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Happy to announce that the blog has now been styled like the website. I love using the same images, colors and style. It also is easier now to find related articles, because they will be displayed beneath the article you are reading.

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Dear People,

Often I'm asked if I have guides and if so who they are. It's an interesting question as many Psychics work with guides, but not all of them do. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle, as I have had specific Guides to help me in the past, but don't work much with Guides when helping others.

Past Guide: Vincent
Vincent was my Guide before I started working professionally. He helped me see my inner path, helped with meditation, advice and guidance. We mostly worked together on healing personal issues I had that would have prevented me from doing the work I do now.

I loved working with him and he often came to me in dreams. He was really stubborn and a busy body, but just what I needed. The last time we saw each other was in a dream where he hugged me, swirled me around and told me he was proud of me. I was upset that our time together had ended, but he left when it was right for me.

Past Power Animal: Deer
Deer was the first power animal I saw in meditation, which was a majestic stag with huge antlers. Stag is a symbol of transitions, beginnings and journey's so as a first power animal it's not a surprising one to show up. However, Deer had some very personal lessons for me about showing yourself to the world which I am eternally grateful for.

Past Angel: Michael
While I worked with many Angels, Michael is my absolute favorite (You never forget your first, I think!). He showed up a lot in dreams and in meditation to help me set boundaries that where healthy for me and helped me assert myself.

I sometimes ask him to be around when I'm anticipating a difficult situation or when I need a little support.

Current Status:
Most of my work requires me to tune into the energy field of others, so I rarely have a specific Guide helping me during healing work. When I receive information, mostly this is coming through what I feel is God, but others might consider the Universe, the Source or the Soul.

While I still am doing healing work regularly for myself, as well as potential work to move forward in my life, I don't have a stable guide at the moment. I honestly don't expect one as I'm always changing and growing. I might be surprised though.

Want to talk about your own Guide, Power Animal or Angel? Send me a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or ask in the practice.