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Questions from the practice: What kind of workshop did you do July 2019?

By  Rianne Collignon     August 05, 2019    Labels: 

Dear People,

The last two years I’ve been following workshops at PoV, Psychology of Vision, which was founded by Chuck and Lency Spezzano. My first contact with Chuck Spezzano’s work was when I received the Love Pack from a friend. This deck with Relationships Dynamics was very interesting and helpful. Some of you might have seen it in my practice or received Readings from it.

Throughout the years I bought 2 other Oracle Sets and have used them extensively. While Chuck has also wrote many books (English and German), I do not currently own any. He has written about many dynamics in relationships, but also about enlightenment, healing and other subjects.

Three years ago when I received a small inheritance I decided that I wanted to use part of it for my personal development so I wanted to do a workshop with his organization. Sadly, when I looked for workshops within Europe, I only saw workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. My German is abysmal and since he has a lot of books in German, I was under the mistaken impression he speaks German in these workshops.

I opted to a 5-day workshop in England, with the sister organization Visionworks for Life instead. They use the same principles but work in a slightly different way. I loved the workshop there and we took the opportunity to see Stonehenge and many beautiful sights. I met somebody at the workshop who told me that the workshops are not in fact only in German, but that there is a translator there and they will translate from German to English for Chuck and from English to German for the participants.

That meant that doing a workshop in Germany, Switzerland or Austria was a possibility so in 2018 I followed two 3-day workshops with Chuck. Those were lovely and I returned home with new ideas, a deeper sense of peace and well being and more techniques to practice. 

This year I had the opportunity to do a 8 day workshops in the south of Germany which was specifically geared towards healing. Participants come from all walks of life (so not only people in the spiritual field or therapist) and age ranges.

I was privileged to meet a lot of wonderful people, be part of two shamanic ceremonies because Shamans were there, learn new techniques and heal myself.

A workshop consists of the main group, with whom we meet daily usually between 10.00-19.00 (with breaks). During main group time, we have a focus person who will lead the way for the group in a particular issue (that the focus person has present in their life and people in the group in their own way as well). We also have some dancing after breaks to keep the energy up. Chuck will also tell stories, explain theory and exercises to be done with your smaller group and/or your buddy. Joining is also done within the main group, which is a 1 on 1 exercise done to music.

The smaller group consists of at least 1 trainer of the organization, some participants and sometimes an additional (assistant) trainer. So far the group has ranged between 6-8 people in my workshops. Fate/Heaven/God gets to decide who is in your group, as they will draw the names of participants for each group. Exercises done with the smaller group are usually done in longer breaks and sometimes after the end of the workshop (depending on how much time they take/what the group decides).

In your smaller group, there is 1 (or 2 if they have an uneven number of participants) person who is considered your buddy. This buddy can be somebody who mirrors you (has the opposite dynamics), somebody who is just like you (struggling with the same things/has similarities in family, hobby’s, life experiences), is somebody who you have an unresolved issue with (reminds you of your boss/family member etc.), is somebody who is your shadow (has all the things you deny/hate about yourself) or is your angel (who can help you with everything, makes you feel blessed). This buddy is somebody who you do exercises with and the idea this person is the perfect person for you to learn with/from.

It’s hard to explain everything that’s done in the workshop, especially because each workshops depends on what the focus people bring in, what the group brings in and what you yourself do during your exercises.

PoV works a lot with family dynamics, past lives, astral and spiritual experiences and your own agency as well as with many spiritual teachers, God and Heaven. It doesn’t shy away from Shadow Work, taking accountability for your experiences and wishing above all to heal.

If you are interested in following such a workshop and want to ask me more questions, please send me message by e-mail or ask me in my practice.

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