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Dear People,

2014 was a busy year for me and Hart en Ziel, so it's no wonder that some people are asking me what I'm going to be doing in 2015. For those who have missed it, let me review a few of the things that have happened in 2014.

The highlights (in no particular order) for me in 2014:
  • A brand new website, that can be easily viewed on your mobile, tablet or desktop. 
  • A beautiful new Oracle Deck, focused on Positivity that can help people heal and is a blessing to work with. I have received so many compliments from clients that bought it
  • Visual updates for the blog, Youtube page and Facebook Fan Page.
  • Three new flyers with lovely designs showcasing my work.
  • A National TV appearance
I'm very happy about how all the hard work I've done has paid off and I'm hoping to help heal a lot more people in the future. I'm truly grateful for all the support I've received in the past year and I wish to thank everybody once again.

2015 Plans
Some of the plans are already in motion, some of them have been simmering for a bit but I haven't been able to follow up on them yet and some I probably haven't imagined right now. I always take life like it is - a constantly changing situation. So, some of these things might not come to fruition in 2015 despite my best efforts, some might change and new things might pop up. So don't take this list as a definite road map to 2015, because it certainly isn't.

Plans in Motion
  • 2 more national TV appearances (in January and February)
  • Online learning environment for courses and workshops (First 3 Dutch courses up in January)
  • E-book for the 100% Positivity Deck (around 75% done in Dutch, less in English)
  • New video clips for the website and video testimonials
  • Pitching in the Schiphol Airport Competition
Simmering Plans
  • More Dutch Workshops and courses available online in 2015
  • Online English Courses and Workshops
  • Two Book ideas that took a back seat in 2014 and that I want to develop more in 2015
  • Video conferencing for groups
  • Walk-in moments or Free Meetups
Of course, I have some wishes too for the future. Beautiful thoughts that I hope to see happen, but that I don't yet have plans for. Maybe Heaven does though, so here is to putting them out there and helping them along.
  1. Better financial situation (winning the lottery!) so I can foster a happier healthier world
  2. Sharing my office space with another positive soul
  3. More business to business work so I can build healthier work places for people
  4. A TV show focused on creating balance in your life in a holistic and spiritual way 
  5. A Book deal from a publisher to create more positivity and healing in the world
I'm sure I have more wishes, but these are the ones that I don't have plans for but would love to see come to fruition. Sometimes all it needs is putting your intention out there or the right person seeing them for the opportunity to come knocking. So here's too putting my wishes out there!

Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook Fan Page what your plans for 2015 are or share what you would like to see me build in 2015.
Dear People,

One of the most annoying things in our life is when we don't know which choice to make. No matter how much we analyze our options, none of the choices we have before us feel right for us. Some of these choices are well known and many people have to make them like career vs love or staying vs leaving a relationship, while others are uniquely personal.

Why a divided mind?
We often are at war within ourselves, because we have different ideas, wishes and wants and those are often at odds with our beliefs. For example: you might want to enjoy a long weekend away, but you also feel that you have a backlog of work, have responsibilities at home or need more finances. The need to relax is at war with the need to be responsible. For many people this is a daily occurrence, but most conflicts are small and are easily compromised. You might decide to take a weekend off in a few weeks, have a day off instead of a long weekend or ask for help with your responsibilities.

A divided mind can also occur when we are suppressing our feelings, trying to make the smart choice even when we feel that isn't right. For example: after a partner cheats on us, we might want to protect our hearts and dump them, even if a large part of us wants to forgive and move on. This type of conflict is much harder, because often there is no compromise to be had in our minds. It's either move on or keep trying.  

Dealing with a divided Mind
Step 1: Grant yourself some slack. 
When we are divided and have trouble choosing often it's easy to berate ourselves, claim that we are indecisive or that we need to take a decision now. It's hard to feel like you are flip flopping between choices, as most people want to have a clear path and feel decisive. So, recognize that with a divided mind a choice can't be made.
Step 2: Give voice to your Divided Mind
Write down thoughts on both side of the issues. Get in touch with all possible viewpoints. Connect to your feelings. Take some time with each part of you.
Step 3: Give yourself peace
Give yourself peace by releasing any deadlines. Taking time to deal with your divided mind is more important then the decision that needs to be made. You need to heal that first before moving forward.
Step 4: Start healing your Divided Mind
Using your list, check which of your thoughts processes are fears and anxieties based on past events or on the future. Start healing those with EFT, visualization, meditation or other healing modalities. Once those disappear you will immediate notice relief in your divided mind and feel better concerning the choice you have to make. Check if any of the other things you wrote down need healing. Once everything is cleared up it will be easy to prioritize and find the solution that is right for you.
Step 5: Make your choice and move forward with peace of mind 
Do what you feel is right and adjust whenever necessary. Life is full of changes.

If you have any problem healing your Divided Mind, don't hesitate to contact me to discuss options. Want to share a Divided Mind story? Comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page.

Dear People,

A few days ago somebody asked me how I work with crystals. I had done a long distance session and added which crystals I had used to the report. So, today I'm describing how I work with crystals, both in the practice and for long distance sessions.

Crystals in the Practice
Sometimes when I do Healing Work I notice that my client can greatly benefit from a crystal. I often place these on or near the client. The crystal itself is regularly cleansed and recharged by me and will simply gently release the healing vibration needed.
Rarely people will feel the crystal as a burning sensation, most of the time clients either don't feel anything special or will notice a soft energy. Crystal work is mostly subtle.

It's also possible that when we are discussing home work or things you can do yourself that I offer clients certain types of crystals to hold and understand what those crystals can do for them. I also teach cleansing and recharging techniques when asked.

Crystals in Long distance work
In long distance work I first connect to the energy of the person I'm working on. I often then use my own body to direct the energy. In other words: if I want to work on that persons right knee I will place my hand upon my right knee. If I notice a certain crystal is useful, I can place them around me  or on me with the intention that they are working around the energy field of the person I'm working on.

I can also take the crystal directly in my hand and redirect it's energy towards the energy of the person I'm working on. I usually do this if a lot of directed energy is needed. For example when somebody has a specific problem like a blocked heart Chakra or a physical complaint.

Personal Crystal Use
For a long time I'd wear certain crystals to work with their vibrations. Usually this was goal oriented, as I'd be working on a certain issue for myself or wanted to achieve a certain goal. I don't regularly wear crystals anymore, but when I think I'd have a difficult day I certainly have some that I wear.

When I do healing work for myself or when I feel I need to detox I regularly use crystals. I have quite a bit of them at home that I work with. I mostly work with a beautiful piece of Quartz, but I own many more crystals. Charoite, Lapis Lazuli and Ruby are some of my favourite crystals to work with.

Want to talk about your crystals? Post a comment here on the Blog or on the Facebook Fan Page.
Dear People,

With how busy our lives are, it's often hard to see what our purpose is. However, when we are in alignment with our Life Purpose we will be more alive, energetic and healthy. Today I will write about finding your life purpose through recognizing your core energy.

What is Core Energy?
When I work with people their energy field all has a distinct coloring and 'flavor' that is build up from their blockages, but also from their personality traits and their life purpose. Inside, what I see as the Core, or Soul Energy, is the energy that is available to work for the greatest good for themselves and for the world.

That type of energy can often be felt by others as well. Sometimes you meet people who you instantly trust or who make you feel inspired, joyful or make you feel at peace. This core energy is closely linked to life purpose. Tapping into that energy and expressing it will have great benefits.

Different types of Core Energy
There are many different types of core energy, because we all have different life purposes but I still want to discuss some broad groups so you can see where you personally would group yourself, your partner, family members and friends. Often we try to find people who have complementary purposes so we can grow. If you have people in your life who actively are blocking your life purpose, be aware that sometimes we invite them because we are afraid to move forward!

Healers - Healers are people whose core energy is centered around healing other people. They are often sensitive to energy, are emphatic and feel happiest when they are useful. Healers can be found in medical professions, but also in gardening (healing the earth) or in NGO's (healing the world).
A healer is happiest when they are making a difference in people's lives and their weak point is allowing others to have the time and space they need for healing. Healers are busy-bodies and like to have everybody 100% healthy.

Supporters - Supporters are people whose core energy is centered around supporting others. They often are in helping professions like social work and they prefer to be helpful. Sometimes however they can also be doing steady and stable jobs to support the people they love - even if they hate those jobs. A supporter is happiest when they are seeing others bloom, but their weak point is that they can forget to support themselves! Supporters tend to fade into the background and often don't have any goals of their own.

Teachers - Teachers are people whose core energy is centered around teaching others. They are often teachers of course, but sometimes they can also teach by example in jobs without having formal training. A Teacher is happiest when they have knowledge that they can pass on, but their weak point is that sometimes they fail to see that people don't find the knowledge as fascinating as they do!

Activists - Activists are people whose core energy is centered around making positive changes. They often have causes they believe in and champion. An activist is happiest when they see positive changes in the world and are always looking for ways to improve situations. Their weak point is that sometimes they can't let an injustice go or can't work well together with others who have similar but slightly different ideas.

Leaders - Leaders are people whose core energy is centered around leading groups. Leaders often are, well, leaders in companies, groups or in government. A leader is happiest when the group they are leading is creating excellent results. Their weak point is that they often feel shoehorned when they aren't the one leading.

Dreamers/Inspirationalist - Dreamers are people whose core energy is centered around inspiring others and themselves. They are inventors, people who struggle against all odds, people who seem to do the best when others feel awed by their accomplishments. They are happiest when they have space in their lives to work on those amazing feats. Their weak point is that they can forget that the basics are the basics for a reason - eating, sleeping and taking care of yourself are important.

Expressing your Core Energy
Maybe you feel you are more of a mix of the groups mentioned or maybe you can't seem to find who you are. The best way to see who you are is to express your core energy, simply ask to be shown who you are and listen to what makes you the happiest.

Personally, I'm a Healer. I'm happiest when I'm healing people, animals or the earth. I tend to seek balance and harmony. While I enjoy teaching (I have many Teachers in my family) and I find writing articles, stories and doing workshops fun, but I do them because they heal. Passing on other knowledge is always less satisfactory to me.

Want to share your core energy or ask me a question about core energy? Simply comment on this article or Facebook Fan page or ask me in the practice.
Happy to announce that the blog has now been styled like the website. I love using the same images, colors and style. It also is easier now to find related articles, because they will be displayed beneath the article you are reading.

Let me know what you think of the new design in the comments on the blog, on the Facebook Fan Page or tell me in person at the practise!

Dear People,

Often I'm asked if I have guides and if so who they are. It's an interesting question as many Psychics work with guides, but not all of them do. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle, as I have had specific Guides to help me in the past, but don't work much with Guides when helping others.

Past Guide: Vincent
Vincent was my Guide before I started working professionally. He helped me see my inner path, helped with meditation, advice and guidance. We mostly worked together on healing personal issues I had that would have prevented me from doing the work I do now.

I loved working with him and he often came to me in dreams. He was really stubborn and a busy body, but just what I needed. The last time we saw each other was in a dream where he hugged me, swirled me around and told me he was proud of me. I was upset that our time together had ended, but he left when it was right for me.

Past Power Animal: Deer
Deer was the first power animal I saw in meditation, which was a majestic stag with huge antlers. Stag is a symbol of transitions, beginnings and journey's so as a first power animal it's not a surprising one to show up. However, Deer had some very personal lessons for me about showing yourself to the world which I am eternally grateful for.

Past Angel: Michael
While I worked with many Angels, Michael is my absolute favorite (You never forget your first, I think!). He showed up a lot in dreams and in meditation to help me set boundaries that where healthy for me and helped me assert myself.

I sometimes ask him to be around when I'm anticipating a difficult situation or when I need a little support.

Current Status:
Most of my work requires me to tune into the energy field of others, so I rarely have a specific Guide helping me during healing work. When I receive information, mostly this is coming through what I feel is God, but others might consider the Universe, the Source or the Soul.

While I still am doing healing work regularly for myself, as well as potential work to move forward in my life, I don't have a stable guide at the moment. I honestly don't expect one as I'm always changing and growing. I might be surprised though.

Want to talk about your own Guide, Power Animal or Angel? Send me a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or ask in the practice.
Dear People,

Today I want to talk about vibrations, personal power and what some might call charisma. We all exclude a vibration in life and we can make sure that vibration is high, vibrant and happy.

Your Personal Vibration
Your personal vibration changes every minute, but we all have a base vibration as well. Since we are always enveloped in our vibration, others can usually feel us much more clearly then we can ourselves. Think back on how others describe you and how they interact with you. Maybe people say you are bubbly or joyful, exclude calm or charm, are trustworthy or approachable. This is your inner, first layer vibration.

The outer or second layer vibration is what changes depending on circumstances. If you have a great day, just won the lottery, enjoy the sun or got promoted, your outer vibration is going to shine and hum. Other people are going to smile back at you. If you are having a bad day, got fired, feel sick or some bad news has gotten to you, your outer vibration will feel heavy. Other people are less likely to interact with you, but friends and family would try to cheer you up.

It is possible for the outer vibration to grow so heavy that we lose touch with our inner vibration. We feel like we can't access our personal power and this will most often show as burnout, physical complaints, mood swings and upset. If this is happening to you, you can recharge yourself doing grounding exercises, meditation or visualization.

What lowers your Vibration?
Outside circumstances we see as negative will lower your vibration. Inside personal blockages will lower your vibration, such as distrust, cynicism, revenge and many others. Also, past trauma that hasn't been let go will lower your vibration.

Why would I want to raise my Vibration?
A higher vibration makes for a much more relaxed and joyful life. The higher the Vibration the easier it is to deal with life's challenges. A higher Vibration gives more energy. A higher Vibration makes it easier to attain your goals. Why wouldn't you want to raise your Vibration?

Tips on creating a higher Vibration
  • Music (Soothing music, Chakra Music etc.)
  • Crystals
  • Singing Bowls
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Energy Therapy
  • Fixing Past Trauma
  • Fixing Personal Blockages
  • and many more
Want some personal advice? Ask me in a session how to raise your Vibration. 
Dear People,

I often explain to people what they can feel during energy therapy sessions (hot/cold/buzzing/dizzy etc.) and how their bodies may respond (yawning/burping/crying/laughing etc.) but recently I was asked what I feel during sessions, which I thought was an excellent question.

What do I feel during sessions in the (energy) body?
I notice the shift of the energy above and around the body, where it pools and where it flows freely. I usually start the sessions by making it flow as optimal as possible to help the healing process along. I then ask clients to say a specific sentence (usually I hear where to start) and I feel the blockages that the client is experiencing in my own body. That makes it very easy to place my hands above or on the corresponding parts. If I don't feel it in my own body, I usually sense it in the clients body instead and focus my hands and energy there. I often tell the clients what is blocking them. Sometimes they think I'm a mind reader, because I receive the anxious voice that runs in their head.

After doing some work, I ask the person to repeat the sentence. For me, this is either a confirmation that the blockage(s) are healed as possible at this time (which can mean completely healed or healed for this phase) or I can sense another blockage popping up (in another space or a different issue in the same space). After I'm done, I can sense the complete shift in energy so usually have a good idea of what the client can expect (relief in symptoms, extra energy, more calm, more assertive etc.).

I was working with a client on more assertiveness and self-acceptance. I asked her to say: "I'm a wonderful person". I immediately noticed a blockage in the head/throat area coming up. The head was saying: "I'm only wonderful if I conform to certain standards of behavior" and the throat was being sealed off to stop assertiveness. I cleaned out both area's and I knew that this client would feel more at ease in difficult situations instead of clamming up or responding emotionally.

What do I feel during energy therapy?
When I heal blockages or the (energy) body, I run the energy through me and then through the client. I can feel the energy running strongly (how much is needed) or petering out (almost done). I can also feel my hands becoming warm, hot or super hot. Sometimes people can feel that too, and I've had complaints that it feels like I'm burning them. Worst case for me is when I'm actually sweating because of the heat generated.

I also have my body responding to the energy movement in various ways.

I almost always yawn during healing work, because for me yawning is connected to release, to balance and to energy settling where it belongs. I guess this is also very connected to why we yawn, because yawning makes us feel more relaxed and according to some theories helps us cool our brain.

Second most common response is a burp. For me a burp energetically speaking is like a cork being popped. It usually happens mean a blockage is stubborn, because it's old and ingrained or a major energy line is blocked up. I burp and much more energy is released (which the client sometimes feels returning to them) and usually this means the end of a long term destructive pattern.

I also sometimes have sneezing or get a running nose. This most often happens when I'm busy working on the body and there is a bit of an infection going on. Sometimes clients know this, because it has been diagnosed, but it can also be in the early stages.

Most rarely I feel like I have a sticky film stuck to my hands. This is a very annoying symptom for me, because my hands aren't actually sticky. I usually shake them to try to get it off or run energy through them. Since it's very rare it's hard for me to pinpoint actually why it happens. I think it mostly has to do with there being a massive imbalance that needs more work to be released.

Have questions for me to? Ask me in my practice, on the blog or Facebook Fan page!
Dear People,

In a perfect world everybody would have enough money to do what's right for them and to enjoy life as it's meant to be enjoyed. Sadly, this is not the case. I have held workshops to increase abundance and financial flow, but today I'm going to write a little bit about financial difficulties, because I keep seeing them more and more around me.

Why do you have financial difficulties?
If you are experiencing a lack of money the first question should be, why is that?

On the income front:
  • Are you earning a fair wage based on your skills? If not, should you look for another job, should you try for a raise or do both?
  • If you are not working, why is that? Should you focus on health before finances?
  • Are you denying yourself money by not accepting it from friends or family? 
  • Do you have time and skills that could bring you money and purpose, but are you choosing instead to spend that time doing destructive things?
On the expenses front:
  • Are you spending money on things that don't matter to you?
  • Have you changed, but not changed your expenses accordingly? For example: if you stopped reading that magazine, cancel your subscription.  
  • Can you make smarter choices? For example: find better deals.
On the spiritual front:
  • What lessons are you learning because of this lack?
  • Are you sabotaging or harming yourself with behavior or thought patterns to cause a lack of money?
  • Are you afraid of money? Or what money might bring (problems, jealousy, power struggle).
  • Do you feel you serve a higher purpose if you ask for less money or work for less money?
  • Do you think there is a lack of money?
Financial difficulty exercises
Besides the obvious, working on the core problems it's also helpful to do some exercises that can help shake loose extra money. If you don't have difficulties, but you'd like some extra, feel free to do them as well.
  • Try Daily Affirmations for a month to see what happens
  • Make your money flow 'real', by creating a money trail near a money-box (some coins before it). Put one in every time you have an unexpected amount of extra money and place a new coin on the trail.
  • Visualize money raining down on you
  • Whenever you spend money, bless it by saying: I happily take care of myself and I know the money will return to me.
  • Ask for a Money Miracle
Want to share an abundance creating exercise or success story? Post a comment on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.
Dear People,

Recently a client asked me if I see a healer too for issues that I have myself and what I do to recharge. I thought those were excellent questions so I thought I'd share what I do for myself. I'm sure this article won't stay up to date, as healing is a journey and I will change.

Do you see other healers?
Yes, of course. Healing yourself is important and I do regular Healing work ranging from Vibration Healing, to working with Chakras and Crystals, Music Therapy, Meditation... the list is almost endless.

However, healing yourself can sometimes be like hanging outside of a window by your arms and trying to get back inside. It's hard to pull yourself up. Having somebody stand inside and pull you up is so much easier. So I see Healers if I have something that I can't easily heal myself OR if it's something I can't do myself (ever tried giving yourself a good back massage?).

What other healers do you see at the moment?
I see massage therapists, as sometimes things get stuck in my body. Having a massage helps my body to relax and helps me to refocus. I prefer Tuina, a type of Chinese Health Massage, but I've had other types of massage too. Best I ever received was Vietnamese Massage in Paris, which was lovely and works on the emotional as well as physical plane. Sadly, due to distance, I can't make it a regular thing.

If I'm really stuck, I go and have foot reflexology. It's probably for me, personally, the most painful type of massage. However, it gets everything flowing and my whole body gets a workout. Acupressure points work very well for me (Tuina uses those too), so it's no surprise both modalities make me feel so good (eventually!).

Naturally, I've tried a lot of other healing modalities in the past, but these two continue to give great benefits, because they fit with what I need.

What other things do you do to recharge?
  1. Spa or (Sauna like we say in Dutch) is always number 1. It helps my body recharge and detox and I love a Spa day. 
  2. Meditation, especially active Meditation (Osho)
  3. Creative work (painting, embroidery, writing, designing)
  4. Yoga or Pilates
  5. Reading
  6. Urban Rebounding (I have a mini indoor trampoline to jump on)
I'm sure I do more things, but these are the most important that I can do on my own that help me balance, recharge and refocus.

What's most surprising to people is usually what's not on the list. I do not watch random TV. I find it mind numbing and spiritually empty. I do watch specific shows, but rarely, and I do watch TED Talks, for inspiration and growth. No cable subscription for me for the last 10+ years.

Want to share what you do to recharge? Post a comment on the Blog or the Facebook Fan Page!
Dear People,

Today I'm taking about a concept on how to turn all relationships in your life (acquaintances, coworkers, friends, family and spouses) positive. For many of us, these relationships can cause stress and strain, so read on to make your life easier!

The easy: A positive balanced relationship
We all know this type of relationship, we are happy to hear from the other person, their energy makes us shine. They are easy to love, because they are fair, take our feelings into account and build a strong foundation with us. Sure, they ask for help, but they give it too. We can have misunderstandings, but they don't occur often and we have the tools to solve them easily and with kindness.

Surround yourself with people who are like that. People who accept you, compromise easily with you, have the same type of values and good trouble solving skills.

Story example: Helping out a stranger
It was past 9pm and I just returned from dropping flyers in mailboxes for Hart en Ziel. On the street I was asked for direction to a grocery store nearby by a man in a car with 2 kids and his wife in the car. I gave them directions to the store they asked about, but warned that I worried it might be closed. They left and I talked to my bf about how I felt something was off and I hoped they would be alright.

A few minutes later we saw the car again, indeed, the store was closed. My bf decided to grab the car (we were around 5 minutes from my house at this point) and I stayed with the couple. I asked them if everything was alright as it seemed a bit off. He told me that they had just arrived and had planned to go to a restaurant, but the oldest child was feeling ill so they just wanted to get some bread and milk.

My bf arrived and we drove in front of them to the 24-hour store so they managed to pick up their groceries. In the car I told him about the sick child and that I think they were better off seeing a doctor tonight. Bf wisely agreed and asked the man if he should just show him the way to the doctor as well. He readily agreed and we made sure we were alright. Obviously, this man greatly appreciated our help as well as wanting a balanced relationship, so in the store he had bought us both a big bottle of beer. It wasn't necessary, but it was very kind. For future reference though: I don't drink beer!

The slightly harder: A balanced relationship that has gone a bit sour
You don't know exactly what happened, maybe you asked too much or maybe the other person made a remark that felt too scathing, but now you wonder where that lovely person that you were always happy to meet disappeared to. It just feels like things have begun to become unequal.

First analyze what has happened: has a mishap occurred or have you two grown apart? In long relationships we tend to forgive a lot, but sometimes it's only natural to have something end. A good long chat would help clear the air and move you back into 'easy mode' or allow you to see that it's no longer a good fit and say your farewells. Don't allow relationships to simmer in this mode, as it will continue being a drain on your mood, energy and happiness.

Story example: A budding friendship
A few years ago I had a lot more free time, as I was busy getting better and while I did need to rest more, I had less obligations too. I met somebody who I felt was interesting in the healing field, who helped me on my journey to get better. It seemed like we shared a lot of values so it was only natural to see if would could make it work as friends.

While I was doing treatment with him, he expected me to come by at least 2-3 times a week. I did this, because I wanted the best results and I felt those sessions were very healing. When we started moving into friendship territory, he still expected to see me that often. For me, that was impossible, as I still needed to do healing work and I didn't even see my other friends once a week. I started to feel very pressured and resentment was building.

I recognized that we were a bad fit - he'd always be disappointed that I didn't call him daily, did some things on my own instead of together and didn't come by so often - I'd always be feeling pressured and like this wasn't healthy or natural for me. I opted to move on and while it was hard for him, I still feel I did the best for both of us.

Harder still: An unbalanced relationship
Maybe you feel like you are always the one giving help, while the other person never supports you. Maybe you feel like the other person won't every let you help, making you feel guiltier all the time. An unbalanced relationship is a horrible relationship to have as it's a major drain to your energy.

Give yourself space to daydream: In a perfect world, what would happen to balance out this relationship? How much would the other person need to change, how much would you need to change? If you find out that your expectations aren't going to be met, because the other person can't change that much or you can't change that much, acknowledge that this relationship is a bad fit and move on. If you don't, hurt feelings will continue to simmer until you either blow up or move on, making your life toxic in the mean time.

Story example: A long distance friendship
When I lived in Portugal I made a group of friends at the University. It's always easy to maintain relationships when you see each other every day. However, I had to move back to Holland and while some relationships stayed balanced, some did not.

I had a friend that would only get in touch if she needed something - advice, encouragement, support - but wouldn't answer any e-mails or phone calls otherwise. She didn't talk much to me, so sometimes I didn't hear anything for a few months. This didn't sit well with me, as it made me feel like I was just a resource to be used, instead of a friend. When I got back to Portugal she was mad that I didn't have much time left to meet up with her. I had asked all my friends 2 weeks in advance by e-mail to let me know when they wanted to meet up so I could schedule people in, as well as do some things I wanted to do myself and rest up. She felt it wasn't fair that I didn't give her equal time, even though she had never responded to that e-mail.

I talked with her and told her that I'd appreciate it if we would go back to a more equal footing. I didn't mind helping her, but if she did want a healthy friendship, she should respond more often and share positive stories too. She agreed, but sadly, another 4 months passed before she contacted me again with a problem. I let her know that I had tried (I had send out e-mails to her in the mean time), but that I think it was better if I moved on.

Hardest: A hurtful relationship/hurtful moment you didn't/can't escape
You know you can't stand that other person and if it was up to you you wouldn't speak or see each other. However, this person is family or your boss or you just couldn't escape that person. Or a certain experience with somebody was very painful and it still haunts you.

If you are dealing with a painful experience, I always suggest putting the experience into a new light. Close your eyes and go back time to that experience. Place your hands lovingly on past you, giving past you, strength and compassion. What do you see? Can you see the lesson? Did this experience bring you something positive? Maybe the knowledge you had to stand up more for yourself, maybe the knowledge that this type of person doesn't fit you, maybe ... only you can tell.

If you are dealing with somebody whom you can't connect well with, I usually suggest moving on if at all possible and if that feels right for the person. If that's not possible to see if you can minimize contact or find a way of contact that works for you. For example: do activities instead of chatting.

While you are minimizing contact, it's time to assess why this person bothers you so much. You could use the technique mentioned before or make a list of what type of behavior is really hurtful to you and figure out why. Often there are many broken expectations and past experiences that made the relationship hurtful. Once you start clearing them, you will notice that the relationship becomes a lot healthier and the person becomes easier to deal with. You might never have an easy positive balanced relationship, but you can work towards having a neutral one, in which you can deal with that person in small doses without it turning toxic for you.

Story example: A strangers cutting remark
While on a holiday I was enjoying a meal with my bf. A few things went wrong (cork in the wine) and not everything was to my taste as the fish was overcooked. I guess we were expecting better, but we made the most of it and were having a good time. We even chatted to the table next to us, as we recognized that couple from our floor. I normally wouldn't do that, but they started talking to us and they were very friendly.

After the meal, somebody from the restaurant came by to ask us how we enjoyed the meal. I told them we had been expecting a bit better quality in service and in the food, but all in all, we had enjoyed it. We talked about dinner experiences abroad and in Holland. I felt it was an amicable conversation and before we wanted to leave my bf decided to go and use the facilities. While he was gone, the party on my right was also getting up. They had apparently greatly enjoyed the meal and the one of them was even telling the restaurant manager that she was an editor for a food magazine. She then turned to me and stated: "You are very rude". I was perplexed and asked her what she meant. She wouldn't elaborate and walked away.

This moment stayed hurtful for a long time with me, as rudeness is something that apparently I felt was very bad. I took the time to acknowledge that this cultural value (Chinese) was maybe a bit outdated for me. While I do not recommend being rude, I do recognize now that there are worse things to be. I'm grateful for getting this opportunity to examine something within myself. I still don't know what that ladies problem was, and most likely, I'm never going to figure that out, but that doesn't matter, it was a positive experience, because that insult cut me very deep. I needed to heal that part of myself and she was there to give me that lesson.

Want help to heal a relationship in your life or share a story of your own? Get in touch by e-mail or connect with me on the Facebook Fan Page or on the blog.
Dear People,

In communication we all use words as labels so we can communicate clearly. However sometimes people have different interpretations and it becomes quite messy. So, today I'm going to speak about the labels in Psychic Work in both English and Dutch.

Why are there so much different labels for Psychic and Healing work?
Personally, I think that any type of work that is very personal is going to have many different labels. In the field of psychology for example you have the labels psychologist and psychiatrist, but you have a multitude of therapies and modalities ranging from cognitive therapy, psychoanalytic therapy to talk therapy and many others. And besides those types, each therapist might specialize in different fields like for example grieve counseling, trauma counseling or life coaching.

You choose as a therapist which type of work you like to do and often start specializing in that, as well as which type of therapies and healing modalities work for you.

What are the most common labels in Psychic Work?
The most common labels are Medium (Medium) and Psychic (Helderziende/Paragnost) for Psychic Work. However, there are many more like clairvoyant or six-sensory consultant. In Dutch and English we even have words to separate how the Psychic work might be done like cleairaudience (helderhorend), clairvoyant (helderziend), clairsentience (heldervoelend) and claircognizance (helderwetend).

Usually Medium is specifically reserved for people who speak with departed people /Souls (overledenen), but some people use this term as a synonym for Psychic. In Dutch, often "Helderziende" is used as a catch-all term for Psychic, even though technically it means clairvoyant and would mean that the Psychic received their knowledge through vision. Paragnost is the official catch-all term but it's not used that much.

What are the most common labels in Healing Work?
There are so many different healing therapies that it's hard to name common labels. However, there are some catch-all terms like: Healer, which would encompass all types of Healing and Energy Therapist/Energetic Therapist (Energetisch Therapeut) which means a Healer who does some type of Energy Healing (ranging from Reiki, Quantum Touch or their own modality) or works on the Energetic Field. In English, Lightworker (Lichtwerker) is also sometimes used to specify somebody who does healing and spiritual work, but the term isn't used that much in Dutch.

Why did you choose to use Psychic Healer/Helderziende Heler?
While I have Medium abilities and have seen and conversed with departed souls I rarely offer this type of service. When we want to speak with our departed loved one's it's often early on when we just lost them, which isn't the best time for us or for them. If you want more information about my Mediumship click here.

For me the focus of my work is Healing. Often the Healing already begins when people contact me or walk into the practice, due to the high vibration of loving energy present. I work with several types of Healing therapies (Massage Therapy, EFT and Energy Therapy), so using the catch all term sounded right to me!

I do however know I work very differently from most Healers, as I use my Psychic Abilities to hone in on underlying problems, to give advice about past, present and future and I can feel where blockages lie. I often get told during sessions that it's like I know what clients are thinking. I don't mind-read, but I can feel resistance to change, blockages formed from trauma and other Psychic things in a clients Energy Field. Since I prepare sessions, clients often are relieved that they don't have to talk much about what's bothering them because they can just tell me I am right.

So, combining those two I chose Psychic Healer as my label, making sure people know I do have Psychic Gifts, but that Healing is my most important aim.

Want to have a question answered? Leave a message on the blog or Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.
Dear People,

I'm a huge fan of visualization, as I love to fantasize and to put the power of my mind towards something positive. There are many different ways to visualize and I have had exercises on the blog before. This is a quick guide towards different techniques and making your own personal visualization.

Guided Visualization
This type of visualization is the easiest way to start visualizing. A guided voice will help you stay on the path of a specific exercise. There are many different visualizations out there with different types of goals and voices, so it's easy to find what you need and what you will be comfortable with.

  • You don't have to do it all on your own
  • You can get ideas on all different types of goals
  • You have to follow the script

Semi-Guided Visualization
Semi-Guided Visualization is a technique where you offer yourself a framework and allow your intuition to fill in the blanks in your visualization. I always recommend starting out with either a simple framework and focus on intuition or to work with a more solid framework and focus on your visualization techniques.

  • You can tailor the visualization to your needs
  • You can work on your intuition at the same time
  • Keeping focus is more difficult
Goal oriented Visualization
Goal oriented Visualization is visualization with the focus on a specific goal. You can focus on Healing Visualization to heal heart break or physical problems, Grounding Visualization to feel more grounded or powerful, Cord Cutting Visualizations for the release of problematic bonds or the past and choose to make your own Visualization tailored to your needs.

  • You can tailor the visualization to your needs
  • You can reach a goal
  • Your goal might not be reached/reachable
  • You might be visualizing something not to your best interest/benefit

The more you visualize the easier and more powerful it becomes. I always recommend keeping visualizations simple and short so you can easily repeat them.

Visualization Exercise: Semi-Guided Visualization

  • Find a place to comfortably sit
  • Make sure you have no distractions for 5-10 minutes
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a few breaths to center yourself and feel at peace
  • Imagine a stage, empty, with the lights off
  • Allow yourself to keep looking at the stage
  • Visualize the lights going on
  • Who is on the stage? What do they have to say to you?
  • Visualize them leaving the stage and/or melting into you if they are parts of you
  • When you have spoken to as many people as you are comfortable with, visualize shutting off the lights
  • Gently open your eyes
  • Do something grounding (eating/drinking/a few breaths/a grounding visualization)
This exercise is great to find out what is going on in your life. Visitors on your stage can be parts of you that have been neglected, fears that need to be heard, Guides, Angels or Animal Totems, family members (departed and alive), archetypes or ... well you find out!

If you are looking for a visualization to specifically for you or have one you want to share, don't hesitate to comment on the blog, write on the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me. Other visualizations and exercises on this blog can easily be accessed by clicking the Exercise label.
    Dear People,

    A few days ago I did some Readings for free for sitters with the 100% positivity Deck for Healing and Advice. I have permission to relay these Readings as sample Readings, to give an idea of what you can do with this lovely Deck. For more information on getting this Deck for yourself, check here.


    Sample Reading 1: Single Card

    In this Reading, I decided to use a single Card answer the question: What energy do I need right now?
    What energy do I need right now: Red: Healthy
    Health is a cornerstone of our lives. When we are out of balance and unhealthy we can't do the things we need to do, enjoy our lives as much as we should and walk our path. Healthy Energy is an Energy that allows us to feel our bodies, feel our needs, our emotions and our mental energy.

    We all admire health, just look at athletes and how they can shine. Healthy Energy encourages you to take the steps you need to vibrate with health.

    Sample Reading 2: Small Spread

    In this Reading, I decided to use a Small 2 Card Spread to answer the question: What do I need to know right now. I decided to draw 2 Cards side by side.

    What you most need to know this is hidden: Green: Open
    Openness is a good way of being, when we no longer feel the need to build walls or barriers and are at peace with others, their emotions, their energy and our own. However, I have the feeling that this isn't what this card is mainly about.

    Do you notice that you lose energy quickly or swing with moods depending on who you are with or what places you go too? It feels like you are a little too open sometimes, so energy of others latches onto you and that can be a bother.

    Check your openness before going into emotionally heavy situations, you can do several meditations/visualizations to 'close' your energy field a bit more or making it stronger so you stay you.

    What you most need to know that is in plain sight: Green: Listening
    I swear I shuffled all of them, truly. It seems like you already know that you are being guided and helped along the way. All you need to know is that you need to listen. Find quiet places often and check in with your Guides, Angels and/or Animal Totems. They are available to work with you.

    Sample Reading 3: Larger Spread

    In this Reading, I decided to use a Larger Spread to answer the question: What do I need to know about the person I'm maturing and evolving into. I decided to draw 5 Cards in the shape of a pyramid.

    The bottom three cards will be, the foundation, where you are now, the second 2 are what you are building onto, and the top one, the pinnacle is the unrealized potential.

    Foundation: 3 Cards: Orange: Laughing, Red: Decisive, Orange: Transforming
    Where you are at now is based on your very root, main issues in your life, having to do both with your own stability and with feeling and creativity.

    The main card for me is Decisive in red, bouncing in the middle, you are making choices for yourself, leaving behind self doubt more and more, and harnessing your own power, intuitively, mentally and emotionally. It's a new era for you and I felt a little release in the throat area, a definite sign you are becoming more assertive and are finding your own voice.

    Laughter shows me how often you haven't found things to smile about lately, but it also shows that you are willing to laugh at your demons. To stop taking life so seriously and to see where you can improve, change or just enjoy. Good for you.

    Transforming, with a question like yours, hardly needs any extra information. You have noticed your own changes and while it can sometimes scare you a bit, it has also released huge joy and potential.

    Where you are going: Purple: Heavenly & Green: Listening
    Where you are going is based upon a more emotionally satisfying life, finding peace within the turmoil that sometimes surround you, as well as being more in touch with Heaven and Spirit. You are able to do gratitude and abundance work with great success soon.

    Heavenly shows me that better times are ahead, because you are able to deal better with life and its many disappointments, as well as finally receiving the rewards you deserve. Hard work is going to pay off and changes you made will start to bloom soon. You deserve Heaven on Earth.

    Listening reminds you on how important it is to find peace, quiet and contemplation, it will help you feel much better and allows for better choices. Listening to your true heart, not the flighty emotions we all have, but below that, towards our true core.

    Pinnacle: Dark Blue: Meditation & Pink: Cherished
    So, this was one card, supposedly, but Cherished fell out, so, it's getting there too. A new era of peace, mentally and emotionally, will be your reward, as well as feeling more loved and cherished in the coming times. Meditation will allow you to reach new heights and even more talents, while strengthening your life now.

    Have a question for the 100% Positivity Deck? Order a Reading through e-mail or phone me to make an appointment.
    Dear People,

    Today's article is about baggage, which we all carry forward from our past lives, from experiences in our current life and from your family. Baggage can blind us, hold us back and make us miserable. In a lot of healing work I do - I discard baggage so life becomes manageable again.

    Family Baggage
    All families have history and all history has baggage associated with it. A good exercise to see family baggage is to see what has been similar problems for many family members. What type of obstacles is most of your family facing? These obstacles can be a recurring health problem, problems with money, career or relationships. It won't be long before you can see patterns emerging within your family. Sometimes baggage translates into a different type of experience or behavior, so it seems like it's not related, but it really is just a different expression of the same baggage.

    Example: I met a client who obviously had family baggage concerning self esteem. In the family itself many members would work either extra hard (high achievers, compensation behavior leading to burn outs, physical problems like heart failures and depression) or didn't work at all (slacking off, falling through the cracks leading to mostly mental problems like addiction and depression)

    All of these family members were struggling with the mistaken belief that they had to do something/amount to something to truly matter and to gain value. Some of them were sabotaging this belief by doing nothing, but almost all of them were trapped in this web. Since we grow up within the family often this type of behavior or a specific belief is considered normal and won't be reevaluated until somebody else mentions it. I helped my client see this web and disentangle her involvement in it so she could move forward freely.

    Personal Baggage
    Sometimes clients find it easy to identify personal baggage, because they can see how they have been stopping themselves gaining specific goals. A client who went through a difficult divorce will notice that it's harder to open up again to a new relationship. A client who has difficulty dealing with authority figures due to problems with their father will understand how this is related. Knowing your baggage however is only the first step to resolve it. The second step is focused on processing the old pain so you can move forward.

    Personal baggage can be misunderstood however, because we can be blinded by it. Often this is compounded by people being very strict with themselves, finding fault within themselves, because something that is easy for others is very hard for them. Consider this: If you find something simple very hard, it's time to figure out the why and sort it out, instead of punishing yourself. If you can't figure out where the baggage is coming from - seek help.

    Example: A client was generally happy in his life, except for some health issues related to weight. He has lost quite a lot of weight already, but couldn't find it within himself to exercise more. Even when doctors recommended more exercise he felt angry, but couldn't find the cause of the anger. He tried everything, from personal trainer appointments, doing team sports and going on his own. He failed to see that this wasn't a discipline problem, but old baggage. His parents told him to go exercise and he took the mistaken belief with him that he was fat and that was why he had to exercise. We successfully released this belief so he was free to exercise for his own health and well being.

    Past Life Baggage
    If you notice a pattern in your life that is destructive, but you can't figure out where it's coming from, mostly likely it's past life baggage. This type of baggage is usually easily resolved, because it's carried over just so you can resolve it in this life. Some people have flashes of past lives or feel that they know a certain person deeper then is justified in this life or have a special connection. You can find all my blog posts about Past Lives here and I also did an Instagram Live Session about Past Lives, which you can watch here, which includes 2 exercises to connect to your Past Lives. If you want to do Past Life Healing with me, try out the free True Unity Video: Past Life Trauma or ask me for a free intake.

    Want to talk about your baggage or ask me a question? Post a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.
    Dear People,

    Some of you might have already seen on Facebook that I have designed my own Oracle Deck. I've had many ideas of Oracle Decks before, but since my artistic side usually shows itself through words, not pictures, I never completed a full project. This time however, I had an idea of a text only Oracle Deck in Chakra Colors.

    As you can see, the back has the information of the practice on it and the front have 100 positive words in the following colors: dark red, red, orange, yellow, light blue, blue, light green, green, pink, light purple and purple. Most people will recognize the main Chakra colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and probably wonder about the pink.

    There is no clear consensus on what the main Chakra Colors are, as I've seen Crown Chakra range from gold, white to purple, and the Third Eye Chakra range from indigo, to light purple to blue. Also, a lot of people feel that besides those main 7, there is one between the Throat and Heart Chakra, sometimes called High Heart Chakra or Thymus Chakra that has to do with our service to others and ourselves. I find that Chakra to be very important in healing work as it's often out of balance.

    100% Positivity Deck Guidelines
    For me, I follow this convention with the Deck:
    • Root Chakra (dark red/light red)
    • Sacral Chakra (orange)
    • Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)
    • Heart Chakra (dark green/light green)
    • Throat Chakra (dark blue/light blue)
    • Brow Chakra (light purple)
    • Crown Chakra (dark purple)
    • High Heart or Thymus Chakra (pink) 

    100% Positivity Deck Uses
    So, why did I design this deck while there are hundreds of Oracle Decks out there? In my healing practice I often felt a lack in the niche of Decks only used for healing. When you read for advice or awareness, it's important to have a mix of positives and negatives, but when you want to do healing work, the negative cards often intrude. I also have had Decks that focus on positivity qualities or virtues but those don't connect to Chakra's.

    For healing purposes, the 100% positivity Deck gives you the ability to draw cards and focus on those Chakra's and their qualities that need healing or balancing. It's easy to put a card in your pocket for the day, meditate or visualize with it or tune into the vibration of the quality that you need.

    For gratitude work when you find it hard to focus on something to be grateful for, the 100% positivity Deck can help you find a quality for each and every day and for each person that you interact with.

    Want to spread more kindness into the world? You can give Cards away or place them between library books or spread them in other ways to entice other people to do Random Acts of Kindness or to brighten their day.

    Of course you can use the 100% Positivity Deck for longer Readings as well. You could do a full Chakra Spread, separating the cards by color and seeing what you need to balance the 8 Chakra's for healing and deeper understanding. You can use it to see what ties from which Chakra's you have to other people or what you need to cleanse out ties. In the coming weeks I will post sample Readings on the blog.

    Buying the Deck
    I have 2 versions of the 100% Positivity Deck, an English and a Dutch version. They are similar, but not completely the same due to the difference in languages. If you are interested in buying a set, please be aware that I have to have them printed, so it will take around 3 weeks for them to arrive.

    You can buy the set with or without box. I've added in a credit card sized card for size comparison  purposes. The whole box is slightly bigger then the card, and the cards themselves can almost fit twice in a credit card format (height is just a little more), but they are less wide. They have a glossy finish and are easy to handle. Don't hesitate to ask me about them in the practice if you want to see them.

    Price would be €20 for a full set (so 2 cent a card!) or €22,50 for a set with box. If you want a different back send me an e-mail to discuss prices and options.
    Dear People,

    The other day I received a phone call asking me if I also do work finding lost items. The short answer is "no", the long answer follows in this article.

    My experiences using Psychic Means to find lost items for myself
    Like every other person I sometimes lose my keys or other valuable items and like any other person I can get anxious about it. Anxiety doesn't help any type of Psychic work, because it clouds the connection. You can get unclear answers or even answers that make no sense or are inaccurate. I never do Psychic Work when I'm in an anxious state willingly, but when you really need to leave and you can't find your car keys anywhere, you'd be willing to try anything too.

    I've used a pendulum to try to pin point where I left lost items in my house and have had mixed successes. Sometimes it would help me to quickly pinpoint the room and I could find the item fast. Sometimes I'd walk around the house with it swinging wildly, so interpreting results was impossible.

    I have done Readings as well when an item was lost for a long while, but this also gave mixed results. Sometimes it would give me a clear idea where to look, sometimes it just made me second guess myself endlessly.

    My experiences using Psychic Means to find lost items for others
    While I was frequenting a Tarot Forum, often people would ask others to draw a Card for a lost item. Usually all the cards drawn (sometimes up to 20) were all different, because Readers interpret their Cards in slightly different ways. Advice on where the item would be located would vary wildly.

    I almost never used Cards however to do find something for others, instead I would use Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing is a Psychic technique that focuses on trying to get a picture of a place or item. So I would try to focus on the lost item and then note my impressions. Often this would give good, but not always clear results on where the item was.

    For example, I was once asked to find a photo camera and I described a room where I could see a low type of cabinet, plus what I thought was a bunch of items on top, with a mirror present. So I thought the camera was in the bathroom, under the laundry, where it was actually found. However, when searching for another item for the same person, I didn't get much impressions at all so couldn't pinpoint a specific room or place. Sometimes impressions are vague or didn't seem to be similar enough to pin point a location.

    Since I work primarily with energy, items have less energy then people, so it's harder for  me to tune into them. Often, people are agitated when they lose something, so then I'm also stuck with a huge energy field near me which is transmitting information, while trying to find something else. It's like trying to focus on a candle light outside while the sun is shining.

    Because of this, I've had much more success finding items when I wasn't near the person searching for them, so Remote Viewing works well for me, even when I don't know the house or the environment. Even then though, I can't promise the accuracy that I would want to offer this as a paid service. So, I won't use my abilities to find your items for you.

    Have a question about this article? Ask them by e-mail, on the Facebook Fan Page or on the blog.
    Dear People,

    Today I was having a relaxing moment with a few magazines, when some inspiration bubbled up concerning a blog post. There are many ways in which we can make Decisions and I wrote an article already on Psychic Decisions, but today I want to talk about emotions underlying those decisions and specifically how fear can make us take decisions that aren't right for us.

    Decisions: Goals
    We usually make a decision based on the goal we want to achieve. So we might decide to go to a workshop, because our goal is to learn or to do something new or to meet new people or a mix of goals. We might decide to get married, because we want to commit more to a partner, want tax benefits or... well you get the idea.

    Often, we have multiple goals we'd like to achieve when we make decisions. Some might be more important then others. Some might be more achievable then others. However, if we reflect on our decisions, you can see those goals quite clearly. Taking the time to look at underlying goals sometimes can change your decision, because another decision might be better to achieve those goals.

    Fear based Decisions
    Underlying our goals and decisions are feelings - sometimes these are positive feelings, but sometimes they are not. When we are afraid we are going to lose something or that something won't work out, we make different decisions. Often these aren't the right ones for us so I always caution everybody to reflect on why you make a certain decision.

    Example: Fear based decisions in romantic relationships. A client really wanted to have a fulfilling long term happy relationship. However, when dating, she often had short unsatisfying encounters. I gave her the insight that she wanted to be liked a lot and feared men weren't interested in her unless she acted in a certain way. By acting in a way that wasn't authentic, she didn't meet who she needed to meet. When she let go of her fear, she met the person who was right for her.

    Example: Fear based decisions in our career. A client really wanted to have a job that would challenge her. However, she didn't have the required certification/diploma's the field she wanted to work in, so she feared she'd never get a job. She only ended up in jobs that didn't make her happy and left her unfulfilled. I gave her the insight that this pattern would continue until she would own her own talents and try for those jobs that were right for her. I have faith that she will end up where she needs to be.

    Finding out if fear has been affecting your decisions in your relationships and life, reflect on the following questions:
    • Do you say Yes to others, because you are afraid of their reaction if you say No?
    • Do you stop yourself from buying things, because you are afraid you won't have enough money?
    • Do you keep things that aren't useful to you or you don't like anymore, because you are afraid you don't have enough?
    • Do you stay in relationships or situations that don't work out for you because you are afraid that a better situation won't happen?
    • Do you fear not taking a chance or opportunity because you are afraid it won't come again?

    Want help on a decision or more self awareness? Ask for an E-mail Reading or join in on the discussion the blog or Facebook Fan Page.
    Dear People,

    I often get questions regarding the e-mail Readings or One Question - One Answer service I provide. This blog post is going to answer some of these questions, but if you have more, don't hesitate to ask them.

    How does ordering a Reading work?
    I receive a request by e-mail, telephone or in the practice that you want to have a Reading. I then ask you if you have a specific question or theme for the Reading or if you want me to check what is important to know for you right now. After everything is agreed I send payment details (those are not on the website for security reasons). As soon as payment is confirmed I will do the Reading and send you a report including pictures by e-mail within 7 business days.

    What is the difference between a question and a theme?
    A theme is a broader look at what is going on and can give surprising insights, because often it answers the questions we didn't think to ask.

    Some examples: suppose you are single and want a Reading on the theme Love. You can receive answers focusing on actions you can take, answers focusing on inner healing, answers focusing on who is near you that likes you but that you don't know about or answers focusing on healing the past. If you had asked the question: "What can I do to find love?", you would have received answers only focusing on the actions you could take.

    Suppose you have a health issue and you want a Reading on the theme Health. You can receive answers focusing on actions you can take, answers focusing on the root cause for a specific health issue, answers focusing on outside help that is available, answers focusing on things that are negatively impacting your health and should be addressed. If you had asked the question: "What is causing this health issue?, you would have received answers only focusing on the cause of a specific health issue.

    I generally advise: If you want to have a broader view or are afraid that you are missing something ask for a theme, if you want a specific answer to a specific question, ask a question.

    How do I know what question to ask?
    Usually people have good idea of what type of answer they want to receive. They might want to know if a certain opportunity is a good one or if a relationship can be saved or what the cause is for a specific illness. So, even if you have trouble formulating the question, tell me what type of answer you are looking for and I will help you find a question that most likely fits your answers.

    What does an e-mail Reading consist of?
    You will receive a PDF file containing a front cover stating the date and my contact info. The first page is an energy scan of the situation, theme or question you have asked me. This often talks about blockages that can be felt and most of the time gives some small advice. After that, the question or theme is written down and I will include the name of the Deck I've used plus a picture of your specific Cards followed by their interpretation. Usually the Reading is between 3-4 pages long.

    What is the difference between an e-mail Reading and a Reading by phone or in person?
    The advantages of having a Reading done by e-mail is that it's the cheapest option (for a smaller Reading) and that you don't have to schedule time to meet with me. You just go about your day and receive the Reading when it's done. Also, you can re-read the Reading whenever you want and often people tell me it has gained in insight upon reflection.

    The disadvantages are that during a Reading by e-mail you can't ask additional questions or clarification. Sometimes answers spark multiple questions or aren't clear enough so then it's very helpful that you can talk to me. To mitigate this I always allow people to ask questions after a Reading concerning clarifying things I have written. If you want additional clarification or have additional questions, you will have to order a new Reading or a session.

    Have some more questions about e-mail Readings? Don't hesitate to ask on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail.
    Dear People,

    Often we look at our lives at this particular moment and we see what we don't have. We might miss a romantic partner, money or health. We see what isn't right for us at the moment and we can stay focused on what is missing. When we do that, we miss out on opportunities to change, grow and learn. This exercise is a mix of gratitude and growth to make the most of your now, read it completely and then schedule between 10-20 minutes to do it.

    Embracing the Now
    • Make sure all distractions are set aside (mobile phone off etc.)
    • Find a comfortable meditation position (sitting, lotus, half lotus, laying down)
    • Close your eyes
    • The sentence: I fully embrace X, at this moment, and embrace what I have done in the past to be here now, as well as any lessons I need to learn in the future will be repeated until you are calm and clear. Substitute X for all that you need to embrace.
    • First, fully, embrace your body as it is now
    • Secondly, fully embrace your mind as it is now 
    • Thirdly, fully embrace your heart as it is now
    • Once you have done the basics, you can embrace your work life, your family life, your romantic life etc. etc. It's easier to start with things that don't bother you as much and work up to things in the now that bother you. 
    • I usually end with: I embrace all, because I trust Heaven's Plan for me, but you can substitute to The Universe's Plan, God, My Higher Self, The Creator in Me or whatever you feel comfortable with.
    • Open your eyes
    • Drink some water to ground and eat something or do a grounding exercise
    I usually do this type of exercise when my life is a bit chaotic and it's hard to see the road ahead and to stay balanced. It helps ground you in the realization that you have created these experiences for yourself and you can learn and create better one's. It also helps to accept what is going on so you can focus your energy on moving forward instead of feeling upset, hurt or in pain.

    If you gave this exercise a try, you can share your experiences on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail!
    Dear People,

    Many people have asked me if I was able to do House Cleansing before it was even on the website. This is because our homes are very important to us and most people spend a lot of time in them. Your house needs to feel free, positive and clear. Today I will explain how I do house cleansing and why it's sometimes necessary.

    What do you do when you cleanse a house?
    Before going I try to have a sense of what kind of energy is in the house and how it affects the people living in that house. I often ask people to stand in the rooms that they feel uncomfortable in so I can sense how it affects their energy. I then have a base to work with and make a cleansing plan.

    Often this plan includes bringing crystals into your home, incense and other agents that I use to help cleanse the home. Depending on what type of energy is there, I will use the items that help me best.

    After cleansing, I will discuss what type of energy was there and what you can do personally to keep the house fresh and clean. Sometimes people prefer to have these type of talks during the cleansing, so then they walk besides me which is fine as well.

    Why is a House Cleansing necessary?
    Life is life and sometimes energy that feels uncomfortable ends up in our homes where it needs to be released so we can feel happy. The most common energy types I sense are: visitor energy (family, old inhabitants, friends etc. that have passed), old traumatic energy from former or current inhabitants (fights, depression, anger etc.) and entity energy.

    Most of the time, people are able to cleanse this energy themselves by cleaning the house, burning some incense or airing the house out. Sometimes however the energy is stubborn or there is a message that needs to be conveyed. If the house stays unclean, people will continue to feel unhappy, uncomfortable, sad or down and it can really drain the energy out of people. So that's when I come in to cleanse it. It's not always possible to keep a house 100% clean, but it's always possible to feel comfortable in your home.

    How do I know if my house needs a cleansing?
    Trust me, you will know. I never have a to suggest a cleansing, because people will have enough complaints to discuss it with me. Often people will have places in their homes where they feel incredibly uncomfortable, sense something in their homes that makes them afraid or upset or do anything not to be home.

    If you are worried your home is not the positive place for you - you are often right.

    Want to know more about what I do or talk to me about cleansing your house? Leave a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.
    Dear People,

    There are many ways to meditate, but Color Healing Meditation is one of my favorite ways to meditate, because it gives me a focus and helps me to choose the amount of time I need. If you have trouble with meditation that requires you to clear your mind of all distractions, this type of meditation (focus meditation) might come more easily to you.

    I won't elaborate on the many ways meditation can improve your life in this article, because that would end up being a book. Instead, I'll just describe the exercise and give some suggestions on how to use it. Read it completely first before giving it a try.

    Color Healing Meditation Exercise
    • Make sure all distractions are set aside (mobile phone off etc.)
    • Find a comfortable meditation position (sitting, lotus, half lotus, laying down)
    • Close your eyes
    • Picture your color (You can choose the rainbow, a color that pops into your mind, Chakra Colors etc.)
    • Allow this color to flow into your energy field, into your body, into your organs, cells and Chakras. Feel the color cleansing and revitalizing you completely.  Stay with this color until you are satisfied
    • Picture another color
    • Repeat until you have done all the colors you wanted
    • Open your eyes
    • Drink some water to ground and eat something or do a grounding exercise
    Sometimes after a particularly draining emotional day, I use colors that signify emotions to completely clear myself. For example: blue for sadness, red for anger, yellow or green for jealousy etc. until I feel calm and free.

    However, it's also nice to use this exercise to strengthen your Chakras or to revitalize your energy (yellow for joy, red for love etc.). You can also ask your Higher Self to suggest colors and see what pops up for you. I have no problem visualizing gold or silver, but I do know some people who do. Practice makes perfect!

    If you gave this exercise a try, you can share your experiences on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail!
    Dear People,

    Often I get variations on questions regarding sensitivity, intuition, psychic vibes and psychic gifts. Sadly for all of us, there is no manual when we are born, specifying what we can do, what we can learn and what we are capable of. However, there are some guidelines that can help you on your path.

    If I'm Psychic, do I need to make it my career?
    Often this is the question I get the most, from slightly anxious sensitive people, who are afraid that they are somehow not doing their part or blocking their own Spiritual Journey. We all have free will. You are not in any way obligated to work as a Psychic, Psychic Healer, Healer, Medium or in any other capacity in the field. For many, that sensitivity is there for a reason, but not for a job.

    However, there are also many of us, who start flexing our Psychic muscles and are overjoyed at how much of a difference we can make in people's lives. We feel great at doing something wonderful, increasing our own happiness and that of others. It feels meaningful and right for us. So while you might have some anxiety actually talking to others or helping others, this can definitely change in the future.

    Can you tell me what my Psychic Gifts are?
    When we are born, we all have varying levels of aptitude and talents. Some of us can have a perfect pitch, while others are tone deaf. The same counts for Psychic Gifts, psychic sensitivity and intuition. Some of us are born with a big dose of it, while others will have to train to help hear their inner voice. 

    Many different Psychic Gifts exist and not one Psychic works in the exact same way. I know people who prepare sessions in advance, people who just open themselves up and also people who do nothing. I know people who receive guidance from their own Inner Voice, from Guides, from Angels and from God. I know people who see things, hear things, taste things or just know. Psychic Gifts are as many and as diverse as there are people. You can however test what comes easy to you and what does not to give yourself a broad idea of where your talents lie.

    Can I stop my sensitivity?
    Often people ask me this when they are intensely sensitive, but can't deal with that pressure that causes. Some only receive vague feelings. They will feel sick to their stomachs knowing something is going to go massively wrong (death, accidents, health problems), but have no clue what it is going to be until after the fact. Besides being sensitive to future events, some people are highly emphatic, feeling the moods and physical complaints of others, making it hard to stay in groups and keeping their own mood stable. Others can be energy sensitive, having places where they just feel off or weird and can't own secondhand items.

    Sadly, no, you can't stop sensitivity. It's possible to muffle it a bit, sometimes because of fear, sometimes because of techniques, but mostly, I advise you to accept your sensitivity and work with it, instead of against it. There are many ways for people with a high level of psychic sensitivity, to start learning to refine the message, so you can deal with what is going to happen. The same counts for ways that highly empathic people can use to separate themselves from other people's energy and ways that energy sensitive people can use to deal with energy that feels negative or frightening.

    I receive many people in my practice who want help to deal with sensitivity and it's an easy path once you know what to do.

    Can I train my sensitivity?
    Yes, there are many ways to train that work for a multitude of people. Some of these are simple (taking reflection time, visualizations), while others can be a bit more demanding (meditation, practicing your Gifts). I usually help people train their sensitivity in workshops, but it's also possible to have a specific plan tailored to your needs and gifts.

    Have more questions for me? Don't hesitate to ask me in the practice, on the phone, by e-mail or with a comment on the blog or Facebook Fan Page.
    Dear People,

    I wanted to combine the November and December Readings, but December was a whirlwind that just shook up many things. Some of you know my sister ended up in the hospital a few days before Christmas and that put a dent in the time I had to update the blog.

    So today, even though it's the halfway mark in January, I'm officially doing the last Monthly Evaluation Reading to end 2013. I know a lot of people who do symbolic endings for their year and most of the time I don't, but 2013 has been a heavy year for me. 2014, as I told a client yesterday, will be Power Woman year, so I'm planning to kick ass.

    I've decided to go with the "Hemels Licht, Wijsheden van de Engelen" from Sulamith Wulfing, which has illustrations that I just love.

    What should I take away with me from 2013: 11. Don't ask somebody who knows the path for directions, because afterwards you will never be able to get lost
    An interesting card in which you can see a larger Angel holding on to a child. I know that oftentimes, people are afraid to listen to their intuition. Afraid because it might tell you to make a decision or to take a path that you don't want to take. In the bible Jonah's story is a prime example of that, wanting to flee instead of face what he knows is right.

    I'm human. Sometimes I'm scared to ask for the road. Scared to hear that I need to make sacrifices that I don't want to make. Scared that I will hear something that I do not like. Even so, I need truth in my life, to make the best decisions and to live a life that is vibrant. 2013 had some very uncomfortable truths for me and others around me. I will continue to try to be brave and face these truths.

    What should I leave behind from 2013: 18. Because you have placed your loved one on a pedestal, in the end, you will be unjust to them.
    Ah, well, I know this one, quite well. I've talked about it only yesterday. Sometimes I just wish people can be nice, polite, caring and great. It's been the bane of my existence that I can be very disappointed when people are selfish, careless, jealous or otherwise engaged in activities that I dislike.

    I know that I need to find it in my heart to let go of that judgement and to embrace all people, on all levels. I will ask my Angels to help me leave this behind in 2013 and to start 2014 with Acceptance.

    What do I need to know about 2014: 32. The Law of the Spiritual Path is simple: Say little, be very loving, give everything, judge nobody, strive for everything that is good and move tirelessly forward.
    Well, there isn't much more to say to that, I must say. I'm not that happy with the tirelessly forward part, but the rest, the rest is all fine. I believe truly, that only the Path to a vibrant life, to a Spiritual Life is what brings all joys, love and fulfilment on our Path.

    I wish everybody the best in 2014 and hope your life and year will be filled with goodness, joy, love, care and happiness. You all deserve the best! This has been the last Evaluation Reading - this year I will be writing more healing exercises and answering more questions on the blog.
    Dear People,

    For the start of the New Year, what is more important then Self Care? Often I hear people tell me how hard it is to take care of yourself, with a family, job, friends, children and oh so many other obligations. However, now that most of you are making resolutions, focusing on what you feel you need to accomplish this year, it's an excellent opportunity to also check in on your own needs.

    Why is Self Care so important?
    Many people feel like it's not OK to take care of yourself first. The most obvious place is when you board an airplane and get the safety drill. You are urged to first help yourself and only then help a child with the oxygen mask if anything happens. Still, often our first impulse is to help others. If we do that, without appropriate self care we will drain ourselves dry. That isn't in anybodies best interest.

    If you find yourself too tired to do anything, realize that last year you weren't able to accomplish the things you wanted, have trouble saying no or just wish you could crawl back into bed this instant, please read on!

    What should my Self Care be like?
    For it to be truly Self Care and not some sabotaging behavior the Self Care must net you a positive in either: mental relaxation, physical relaxation or fitness, emotional release or relaxation or reduce your stress. It is also important however, that it doesn't give you a negative in those area's either. If it does, it's not appropriate self care, but instead sabotaging behavior.

    Examples: A glass of wine might net you some relaxation and reduce stress, but if it also disrupts your sleep or makes you feel awful in the morning, it's not true self care. If taking a long walk allows you mental relaxation, but making it too long gives you pains and aches for 2 days, then it's not true self care. If you schedule a vacation to reduce stress, but leading up to it, you have too much work and freak out, it's not true self care.

    How do I find out what Self Care I need?
    I split the way life can tax us in three categories: mentally, emotionally and psychically. I then choose appropriate self care for each of those categories. When I'm mentally exhausted, I need things that allow me to zone out and to refresh my mind. When I'm emotionally exhausted, I need things that lift up my spirits, make me laugh or allow me to release emotions. When I'm physically exhausted, I need massages, sauna, a long bath or other things that allow me to love and care for my body.

    Self Care means often that we have to not only think on what it is we need, we also need to schedule it. If you don't, you know that your busy life might swallow you and it will come back to haunt you. When we don't do enough self care, we yell at people, feel under the weather or just want to crawl back into bed.

    Exercise: Your Own Self Care
    Take some time off, turn off all your devices and take a sheet of paper. Take a deep breath and look back upon 2013. Which times or situations were difficult for you? When and where you did feel overwhelmed? Rate those situations and times for mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

    Looking back over your list, what area's do you score high in? Those are the ones that need the most care and be sure to already plan your self care at the end of the exercise!

    Now that you know which area's are most important (or maybe all of them are!) and you also know how balanced your life is. You can have stressful situations and still feel a-ok, because you take care of yourself and lower your stress levels. Or you can have less stressful situations situations and still feel completely overwhelmed.

    Write down your list of self care methods. You should have at least 3 in each category. If you don't take some time to brainstorm, browse the web or ask friends what helps them. Make sure to plan time to use those methods in 2014.

    Want to share your self care methods or ask me to look at your situation? Post a comment on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or send me an e-mail!