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Dear People,

I have been asked if I believe in curses and if I do, if I can remove them. In Dutch culture many people don't believe in curse energy, but in most Asian cultures it's considered truth. For me personally, I often wonder, how can you believe in positive energy, but not in negative energy?
Life is balanced so both types of energy exist.

Negative energy & curses
Negative energy is energy that robs us of energy, life, joy and other positive energies and it will often knock us out of balance or into negative behavior. It can be felt when we do something that's wrong for us, when traumatic things happen to us, but also, when another person sends negative energy to us and we accept this energy.

Just like we send positive energy (well wishes, prayers, positive intention) out into the world, sometimes we send negative energy (angry thoughts, criticism, curses, negative intention). Most of the time we can be pretty careless and we won't send much or for a prolonged time, but sometimes we do (due to jealousy or wanting the other person to be punished). When we do send out negative energy it does take a lot out of us and most of the time, we do feel guilty  and we will attract more negativity into our own lives as well. If we go as far as trying to curse another person (consciously or subconsciously) we will notice negative aspects in our own lives as well. You can't be steeped in this kind of energy without it also harming yourself.

Reducing Negative energy
If you feel you are only focused on the negative or that you might have been experiencing negative energy sent to you,  you can do several things to place your focus back on the positive like for example:
My favorite way of placing my focus back where it belong is to ask simply to be shown the lesson.
I ask the following questions:
  1. Why am I feeling negative? 
  2. Why is this happening in my life? 
  3. What is my part in creating this experience?
  4. What do I need to learn?
  5. What do I need to move on and only take the lesson with me?
Removing curses
A curse is negative energy send to us with the intent to harm. However, I believe it's true that a part of us needs to accept the curse. When we don't, this negative energy is harmless. It's possible to heal your energy field and shield from new curses and to remove existing curses. So if you believe that you are being targeted or that you are in a pattern of bad luck indicative of a curse, it's time to clear your energy.

Once you do feel that curse energy is already at work, you can ask your guides, angels, God or the Universe to cleanse out this energy and to return you to balance. Remove all guilt, shame or other negative thoughts that can allow curse energy to work through you and start feeling grace. We all make mistakes, but we don't need to be punished for them. You can also do my True Unity Video: Release Curse energy.

If you feel that somebody is always sending out negativity (by making hurtful remarks or with other actions) and you can't remove yourself from the situation (boss, colleague or family members) you can do shielding exercises.

Whenever people feel that they are still not in the clear - I usually connect to their energy field and feel what's going on. Sometimes I feel active curse energy or a weak spot in the energy field, sometimes I feel that guilt or shame needs to be removed, but there is almost always something to be removed. Since curse energy is felt so easily, it usually means people take steps to remove it.

Have a question or want to share your story about feeling negative or curse energy? Talk to me in the practice or leave a message on my Blog, Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.

We all get infected with the tired bug sometimes. Too tired to do what we want to do, too tired to deal with a situation, too tired to get out of bed... tiredness infects a lot of people's lives so today I will talk about how to beat this bug! Surprise: it's not doing nothing and sleeping more.

What kind of tiredness do you have?
A lot of people only know one type of tiredness: complete exhaustion. They often only get there once in a blue moon or when they are sick. It also seems to have only one solution: sleep or bed rest. While this works wonders for complete exhaustion it's won't do much for other types of tiredness.

Tiredness types:
  • Spiritual tiredness
  • Mental tiredness
  • Emotional tiredness
  • Physical tiredness
Spiritual Tiredness
Spiritual tiredness usually manifests in a certain type of deadness. We don't feel like your life has direction, we don't feel fulfilled, we don't feel truly happy or grateful. We tend to feel like our lives have no purpose and we don't exactly know how to deal with that. It's this weird almost bored like feeling.

Most people deal with spiritual tiredness by doing nothing, hiding it and holding on to parts of their life that aren't working. It's hard to get out of our comfort zone. Sometimes people make massive changes, but see little to no results in happiness or contentment.

Find your Passion.
  • Imagine you are waving a magic wand into your life, what would you change? 
  • What would fill you with wonder? 
  • What would give you purpose? 
  • What would you need money for or what people do you need to meet? 
Make plans with concrete steps after your brainstorm.
If can't seem to connect to your passion and you keep feeling purposeless, ask for help.

Mental Tiredness
Mental tiredness usually means that we have been worrying or thinking too much or that our body is out of balance. We don't feel like doing the things we consider 'harder' or that require more mental energy. We don't feel like brainstorming or solving anything and problems tend to feel very big.  It's often also hard to be flexible, because we can't seem to find solutions on the fly.

Most people try to recharge their mental batteries by doing what I affectionately call zombie-activities. The kind of things that have your brain on standby like flipping through magazines, being on the internet or watching some TV programs. While this can help reduce mental stress, it usually isn't enough to recharge.

Find activities that are mentally stimulating but recharge you or start focusing on the physical/emotional plane to recharge your mental batteries.

Good suggestions are:
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Physical Exercise (clearing your head!)
  • Creative tasks (coloring, painting, etc.)
  • Watching a documentary
  • Reading a book
Emotional Tiredness
Emotional tiredness tends to manifest in feeling emotionally empty (all cried out) or feeling like you have little control of your emotions (crying, angry outbursts). Feeling overwhelmed, wanting to just crawl into bed and not come out are all signs of emotional tiredness.

Most people try to find emotional balance by either releasing stress and emotions or by being a bit more introverted until things pass. Sometimes however that's not enough, especially not if the emotional tiredness is a response to a big trauma.
First decide how long this has been going on and if you need help to deal with trauma or not. If you feel you want to give it a try yourself first, give yourself a deadline and goal points so you can accurately assess if what you are doing is helping or not. 
If you are trying yourself, good exercises to release and balance emotions are:
  • Talking to a friend
  • Writing out your feelings in a journal
  • EFT
  • Releasing visualisations
  • Pampering yourself
Physical Tiredness
Emotional Physical tiredness is easy to recognize: we all know that feeling in our bones.

Most people try to rest up or sleep to deal with physical tiredness. If you keep feeling antsy, you might want to consider balancing your body with exercise or a massage to get back in tune with it. If that doesn't give adequate results, it's very likely that you have a different type of tiredness as well and you need to deal with that before the physical tiredness can be healed.
Want help to deal with your tiredness or share your story? Comment on the blog or Facebook Fan Page, contact me by e-mail or talk to me to discuss options like booking a session or doing a detox program.

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