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Transformation Plan: The power of acceptance

By  Rianne Collignon     April 01, 2019    Labels:, 
Dear People,

In 2018 I wrote 7 columns during the year for the Delft op Zondag newspaper to help people create a happier, healthier and more relaxed life by following my transformation plan. I've translated them from Dutch to English with small edits. I'm sharing Column number 6 which was published on October 7th 2018.    

The power of acceptance
During changes we often notice that our critical voice is very present: impatience and irritation are increased. We see what is going wrong in our efforts to change and that is what we want to change right now or better yet yesterday. If this voice is out of balance, the amount of negativity becomes overwhelming and our energy decreases.

So always take the time to temper your critical voice by keeping a kind perspective when looking at yourself. Any result that you are not happy with has, after all, yielded experience. There is reason we say: "We learn from our mistakes". Accept this voice, but let it always be respectful. Don’t let it insult or belittle you.

Get to know the opposite voice: the encouraging voice or the inner cheerleader. In many of us it is insufficiently developed as we haven’t received enough of it from teachers, parents or friends. We all need to have a voice that encourages us, comforts us if we have not succeeded and rejoices when there are results to be celebrated. Take the time to consciously call on this voice regularly, preferably after you have heard your critical voice.

Once both voices get attention, we will get a more balanced picture and that makes it easier for us to accept our path in life. Maybe you have made a detour, but then you have (possibly) seen something beautiful that you had missed otherwise or learned something important. Your path always differs from that of someone else, but that does not make it any less beautiful.

Heart and Soul's transformation plan

  • Temper your critical voice
  • Get to know your inner cheerleader
  • Accept yourself and your path

Continue on to the next step by reading Column 7 or go back and read Column 5.

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