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Dear People,

I meet a lot of people in my practice who are deeply sensitive and emphatic. Being emphatic is a lovely trait and it can really uplift your life. It’s easy for you to be spread love, connect to others and deepen wisdom. On the other end Empathic people often fall in the trap of dismissing their own feelings, wants, needs and desires.

When you are empathic on a deep level, emotions of other people will be felt deeply as well. If your energy field is strong, you will not receive the emotional energy of others. If it’s weakened by lack of self-care, illness or other reasons, you might notice yourself starting to cry even when you aren’t that sad, stay angry or frustrated and not knowing way and feeling this emotional energy of others.

I help people strengthen their field, because while it’s lovely to be empathic, we should not be sponges and suck up all emotional energy. It’s not ours and it will deplete your own energy, make you feel tired or have you thinking that you have really mercurial moods.

Emphatic people should be able to look into the pool and see what’s going on emotionally, without falling into it and drowning in emotion. I teach different techniques to help recognize which emotions are ours, how to release other people’s emotions and how to make sure you aren’t drowning.

However, sometimes empathic people will choose to ignore their own feelings in favor of other people’s feelings. Somebody might make a request of them and they feel the desire, pain or loss, and want to step up and fulfil this request, regardless of the costs. While you can’t reduce the strength of emotions of what the other person gives out, we can choose to reduce ours. If we do so, it’s often because we repress or dismiss our own emotions.

This type of sacrifice of ourselves diminishes us and it will cause much more problems down the road. Sacrifice means that it looks like things are going better, because the other person is happy, but there is no net gain. What the other person gains, we lose (else it wouldn’t be a sacrifice!). On top of that, our resentment and anger and having to sacrifice will come back to the surface one way or another. That means that even this temporary gain will most likely end up in a loss.

Empathic people often feel taken advantage off, but when we look honestly, it’s us that choose to ignore ourselves. So what to do about it? When you are mindful of what happens when you do this, it becomes easier to stop doing it. When you recognize the idea: “Another persons emergency isn’t always mine”, it helps to keep some emotional distance. When you remember that it might feel very dire, but that doesn’t mean it actually is.

If you still have a choice to see what needs to be done or are considering doing something, this following exercise is a good way to stay with yourself and out of sacrifice.

Exercise Acknowledge all Feelings
  • Take two sheets and a pen and make sure you have around 15 minutes uninterrupted time.
  • On the first sheet, write down all the feelings of the other person involved in the situation. Write down the emotions as big as you feel them, so PAIN might be capitalized or written on half the page.
  • On the second sheet, start writing down your own emotions, also writing them down as big as you feel them.

You might notice that it’s much easier to write down the emotions of the other person, if this is the case, that means that much of your energy is direct at or even in the other persons energy field. That’s not the way it should be, so ask Heaven, your Guides, your High Self or any other Spiritual ally to bring back your energy to yourself.

Now that your energy is with yourself where it belongs, look over your own sheet. Place a hand on the sheet and the other hand on your heart. Acknowledge each of the feelings that are written down. You can literally say: “I acknowledge my sadness” or just name the feelings. As you name them bit by bit, you might feel that some of them transform. When we spend time with our feelings we recognise their messages and then we can easily let them go. You might recognise why you feel these feelings particular or how this situation reminds you of the past.

After you have acknowledged your feelings, gently release the paper in the way you see fit. You might want to burn it, recycle it, tear it into pieces. Do the same with the other sheet. The way forwards should be clear now, but if not, ask your Spiritual ally to resolve this situation towards everybody’s highest good. Be mindful of what your intuition tells you in the next couple of days.

Want to chat about your empathic gifts or ask for advice? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your stories or questions in the practice, by e-mail or publicly online.
Dear People,

Today I'm writing some EFT sentences about dreams. Dreams can really help us understand what is subconsciously going on in our lives. Recurring dreams can be quite upsetting, but even regular dreams can keep us upset during the day. Dreams are strong influences and it's great to consciously process them and reap their benefits for your waking life: understanding and healing.

What better way then to use some EFT sentences? If you are seeking more understand, don't hesitate to use a dream journal or a dream dictionary to understand the symbolism of dreams.

Processing Dream Feelings
Even though I feel very sad after this dream, I choose to be at peace
Even though I feel very angry after this dream, I choose to be at peace
Even though I feel very upset after this dream, I choose to be at peace
Even though I feel very frustrated after this dream, I choose to be at peace
Even though I feel very lonely after this dream, I choose to be at peace
Even though I feel very stressed after this dream, I choose to be at peace
Even though this dream keeps me from feeling free, I choose to be at peace

Processing your Dream
Even though I don't remember my dream, I choose to learn my lesson
Even though I barely remember my dream, I choose to learn my lesson 
Even though I don't understand my dream, I choose to learn my lesson
Even though I don't know why I dream this, I choose to learn my lesson
Even though I don't know why I am dreaming this all the time, I choose to learn my lesson
Even though I got upset about my dream, I choose to learn my lesson
Even though I feel wounded by my dream, I choose to learn my lesson

Understanding your dream
Even though I don't know why I am dreaming this, I choose to understand
Even though I hate dreaming this (again), I choose to understand
Even though I don't understand my dram, I choose to understand
Even though I don't want to dream this, I choose to understand
Even though I don't understand symbol X in my dream, I choose to listen
Even though I don't understand happening Y in my dream, I choose to listen

Healing with your dream
Even though this dream has shown me a wound, I choose to heal
Even though this dream is upsetting, I choose to heal
Even though I don't understand my wound, I choose to heal
Even though I don't know why I'm dreaming about this, I choose to heal

Want to chat about dreams in a healing way? Post a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me for a personalized EFT sentence!

Dear People,

The last two years I’ve been following workshops at PoV, Psychology of Vision, which was founded by Chuck and Lency Spezzano. My first contact with Chuck Spezzano’s work was when I received the Love Pack from a friend. This deck with Relationships Dynamics was very interesting and helpful. Some of you might have seen it in my practice or received Readings from it.

Throughout the years I bought 2 other Oracle Sets and have used them extensively. While Chuck has also wrote many books (English and German), I do not currently own any. He has written about many dynamics in relationships, but also about enlightenment, healing and other subjects.

Three years ago when I received a small inheritance I decided that I wanted to use part of it for my personal development so I wanted to do a workshop with his organization. Sadly, when I looked for workshops within Europe, I only saw workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. My German is abysmal and since he has a lot of books in German, I was under the mistaken impression he speaks German in these workshops.

I opted to a 5-day workshop in England, with the sister organization Visionworks for Life instead. They use the same principles but work in a slightly different way. I loved the workshop there and we took the opportunity to see Stonehenge and many beautiful sights. I met somebody at the workshop who told me that the workshops are not in fact only in German, but that there is a translator there and they will translate from German to English for Chuck and from English to German for the participants.

That meant that doing a workshop in Germany, Switzerland or Austria was a possibility so in 2018 I followed two 3-day workshops with Chuck. Those were lovely and I returned home with new ideas, a deeper sense of peace and well being and more techniques to practice. 

This year I had the opportunity to do a 8 day workshops in the south of Germany which was specifically geared towards healing. Participants come from all walks of life (so not only people in the spiritual field or therapist) and age ranges.

I was privileged to meet a lot of wonderful people, be part of two shamanic ceremonies because Shamans were there, learn new techniques and heal myself.

A workshop consists of the main group, with whom we meet daily usually between 10.00-19.00 (with breaks). During main group time, we have a focus person who will lead the way for the group in a particular issue (that the focus person has present in their life and people in the group in their own way as well). We also have some dancing after breaks to keep the energy up. Chuck will also tell stories, explain theory and exercises to be done with your smaller group and/or your buddy. Joining is also done within the main group, which is a 1 on 1 exercise done to music.

The smaller group consists of at least 1 trainer of the organization, some participants and sometimes an additional (assistant) trainer. So far the group has ranged between 6-8 people in my workshops. Fate/Heaven/God gets to decide who is in your group, as they will draw the names of participants for each group. Exercises done with the smaller group are usually done in longer breaks and sometimes after the end of the workshop (depending on how much time they take/what the group decides).

In your smaller group, there is 1 (or 2 if they have an uneven number of participants) person who is considered your buddy. This buddy can be somebody who mirrors you (has the opposite dynamics), somebody who is just like you (struggling with the same things/has similarities in family, hobby’s, life experiences), is somebody who you have an unresolved issue with (reminds you of your boss/family member etc.), is somebody who is your shadow (has all the things you deny/hate about yourself) or is your angel (who can help you with everything, makes you feel blessed). This buddy is somebody who you do exercises with and the idea this person is the perfect person for you to learn with/from.

It’s hard to explain everything that’s done in the workshop, especially because each workshops depends on what the focus people bring in, what the group brings in and what you yourself do during your exercises.

PoV works a lot with family dynamics, past lives, astral and spiritual experiences and your own agency as well as with many spiritual teachers, God and Heaven. It doesn’t shy away from Shadow Work, taking accountability for your experiences and wishing above all to heal.

If you are interested in following such a workshop and want to ask me more questions, please send me message by e-mail or ask me in my practice.