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Questions from the practice: House Cleansing

By  Rianne Collignon     February 19, 2014    Labels:,, 
Dear People,

Many people have asked me if I was able to do House Cleansing before it was even on the website. This is because our homes are very important to us and most people spend a lot of time in them. Your house needs to feel free, positive and clear. Today I will explain how I do house cleansing and why it's sometimes necessary.

What do you do when you cleanse a house?
Before going I try to have a sense of what kind of energy is in the house and how it affects the people living in that house. I often ask people to stand in the rooms that they feel uncomfortable in so I can sense how it affects their energy. I then have a base to work with and make a cleansing plan.

Often this plan includes bringing crystals into your home, incense and other agents that I use to help cleanse the home. Depending on what type of energy is there, I will use the items that help me best.

After cleansing, I will discuss what type of energy was there and what you can do personally to keep the house fresh and clean. Sometimes people prefer to have these type of talks during the cleansing, so then they walk besides me which is fine as well.

Why is a House Cleansing necessary?
Life is life and sometimes energy that feels uncomfortable ends up in our homes where it needs to be released so we can feel happy. The most common energy types I sense are: visitor energy (family, old inhabitants, friends etc. that have passed), old traumatic energy from former or current inhabitants (fights, depression, anger etc.) and entity energy.

Most of the time, people are able to cleanse this energy themselves by cleaning the house, burning some incense or airing the house out. Sometimes however the energy is stubborn or there is a message that needs to be conveyed. If the house stays unclean, people will continue to feel unhappy, uncomfortable, sad or down and it can really drain the energy out of people. So that's when I come in to cleanse it. It's not always possible to keep a house 100% clean, but it's always possible to feel comfortable in your home.

How do I know if my house needs a cleansing?
Trust me, you will know. I never have a to suggest a cleansing, because people will have enough complaints to discuss it with me. Often people will have places in their homes where they feel incredibly uncomfortable, sense something in their homes that makes them afraid or upset or do anything not to be home.

If you are worried your home is not the positive place for you - you are often right.

Want to know more about what I do or talk to me about cleansing your house? Leave a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.

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