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Questions from the practice: Do you predict death?

By  Rianne Collignon     March 03, 2021    Labels:, 

Dear People,

With everything going on, this question recently was on my mind a lot more then usually. I hope everybody's friends and families stay safe. A lot of people railing against fate or grieving loved ones. It's hard when it's our time to go, because no matter what we want, when it's time, it's time. So today, I'm writing a bit about this sad part of life and how it affects me and my gifts.

Have I predicted death in my personal life?
Yes, while I've been lucky so far, I have lost people. I've seen the death of one person close to me before hand. I had a very strong dream that she'd pass away on a certain day. I could see myself at the airport, making a call and getting the news. I knew instantly that it was a prediction because I was extremely calm and I deeply loved this person, so a notification of death would have been devastating. 

When I woke up I decided to spend the last few months seeing them more than usually, before leaving on that 1 year student exchange trip. Obviously I wasn't the only one feeling something, as I was asked to promise to come back for a funeral. There was no illness or reason to believe death would occur. 

On my arrival day, I did get a phone call that they had suffered several mini strokes and a heart attack, but didn't pass away. However, things looked very dire. In the end they survived, but due to memory issues never really remembered me. So it felt that the person I had known, had died that day. 

When I was in a relationship many years ago, I also had a strong feeling that the grandmother of my partner would die. At the time he was estranged from her. She suddenly ended up in the hospital with a relatively small thing, but I just knew she wouldn't be leaving. I asked him if he wanted to visit her and he said he was done with her. I then asked if he'd be ok leaving things like that if she died. He said he was. I don't think he understood that I had had a death prediction, but since no predictions are 100% accurate, I wouldn't have said that in the first place. She did unexpectedly pass away, as she got an infection that suddenly got worse and her body just couldn't handle it. 

Have I been asked to predict death?
Yes, many times. Often it's for shock value, people who don't believe in the work I do, have felt the need to ask me that. I'm not sure why this is such a common question, as we all die, so why would the timing of it, be so important? Also, if I'm right, you've died, so it's not like it will be useful to me or you. If you don't believe in the work I do, you won't make any arrangements anyway. 
There are times when a death prediction is a reason for me to do a Reading.  This is because when people know death is near there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. If you know you are terminal or have denigrating disease, knowing how much time you have will help you. 
For caregivers, knowing somebody has a few months left, means a level of care might be still done at home, while knowing it's going to take 2 years is a different story. I've seen people lament this both ways: putting somebody into hospice care, because care got too heavy, only for the person to die a few hours later or trying to keep everything running at home and getting into health problems themselves because years later the person is still alive. 
When I do a Reading, I try to see how fast the disease will progress and you often can see different phases. For one person, whose mom was suffering from dementia and in a care home, the path was very clear and she did died in the exact month I saw. It gave her the time to say goodbye, to prepare for each phase and to space out her visits appropriately.
For another person, the situation was more uncertain. He had been given up already and then pulled through. There wasn't a short term terminal disease per se, but he was struggling with a lot of issues in the hospital that were hard on the body (infection etc.) and with a longer term terminal disease. I agreed to do a Reading for free, but said it probably wouldn't be as useful, as the body can suddenly quit. It seemed like he might be still there for a few months, but in the end fever spiked and he did pass away suddenly.
When it's not about death, but death still shows up
I would never just tell people that somebody they love or they themselves are going to die soon. That would be highly unethical in my opinion. I'm not God, so I'm not 100% certain and letting somebody live under the specter of death isn't right. So if you do order a Reading, I'd never tell you that. I usually do say something more subtle or steer somebody in the direction of spending time with people as we never know when our time on earth is up if it feels like it needs to be said.

If I'm asked to do a Healing for somebody, I do feel I have the right to decline if I think it's not useful. That might be because somebody is unwilling to change, hasn't given permission and should be able to do that or if somebody's time is up. I had somebody ask if I could give some extra energy or even do a session with a family member that was currently in the hospital. I saw that things were terminal, so I told her, that it wouldn't be useful for health, but was possible for acceptance or pain relief. The next day the doctors found more problems and told the family the terminal diagnosis. 

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