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Dear People,

With everything going on, this question recently was on my mind a lot more then usually. I hope everybody's friends and families stay safe. A lot of people railing against fate or grieving loved ones. It's hard when it's our time to go, because no matter what we want, when it's time, it's time. So today, I'm writing a bit about this sad part of life and how it affects me and my gifts.

Have I predicted death in my personal life?
Yes, while I've been lucky so far, I have lost people. I've seen the death of one person close to me before hand. I had a very strong dream that she'd pass away on a certain day. I could see myself at the airport, making a call and getting the news. I knew instantly that it was a prediction because I was extremely calm and I deeply loved this person, so a notification of death would have been devastating. 

When I woke up I decided to spend the last few months seeing them more than usually, before leaving on that 1 year student exchange trip. Obviously I wasn't the only one feeling something, as I was asked to promise to come back for a funeral. There was no illness or reason to believe death would occur. 

On my arrival day, I did get a phone call that they had suffered several mini strokes and a heart attack, but didn't pass away. However, things looked very dire. In the end they survived, but due to memory issues never really remembered me. So it felt that the person I had known, had died that day. 

When I was in a relationship many years ago, I also had a strong feeling that the grandmother of my partner would die. At the time he was estranged from her. She suddenly ended up in the hospital with a relatively small thing, but I just knew she wouldn't be leaving. I asked him if he wanted to visit her and he said he was done with her. I then asked if he'd be ok leaving things like that if she died. He said he was. I don't think he understood that I had had a death prediction, but since no predictions are 100% accurate, I wouldn't have said that in the first place. She did unexpectedly pass away, as she got an infection that suddenly got worse and her body just couldn't handle it. 

Have I been asked to predict death?
Yes, many times. Often it's for shock value, people who don't believe in the work I do, have felt the need to ask me that. I'm not sure why this is such a common question, as we all die, so why would the timing of it, be so important? Also, if I'm right, you've died, so it's not like it will be useful to me or you. If you don't believe in the work I do, you won't make any arrangements anyway. 
There are times when a death prediction is a reason for me to do a Reading.  This is because when people know death is near there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. If you know you are terminal or have denigrating disease, knowing how much time you have will help you. 
For caregivers, knowing somebody has a few months left, means a level of care might be still done at home, while knowing it's going to take 2 years is a different story. I've seen people lament this both ways: putting somebody into hospice care, because care got too heavy, only for the person to die a few hours later or trying to keep everything running at home and getting into health problems themselves because years later the person is still alive. 
When I do a Reading, I try to see how fast the disease will progress and you often can see different phases. For one person, whose mom was suffering from dementia and in a care home, the path was very clear and she did died in the exact month I saw. It gave her the time to say goodbye, to prepare for each phase and to space out her visits appropriately.
For another person, the situation was more uncertain. He had been given up already and then pulled through. There wasn't a short term terminal disease per se, but he was struggling with a lot of issues in the hospital that were hard on the body (infection etc.) and with a longer term terminal disease. I agreed to do a Reading for free, but said it probably wouldn't be as useful, as the body can suddenly quit. It seemed like he might be still there for a few months, but in the end fever spiked and he did pass away suddenly.
When it's not about death, but death still shows up
I would never just tell people that somebody they love or they themselves are going to die soon. That would be highly unethical in my opinion. I'm not God, so I'm not 100% certain and letting somebody live under the specter of death isn't right. So if you do order a Reading, I'd never tell you that. I usually do say something more subtle or steer somebody in the direction of spending time with people as we never know when our time on earth is up if it feels like it needs to be said.

If I'm asked to do a Healing for somebody, I do feel I have the right to decline if I think it's not useful. That might be because somebody is unwilling to change, hasn't given permission and should be able to do that or if somebody's time is up. I had somebody ask if I could give some extra energy or even do a session with a family member that was currently in the hospital. I saw that things were terminal, so I told her, that it wouldn't be useful for health, but was possible for acceptance or pain relief. The next day the doctors found more problems and told the family the terminal diagnosis. 

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Dear people,

With 2020 like it was a lot of people have been struggling with staying stuck in worst case scenarios. Being in a global pandemic is a worst case scenario for a lot of people and dealing with the anxiety and stress that brings, can be hard. I know how to use worst case scenarios for positivity, empowerment and peace and I'd love to share my technique with you today.
Worrying is just negative fantasizing
Mostly, people use worst case scenario's to negatively fantasize about their lives. When I tell people worrying is negative fantasizing I often get treated to a blank look. But think on it: if you fantasize about winning the lottery, you know that it's not true in that moment. When you worry about losing your job, it's not true in that moment either. It's easy to spiral down into worrying about stuff that isn't true, making us anxious, stressed and upset. 

Just doing the worrying won't even do a thing! Nothing will change in your future based on how much you are fretting in the now. Once you become aware of that, you know that staying stuck in a worrying mindset and fantasizing about all those bad worst case scenario's isn't worthwhile. It only saps your energy. 
After time passed and the worst case scenarios haven't come to pass a lot of people recognize that worrying is so empty and useless. Only to do it all over again for some new things a few moments later. Training yourself out of a worrying mindset is possible and very worthwhile.

Exercise for empowering worst case scenario's:
So you've let your mind run wild and you are now tired and upset about all the stuff that can go wrong. Time to take your worst case scenario and look at it honestly with some reflection questions:
  • If the worst case scenario happens, would it trouble you in 2 months, 6 months, a year, 5 years etc.? 


Yes, missing a deadline sucks. Dealing with a broken car is annoying. But this question helps you put your worst case scenario in perspective and helps release a lot of anxiety. Often our worst case scenarios don't have long term consequences. 


  • If the worst case scenario happens, is there something you can do to mitigate consequences?
Finding out what you can do empowers yourself. So, if you miss the deadline, can you inform your boss in advance? If your car is totally broken, can you get other transport temporarily that's affordable. If you do turn out to have cancer, can you help yourself beat it? This question helps you to empower yourself to solve your scenario instead of wallowing in the stress and worry.
  • If the worst case scenario happens, who can help you?


Finding out your support network will help decrease stress. You might realize you have more people that can help you through issues or find out that there are professionals available for you. Don't forget to add in Angels, Animal Totems, Heaven, the Universe or God to help you. Giving over your worries at this moment to them is always worthwhile. This question will help empower you even more and often brings peace.


  • If this worst case scenario happens, have you dealt with it successfully before or with a similar scenario?


You often find more resources in yourself then you thought, but reminding you what you've already accomplished helps achieve more peace.


  • If this worst case scenario happens, is it the end of the world?


I usually put this one in when I talk to people just to have a laugh together. I haven't had to tackle a worst case scenario yet that was the end of the world, although some things can feel like the end of our worlds. So often the answer is, No, it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would be painful, but I think I'll live.


Doing this exercise helps you put things in perspective, come up with a workable plan, empowers yourself and bring peace. Our mental power can be used towards negativity and worry or towards positivity and empowerment. So if you find yourself worrying and building worst case scenario's, I highly recommend doing this exercise. 


Have a story to share about how you dealt with worst case scenario's or want to tell me how the exercise went for you? Post a message on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.



Dear People,

We all know it: sometimes we have to change, but we just feel stuck in a tantrum, unwilling to move forward or find that we self sabotage. It's hard to be willing sometimes, especially when our lives aren't going to way we want them to go. When you notice that angry, upset or disappointed feeling or just notice that you find yourself more stuck then you thought you'd be, it's time for some willingness affirmations.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I want to be willing
I want to be willing to change
I want to be willing to take action
I want to be willing to make a decision
I want to be willing to commit to a different course
I am willing to release my bad attitude
I am willing to release my tantrum
I am willing to release my anger
I am willing to release my revenge
I am willing to release my disappointment
I am willing to release my grief
I am willing to release my heart break
I am willing to release my negativity
I am willing to release my self sabotage

I am willing to stop
I am willing to move
I am willing to listen
I am willing to change
I am willing to forgive
I am willing to commit
I am willing to heal
I am willing to commit

I am willing
I am willing to change
I am willing to take action
I am willing to make a decision
I am willing to commit to the right course 
I am open to willingness 
I embrace my willingness
I honor my willingness
I commit to my willingness
I love my willingness
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Dear people,

When working with people, I often have to work with them to release the fear based perspective. Many people feel the world is dangerous, they have to work hard, nothing goes their way and they are constantly in fear of things getting worse. The global pandemic that started 2020 of course seems to be a validation that this mindset is correct. However, the more we stay in this perspective, the less we are able to find solutions, cope with our disappointments and build something better.

Purpose of fear
Fear is supposed to help us assess if something is dangerous, what the risk would be and to take a conscious decision to take that risk or not. Healthy fear can help us survive and make good choices. I am happy with that purpose of fear. 
A fear based perspective however doesn't serve a healthy purpose. When we are fearful of everybody, that's living in a nightmare world. We know in our heart of hearts, that there are good people in the world. When we are always fearful of worse outcomes, we invest so much energy in worry, pain and disappointment instead of in trust, openness and bonding. 

When people are in a fear based perspective, they tend to give up: "It won't work anyway", don't invest in others "everybody sucks", don't invest in themselves: "It's just a matter of time before I'm unlucky again" and generally live miserable lives. 

It's natural to have to deal with fear, but wallowing in it isn't the answer. 

Fear based perspective signs
Mentally, it's easy to see when we slip into fear based perspective: our mind isn't finding any good outcomes. There's a reorganization at work: we are sure we will get fired. The options of staying on or finding an even better job don't exist. Our partner is mad at us: we are sure they are going to leave us. The options of finding new understanding, solving an issue together or finding a compromise don't exist. If you hear yourself only specifying bad outcomes when you have an issue, it's clear that you are in a fear based perspective.
Another mental signal is excessive worry about things that never seem to happen. In a fear based perspective so many things can go wrong, but in the real world, good and neutral things happen all the time. If you find your worries often unfounded, it's clear that you have some fear based perspective bothering you.

Emotionally, people in fear based perspectives tend to be quite anxious. Since fear is ever present, it becomes impossible to relax. There is always something lurking in the background. Real enjoyment is also quite hard to feel or contentment, because a fear based perspective makes you feel that such a moment can only be fleeting. 

Physically, you might notice a lot of muscle tensions, stress headaches and problems sleeping. The adrenaline of continuously dealing with fear can really do a number on our hormonal system and immune system.   

Moving away from a fear based perspective
There are many ways of moving away from a fear based perspective, so I'm going to write a list with several things that you can practice:
  • Gratitude - what's going right
  • Choosing positivity 
  • Catching yourself when you move towards doom thinking/negavitity
  • Kindness
  • Finding the Helpers
  • Healing family or life patterns of pain
  • Healing family or life patterns of fear
  • Writing affirmations
  • Writing positive life stories
  • Empowerment
  • Solution based thinking
  • Trust
  • Meditations on Truth 


There are many ways on moving away from fear and the more you do it, the more you can see the truth of the world: it's full of good people trying to do their best. The more you can see the truth of God: we are all his innocent children and he wants the absolute best for us.


Have a story to share about how you dealt with fear based perspective or want some support with this issue? Post a message on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.

Dear People,

Often in our lives circumstances aren't like we want them to be. We can feel upset, insecure and unhappy when we don't see any changes happening. We might feel like we are walking the wrong path and give up prematurely or get angry and stop walking. One of the joys of Psychic Life is that you can very clearly see changes coming before they hit the material world, so it's much easier to trust what you are doing. Today I will speak a little bit about this, so you can incorporate it in your own life.


Trust in your birthright 
When so much pain is present in the world, it's often hard to believe that we have a birthright as Souls, where we deserve health, well being, happiness, wealth, positivity etc. People often point me to how some 'undeserving' individuals are rich and some deserving people are really struggling.
I understand where people are coming from, clearly, because I can also see how many people are in dire straights, struggling or barely keeping it together. However, I also know exactly where I've made choices that I knew weren't in my best interests. I could sense that I was acting out of fear, out of anger, out of sabotage and of course those didn't give me the best results. I believe in free will, so I do have the opportunity to deny my birthright if I want. 

Stopping that denial often means facing up where we are acting misguided, where past experiences make us feel undeserving or unloved and where we lost faith. Doing this type of healing work will help us make much better choices and helps us move forward with confidence and faith. 

Proof is also in the pudding, once we've started that fragile moment of trust, we can see results come flowing in. We might stop ourselves again if we feel the results are minimal, but if we don't, we will start receiving our birthright left and right. The more the trust grows, the more rewards we will reap. 

However, trusting in your birthright must go hand in hand with trusting your path.

Trust in your path

If you don't trust in your path and purpose, you will definitely make choices that remove you from your Golden Life, and move you away from your birthright. It's one thing to trust that you'll get everything you need, it's another important thing to be open to making the best choices. 

I wrote a blog post before about the difference between blind faith, practicing listening and openness and making active choices to commit to your path. All of that of course still applies, but trusting in your path can be harder when you don't see results. 

If you knew that you'd find you true love in the next 3 years, it's easier to be single. If you knew you'd find financial stability and a great job within the next 10 months, it's easier to deal with financial struggles in the now. Even so, when you walk your path well, you only know you will reach those goals, but not when. You might find a partner sooner or later, you might find health sooner or later, but you need to continue to move towards it. This is the hardest to do, because we like to see results. But like a plant growing under the ground in winter, there is something there, growing, changing, moving, even when you won't see it yet. 

For me, I often see results 'in spirit' before they materialize in the world. So I might get encouragement from things others find silly or strange, but it helps my trust. Sometimes I dream something that comes true later, I see synchronicity in the problems of clients or in the lives of my friends and family or I just feel something is right.

The more you trust and do the work, the more your results grow. Walking your path can feel super scary, but, it's truly the best way to live. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you find it hard or book a Reading to see when results might materalize.

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