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Dear People,
Sometimes it's hard to bring our path into words and that is when I start Drawing! When I was still experimenting a lot with my Psychic Voice, I decided that I wanted to see if I could draw Energy. I thought I'd be drawing aura like pictures, but besides colors I would also draw shapes (and very rarely words). In my last Monthly Evaluation Reading I used this technique to check out a physical space, but you can also use it to check out relationships, goals and the future.

Starting a Spiritual Drawing
Usually it's a good idea to start with a Grounding Exercise to make sure you are grounded and centered. Set aside some space, colored pencils and make sure you will not be disturbed. You could set an extra mood with incense or relaxing music.

It's important to focus on the Question or Theme you want to draw for. If you find it hard to keep it in your mind, you can write it above your drawing. This makes sure you stay on track. If you lose your focus - simply recite the theme to yourself and then continue drawing.

A good place to start would be to move your fingers over your pencils and see where you feel warmth to select the pencil that needs to be used. If you are in the flow it should be easy to place your pencil where it needs to be. Sometimes, it might be hard though, so you can select several places to see where it feels right.

It doesn't matter if you draw well, what matters is that you let yourself be guided to what needs to be drawn. You might experience the need to draw forcefully or very tenderly. You might see yourself drawing things you might not recognize. If you are stuck, you can also draw a card and see what part of the art wants to be drawn on your paper.

After you are done drawing it's time to translate your art into a Reading. A good place to start would be to interpret the composition of colors: is it light or dark? Is it drawn hasty or relaxed? What symbols did you draw and what do they mean to you? After answering those questions about the composition take the time to interpret every symbol: what does it mean to you? Why is it drawn in that specific color or colors?

Want to share your Spiritual Drawing? You can place it on the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail it to me! I'll let you know what I think it represents! Of course, any comments on this technique are appreciated too!
Dear People,

Today I'm using a Spiritual Technique that I call Energetic/Spiritual Drawing to get a Reading. There will be a blog post about this technique soon so you can try it at home if you want too. So, I only offer the quick explanation here: I draw what I sense/feel/see.

I decided to check up on the Spiritual/Energetic Levels of the actual practice, aka the room in which I do most of my work in Delft.

I started by drawing a floor map of my room in the building. It only featured the door, the shape of the room and the windows. I picked up my coloring pencils and got to work. 

The first thing I noticed is that there is truly a lot of energy in the room (this often gets commented upon by clients as well), so it's hard to draw straight lines. Lines tend to become wavy and want to be drawn fast and furious.

Where the massage table is standing I drew blue lines, looking like the waves of a sea or ocean. Energetically speaking, this is where I tame emotions, and the area looks clear and sparkly except for the head rest. I often get bothered by the thing and it got drawn as a big black box. I wanted to have alternative options for a long time as I noted most people aren't comfortable in the head rest.

This Reading suggests I'm past due with offering better options and trying out new things.

The windows had purple energy streaming in and out. Especially the right window (which I rarely open) has a lot of energy in front of it. A plant currently lives there, so it might be adapting to the energy and keeping it centered. Since the other window which I do always open has energy pouring it, this is definitely something I want to continue doing. 

This Reading suggest that another plant would benefit me, keeping even more purposeful and powerful energy in.

The place where I keep my Crystals and the Coffee machine is filled with a yellow and purple fire. My Crystals get cleansed now and again, but not that often, since the room itself seems to cleanse them. 

This Reading suggests that all is well in this area although I might want to spread the Crystals out some more as the energy there is burning quite brightly.

The place were my sound system stands on top of the dresser is curiously empty. Not much energy there. A good place to put some of my Crystals I think!

The place where I keep my extra chairs is a deep blue and round well of potential. It seems they are out of the way but, there is more if I want to tap into it.

This Reading suggests that there is potential in group work and I can accommodate a larger group if I want too.

The place where I normally sit with clients, containing some chairs and a large table is transformed into a large Pyramid. It's color is Orange, showing Energetically that a lot gets done here and it's a very emotional secure place. It's the color of the Sacral Chakra and symbolizes productive emotions. A Pyramid is a symbol of growth and ascendance as it moves from a strong base into a proud tip. A human like figure is contained within the Pyramid, showing a burning violet in the Third Eye Chakra, a representation of the Higher Self, which watches over the work I do. My own seat is a bright apple green, a light fresh color of love and joy and is a Spiral, the symbol growing into healthier balance.

This Reading suggest that all is well in this area (I find it a bit cluttered in real life) and nothing should be done here.

Well, some interesting findings for me here with this Technique, which means I have to change some things. Maybe in a month or so I will recheck and see where the energy stands then!

Dear People,

So here I am again, showing you that Psychic Life really does have it's little perks. Today I'm going to talk about Intuition Surge. This is a fun phenomenon that I have encountered with many people in my life. When being around a Psychic it seems that most people's intuition soars.

Surging Intuition: Clients
Many clients have noted to me that during sessions they feel very connected to their Higher Selves and intuition. Sometimes they will receive information while speaking with me or find a strong sense of confirmation when I tell them things.

This effect happens in sessions even when we are not working on intuition or intuition related areas.

Surging Intuition: Partners

I have had several long term relationships and in all of those my partners noticed that their Intuition soared when they were around me. Of course it's easier to talk about Intuition, when both partners are accepting of the fact that we all get 'gut-feelings' and that some of those are a little more precise then others. You will start paying more attention to what you are hearing, because Intuition becomes a normal part of your life.

While it's hard for me to remember a specific incident as this happened so often, I've heard many partners exclaim: "Oh my, maybe I'm becoming Psychic too".

If you have a funny story about your Surging Intuition around me, please feel free to share in the comments or on Facebook!
Last month I was called up again to a certain forum by a stray e-mail. I decided to get my trusted Faeries Oracle out and play along with the Fae some. As you can see, this Oracle is very light and energetic. I used it a lot for Energy Healing Work for myself and sometimes for others in Groups. Since I was planning on having an Energy Healing Course in 2013, I felt it more then appropriate to work with them this Month.

What is the Root of this Course: The Maiden, The Guardian at the Gate Rx, The Green Woman Rx
I do feel at the root, this Course is one of Miracles, of changing yourself and of seeing what needs to grow and what does not. Strangely enough in this Deck, the Maiden is a young baby. It gives off a fragile vibe, but at the same time one of inner strength.

I would love to have a course in 2013, but I fear the Fae are telling me that now might not yet be the time. I might need to get a clearer view of what I want to accomplish with this course. The Green Woman is all about nurturing the right ideas and pulling out the weeds.

I was wondering if I want to have a course for people who already know Healing or for beginners. If I want a course with a set Theme a month or not. I have so much that I can choose from because I have been working with Energy for such a long time and with a lot of different techniques.

What do I need for this Course: Death, The Singer of Connection
I do of course need to connect to others who wish to follow an Energy Healing Course. Also, my other course needs to end (Death), before I can start a new one. Two Courses a year is the maximum that I do with the practice.

What do I need to know: He of the Fiery Sword
This Fae is one of active will. Telling me that yes, there is a good basis for this course and I should move ahead with my plans. However, it's important that I slice through some decisions on what exactly I will be teaching.

If you are interested in an Energy Healing Course, don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a message here or on Facebook based on what you would like.
Dear People,

Time again for some answers to questions clients ask me regularly. Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments on the Blog or on the Facebook Fan Page.

When did you know you were Psychic?
This is one of the questions I get regularly and it's has a bit of a strange answer. Since I grew up feeling and sensing a lot more then most people, I thought for a long time that it was completely normal. It never occurred to me that other people didn't have dreams that came true, didn't sense feelings and energy and didn't just 'know' things.

Around the age of 6-7 I noticed I was saying a lot of things that left other people speechless. Sometimes because it was about things I wasn't supposed to know, sometimes because it was about things that I shouldn't be able to know. I more or less got the hint to keep my mouth shut more often.

It still took me a few years more of misunderstandings to realize that most people just hear the words. They don't feel the intention of the other person or their feelings. I often wondered why people were so upset with the fact that I could be blunt. After all, in my opinion, I wasn't that blunt. Couldn't they feel the love and care I was emitting?

I think the full realization that I could do things that others couldn't hit me around 16-17 and then I started reading books about Psychics (I still do btw). I realized that I didn't want others to know about it anymore nor did I want to work in the field. I met with so much prejudice and it didn't seem worth it to me. So I decided to go into Computer Science and minimize contact with people.

Ignore who I am and what I can do got me into quite a mess of health problems, emotional turmoil and failed relationships. Around the age of 23 I started on the path of self healing, self discovery and self acceptance. I noticed that the amount of prejudice wasn't at all what I had expected. I rarely get nasty remarks. Since then my Psychic Powers have soared as they are now being used on a daily basis.