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Dear People, 

I always get a lot of questions about meditation. If I do it, how often I do it, if it's worth it etc. etc. Most questions come from people who try to meditate a lot to progress in their spiritual journey and are interested how I do it and from people who are struggling to meditate. I've done an Instagram Live answering some common questions and hosting a group meditation, but I love to discus some things on the blog as well.

My meditation practice
If I do a focused meditation, I prefer using my meditation pillow to sit down or laying down in bed. I never do full lotus, as that isn't comfortable for me. I might work up to this yoga position, but for now my focus is on having the time and space to meditate. I also prefer active meditation from Osho, which is standing, dancing and shaking. I also like doing walking meditations and I prefer using a labyrinth or spiral for that. Now that I have a garden, I can do this type of meditation more easily. I also love laughter meditations.
I would say I'd do at least one type of meditation once a week, but I also have daily check ins in which I am mindful and in the moment. I don't meditate daily for a set amount of time, as I have different needs at different times. So sometimes I do many long meditations (1 hour +), while other times I might have 3 small meditations (5 minutes) a week.

Why I meditate
There are many reasons to meditate as it has a lot of benefits, but here is my top 3:
  1. I prefer to have a clear and solid connection to Spirit. Meditating helps me to create clarity and listen to my intuition easily. 
  2. I prefer to process my emotions, worries etc. by meditating. 
  3. I love using meditations in healing work, like shamanic journeys or manifestation meditation

There are many health benefits as well, but these are the ones that make me the happiest.


Why I recommend meditation

Our lives are continuously busy and it's hard to find moments of reflection. It's like we are constantly adding stress, but only rarely removing it. Meditation is a powerful tool to increase intuition (making our lives easier!) and well being. 


I think meditation is for everyone, but finding the right meditation practice for yourself is vital. If you try a focused breath meditation and a few days or weeks in you still haven't reached a meditative trance or space, it's very discouraging. I also feel that different types of meditation also fill different needs, so I prefer a mix, while others might prefer to dive deep in a single meditation practice. 


If you have any questions about meditation, feel free to watch back the Instagram Live and leave a comment there or here. Want to meditate more? Check out my Manifesting Meditations on YouTube and see if they work for you.

Have a question for me about my work, me or my techniques? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.


Dear People,

Kindness is an important force of good, but some of us can struggle with being kind to ourselves or to others. Many of us have heard harsh and critical words and have internalized them. Nobody can take advantage of true kindness, as it's a freely given force, but some of us might feel that way. Time to open up to more kindness, so our world can become more gentle, nicer and happier.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I see the power of kindness
I understand the power of kindness
I feel the power of kindness 
I embrace the power of kindness
I freely share the power of kindness
I am open to being kind to myself
I am willing to be kind to myself
I am regularly kind to myself
I am always kind to myself
I am open to being kind to others
I am willing to be kind to others
I regularly am kind to others
I am always kind to others

I am kind when I make mistakes
I am kind when I am angry at myself
I am kind when I am disappointed in myself 
I am kind when I critique myself
I am kind when I support myself
I am kind when others make mistakes
I am kind when I'm angry at others
I am kind when I'm disappointed in others
I am kind when I critique others
I am kind when I support others
I am a force of kindness in my life
I am a force of kindness in the lives of others
I am a force of kindness in the world
I am kindness

Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by email or publicly online.


Dear people,

Like I've shown on Instagram, I often see people whose energy body looks just like a balloon. All the energy is focused on the head area which is usually working in total overdrive. People feel exhausted, worry a lot and while they work hard they often have limited results in reaching their purpose. We definitely need our energy body to be connected to our hearts and body to create a Flow of Miracles.


You can watch the Breaking Free of Mental Control video and do the True Unity exercise for yourself, but in this blog post I will write some things that you can do in your daily life to help achieve more balance.


Reduce the importance of mental energy/your mind

When you identify with only your mind or your brain, when you make that part of you the boss, you can't get out of balloon people energy. Once you recognize that your mind is often wrong you can start reducing the importance. 


You see that sometimes you thought things through and they still went differently then expected. You noticed how you worried yourself sick about something that never happened or that you were creating scenarios in your mind that were in the end just lost energy and time. Our minds can trick us and are definitely not infallible.


Whenever you feel you are stuck in the mind loop, just reduce it by telling yourself this truth: "My mind won't be 100% correct and it's just creating a possibility that hasn't even happened yet". 

Clarify who the real leader is

Most people who enthroned the Mind as their boss seem confused who should be the decision maker if it's not the Mind. They ask me if they should follow their Heart exclusively then (which, without properly invested mind energy often leads us into bad trouble as well). Curiously nobody ever asked me if they should follow Body, which just shows how disconnected we often are from that beautiful teacher. 


I believe the true leader in your life should be God, any name you prefer to call that higher power. Be it, Spirit, the Universe, Higher Self of whatever fits your world view. Once the true leader is there, you can allow yourself to be balanced and have all of you be a vehicle for growth and signals. 


Your body, heart and mind, your intuition, inner child etc. etc. all of them will work in tandem if you have the correct leader. God will help you balance all your signals/sides and bring you to wholeness. 


So, another option to step out of this trap is to just surrender to God, honor all parts of you and move towards trust. 


Reconnect with your other signals

Focusing on your other signals will help you remember that you aren't supposed to only listen to your mind. Some people do that naturally, and go running to clear their heads or choose to meditate, while others need a little more support. This exercise will help you get a clear view on everything that is happening.


  • Take a piece of paper or record what you are saying
  • Focus on the issue that you are worried about/are overthinking or just on the now
  • Ask what your body has to tell you. Listen to what it feels and what signals it gives (pain/tiredness/hunger/ etc. etc.)
  • Ask what your heart has to tell you. Feel what emotions pop up, move through them until you have your clear message.
  • Ask your Mind to repeat what it has been telling you. Listen to it's conclusions and thoughts.
  • Ask what your intuition has to tell you. Listen to the quiet voice and hear it's message.
  • Ask if any other part of you wants to speak. Listen to what happens.
  • Ask God or your higher power to help you integrate this messages into a step forward (if you have been worried about an issue) or just integrate the message for inner understanding
  • Be thankful
  • Go do your next step or enjoy your new understanding.

If you need more support reach out for an intake to release this imbalance.