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Dear People,

Time for some more affirmations to release the old things in our lives, energy fields and habits that don't fit us anymore. It's often a little bit sad to let go or even difficult when the time for some things has passed. We often try to hang on, but this places a burden on our happiness. I write my affirmations in 3 different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on.

Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).

Enhance your confidence affirmations by listening to the 5 minute Release Manifestation Meditation on My YouTube Channel. 

I am willing to release
I am willing to release hobby's that aren't right for me anymore
I am willing to release activities that aren't right for me anymore
I am willing to release connections/people who aren't right for me anymoreI am willing to release habits that aren't right for me anymore

I release my (old) anger
I release my (old) disappointments
I release my (old) sadness
I release my (old) pain
I gently release (old emotions) and move towards peace
I release wrongness to be at peace 
I release wrongness to be at peace with myself and the whole world

I easily release my stress
I easily release what doesn't serve me
I easily release the old

I release easily
I release easily and gently
I release joyfully 
Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page or watch the past Instagram Live about affirmations. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice or by e-mail.
Dear People,

Every day time passes us by and often it feels like it flies by, so why not use it to help us heal?
Each season has important lessons to teach us if we look at nature and it's cycles. It's a bit harder I feel to use natural cycles as the weather is often not what we expect, so energy might feel different or shifted. However, the seasons will always keep coming and going.

Why work with the seasons
I personally love to have season themed decor in my house, so I can keep in line with the seasons and their energies. It's very easy to fall into only celebrating the new and never the old, only working on adding things and never remove things and only feeling accomplished at the end of something and while walking on the journey.

Working with the seasons helps me to achieve a better balance in my life. I've written a some small ideas on each of the seasons so you can do some work with them too.

Spring is all about the new entering your life and airing out what has gotten stuck from the previous year. Spring cleaning is literally cleaning up your space, but you can also use it clean up your energy field, visualize and meditate on new things you need and using spring energy to revitalize yourself.

If you need spring energy in another season for your project or goal, because you need a new beginning, use the colors of spring (light greens, light yellow etc.), the scents of spring (light floral scents) and spring symbols (little birds, bunnies, butterflies, flowers etc.).

Summer is a time of warmth, so extra energy is easier to get due to longer daylight hours and more sun energy. It's the time of year that gives us a social boost as we want to connect more and often chat longer. The perfect time to work on issues that you need more energy for, to work on unfinished business and to relax and recharge in the sun.

If you need summer energy in another season for your project or goal, because you need more energy, warmth or fun, use the colors of summer (darker yellow, blue, green colors and floral colors), the scents of summer (seaside scents, heavier flower scents like jasmine) and summer symbols (sun, cocktails, sunflowers, travel symbols etc.) 

Fall sees us often looking at things that are dying off and need to be released. It's a time for reflection and peace. It's that time that helps us remember that we are in a cycle, because the leaves are falling, but also rewards come due in the form of many fruits and vegetables. What rewards can we reap and what didn't do so well? An energy to use for reflection.

If you need fall energy in another season for your project or goal, because you need to taste the rewards or refocus on what works, use the colors of fall (orange, browns, yellows), the scents of fall (pumpkin, grape and other fall fruit) and fall symbols (falling leaves, pumpkins, wine etc.)

Winter is all about surviving the cold and the dark by being wise with your energy and keeping in line with your strength. If you always have difficult winter seasons (depression, colds etc.) make sure you stock up on extra sun in the summer or arrange a getaway during the winter season towards the sun. It's cold and darkness however also helps us to be grateful for light and for each other.

If you need winter energy in another season for your project or goal, because you need to learn to wait patiently or keep things going in the background, use the colors of winter (white, gold, silvers), the scents of winter (cinnamon, warmed spices, and food scents) and winter symbols (snow flakes, snow etc.)

Want to chat about your habits around the seasons? Post a comment on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.