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Thoughts on Healing: Outside Energy/Guidance

By  Rianne Collignon     February 28, 2018    Labels:, 

Dear People,

A lot of the time we are busy trying to deal with everything on our own. Asking for help is not something that comes natural to most of us. So it's no surprise that I've written 2 articles on it, but today I want to focus on what type of outside energy/guidance is available to us and how you can incorporate them into your life.

God/Highest Source/Heaven/Universe
A lot of people feel connected to a greater something, regardless on what type of name we will put on it. As an outside source, this is the easiest to connect with, but also often the hardest to get a clear answer from for a lot of people. It's because the energy is so big and loving, it's nice to access, but sometimes it feel our concerns are very small in comparison.

Incorporating this in your life can be as simple as saying a prayer or spending time tuning into the energy.

A lot of people work with one Guide exclusively. They try to foster a relationship where they can ask their Guide for Guidance regularly. Guides come from all walks of life, with different interests and advice based on what they are meant to help you with. There are many meditations to help meet your Guide, but sometimes Guides can also change during your life time.

Incorporate your Guide by meditating regularly, until you receive a name or image, that stays clear, so you can ask for advice and help.

Angels have held people's awe for a long time. There are Angels in oral tradition in lots of different places, so while Christians tend to think they are the only one with Angels, that isn't true. For many Angels are the messengers of God, more accessible to us, and easier to receive guidance from.

Incorporate working with Angels by calling upon them regularly, you will notice different Angel Energies depending on your question and work. There are also many good sets to work with Angels if you want to work with cards.

Faeries can be nature spirits, but also spirits that are sideways from the reality that we perceive. They are often more capricious then Angels, but also more fun and down to earth. Their energy is very different and there are many different ways in which they can help you.

Incorporate working with Faeries by doing nature work, like growing plants, gardening or working with flowers in your daily life. Pay attention when you walk in the woods or in other natural places. Again, there are many good sets to work with Faeries if you want to work with cards.

Animal Totems
Animal Totems come from the tradition that animals have lessons to teach us and are valuable in our daily lives. Totems are more then just animals, as you can talk with Totem Animals and receive great wisdom. A lot of people who are drawn to Animal Totems feel connected to nature and Shamanism. Animal Totems help with spiritual lessons and integrating pieces of yourself.

Incorporate working with Animal Totems by doing meditative work, chanting or Shamanistic work. I work with Animal Orbs during meditation, but there are also several good sets of Cards if you want to work with Animal Totems.

While currently, a lot of people in the west don't work with Ancestors, in the East, honoring your ancestors and having access to their wisdom is very common place.

Incorporate your ancestors by tuning in energetically, doing some research on them or even putting a small candle by a photo of ancestors you feel connected to (like your parents, grandparents etc.).

Want to talk about your sources of energy/guidance? Post a comment on the blog, reach me through Facebook,  e-mail me or talk to me in the practice.

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