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Dear People,

A lot of people ask me about who is helping them in this life. It could be a Guide, Totem Animal, Guardian Angel or even a passed loved one. Often this is because they want to create a stronger connection and be able to work with them easily. So they ask who it is or for specific names. A few years ago I've written about my own Guides, but today I'm writing about answering questions about other people's Guides. 


What type of helpers do you recognize?


There are many different entities, spiritual helpers or spiritual energy that people can work with. A small summary here might help you realize that you can try connecting to much more then you ever thought.


  • Guides - usually souls that are willing to help others, could be a deceased loved one
  • (Guardian) Angels - Angelic energy that can help with healing, guidance or protection
  • Animal Totems - Energy and lessons from Animal Guides
  • Faeries - Energy and lessons from Fae/Earth Guides
  • Ancestors - Guidance from people in your own family tree 


You can find more information in my other blogpost: Thoughts on Healing - Available Energy/Guidance


Can you give me the names of the Guides/Energy I'm working with?


I'm always very careful with giving out names. Not because I feel that people don't deserve it or that it's inherently wrong. However, I believe that when we are forging a connection, that finding out or receiving the name, helps that connection immensely. It's a special moment and it also helps us reconnect. 


I have to admit I always name a lot of things in my life and I've heard that this is done a lot in Shamanic traditions. I haven't studied with a Shaman, but I have noticed a lot of past life flashbacks of Shamanic lives. A naming still feels like a claiming to me, so naming things for others doesn't sit that well with me.


I still sometimes do it, when somebody really want to know a name to get a better connection or wants a confirmation of the name they themselves have heard. So you can always feel free to ask this question.

Different ways connect to your guides


There are many different ways to connect to Guiding energy. You can do a (guided) meditation, take a moment of silence, do automatic writing, dream work or even ask for a sign. I've had people repeatedly find objects to signify it was Guide message or even get a name. 


It's alright to try out a few different things to see what works for you. I did mostly dream work to connect with my Guides and even when I didn't specify a question, I would often dream of my Guides. For Totem Work I'd prefer meditative trance, sometimes with my own drum and for Angelic work I tend to meditate.


There is no right or wrong way to connect - just play around and see what comes easiest to you. Once you have a name however, it can be very helpful to just call on that name, a few times, until you start feeling the connection.

Have a question you want to ask me for the blog? Don't hesitate to ask me in the practice or e-mail me.



Dear people,


Sometimes making a change in your life can really feel tiresome and slow. You might feel like you don't have what it takes, sabotage yourself in other ways or just notice that everything feels like a slog. So today I talk about a wonderful antidote: the Celestial speed up. You can also watch the Joy of Celestial Speed up Video or try the Celestial Speedup Manifestation Meditation.

What is a Celestial Speed up


A Celestial Speed up is the idea that a Higher Power is able to smooth your path and help you through any type of problem or situation and will work with you to progress faster or solve a situation quickly. It doesn't matter what is going on, you can use the Celestial Speed up if you put your trust in it and are willing to surrender to a higher Power.

When should I use a Celestial Speed up?


If you notice that things are going much slower then they should or if you ready for a leap of faith, you can just ask. Nothing more is required to start a Celestial Speed up, the rest will all be done through you and with you. You can use a speed up at any time, but if you ask for one, but mindful that you do all the parts required to keep it going until you get the results you asked for.


Using a Celestial Speed up most likely means that you might be called to clear out old blockages, release or move forward. It's not only the fun and joy of quicker results, but also the understanding on what is needed to actually speed up and stay at that higher level of progress.


How do I use a Celestial Speed up?


Just ask! You can ask your idea of higher power, be it God, Heaven, the Universe, your Higher Mind to help you speed up your process. You can also ask guides or Angels to support your path if that fits you better. 


Then, make sure you have the time and energy to deal with what the Celestial Speed up brings. For example: if you asked for more clients or progress in your business, make sure you can accommodate the calls/emails/tasks that it will bring. If you asked to speed up finding a romantic partner, make sure you can accommodate dates, calls or chats.


Besides being able to accommodate the results, also make sure you have the time and energy to deal with any blockages being brought up. If you want faster results, you also need to deal what was keeping you from those results in the first place. That means you might get more guidance in the form of dreams, inspiration, intuitive thoughts etc. all to show you where you need healing or what you can do to move forward. It's important that you act on that guidance as soon as possible.


You might also suddenly meet a lot of people who can help you on your path. These meetings are there for a reason, so pay attention and work with those people who you just know can help you move forward greatly. Don't hesitate to ask for what you want or need. You are being supported here, so take that support and run with it.


If you stay connected to your goal and the Celestial Speed up, you will notice improved results almost immediately. Don't forget to be grateful and thank your Higher Power, as reaffirming the energy is also a great way to keep the flow going.

Problems with Celestial Speed up 


Staying in the Celestial Speed up requires honesty with yourself, healing, effort, time and energy. However, you asked for the Speed up for a reason, so it should be worth it to you. Still, sometimes we can feel like it's just too much and put on the breaks.  


We get scared, we might feel we don't deserve to achieve our goal so easily ("we need to work for it") or any other type of self sabotaging thought patterns or behavior. If you notice yourself falling into that trap, be sure to ask to help lift you back in the Celestial Speed up. Focus on why you asked for it and get back to it. 


Want help with a Speed up? You can email me, post a comment on the blog or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram. I also love to hear your Celestial Speed up stories if you have given this technique a try!