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Dear people,

The other day I talked with a client on what had changed for me over the years and I thought that since the practice is now almost 7,5 years it would be a good idea to share my answers on the blog. Looking back a lot has changed for me and it would be nice to revisit this question in a few years.

Changes in me
Truthfully, when I started, I thought I'd just do it for 3 months, then start back on my studies. I never thought I'd still be working so many years later. As such, as I wasn't a very smart business woman when I started. I started with a fee that wasn't sustainable, didn't know squat about promotion or advertising and basically only had the legal and administrative part sorted out. Oh, and I had a lovely space rented of course.

Sessions were a lot harder on me in the beginning, because I worried a lot on if I was doing it right, was being professional enough etc. etc. It took a while for me to find my feet and to start trusting myself and my skills. I also had a rough time at first with all the different directions I wanted to take the practice in. I worried a lot about financials.

Now, I feel like I build a practice that is starting to sustain me, makes me feel happy every day and I feel happy that I have the opportunity to make my own guidelines and work in the way that's right for me. I feel so blessed when I see great results and feel that I'm a positive influence in people's lives.

Changes in my gift
The more I use my intuitive gifts, the stronger they became. That means that in the beginning I needed to focus a lot more then I do now. I often even get "shouted at" so my intuitive voice is a lot stronger overall. Recently a client who went to the Reading Evening told me that my face shows I know the answer before the pendulum finishes spinning. It's true that I personally don't use a pendulum that much anymore. I tend to get the information in several ways now, but only some have grown stronger. The predictive dreams that I used to have, have diminished a bit because I receive so much information when I'm awake now.

As for the healing gifts, they have grown very fast indeed. I noticed a lot more energy flowing through me through the years. Getting faster and better results and even results on the physical plane this year. I used to say that I worked mainly on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes and that the physical will then usually fall in line. The extra energy that is created when the other 3 are balanced help balance the third. However, lately, I've noted that the physical is healing as well, meaning I get faster results, which is lovely.

I'm expecting more growth in my gifts and are very curious about what the future will bring. It opens up more ways to heal people and to see what's really at the root.

Changes in the practice
When I started I had a lot of things that looked great in theory but were difficult in practice. I split up different prices for different techniques, but in sessions that meant I had to calculate how long I worked with each technique to give the correct price. It was quite a hassle. I'm very happy with my current pricing structure: it ranges from free to several hundred euros and is very fair.

I've officially added the services I already did on the website, so people don't have to ask me if I work with kids, do house cleansings or parties. While I offer a wide range of services, I think that in the future, I'll have to pick and choose a bit more. While I love doing workshops, the time invested isn't always right for me.

I'm planning to make some changes in 2016, which will be put in the newsletter first. I'm still brainstorming about some things, but if you have something to add, please do talk to me about it.

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Dear People,

While it's wonderful to heal our own lives, we are all connected, so it's often very important to heal our network as well. Today I will be talking about Family Karma and healing our families. Often we already know that our core family (father, mother, siblings) isn't 100% healthy, because frankly, I haven't met any family who is. Healing your network has benefits for all.

Family Thought Patterns
If you look at your family you might see them struggling with the same theme. When a family struggles with a theme usually nobody has a healthy relationship with that theme, but all of them will acting out in extremes. For example if the family struggle is wealth (or money), some family members might be scrooges while others might be acting like any amount is small change. If the theme is work, some people might be workaholics while other family members are very unmotivated and could be considered slackers.

We often fall into extremes, because we either follow our parents pattern (extreme 1) or we rebel against it (extreme 2). Once such a family thought pattern is healed by us it often happens that other family members start on a path to healing as well. Sometimes because a good example allows them to follow us, sometimes because energetically the blockage is healed and they move forward as well.

Family Health Issues
While it seems that Family Health Issues are different from the thought patterns, often, they are not. I know a lot of people feel that they just got bad genes or that everybody in the family has this health issue, so it's likely they will get it too, but if you do heal the thought pattern it often reduces health issues or heals them completely.

So if you don't know a specific pattern, but you do see health issues, take some time to see what would exacerbate those issues and start healing those behavior patterns.

Family Health Exercise
Close your eyes
Breathe gently in and out
Imagine you and your family members in a circle
You are all holding hands and connecting together
Imagine your energy shining brightly
Allow healthy energy to flow through you and heal this issue within you
Then, when this energy is bright enough and strong enough, it's time to share it
Your gift to the family is erasing this family thought pattern/negative behavior/health issue
You are willing to share it with yourself and with others
You can see your light multiplying and shining in all your family members
Breath in and out until the light is clear for everybody
Gently open your eyes

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