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Thoughts on Healing: Embracing the Now Exercise

By  Rianne Collignon     March 05, 2014    Labels:,,,, 
Dear People,

Often we look at our lives at this particular moment and we see what we don't have. We might miss a romantic partner, money or health. We see what isn't right for us at the moment and we can stay focused on what is missing. When we do that, we miss out on opportunities to change, grow and learn. This exercise is a mix of gratitude and growth to make the most of your now, read it completely and then schedule between 10-20 minutes to do it.

Embracing the Now
  • Make sure all distractions are set aside (mobile phone off etc.)
  • Find a comfortable meditation position (sitting, lotus, half lotus, laying down)
  • Close your eyes
  • The sentence: I fully embrace X, at this moment, and embrace what I have done in the past to be here now, as well as any lessons I need to learn in the future will be repeated until you are calm and clear. Substitute X for all that you need to embrace.
  • First, fully, embrace your body as it is now
  • Secondly, fully embrace your mind as it is now 
  • Thirdly, fully embrace your heart as it is now
  • Once you have done the basics, you can embrace your work life, your family life, your romantic life etc. etc. It's easier to start with things that don't bother you as much and work up to things in the now that bother you. 
  • I usually end with: I embrace all, because I trust Heaven's Plan for me, but you can substitute to The Universe's Plan, God, My Higher Self, The Creator in Me or whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • Open your eyes
  • Drink some water to ground and eat something or do a grounding exercise
I usually do this type of exercise when my life is a bit chaotic and it's hard to see the road ahead and to stay balanced. It helps ground you in the realization that you have created these experiences for yourself and you can learn and create better one's. It also helps to accept what is going on so you can focus your energy on moving forward instead of feeling upset, hurt or in pain.

If you gave this exercise a try, you can share your experiences on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail!

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