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Dear People,

In communication we all use words as labels so we can communicate clearly. However sometimes people have different interpretations and it becomes quite messy. So, today I'm going to speak about the labels in Psychic Work in both English and Dutch.

Why are there so much different labels for Psychic and Healing work?
Personally, I think that any type of work that is very personal is going to have many different labels. In the field of psychology for example you have the labels psychologist and psychiatrist, but you have a multitude of therapies and modalities ranging from cognitive therapy, psychoanalytic therapy to talk therapy and many others. And besides those types, each therapist might specialize in different fields like for example grieve counseling, trauma counseling or life coaching.

You choose as a therapist which type of work you like to do and often start specializing in that, as well as which type of therapies and healing modalities work for you.

What are the most common labels in Psychic Work?
The most common labels are Medium (Medium) and Psychic (Helderziende/Paragnost) for Psychic Work. However, there are many more like clairvoyant or six-sensory consultant. In Dutch and English we even have words to separate how the Psychic work might be done like cleairaudience (helderhorend), clairvoyant (helderziend), clairsentience (heldervoelend) and claircognizance (helderwetend).

Usually Medium is specifically reserved for people who speak with departed people /Souls (overledenen), but some people use this term as a synonym for Psychic. In Dutch, often "Helderziende" is used as a catch-all term for Psychic, even though technically it means clairvoyant and would mean that the Psychic received their knowledge through vision. Paragnost is the official catch-all term but it's not used that much.

What are the most common labels in Healing Work?
There are so many different healing therapies that it's hard to name common labels. However, there are some catch-all terms like: Healer, which would encompass all types of Healing and Energy Therapist/Energetic Therapist (Energetisch Therapeut) which means a Healer who does some type of Energy Healing (ranging from Reiki, Quantum Touch or their own modality) or works on the Energetic Field. In English, Lightworker (Lichtwerker) is also sometimes used to specify somebody who does healing and spiritual work, but the term isn't used that much in Dutch.

Why did you choose to use Psychic Healer/Helderziende Heler?
While I have Medium abilities and have seen and conversed with departed souls I rarely offer this type of service. When we want to speak with our departed loved one's it's often early on when we just lost them, which isn't the best time for us or for them. If you want more information about my Mediumship click here.

For me the focus of my work is Healing. Often the Healing already begins when people contact me or walk into the practice, due to the high vibration of loving energy present. I work with several types of Healing therapies (Massage Therapy, EFT and Energy Therapy), so using the catch all term sounded right to me!

I do however know I work very differently from most Healers, as I use my Psychic Abilities to hone in on underlying problems, to give advice about past, present and future and I can feel where blockages lie. I often get told during sessions that it's like I know what clients are thinking. I don't mind-read, but I can feel resistance to change, blockages formed from trauma and other Psychic things in a clients Energy Field. Since I prepare sessions, clients often are relieved that they don't have to talk much about what's bothering them because they can just tell me I am right.

So, combining those two I chose Psychic Healer as my label, making sure people know I do have Psychic Gifts, but that Healing is my most important aim.

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Dear People,

I'm a huge fan of visualization, as I love to fantasize and to put the power of my mind towards something positive. There are many different ways to visualize and I have had exercises on the blog before. This is a quick guide towards different techniques and making your own personal visualization.

Guided Visualization
This type of visualization is the easiest way to start visualizing. A guided voice will help you stay on the path of a specific exercise. There are many different visualizations out there with different types of goals and voices, so it's easy to find what you need and what you will be comfortable with.

  • You don't have to do it all on your own
  • You can get ideas on all different types of goals
  • You have to follow the script

Semi-Guided Visualization
Semi-Guided Visualization is a technique where you offer yourself a framework and allow your intuition to fill in the blanks in your visualization. I always recommend starting out with either a simple framework and focus on intuition or to work with a more solid framework and focus on your visualization techniques.

  • You can tailor the visualization to your needs
  • You can work on your intuition at the same time
  • Keeping focus is more difficult
Goal oriented Visualization
Goal oriented Visualization is visualization with the focus on a specific goal. You can focus on Healing Visualization to heal heart break or physical problems, Grounding Visualization to feel more grounded or powerful, Cord Cutting Visualizations for the release of problematic bonds or the past and choose to make your own Visualization tailored to your needs.

  • You can tailor the visualization to your needs
  • You can reach a goal
  • Your goal might not be reached/reachable
  • You might be visualizing something not to your best interest/benefit

The more you visualize the easier and more powerful it becomes. I always recommend keeping visualizations simple and short so you can easily repeat them.

Visualization Exercise: Semi-Guided Visualization

  • Find a place to comfortably sit
  • Make sure you have no distractions for 5-10 minutes
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a few breaths to center yourself and feel at peace
  • Imagine a stage, empty, with the lights off
  • Allow yourself to keep looking at the stage
  • Visualize the lights going on
  • Who is on the stage? What do they have to say to you?
  • Visualize them leaving the stage and/or melting into you if they are parts of you
  • When you have spoken to as many people as you are comfortable with, visualize shutting off the lights
  • Gently open your eyes
  • Do something grounding (eating/drinking/a few breaths/a grounding visualization)
This exercise is great to find out what is going on in your life. Visitors on your stage can be parts of you that have been neglected, fears that need to be heard, Guides, Angels or Animal Totems, family members (departed and alive), archetypes or ... well you find out!

If you are looking for a visualization to specifically for you or have one you want to share, don't hesitate to comment on the blog, write on the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me. Other visualizations and exercises on this blog can easily be accessed by clicking the Exercise label.