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Healing Thoughts: Worst case scenario

By  Rianne Collignon     February 18, 2021    Labels:,, 

Dear people,

With 2020 like it was, a lot of people have been struggling with staying stuck in worst case scenarios. Being in a global pandemic is a worst case scenario for a lot of people and dealing with the anxiety and stress that brings, can be hard. I know how to use worst case scenarios for positivity, empowerment and peace and I'd love to share my technique with you today.
Worrying is just negative fantasizing
Mostly, people use worst case scenario's to negatively fantasize about their lives. When I tell people worrying is negative fantasizing I often get treated to a blank look. But think on it: if you fantasize about winning the lottery, you know that it's not true in that moment. When you worry about losing your job, it's not true in that moment either. It's easy to spiral down into worrying about stuff that isn't true, making us anxious, stressed and upset. 

Just doing the worrying won't even do a thing! Nothing will change in your future based on how much you are fretting in the now. Once you become aware of that, you know that staying stuck in a worrying mindset and fantasizing about all those bad worst case scenario's isn't worthwhile. It only saps your energy. 
After time passed and the worst case scenarios haven't come to pass a lot of people recognize that worrying is so empty and useless. Only to do it all over again for some new things a few moments later. Training yourself out of a worrying mindset is possible and very worthwhile.

Exercise for empowering worst case scenario's:
So you've let your mind run wild and you are now tired and upset about all the stuff that can go wrong. Time to take your worst case scenario and look at it honestly with some reflection questions:
  • If the worst case scenario happens, would it trouble you in 2 months, 6 months, a year, 5 years etc.? 


Yes, missing a deadline sucks. Dealing with a broken car is annoying. But this question helps you put your worst case scenario in perspective and helps release a lot of anxiety. Often our worst case scenarios don't have long term consequences. 


  • If the worst case scenario happens, is there something you can do to mitigate consequences?
Finding out what you can do empowers yourself. So, if you miss the deadline, can you inform your boss in advance? If your car is totally broken, can you get other transport temporarily that's affordable. If you do turn out to have cancer, can you help yourself beat it? This question helps you to empower yourself to solve your scenario instead of wallowing in the stress and worry.
  • If the worst case scenario happens, who can help you?


Finding out your support network will help decrease stress. You might realize you have more people that can help you through issues or find out that there are professionals available for you. Don't forget to add in Angels, Animal Totems, Heaven, the Universe or God to help you. Giving over your worries at this moment to them is always worthwhile. This question will help empower you even more and often brings peace.


  • If this worst case scenario happens, have you dealt with it successfully before or with a similar scenario?


You often find more resources in yourself then you thought, but reminding you what you've already accomplished helps achieve more peace.


  • If this worst case scenario happens, is it the end of the world?


I usually put this one in when I talk to people just to have a laugh together. I haven't had to tackle a worst case scenario yet that was the end of the world, although some things can feel like the end of our worlds. So often the answer is, No, it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would be painful, but I think I'll live.


Doing this exercise helps you put things in perspective, come up with a workable plan, empowers yourself and bring peace. Our mental power can be used towards negativity and worry or towards positivity and empowerment. So if you find yourself worrying and building worst case scenario's, I highly recommend doing this exercise. 


Have a story to share about how you dealt with worst case scenario's or want to tell me how the exercise went for you? Post a message on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.

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