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Dear people,

A lot more of us are working from home at the moment and I've heard a lot of people struggling with keeping a healthy routine. It's hard when all of a sudden things are so different in our daily lives and we are juggling many responsibilities. It's natural to feel overwhelmed and to struggle, especially as this situation is bound to continue for more weeks. So today I'm writing about some common pitfalls in working from home that are causing people to overwork.

The three main ways that people are overworking themselves when working from home are:
  1. Compensating for distractions by working longer
  2. Compensating for an unproductive day by working longer
  3. Working longer by forgetting to take breaks
Distractions when working from home
When we work from home a lot of people are annoyed about the many distractions that they have (children, private phone calls, spouses etc.) compared to working from the office. They imagine that they would have completed so much more work if only...

We tend to forget that when we work at the office, we do have distractions as well, just different distractions. Outside distractions like a colleague asking for help, having a little chat with a coworker or client, a question from your boss etc. Or inside distractions like quickly checking your private e-mail, making a small phone call or checking in on social media.

When working from home, many people feel guilty when they have to step away from work, but remember: distractions exist in both situations. You don't have to make up for your distractions by working more hours. If your colleagues do this and you get work mails after your normal work hours, let it sit for the next day if at all possible. Many people work too many hours, instead of not enough hours when working from home, even when it feels you 'hardly worked'.

Having an unproductive day
Sometimes things just don't get done. When we have an unproductive day at the office - this is where it stays. It might have been unproductive due to too much meetings, no focus, no inspiration or many other things. It sucks, we move on. Tomorrow is another day.

However when people work from home and they have an unproductive day - they tend to decide to work longer. They feel that for some reason they have to make it a productive day or compensate for not finishing a project. They often work a lot more hours and start the next day exhausted. There is no reason to compensate for an unproductive day when working from home, because we all have them. End your work day - tomorrow is another day.

Taking breaks
Working from the office there are many natural breaks due to the outside distractions, but also since most of us work in office where we have natural longer walks. The walks to the coffee machine, the toilet or the lunch room are much longer then at home. When you work from your own kitchen table or office, we tend to bring in all our stuff so we won't be distracted, but that also means we lose our natural walks.

It's paramount to take breaks when working from home even though it might feel very unnatural in the beginning. Nobody knows how much break time we usually have at the office, but taking 5-10 minutes every other hour is a good way to start taking breaks. If you feel better, keep them at this level, if you keep feeling unfocused/stressed, increase your breaks.

Creating a healthy routine

My rules for creating a healthy routine:
  1. Have a set start time and end time
  2. Take enough breaks - find your sweet spot
  3. If you don't compensate for it when working from the office - don't compensate for it when working from home
  4. Expect some things to move faster and more productive (less distractions) and others to move slower (no help from colleagues). 
  5. Make your work environment clean, nice and uplifting
It's vital that to keep rule 3 going strong. If your mom called you at work for 20 minutes, do you work 20 minutes longer? No? Don't do it at home if your kid needs you for 20 minutes. If you are 10 minutes late, do you work 10 minutes longer? No? Then ok, you missed your start time, but that can happen.

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Dear people,

This corona virus and it's impact is unprecedented for all of us - I've been helping people keeping a positive outlook during this difficult time. I urge everybody to take precautions and be smart and sensible about your health and others. Hand washing and social isolation is the best way to keep everybody healthy. However, social isolation can be very jarring for people, on top of the stress of job safety, changes in our vacations and in our life. Here are some tips to make your life easier and happier.

Social Isolation
Being along is pretty boring but it's keeping people safe. Don't hesitate to video call, voice call or chat with people. A lot of schools are doing video calling for the kids. It helps to see a friendly face.

If your time is very limited, consider leaving a voice message through WhatsApp or just on somebodies voicemail. It's easier to listen to a message that you can repeat a few times, while doing the dishes or cooking, and still hear how your loved one's are doing. Ask them to send you some voice messages back.

Keep a routine and increase self care
All our normal routines are shattered and it's quite tempting to just slump in the funk of staying inside, waking up late, going to bed late, eating junk food, playing video games etc. etc. However, doing these things will definitely tank your energy and sense of well being.

Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time you normally do. Scrap projects that you don't have time for and increase your self care instead. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Find an outlet for your stress.

Limit news
It can be tempting to feel like you are on top of things by checking news constantly, reading articles and refreshing the website that gives out the number of corona cases. However, spending hours a day on the news will inevitably get you down. More bad news is coming and keeping yourself inundated is going to tank your mood.

Try to check only 1 or 2 times a day and limited your checks to reputable sources.

Create positivity
Take some time to do things that create positivity. There are many companies right now offering quite a few resources that can make you happier and healthier. Listen to beautiful podcasts or audio books that focus on feel good stories or make you laugh.

I've seen some interesting free things from Hay House, which has always published lovely positive books on a number of topics.

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Dear People,

I've been asked this question before but with the current corona virus situation in the world, I felt it was a good idea to write a blog post about it today. The virus has reached Delft, the city of where I live and work, and it's expected that infections will grow. As such, I'm thinking I'd get this question more often in the coming weeks.

Impact of sickness on the healing work
Most sickness doesn't negatively impact your session at all. People are often worried that they won't remember the work that we've done or that they aren't in tip top shape to their part of the work. I can understand these worries, but even if you remember nothing of your session, you will get results. The most you have to do during healing work is answer some questions, so it's fine if you are up to that.

So if you can answer questions, you can make it to the practice in a safe way and you can stay in the room for at least 25 minutes, you can choose to come without any negative consequences to the healing work. Most people will even feel much better after the work, so coming will often speed up the recovery process.

The only exception is if you have a fever, which means I can't massage you (which I sometimes do with healing work).

Of course, often people prefer to either:
  1. reschedule the session for another day
  2. Change the session to a phone session
  3. Change the session to a report session
Impact of your sickness on me
If you are sick I usually have no trouble working with you in a private session, but I do prefer a heads up. Every year I make sure I get my flu vaccine and I don't get sick often. Still, it's nice for me to know what is what, so I can take precautions, change plans I have with family members that are immunocompromised or just reschedule with you.

With corona now in Delft, it's vital that you call me and reschedule your session if you feel any symptoms that mean you suspect you might have corona.

Impact of your sickness on other clients
Since I often work with people who have serious illnesses, if you call to ask if you can come to a group event while sick with something that's contagious, I will say no. That small throat ache or cold can be serious for clients of mine who have COPD for example.

Yes, it's a pity if you can't make it, but let's keep each other safe and healthy.

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