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Dear People,

It's rainy again here, making me think of ways to make sure my health stays vibrant and I don't have to deal with flu and other complaints. Besides physical vibrancy I always also check on other parts of my health and this got me thinking on Unfinished Business.

Why is there Unfinished Business in our lives?
We all have responsibilities that pile up daily, from simple tasks (brushing our teeth) to more difficult tasks at work or in our relationships. Besides those daily tasks we also have goals that we want to work too, ranging from things we want to fix in our house to writing a book or studying.

Life is a process and as such we sometimes forget that we can't cram everything into 24 hours. The human mind can think of multiple tasks taking a life time in just 2 seconds. So overall, everybody has a list of things we want to accomplish and that is labelled "Unfinished" and for most of us that list grows unchecked unless we reflect upon it.

Two types of Unfinished Business; Dreams & Responsibilities
We have two types of Unfinished Business that commonly are on the list that are important to pay attention too. They both have different reasons why we have to pay attention to them though, although dealing with both will increase Vibrant Living.

Often we have dreams that end up in our Unfinished Business List. Sometimes because we don't quite know how to start, sometimes because we can't seem to make the time to go after these big goals. If you never make the time or use energy to invest in those, they will stay stuck in the mental phase. Occasionally you dream of how you would like to write that book, redo your house, start a new business, but then the 'real' world steps in and you are off to do what "needs" to be done.

Many of my clients feel that the work they have done with their lives hasn't been meaningful and they feel too old to make massive life changes. There is a lot of regret and pain that is unnecessary. We are never too old to live Vibrantly and to make changes in our lives. I challenge all of you to see what Dream is on your Unfinished Business List and to start to incorporate it into your daily life.

The other things that are often on our Unfinished Business List are those things we know we need to do, but whenever we have the opportunity we will try to escape from. Don't really feel like fixing your garden, your taxes or paint your walls? For some reason you will always be too busy. These kind of things will float up into our consciousness and make us feel guilty, because we know we should fix them.

If there is something in your life that is not getting done, don't waste time feeling guilty. Recognize that to feel free and happy again, you need to go and fix it. I often recommend doing a healing exercise to already visualize your life as if this duty was done. Wallow in the freedom and joy it gives you and then make the commitment to follow through in reality. If you can't visualize it being done, there is often an underlying emotional or mental blockage that is preventing you from doing the work. Time to have a healing session with yourself or another healer so you can feel unfettered and free again.

Have some free time this week? Find out what your unfinished business is or let me know on the blog or Facebook Fan Page!
Dear People,

A while ago I was talking to a dear friend we came upon the subject on how much he wanted to achieve with his life and how he felt he wasn't ever doing enough. So I helped him out with acknowledging what was going on and it wasn't what he expected! I didn't tell him to work harder or more, but to acknowledge his hard work and set goals he could meet.

Recognizing the More More More Feeling
Often in my practice I talk to people who feel like they should be doing more. It's very difficult and frustrating feeling. It blocks the creative positive flow and people feel like they never accomplish anything. A sense of meaninglessness can suck the joy out of anybody.

Are you often frustrated or look at your day in the evening and are you not sure where your day and time has gone? Are you always feeling you are behind in your goals and you are not going where you should be going? Does your impatience and irritability seem to be on the rise? Time to acknowledge what is going on and to move forward joyfully.

Acknowledging what you want to achieve
We all know the road is important and that the journey should be treasured but if you continuously look at goals that you are not achieving it can become harder and harder. I often tell people that it's good to acknowledge first what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to have a loving relationship, start a family, have a better job or finish your degree. Acknowledge what you want and own it.

Setting your Goal(s)
We can't achieve big goals in one day, one week or one month. So, every day it can be sad to acknowledge that you want that better job, but you seemingly aren't moving into that direction at all. Now that you know what you want, it's time to set appropriate goals.

Cut your ultimate goal into little pieces that will in the end get you where you need to go. Want to have a loving relationship? The road to your goal is filled with little victories like being more social, flirting, opening up to strangers, trying out new hobbies and going on dates. Want to have a better job? The road to your goal is filled with sending out resumes, networking and checking for job openings.

Feel accomplished when you put in time and energy into your goal, even if it's only 5 minutes of checking something online. Don't put your eye on the top prize, but build yourself upwards by setting goals you can achieve. Build a ladder step by step or a road stone by stone and as long as you are willing, your energy will help you move forward easily.

Gratitude and Grace
Now that you have set the road before you, you can enjoy that you have put in effort and energy. I often write down how grateful I am for even the little movements towards my goal. This allows me to create a positive flow for the road.

I also have little goal pots in my house, small boxes which contain my goals. The color and shape of the box shows for me what type of goal it is and why I want to accomplish it. Some of our goals are met because we work hard and some of our goals are met because of grace. By putting my goals in my boxes I ask for Grace to be delivered. You might want to do the same or write down your goals in a notebook!

Share what goals you want to achieve in a message here or on the Facebook Fan Page!

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