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Summer is the ideal time for brainstorming for me. Since I still had one Monthly Evaluation Reading to do, I decided to work on an issue that is linked to the practice, but not always so apparent. However, I do want to improve on Bedside Manner.

You can be a great professional, give great advice and aid, but if you are Bedside Manner is standoffish your clients might not feel heard, appreciated or welcomed. To be fair, I haven't had any complaints about my Bedside Manner. However, a few nights ago I received some information in dreams showing me that some improvements can be made. So, here we are!

For this topic I decided to use the Universal Love Healing Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. It's very special to me as I heard I won it on the day of my grandmothers funeral. It always reminds me of her kindness and compassion for others.

What is the current energy of my Bedside Manner? Forgiveness
This Card depicts Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. I have a statue of her in my bedroom. She is depicted with a dragon on her side: one that is tamed by her energy. This card radiates knowledge, wisdom, care, compassion and mercy.

That certainly is the type of energy I want to bring to my clients. No matter the problem, no matter the questions, I won't judge. I'd be open to help you and radiate towards you that we are all loved and cared for, especially in our darkest hours.

What energy can improve my Bedside Manner? Expectancy
Expectancy is a very red card, showing a red flower in the middle of a purple field. It has four symbols around it.

Sometimes clients expectations are such that it's almost impossible to fulfill. They might yearn for something that isn't right for them or for a resolution that isn't the best for everyone involved. This is so human and natural, but hard on both of us. I do need to tell people when their expectations aren't correct. However: I can use the power of expectancy to turn their expectations into love.

What energy is interrupting my Bedside Manner? Relationship & Tantric Union
Relationship is a purely blue card depicting a winged figure and two dolphins. Tantric Union shows two figures holding each other and having the same aura.

These two cards enforce each other, yet show a different way of relating. Spiritually speaking: we are all one. This energy, spiritually, can be expressed in a Tantric Union, and show a path of deep connection. However, while we are all one, we are also separate. We have our own lessons to learn and our own  path to follow. When relating with another, it's often easier to melt into them and their wishes then to stand up for ourselves.

These two cards remind me to keep the relationship between me and clients, loving, caring and spiritual. It's important to keep this relationship balanced for all involved.
Dear People,

So here I am again, showing you that Psychic Life really does have it's little perks. Today I'm going to talk about Good Timing. Good Timing for non-Psychic people usually means that they are on schedule, but Good Timing for me has a lot more to do with what you would think is 'Luck'.

Good Timing: Didn't I just see that on Sale?
Good Timing is one of the best Psychic perks if you are looking for something that you wish to buy or that somebody you know wants. Often, I don't know what comes first: the idea that I might want something or the fact that I just happen upon it. Sometimes I wonder if I have zoned in on the fact that I'm going to find that item a few hours later.

One example of this was when I looked online and saw the particular hairbrush (Satin Hair from Braun) that I wanted to try out for a while. I found it a bit on the expensive side (even on discount) and wondered if those ions would really do more for me or not. 15 minutes later my mother in law calls: She would like to have that particular hairbrush having seen it on discount (at a different store) but needed some more Air Miles to purchase it. Since I didn't have any, I mentioned that I saw it for a reduced price online. We bought it together, so we split on shipping, making it a cheaper deal for both of us.

Once when going out shopping, my sister told me I must have a lucky rabbits foot, because she got all the things she had been looking for (and most of them on a discount!).

Good Timing: Hey, what a surprise to catch you here!
Often, Good Timing also resolves around where I am. It's often surprises people that just when they were thinking about me, they caught me on the street or meet me somewhere. It doesn't surprise me, because I tend to pay attention to whom I think about. If you are on my mind, it's likely I will see you that day or get a call from you!

Also, sometimes I really do get the feeling I have to get to spot X a few minutes early or go by Y and then I just know why that extra time was needed when I bump into somebody I'd love to speak too.

Good Timing: The right Mix
Another perk of Psychic Good Timing is that you just meet the people you are supposed to meet and that most exchanges are very positive and balanced. It's like there is a Right Mix out there which you find quite often. Sometimes I don't even know what I'm supposed to do or say, just that somebody is important and we should speak.

An example of this is at a networking event a few months ago when I talked to somebody and said: "Excuse me, can I just ask you something" in quite a cheeky manner. He laughed and asked what was going on. I said I didn't have anything specific to offer but loved to work together. He told me to give his partner a call. Just the next day I already received an e-mail from said partner to come and discuss options. We are currently working on a project that I hope will have a date soon, so I can talk all about it!
Dear  People,

I'm still one month behind with the Evaluations, but since it's Summer I might be able to catch up. These past 2 weeks I have been brainstorming on a few ideas. One of the Decks that I usually work with to get some quick Yes/No Answers is the Good Witch/Bad Witch Deck from Gillian Kemp. I don't usually work much with Witches or Witch-Mythology, but this Deck has a lot of humor and a very nice structure.

In essence you draw 3 Cards for each question. Two or more Good Witches means Yes, two or more Bad Witches means No. Depending on which Witches show up, you can get a good idea on why it's a Yes or No. While I made quite a few decisions yet, it's fun to evaluate them beforehand with the Witches instead of seeing how they pan out!

Is offering "the One" Reading a good idea?
The Good Witch: Stardust Witch, The Bad Witch: Warty Witch and The Bad Witch: The Wickedest Witch
Interestingly, this answer would be "No". It seems that the Witches tell me that while doing these Readings will give hope to people and that little bit of magic that they sometimes need, the Witches warn that this is just a stepping stone (Warty Witch) and that there is something I might not have seen. This might cause some opposition that I might need to be aware of.

A caution then, for me when offering this type of Reading!

Is offering the "Dail A for Answers" session a good idea?
Bad Witch: The Green Witch, Bad Witch: The Abracadabra Witch, Bad Witch: The Tortured Witch
This answer would also be "No", although the quality of the bad witches is such that it seems to be a caution to me. The Green Witch speaks of good luck and timing, making sure you do not take on too much, while the Abracadabra Witch speaks of having all the aid you need and the Tortured Witch speaks of allowing to move on from bad times. All in all, it does seem this type of session might be a bit more time consuming then I thought as well as bringing more emotional stress then I anticipated.

I decided to draw an additional Set to see what more could be learned:
The Bad Witch: Thunder and Lightening Witch, The Good Witch: The Treasure Witch and The Good Witch: The Timeless Witch
Two witches again, which speak of good rewards and taking your time to set something up. The Thunder and Lightening Witch tells me that sometimes the technology might fail and I need to implement some additional things for this.

Some nice information that I will use to implement these two types of Sessions!

Is there something else that is good for me and my clients to offer?
The bad Witch: The Coven Witch, the Good Witch: Ageless Witch and the Earth Witch
Ah, I know of what the Witch speak, the Coven implies a group offering, while the Ageless Witch implies it will be based on Inner Beauty and Richness, while the Earth Witch also speaks of material rewards.

This offering is going to be a little secret a little longer! The other two will be explained in Today's Newsletter and on Facebook and the Website a little later!

If you thought of something else you'd like me to offer, don't hesitate to ask!
Dear People,

Lately I haven't had time yet to write down the answers to some of the questions I have had, but this one is one I recently got asked again.

Is there a difference between long-distance work and seeing you in person?
For some people, coming to my practice is almost impossible, as I have clients all over the world, for others it's possible to choose to see me in person or have a long distance session.
Both methods have their advantages and drawbacks.

Please note: The quality of your session doesn't suffer regardless of which choice you make. Both methods give great results.

Many things in the session stay the same regardless of the method: I prepare what is most important to work on and write down any information I receive before your session starts (which is always long distance work for me), in the beginning of the session I discuss with you what you find important and ask how things have been going and at the end of the session we discuss how you are feeling now and how you want to continue.

That being said: yes, there is a difference between long distance work and seeing me in person.

A Session in person

It's often easier for me to read your energy, meaning I almost never need 'a moment' to check up on things. However, I get a bit more interference, because while receiving things you might talk to me at the same time. So I have to sort through 2 streams of information. It's easier to interact however, when I can also see your facial expressions, body language and other energy shifts and you can see mine.

Often, people comment on how nice my practice is and how it already relaxes them when they walk through the door. A healing environment will often have a calming and healing effect, even when I haven't done anything yet. I don't underestimate this effect as it's a healing balm for everyone.

It's also very nice to lie down and let me do the work while you concentrate on your healing. Usually this means clients are more aware of the energy shifts that occur and feel more in tune with what is happening.

Of course, you do need some traveling time to come and see me and I don't offer 25 minute sessions in person.

+ Easier interaction
+ Healing environment
+ Able to lie down and concentrate on the healing
- Traveling time for the client and possible parking costs
- Not possible to book a 25 minute session

A long distance session

A long distance session can be unavoidable due to distance, but it can also be an excellent way to save time. If you have a clear view of what you want a Chakra Healing or Energy Scan (includes a report) or Psychic Reading by E-mail means that you don't even have to set time apart for a session! Before the agreed upon deadline you will find your report or reading in your inbox! And when in need of a quick session to just answer a (few) short questions or an Energy Boost, just make an appointment for a 25 minute session.

A lot of my long distance clients take the time to write down what I am saying or record the session. In person, it's often more difficult to do so, because during a conversation a lot is said. During a phone call there are often natural pauses that allow for writing or you can have your own equipment to record your session with me. Or if you have chosen an E-mail session, you have the written report to read as often as you want.

One of the drawbacks is that sometimes technology fails. You might be unable to call me due to reception on your phone or your internet connection fails. Of course I try to accommodate by having several ways in which you can reach me: land line, mobile phone, MSN, Gmail Chat, FaceTime and Skype. Sometimes however, it's necessary to reschedule.

The feel of a long distance session is a bit different too. I can't touch your body or the energy field above your body directly. You don't see my body language and/or facial expressions. For some this offers a layer of privacy and concentration, but for others it's a disappointment.

+ No traveling time
+ Easier recording a live session/Receive a written report
+ 25 minute session
+ E-mail Reports
- Technological problems (Phone/Internet-connection)
- Less interaction
It's harder then you think to offer True Aid, helping others in a way that is healing for you and them. Often in my practice I see people who carry other peoples problems on their back and can't stop thinking on how people they love are in trouble. Luckily for them, I can remove those pesky energy connections and return people to true balance. Then it's time to help them see the difference between True Aid and the Quick Fix.

True Aid: Step 1 Don't take charge
We are all responsible for our own happiness, for our own feelings and for our own lives. So, if at this moment, your life is not the way you want it to be: take charge and start the work that is necessary. That doesn't mean that you deserve the bad things that have happened to you or that you should feel guilty. We are all human and we all make mistakes that we need to correct.

When we want to help others, we often can try to take charge of the problem. We think that we know better so we try to shoulder the burden and solve the problem. This completely depletes us and soon we start feeling resentful. At the same time, the people we are trying to help do not learn their lesson and start to become more and more needy and dependent. It's a lose-lose situation.

A short example: If you have a partner that doesn't seem to be able to deal with their finances, it's tempting to try to take charge. You might choose to give them an allowance or check their finances now and again. You might offer money to help them out when they are in trouble. 

All of these things are Quick Fixes, because it doesn't change the fundamental problem: Your loved one should take charge of their money problems and learn how to spend money responsibly. Sooner or later they will mess up again and you need to either play savior (which depletes yourself and keeps them dependent) or feel like there is nothing you can do.

So, what can you do? In this example, True Aid means you either steer somebody to a professional to get aid (in this case a financial adviser) or you will do the work together with them and explain how to budget and keep to it. Then you let them try for themselves and won't step in when the inevitable mistake gets made. After all, nobody does everything right 100% of the time. Over time you will see improvements if your loved one really wants to learn.

Check carefully if you are giving somebody True Aid or if you are at the moment handling out Quick Fixes. 

To find out you ask yourself:
  • Is there somebody in your life that makes you feel depleted or that you feel is very needy?
  • Are their tasks you are doing that actually don't belong to you?

True Aid: Step 2 Identify the structural problem
Often we are misguided in our attempts to help somebody because we are sure we know what the problem is. When somebody complains that they always fall for the same man, it's tempting to start hooking them up on blind dates, but is that really what they want or need?

When people are ready to have help in a situation, they will ask. Before that time, it's just our job to protect our boundaries. Are you tired of hearing people vent, please change the topic of the conversation, but don't press aid upon them!

Once they ask for help, be honest. Don't try to be kind first, because then we have a tendency to smudge the truth by saying things like: "I'm sure you are doing all you can" or "I trust things will resolve themselves". When your loved one has a structural problem, the thing they need from us first and foremost, is the truth. That can be discomfiting, because we have to tell people we love that they should take responsibility for the problem and how they are enabling their problems. Be as kind as possible, while being honest.

It might surprise you that your loved one actually recognizes the structural problem, but felt uncomfortable talking about it or unable to see what they can do about it. Or that your idea of the structural problem is not their idea. This offers opportunities to deepen your bond together and learn from each other.

True Aid: Step 3 Discussing potential solutions
Once you have helped identify the problem, you can give true Aid by discussing potential solutions. Sometimes your loved one is too angry to listen to a potential solution and that's fine. Just shelve it for another time. Structural problems don't go away and your loved one might need to struggle with it for a bit longer, before wanting to solve it.

There are many potential solutions for structural problems, but most of them include:
- Analyzing why you are in this pattern
- Analyzing your past (is there something there that is causing these problems)
- What is this pattern giving you?
- What is this pattern taking from you?
- Is there a professional that can support you in solving this problem?
- Do you have the skills to solve this or do you need to learn something first?

True Aid: Step 4 Step Back and be supportive!
This is the most important aspect of True Aid. Step back. You have done all you can. Don't fall in the trap of wanting to set up meetings, discuss some more or hounding your loved one into getting a professional to help them. Don't fall into temptation to fix it for them.

You said your piece, you did your part,  step back and let them fix it. While they fix it, be supportive by being there when mistakes are made or when your loved one feels disappointed. Over time, your loved one will learn or move to a level that's appropriate for them.