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Dear People,

Time for some answers to questions clients ask me regularly. For this Article I decided to group 3 common questions together.

Question 1: Can you help me?
My clients can be split in two groups: One group just makes an appointment. They call or e-mail, set a date and save all their questions for their first session. The other group usually asks Question nr. 1! Sometimes they give me a lot of information on what they want help with, sometimes they are are vague and want me to fill in the blanks.

For both groups, even those that never ask this question, I do the same. Before making an appointment I take some time to listen. To feel if this client is *my* client. I find it very important not to waste my time or my clients time. So I listen and then I decide.

Sometimes I refer the person to somebody else, sometimes I explain that I will be able to help them with X, but not with Y or Z and most of the time I'm happy to make an appointment knowing I can help them completely.

Question nr. 2: Do you work with children?
It always surprises me when parents ask me if I work with children. Children are not so different from adults after all! They can have problems in their energy fields just like adults, they can have physical, emotional and mental problems, just like adults... goals they are unable to meet, just like adults and so on!

Of course children ask for a different approach based on their age and understanding. Most kids love being in the practice as they usually are still very energy sensitive. They love the relaxed and loving atmosphere. More then once I've had parents tell me their kids continued talked about me or asking if they could come and visit me again for months afterwards!

I love working with children and it's very satisfying to help them find their own power and place in the world. I'm often asked to work with children that have problems that are hard to solve in other ways like: unexplained physical problems (sleeping problems, headaches, stomach problems, asthma etc.), difficult situations (bullying, divorce etc.) or developmental/behaviour problems (ADHD, dyslexia etc.).

Sometimes the solution involves the parents too!

Question nr. 2: Do you work with animals?
Yes, I work with animals and I love working with them as well. Most of the time I help animals who have unexplained behavioral problems like aggression or anxiety. It's often very hard for humans to find out what is wrong with their pet.

I can tune in and see what can be done for the pet, but often I ask if they can be brought to the practice. Some people are very surprised at how easily I'm often able to handle a frightened pet. Pets are usually very energy sensitive, so most of the time they are much more relaxed then their owners would expect.

The hard part is that I can't make a pet understand that I'm going to do something that might temporarily hurt but that it will be ok again soon. Especially with anxious pets you do not want to do anything that might link pain with humans. However, even with those limits, I have seen some miraculous results!

I remember one client telling me she wished her behavior could change so rapidly, when her beloved pet was ok again with harsh sounds after a 25 minute session.