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Questions from the practice: What's the difference between a session and a boost?

By  Rianne Collignon     March 31, 2021    Labels:, 


Dear People,

Recently a client asked me what the differences are between a boost and a healing session. A smart question, because you can find the personal healing sessions under services on my website and sometimes different types of boost under events. So today I'm talking about the three main differences between them. 


Difference 1: Personalized focus

One of the things that is clear to see that a healing session always has a personalized focus. We decide together what you want to work on during your intake. A boost has a focus I've chosen, based on what I feel global energy or month energy is showing me many people need. So a boost doesn't need an intake.

So if you want to make a decision based on a healing session vs a boost, the main question would be: does the focus work for you? If the focus I've chosen is one that you do want to work on or that does resonate as necessary for you, book a boost. If you feel you need something different ask for an intake for a healing session.

Difference 2: Solve a problem or reach a next level

When I have a healing session, often, there are things people want to let go or a problem they want to resolve. As such, mostly there is a clear issue that they want help with. Healing energy takes a much longer time to resolve blockages, due to humans not dealing too well with rapid changes.

With a boost, it's often not a problem that makes people feel that they want some extra help, but a new level that they want to reach. They see that they'd love to have some more growth in their lives and choose to have a growth boost. Results are usually fast and in the first 3 weeks.


If you feel you need more help to reach the next level, due to more blockages, definitely choose a healing session. If you have long standing chronic problems in the focus area, a boost isn't the right way to solve them.

Difference 3: Cost, time and opportunity

Since a boost doesn't need an intake and doesn't need after care at 6 weeks,  I can offer it for cheaper than a regular session. I also sometimes offer 25 minute sessions instead of 50 minute sessions, making it an even better deal if you are looking for a small lift upwards or could just use a bunch of positive energy. 


Remember that I only offer boost for a set amount of time, so if you do resonate with the focus of the boost, it's best to book it. Once it's gone, it's gone and you will have to book a regular healing session to reach your next level. You will get more personalized care and deeper results, but if that isn't what you want, book your boost as soon as possible.


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