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Questions from the practice: Psychic Children

By  Rianne Collignon     April 05, 2013    Labels: 
Dear People,

Today I'm answering only one question, but it has been asked several times before. I love working with parents and children. You can not work with one without the other. While parents need advice and solutions for their own issues, children usually need a rebalancing or strengthening. Our society demands a lot of parents and children. I'm glad to offer support, advice and healing.

The Question most often asked by parents is: My child is seeing Spirits, what should I do?

The first thing to do for parents is: validate your children. Don't lie. Don't say nothing can be there or that they are making it up. Sometimes a child can see a deceased (grand)parent or somebody they know, sometimes they see colors or unknown people. Even if you don't believe in Souls or in Spirits, simply tell them that you might not see anything is fair, but telling them they are making it up is not.
The second thing to do is to gauge how your child feels about it. Some children are curious and talking with them about things that you can't see or measure (dreams, emotions, physical pain) is enough for them. Discussing that we don't know what happens when we pass on and talking about different beliefs (reincarnation, heaven, nothing etc.) is usually exciting for only a little while.

If your child is afraid of these things she can see, but you can't or won't, be clear to them that they are always safe. Spirits can't hurt people. Discuss why a deceased person might be coming by (love, care, curiosity). If it's an unknown person or entity be sure to discuss why people sometimes go back places and how they themselves might want to see their old school or some place else when they pass on. If your child feels threatened treat this the same way that you would any fear, leave a little light on or the door open.

If fear doesn't lessen and your child is adamant that this entity is scaring her or doing things that make them uncomfortable you can choose to cleanse your house or let me do it for you. It's rare for entities to connect to children and adults, but it happens. Usually you will notice a lack of energy, a sense of grayness or other negative feelings.

In time, your child might lose this gift or they might grow and strengthen in it. If you are embarrassed or concerned, please be sure to tell your children that some people are uncomfortable about such issues.

Do you have your own story of something or someone you saw as a child? Share it in the comments on the Blog or on Facebook!

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