certainly be interesting to work with them more often.

Well a lot to think about this summer and to move towards new horizons! I'm excited to implement some changes that others might not see, but are important for me!
Dear People,

Often people will find their way into my practice when they have searched long and hard for a solution to their health problems. Some clients are familiar with my work and will book a session to get help with a new problem. Only rarely do I receive clients who find it important to prevent problems. Isn't it strange that we have a yearly check up for our car, but not for ourselves?

Check in ~ Check up Session
So here you are, wanting to prevent small hiccups from becoming larger problems or checking what you can do to make your life better. I will check in on the energy field first and see what type of disturbances I detect. Mostly these are small things that might get bigger if they remain unattended. This can be an emotion that hasn't been released (for example: anger, sadness, frustration, pain) or a next level in healing an old deep wound.

After the energy field is cleared I will check up on spiritual nudges. I check what type of road is before you and how you can transverse it in the best way. Most of the time people have gotten small acknowledgements that they should make changes, but haven't acted on them yet. It's helpful to receive some clear instructions on how to move forward and get confirmation on some things you already know deep down. It's very freeing to be able to move forward.

Most of the time I have some extra time left in the session and I help people attune to higher energy fields available to them. Depending on their specific challenges I can help people attune to Trust, to increase the trust in themselves and others, to Love, Healing, Joy or whatever is needed. Most clients will feel extreme warmth and energy flow into them and are in awe that they can connect to such high vibrant energy.

Prevention Exercise
Take some time to connect to your own higher guidance.

Pick up a pencil and start writing a list of what is going on in your life right now

Which parts of your life do you feel will cause problems in the near future?

What can you do to resolve them before it becomes a destructive force or energy leak?

What lessons/patterns are coming back to be relearned or released?

What energy do you need to move forward or inward?

In gratitude release yourself and/or ground yourself.

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Dear People,

Well, this is the Reading for May. I have been a bit busy preparing for the party on Saturday. Really looking forward to celebrating with my clients and enjoy some tea and sweets. So, I decided to do a Reading focusing on mostly the past few years. I chose the Tarot of Dreams because it's very beautiful. I don't work with it often as it is quite large.

Year 0 (2008): Knight of Cups Rx
I still remember the start of my company. It was very hard to be confident that I could start up, because I still had major health challenges and no experience starting a business. I still felt it was the right thing to do to start sharing my Healing with the world. Many of my friends had seen me get healthier and had inquired as to my methods. I decided to take the leap and rent an office space.

I remember the idealistic happiness of knowing I was starting on the right path even though I was very doubtful it would work financially. Faith and trust are hard when you have seen no concrete evidence.

Year 1 (2009): King of Coins Rx
This is the year I moved to a new location and changed my name. I was surprised I was making more money then I thought as most people told me you won't turn a profit for the first 3 years at least. Even thought it was a very modest profit, I felt very proud. I also continued working and refining new techniques.

I was glad to move to a better location and to start fresh. I remember how happy I was to furnish the new space even though it was larger and more costly then I would have liked. I loved my new name and website.

Year 2 (2010): Page of Wands Rx
This was the year where I had to look and see that things weren't going as well as I hoped. I had to look carefully and see that I was putting in a lot of time and effort, but financially I wasn't receiving the right returns. I saw that if I kept this up, I wouldn't be able to continue the practice. So a price raise was necessary and I was lucky to move within the building to a smaller practice to save costs.

In 2010 I had to make some hard choices and temper my love for my work and my enthusiasm for what I was doing with smart choices. I did a lot of workshops in different locations to see what would work for me and for my clients.

Year 3 (2011) 10 of Swords Rx
2011 was a bit of a rebirth for me, transforming things and feeling better with the results. I started a course for weight loss that was fun and effective and was rebuilding on a more stable financial basis. I had to cut out things that weren't working for me. I remember when I started I wanted to try everything: networking meetings, advertising, new workshops, you name it, I was up for it. I noticed however that not everything was coming to fruition and if I didn't want to run empty, I had to make choices.

I started slimming down on what wasn't working in 2011 and seeing what direction I wanted to take. It certainly was slower going then I had hoped, but I was happy to do so. Word also started to spread about the transformative work I do, bringing in new clients.

Year 4 (2012) 7 of Coins
Last year I advertised more often as I wanted the practice to grow and me with it. I also picked up my studies, so it certainly was a busy year. Not everything got to fruition, but I still was happily assessing the situation and building a better future.

I received more feedback from clients on the work I do, started working on creating more of a web presence with the Blog and the Facebook Fan Page. Financially it wasn't the best year, as I had a lot of expenses, but I still was very happy with my work.

Year 5 (2013) 3 of Wands Rx
This year I'm happily anticipating the future. I feel like I am ready to take new steps in better directions. I'm glad of my social media presence and I have been attracting more clients and more abundance. I hope to look towards what needs to change for the better (probably sharing my office space) and where I can expand (more clients, businesses and international clients). 

I am happy with how 2013 is going so far, even though the intuitive course I wanted to do couldn't start due to lack of interest. I love hosting workshops, but it takes a lot of time to prepare and promote. I really do have more then enough directions to expand into and am excited for the future.

Future: 8 of Wands
A beautiful card for the future, signaling high energy, movement and joy. This Card features many birds together with the wands and just makes me think on how much my work sets people free. Free to be who they are meant to be - joyful, loving and kind.
Dear People,

Today I want to answer a single question only, because I fear I have to be verbose about it. It's hard to answer this question completely as circumstances are never exactly the same. So, if you are struggling with a question, don't hesitate to ask me. I will do my utmost to either answer it or explain why I won't.

What questions won't you answer?
I don't have fixed rules that I will always keep to concerning questions. I believe rules limit us, because you can no longer respond authentically to the situation. Often I have been in situations where people say: 'rules are rules' instead of listening and responding. That doesn't mean I don't have guidelines, but it does mean that I choose what is right after listening.

So what are my guidelines based on? Whenever I have a client ask me a question that makes me wonder about ethics, what I find important is intent. If a client asks me to answer a question concerning a third party (spouse, potential partner, family member, business partner, colleague or child) I want to know why they want it answered. Do they want to know things because they are curious or concerned?

For example: A parent once asked me how her child was doing, because another Psychic warned her that her teenage daughter would die of an overdose soon. This parent wasn't in contact with the child, due to family issues (divorce) and had tried to reconcile to no effect. So the parent wanted to know if there were reasons to be concerned.

I felt confident that the intent was one of love and that no other avenues were available. So I answered the question by telling this parent that there was no reason for concern as far as I could see and saw a reconciliation in the future. Years later the parent called to let me know that there was no evidence of any drugs (confirmed by the ex-partner) and that reconciliation had begun.
Another guideline of mine is to see how I would feel if somebody answered questions about me. I carefully weight the right we all have to privacy and the right we all have to the help we need. Sometimes that means I will discuss changing the question towards one that is more fitting to achieve a good balance.

For example: A parent told me that she felt concerned about the direction her child's life was heading in. This child was already an adult, but communication between parent and child was strained. It was hard to figure out what was going on for the parent, leading to stress and conflict.

I told this parent that I would not look directly into the life of the child. There was a right to privacy. However, I would look into seeing how their personalities worked together and what could be done to achieve a better relationship. Any direction questions that weren't too personal (for example: I feel my child is mad at be because of X, is that true?) were also questions I could answer. When communication is strained, most people start communicating more by their actions which can be hard to decipher. I helped to create a better atmosphere and communication started to become easier due to a better understanding of each other.

Besides intent and the privacy balance, I also check in with my guides. Sometimes they tell me not to answer a question, because it's not right to have that answer, sometimes they will tell me to answer even when I worry on if it's the right action. As soon as I get the go ahead and the answer pops in however, I feel confident to give it.

I listen and then I work with clients to answer their questions. So don't be worried if you wonder if your question is toeing the line, just ask. I will listen.
Dear People,

As I wrote in the Article in March, Psychic Decision Making, being Psychic means that I surely have an edge in making decisions. However, one of the other things I noted when I speak to my friends, to colleagues, to clients or to family members is that being Psychic makes me very attuned to possibilities and thus to what I call Powerful Thought.

Many people understand how our thoughts can shape the world around us. How, if you complain loudly in a restaurant about a waiters in general, most likely your service will suffer if the waiter hears you or if you claim that all (wo)men are shit, decent people don't really want to associate with you. A negative outlook colors everything around you, because people respond negatively to negativity.

On top of that, a negative outlook or negative thoughts can color even good experiences with negativity. I have heard people complain about a flat tire, but fail to mention somebody came up to help them. Often, there are positive sides that we can find in any experience, if we look hard enough. Without my illness, my company wouldn't exist. As a Psychic I can see the good more easily as it presents itself in powerful positive energy.

When I describe these two instances of negative thoughts and not being aware of what it does to your life and your experience, many people understand immediately. However, becoming aware of what you are thinking and taking steps to focus on positivity, joyfulness and awareness is a lot of work. In many meditative teachings the focus is upon letting negativity slide away and harnessing your thoughts. I heartily agree and tell people that meditation or reflection is really worth it. A gratitude journal can also help to boost positivity.

While your thoughts shape your now, they also shape your future. If we think that something isn't possible to achieve we won't strive for it. Whether it's a teacher that tells you you can't make it or a doctor that says you will never be healed, as soon as you buy into it, this becomes truth. I have seen many miracles in my life, especially after working as a Psychic Healer. It's easier for me to believe in the so-called 'impossible', because many people find my work to be impossible anyway.

So, harnessing your thoughts and striving for what's right is what I call Powerful Thought. To see yourself as a co-creator of your destiny. To believe that you are cherished and loved and everything that's good will come your way. I do feel that it's easier for me then for others due to being Psychic.

As such I have seen many wonderful positive things happen to me and always hear certain people exclaim that I am lucky. A positive attitude makes for a positive experience.
Dear People,

Many of us forget it's our right to be showered in abundance. That our Earth has everything we need to support and uplift us. That there is more than enough money in our world and money is just a type of energy. So, now that we have heard so many voices saying there is an economic crisis going on and many of us are feeling that pinch in our wallets, what better way than to start the Spring with an Abundance Exercise.

What is Abundance?
Abundance is the idea that there is more than enough for us in this world and that all of what we need flows around the world. There is more than enough companionship, because we are with billions on this planet. There is more than enough love, money and energy for all of us. Some of us feel that the Earth provides while others feel that Heaven does. It's not so strange for me that the The Lord's Prayer says: "Give us this day our Daily Bread" as it's very important to have the basics down so we can focus on shining our light and doing our Soul's work.

At the basis of Abundance is the rejection that receiving money is hard, that receiving love is hard or that it's a resource that has to be fought for. All is well as we have more than enough. Practice this until you realize that it's true.

Abundance Exercise: Money Goal
Many of us have learned as children that it's important to save for big expenses using a piggy bank or cash box. Our parents might have given us money for birthdays, report cards or other important days or achievements. As such, I find that symbol, the one that calls upon us to save for our goals a very cute and relatable one when doing abundance work.

So, go out and buy a piggy bank that symbolizes your goal or the achievement you want to reach. Then, place a trail of coins before the piggy bank. This symbolizes that money that will come towards your goal from the Universe/God. You can choose small coins or large one's depending on what is right for you and your goal. I prefer 2 euro coins.

After you see your desires manifest and money or discounts come your way, place one of the coins into your piggy bank and put another one on the trail to symbolize the money gifted and new money coming in. Remember these coins only symbolize the real amount that you have been granted. Put the real amount safely away on your bank account! I usually say a gratitude prayer.

Another alternative is to put larger amounts in your piggy bank, symbolizing money growing and coming your way. You are asking the Universe/God to use that seed money to grow money for you. This has to do with the idea that you need to invest for things to grow, but you are asking it to be invested for you instead of doing it yourself. I prefer to donate the money when I'm done with my exercise, but I also know of people who prefer to use it again or to put it with the money they have grown.

You can of course also combine both methods or adapt it to fit your own needs. If you want to share abundance/miracle stories don't hesitate to comment on the Blog or on the Facebook Fan Page.
Dear People,

I love my business and helping others. I often receive something special from clients who feel I went above and beyond like flowers or other gifts. It's quite humbling but also wonderful. So, this month I'm going to see what I can do to increase customer satisfaction.

I chose to work with the TAO oracle from Ma Deva Padma. It's an Oracle based on the I Ching, so besides drawing Cards you can use coins to see what the changes are going to be.

What can I do to increase customer satisfaction during sessions: 38. Opposition
It's picture is wonderful as you can see two people, mirrored (up/down) and in different colors. One is yellow/green and the other is red/purple. This reminds me on how sometimes when I speak about spiritual parts of a message, people feel left out and want a more earthy approach and sometimes it's the other way around.

Sometimes it's also hard to translate the message I get into something that can be understood. I remember one time when I asked somebody if they had a young daughter and she said no. I asked her if she had a daughter between 14-16, which is young to me, but it wasn't to her in this context and she said yes. I guess teenager would have been a better word. I then told her that I felt that there wasn't enough male influence in her daughters world which caused tension between her and her mother. The woman answered that this was not the case, but when I asked if her husband left them, she said yes.

Miscommunication during sessions can happen. It's important for me that the other party speaks up so we can bring clarity to the situation. I have been summarizing sessions with clients at the end of a session sometimes to make sure we are on the same page. Recently another client also mentioned that she didn't like phone sessions as much, as she can't see my face.

Casting the I Ching Opposition changes to: The marrying Maiden
This is quite an interesting card as it depicts a bride with chains all around her. I guess I Ching let's me know that sometimes there is no perfect solution. You can set every rule you want, but miscommunication can still occur. I have to be honest and true and mindful of the opposition that can occur.

What can I do to increase customer satisfaction after sessions: 22. Grace
A lovely calming card that shows a Kimono made with Lotus flowers and water. It makes me feel sophisticated and joyful just looking at it.

Quite beautifully this card speaks of being a role model, of being a star and an example. I love Coyote Teaching, the way of Teaching by asking questions and responding with questions, by showing what you think is right by doing it. The way of the story teller, the way of the guru.

While this doesn't really give me a firm to-do list, it does make me realize that living up to my potential does increase satisfaction for all around. It also makes me think on how often people are interested in my life and how I normally am very private and don't post much about it online. Maybe I should reconsider that.

Casting the I Ching Grace changes to: Taming the power of the great
Interestingly this Card features a Buddha like figure being totally at ease before a bamboo forest. I guess I can relate to being quiet and to listen (I try to meditate regularly) and becoming one. I do think I need to ponder some decisions and some gifts of mine that I haven't used yet in my practice.

I can really recommend this Deck due to it's beautiful images and the serenity feeling I get from knowing: "Everything Changes, Everything is in Flux". It gives a natural way of looking at life in cycles without worries in time of lack or need and being mindful in times of abundance and joy.

Want to let me know how your satisfaction would increase? Send me an e-mail, comment on the blog or on Facebook!
Dear People,

Just yesterday I was talking about the differences between me and a psychologist or me and a coach. I believe both professions bring light and joy to people, but it is not my talent.  Some of my clients tell others that they see a Spiritual Coach instead of a Psychic Healer, because they feel more comfortable with this and are afraid to be mocked. However, when they refer somebody to me, I'm always very clear about who I am and what I do.

What is the difference between me and a Psychologist
A Psychologist is a trained professional and while there are many different ways in which they can help clients with therapy the underlying fact is that they are there to help you see what is really going on in your life. They often allow you to talk and then interrupt with questions that make you think or give you homework based on finding out how you feel about things. They help with trauma by trying to reflect on it and let it go. They work on a mental level, while trying to understand the emotional level.

With me, as a Psychic Healer, the things I say can directly bring clarity, allow you to see things from a different perspective, but always, they shift your energy.

This energy shift has the following consequences:
  • There is an immediate shift in emotional energy
  • There is an accompanying shift on the mental level, because you feel different
  • There is a shift on the spiritual level, allowing people to feel more attuned and at peace
  • There can be a shift in the physical, allowing pains or other complaints to disappear
Most clients notice this shift, this transformation immediately, by the relief they feel and the possible ways of energy release (yawning, cold, warm, crying etc.). Other clients gradually notice that their behavior has changed and that they feel different. All clients leave my practice feeling lighter and more at ease. I work on the mental, emotional, psychical and spiritual level.

Since Psychologist don't help you with such a shift and work only on a mental level,  clients told me of the marked differences they experienced. They told me that they don't feel bogged down or depressed after a session, but light and happy. They also comment on the fact that while after a session with a Psychologist they might know they have to do things, but feel like they can't, while after my sessions with them they feel right and balanced. There is no fight between head and heart, but a blessing of both.

What is the difference between me and a coach
Again, there are many different types of coaching, but a coach main goal is to help you achieve your goals. They might do this by listening to you, allowing you to work towards goals with homework or helping you see where you can improve. This is often very hard work, because a coach can help you with what you need to do, but they can't help you feel good with it.

With me, as a Psychic Healer, when trying to achieve your goals, I help bring clarity, healing and bring justice to your goals by shifting energy.

This goal achieving energy shift has to following consequences:
  • Clarity on if this goal is right for you
  • Mentally you feel able to achieve your goal and to enjoy going after it
  • Spiritual energy will begin following to allow this goal to be achieved
While coaches are focused on what you can do, as a Psychic Healer I'm focused on who you can be. True goals who are worth achieving will bring you pleasure, contentment and joy while doing them, whether it's finishing a degree, losing weight or changing careers. The behavior that is right for you will come naturally and joyfully once clarity and spiritual energy is brought into the situation.

Since coaches are usually focused on work you need to achieve, some clients felt a bit put out that I give some homework but mostly tell them to be attuned to themselves. However, they were grateful when they discovered their results ware much greater and that they felt happy doing the work. Also, learning on how to listen to yourself and your soul will with a gift that keeps on giving, while following orders can feel flat and dry.

Of course I didn't describe one of the most telling differences: future knowledge. While they are busy helping people concerning the now and the past, I of course also take the future and what I know of people's future into account. This sometimes means that people will know in advance that a job is ending or a new opportunity comes up and they are able to make the most of it.

Have some more questions on the differences between me and other (alternative) practices? Don't be afraid to ask!
Dear People,

Today I'm answering only one question, but it has been asked several times before. I love working with parents and children. You can not work with one without the other. While parents need advice and solutions for their own issues, children usually need a rebalancing or strengthening. Our society demands a lot of parents and children. I'm glad to offer support, advice and healing.

The Question most often asked by parents is: My child is seeing Spirits, what should I do?

The first thing to do for parents is: validate your children. Don't lie. Don't say nothing can be there or that they are making it up. Sometimes a child can see a deceased (grand)parent or somebody they know, sometimes they see colors or unknown people. Even if you don't believe in Souls or in Spirits, simply tell them that you might not see anything is fair, but telling them they are making it up is not.
The second thing to do is to gauge how your child feels about it. Some children are curious and talking with them about things that you can't see or measure (dreams, emotions, physical pain) is enough for them. Discussing that we don't know what happens when we pass on and talking about different beliefs (reincarnation, heaven, nothing etc.) is usually exciting for only a little while.

If your child is afraid of these things she can see, but you can't or won't, be clear to them that they are always safe. Spirits can't hurt people. Discuss why a deceased person might be coming by (love, care, curiosity). If it's an unknown person or entity be sure to discuss why people sometimes go back places and how they themselves might want to see their old school or some place else when they pass on. If your child feels threatened treat this the same way that you would any fear, leave a little light on or the door open.

If fear doesn't lessen and your child is adamant that this entity is scaring her or doing things that make them uncomfortable you can choose to cleanse your house or let me do it for you. It's rare for entities to connect to children and adults, but it happens. Usually you will notice a lack of energy, a sense of grayness or other negative feelings.

In time, your child might lose this gift or they might grow and strengthen in it. If you are embarrassed or concerned, please be sure to tell your children that some people are uncomfortable about such issues.

Do you have your own story of something or someone you saw as a child? Share it in the comments on the Blog or on Facebook!

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