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Dear People,

Often in our lives circumstances aren't like we want them to be. We can feel upset, insecure and unhappy when we don't see any changes happening. We might feel like we are walking the wrong path and give up prematurely or get angry and stop walking. One of the joys of Psychic Life is that you can very clearly see changes coming before they hit the material world, so it's much easier to trust what you are doing. Today I will speak a little bit about this, so you can incorporate it in your own life.


Trust in your birthright 
When so much pain is present in the world, it's often hard to believe that we have a birthright as Souls, where we deserve health, well being, happiness, wealth, positivity etc. People often point me to how some 'undeserving' individuals are rich and some deserving people are really struggling.
I understand where people are coming from, clearly, because I can also see how many people are in dire straights, struggling or barely keeping it together. However, I also know exactly where I've made choices that I knew weren't in my best interests. I could sense that I was acting out of fear, out of anger, out of sabotage and of course those didn't give me the best results. I believe in free will, so I do have the opportunity to deny my birthright if I want. 

Stopping that denial often means facing up where we are acting misguided, where past experiences make us feel undeserving or unloved and where we lost faith. Doing this type of healing work will help us make much better choices and helps us move forward with confidence and faith. 

Proof is also in the pudding, once we've started that fragile moment of trust, we can see results come flowing in. We might stop ourselves again if we feel the results are minimal, but if we don't, we will start receiving our birthright left and right. The more the trust grows, the more rewards we will reap. 

However, trusting in your birthright must go hand in hand with trusting your path.

Trust in your path

If you don't trust in your path and purpose, you will definitely make choices that remove you from your Golden Life, and move you away from your birthright. It's one thing to trust that you'll get everything you need, it's another important thing to be open to making the best choices. 

I wrote a blog post before about the difference between blind faith, practicing listening and openness and making active choices to commit to your path. All of that of course still applies, but trusting in your path can be harder when you don't see results. 

If you knew that you'd find you true love in the next 3 years, it's easier to be single. If you knew you'd find financial stability and a great job within the next 10 months, it's easier to deal with financial struggles in the now. Even so, when you walk your path well, you only know you will reach those goals, but not when. You might find a partner sooner or later, you might find health sooner or later, but you need to continue to move towards it. This is the hardest to do, because we like to see results. But like a plant growing under the ground in winter, there is something there, growing, changing, moving, even when you won't see it yet. 

For me, I often see results 'in spirit' before they materialize in the world. So I might get encouragement from things others find silly or strange, but it helps my trust. Sometimes I dream something that comes true later, I see synchronicity in the problems of clients or in the lives of my friends and family or I just feel something is right.

The more you trust and do the work, the more your results grow. Walking your path can feel super scary, but, it's truly the best way to live. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you find it hard or book a Reading to see when results might materalize.

Want to hear more about my Psychic Life? Ask me a question on the blog, Facebook Fan page or in the practice.


Dear People,

It's hard to let go of control and to surrender to a higher source, be it God/The Universe/Higher Self. We might see in hindsight that we would have been happier with more trust, but in the moment, it's often something to strive for. To believe that letting go brings better rewards and surrendering will help create  much better outcome compared to working hard.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I want to surrender
I want to surrender this problem
I want to surrender this situation
I want to surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self

I am willing to surrender
I am willing to surrender this problem
I am willing to surrender this situation
I am willing to surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self
I trust and surrender
I trust and surrender this problem
I trust and surrender this situation
I trust and surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self

I gracefully surrender
I gracefully surrender this problem
I gracefully surrender this situation
I gracefully surrender to God/the Universe/Higher Self
I surrender to love
I surrender to wisdom
I surrender to trust
I surrender to grace
I surrender to God/Heaven/The Universe
Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by email or publicly online.


Dear People,

With the pandemic going on and the holiday season coming up, it's time to talk about traditions. For a lot of us, traditions that we have established won't work this year. Meeting up with large groups will most likely not be possible, so we have to adjust and adapt. I'm pro revisiting traditions often, because sometimes they become a burden, making us feel obligated and upset, instead of filling us with joy.

Why traditions?
Humans like rituals, like repeating cycles and those help give meaning to our lives. So it's not surprising that all of us have traditions. Some are cultural, some are religious, some are ancestral and some are personal. Traditions help us enjoy, find safety or share experiences.
A lot of times people will tell me they hardly have any traditions, mostly because they become so normal that they don't think they are worth mentioning. Even so, we all celebrate in our own unique ways and we al have things we want to do at certain times. It might be as simple as allowing the person whose birthday it is to choose dinner or as elaborate as a multi day wedding.

Bane or Blessing
When traditions move from a blessing, a shared joy, towards a bane, an obligation filled with guilt, it's often because people decide that the tradition is more important then the person. People then forget why a certain tradition is meaningful or what the original thought was.
For example: if it's tradition that you eat ham at Easter with the family and you don't care that a new family member has allergies, that means the tradition itself (eating ham) is more important then the original thought: sharing good food together.

Another reason traditions become banes is, because often people feel pressured to do the traditional thing, even when it no longer serves them well. Remember that most traditions start in our childhood and if we don't choose to create traditions in when we become an adult, meet a partner, have children or at any other stage in life, that means we'd stay stuck with traditions that no longer serve us. 

It can be daunting to tell your parents that you will no longer spend Christmas Day at their house, but changes in your life will always mean changes in your traditions. Some might be seamless, like having a partner join in, but others might not.

Another reason tradition become banes is when people have opposite traditions and have to figure out what will work for them as a couple. It might be really disappointing to give something up that is meaningful to you. I recommend compromising in traditions, even if it means it becomes every other year, instead of each year. Giving up meaningful traditions permanently breeds resentment and anger.
Check in for traditions
I believe it should become common place to discuss with your partner, your family or your friends if certain traditions still work as intended or if they have to be modified. That group holiday with friends every year might work splendid in college, but not so well once people start having kids. 
By keeping options open and modifying traditions to keep them inclusive, the first person with a changed life, will not feel pressured or obligated, but instead will continue to feel blessed. If making time for each other around Christmas is more important then a specific date, sharing Christmas with more people becomes a blessing instead of an obligation.

Take some time to think on which traditions no longer work for you and ask people around you if they can be modified in a way that works again. After all, following the spirit of a tradition is so much more important than the exact letter of it. 

Be brave, and start new traditions this year! Need some support to change your traditions or want to share your favorite tradition? Ask me for a session or talk to me in the practice.