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I talked about the importance of grounding, to make sure you stay connected to your body and the now, but today I want to speak about cleansing. There are many situations where I recommend cleansing yourself. Today I'd be speaking about these situations and give you many ways to cleanse yourself. If you haven't done it before, a mindful cleansing ritual might give you that energy boost you've been waiting on.

When is cleansing necessary?
I would say cleansing is necessary when you feel that you need to do so. Some people have regular cleansing rituals, while others just connect with their own energy field to see when it's necessary. I regularly recommend cleansing to clients if I notice the energy field being weak or overwhelmed. If you want to see one of my cleansing rituals, check out Creating Joy: Cleansing.

If you don't have time to check in with me or don't feel confident checking your own energy field, you can check the underlying list and see if you'd fit any of these situations:
  • Your energy field is weak and you have picked up emotions/energy from others
  • When you have been sick
  • When you notice yourself being in moods/low energy/small complaints that don't seem to end
  • When you have been very upset and it feels like you can't let go/move on
  • When you went through a shocking situation
  • When you've been in contact with toxic substances, toxic situations or toxic people
  • When you want to take a new step and feel some of the old is still within you

    Why would you cleanse?
    When your energy field is strong it will process all your emotions, your energy and energy you pick up from outside sources (human, animal or objects) easily and fast. Sometimes things happen (see the list above) and your energy field becomes overwhelmed and then it's a matter of time before problems start occurring on the physical, emotional and mental planes.

    Usually the energy field will balance and heal itself when you take actions that automatically help your field, but sometimes those aren't enough and a cleanse is the perfect way to boost yourself.

    How can you cleanse?
    There are many different ways to cleanse, so pick from the list what you like to see what kind of results you have. Generally cleansing works best when it's something that encourages your energy field to flow naturally (so a flow of water is better then sitting water), it's a way to tune into higher energy vibrations (access them with mantras, affirmations or intent) or it's a way to process energy faster (releasing through journalling or EFT)

    Here is a list of things that you can try:
    • Watch Breaking Free Video Holding On or Stuck in a Rut
    • Meditate with the Manifestation Meditation: Release
    • Take a shower
    • Stream cold water past your arms/hands
    • Stroking movements down your arms/legs
    • Yoga 
    • Swimming
    • Intent 
    • Affirmations
    • Meditation/Visualisation
    • Singing Bowls
    • Drumming
    • Mantra's
    • Crystals (Selenite especially)
    • Forest Bathing
    • Journalling
    • EFT

    Want to share your own cleansing techniques or talk to me about cleansing? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your cleansing stories by e-mail or talk to me in the practice.
    Dear People,

    In 2018 I wrote 7 columns during the year for the Delft op Zondag newspaper to help people create a happier, healthier and more relaxed life by following my transformation plan. I've translated them from Dutch to English with small edits. I'm sharing Column number 7 which was published on December 2nd 2018.

    Ending in gratitude

    Gratitude is the natural conclusion of this series of columns, because in this December month it always plays a huge role in our lives. We, of course, think of completing things at the end of the year, but are also grateful for all forms of light: dear friends or family, kind employers, our pets, etc.

    When we look in gratitude at what we have accomplished, there is room for joy and positivity. Gratitude makes it clear why we wanted a certain result and gives us space to easier maintain goals or tackle them. If you know why you are doing what you are doing, it’s much easier to keep it up.

    Always celebrate all things that go well, especially when you are busy with changes. Every step forward is one step you have made. It is easier to look at what could have been done better or different with a kind perspective if you practice gratitude. That helps us to refine or adjust goals while feeling joy. Far more often, people look in anger or frustration at what has failed and therefore slow themselves down or get mired in pain. We grow best in a positive environment, with compliments, gratitude and love. Give yourself that, but also don’t forget to share that with others.

    So take the time to thank those people or things that have helped you. With a sweet compliment or with a special gesture that will warm their hearts and yours. It can be as simple as a small card or as elaborate as a great gift, but making the effort to make a gesture is all that is needed.

    Bring even more positivity into your life by making gratitude a daily habit. By keeping a gratitude diary, in which you write 1 or more things every day, you begin to feel this positive force more consciously. In the beginning it may feel uncomfortable, but soon you will notice that many positive things happen to you and that focusing on them brings even more joy.

    Thank you very much for reading these columns, may the New Year ensure that you can shine with heart and soul. Do you want help with changes? Then you know how to find me and my practice.

    Heart and Soul's transformation plan
    • Celebrate things that go well
    • Thank someone else
    • Seek gratitude in every day    
    Dear People,

    In 2018 I wrote 7 columns during the year for the Delft op Zondag newspaper to help people create a happier, healthier and more relaxed life by following my transformation plan. I've translated them from Dutch to English with small edits. I'm sharing Column number 6 which was published on October 7th 2018.    

    The power of acceptance
    During changes we often notice that our critical voice is very present: impatience and irritation are increased. We see what is going wrong in our efforts to change and that is what we want to change right now or better yet yesterday. If this voice is out of balance, the amount of negativity becomes overwhelming and our energy decreases.

    So always take the time to temper your critical voice by keeping a kind perspective when looking at yourself. Any result that you are not happy with has, after all, yielded experience. There is reason we say: "We learn from our mistakes". Accept this voice, but let it always be respectful. Don’t let it insult or belittle you.

    Get to know the opposite voice: the encouraging voice or the inner cheerleader. In many of us it is insufficiently developed as we haven’t received enough of it from teachers, parents or friends. We all need to have a voice that encourages us, comforts us if we have not succeeded and rejoices when there are results to be celebrated. Take the time to consciously call on this voice regularly, preferably after you have heard your critical voice.

    Once both voices get attention, we will get a more balanced picture and that makes it easier for us to accept our path in life. Maybe you have made a detour, but then you have (possibly) seen something beautiful that you had missed otherwise or learned something important. Your path always differs from that of someone else, but that does not make it any less beautiful.

    Heart and Soul's transformation plan

    • Temper your critical voice
    • Get to know your inner cheerleader
    • Accept yourself and your path

    Continue on to the next step by reading Column 7 or go back and read Column 5.