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Dear People,

Doing Monthly Readings means I get to choose a new Deck every month! This way you will see a lot of different decks that I own. This month I chose the "The Original Angel Cards". The box alas is quite a bit bigger then the cards, but these are so funky that I love them. They often offer a wonderful boost and a smile.

Three Angels that are with me: Humour, Transformation & Respect
No surprise there! Like I said, these cards always bring me a smile. That is, what I as a Healer also try to do. I often have to bring messages that people don't like to hear. We all want good news and sometimes that is not yet what is happening, a lesson must first be learnt.

Transformation is something that always happens when we meet one another. We touch, connect and transform based on what we have heard, felt and experienced. Sometimes those transformations are very vivid and I can see the change in energy, the change in body stance and the change in a person. Sometimes it takes a while to take hold.

Respect is also something that is very important to me. I respect each and every client that comes through the door. I respect myself, by doing my best and trusting that I do what is right.

Three Angels that I should call upon more: Purification, Harmony & Sisterhood/Brotherhood
I used to have a random alarm in my phone to remind me to purify. Now that I went back to the University, I can't have my phone ringing at awkward moments so I put it off. Sadly, I often forget to purify even though I know it's better to do so more often. I guess it is back on my todo-list.

Harmony is something that I always strive for, but sometimes it's hard to see how to create a harmonious situation. I guess I have to call upon this Angel more often to help me out!

Sisterhood/Brotherhood is also an Angel job that I adore. I love finding like minded people and enjoying myself in their company. I'm really looking forward to having the Woman's Cycle start in April and meet more women who are interested in the same issues as I am!

An Angel to pat me on the back (what is going right) and one to warn me (what is not going right): Expectancy & Faith

Expectancy... hmm, that sounds good. I am expecting quite a lot of good things to happen this year as a lot of wheels are in motion. Top of my lists are a few wishes for people close to me, more health for myself and finishing up my studies fast and some partnerships that I am really hoping for.

Well, sometimes it's hard to keep Faith. When you do not see the promised fruits in somebodies life blossom. When you do not know at all if you are doing the right work. Even so, I will work on creating and holding on to more Faith. 
Dear People,

Grounding is a powerful technique that most people already know. They use it before and/or after meditative/spiritual or intuitive work to come back to their bodies and to continue their daily life. I noticed lately that very few people know that grounding can also be a healing tool, especially if you combine it with healing visualizations.

Grounding at it's most basic
Grounding is a return to your body, a return to the now and a return to your senses. It can be achieved by a variety of means: eating or drinking, doing some exercise, jumping, dancing or anything else physical. It can also be achieved by visualizations like for example growing roots down to earth.

Grounding in itself makes sure you feel centered, stable, comfortable and relaxed. As a technique it's also used after rape or abuse situations to combat disassociation and stay connected to yourself.  

Grounding as a Healing Tool
Centered, stable comfortable and relaxed sounds great, so why don't people ground more regularly? We often feel that the only time we 'leave' our bodies is if we do intuitive work, meditation or other spiritual practices. If we are aware and energy conscious we notice that most of our energy seems to be 'outside', so it's a good idea to get it back in. However, in our daily lives a lot of times our energy can be imbalanced (too much in the head, heart or stomach area) or outside of ourselves (too much towards others).

That's exactly why Grounding Regularly can help you heal in powerful ways. Your energy will be balanced within you and can be used to heal and strengthen yourself. Even better: you can combine your grounding work with adding extra healing energy, releasing trauma's and much more!

Grounding Exercise with added Energy and Cleansing
This is my most used Grounding exercise when I need to add some energy and start my day balanced and clean.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable and relaxed and start feeling your whole body
  • Feel your body from the top of your head, down towards your feet
  • Let roots grow from your feet down into the earth
  • They grow longer and longer, hitting the middle of the earth
  • Let the roots feed you and feel the energy from the middle of the earth up your roots, until it reaches the top of your head
  • Enjoy the lovely earth energy within your whole body 
  • Retract your roots from the middle of the earth and up into your body until they are completely absorbed
  • From up above, feel a shower of light fall down upon your body
  • Feel that shower cleanse your body completely
  • Take a few breaths and slowly open your eyes
Grounding Exercise with added Strength
Sometimes what we need is not so much healing of the body, as in the previous exercise, but healing of the heart. This exercise can of course be combined with the previous one. If you find yourself needlessly worrying about things beyond your control or if you are in emotional turmoil, doing this exercise regularly will certainly give you great benefits.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable and relaxed and start feeling your whole body
  • Feel your hurting head and imagine all your worries centered there
  • Feel how a bridge is formed between your worries and the Love of God/The Universe/Guides/Angels etc.
  • See how all your worries are moved unto that bridge to the other side
  • Hear in your head the words: "We will take care of you, just be open to guidance"
  • Take a few breaths and repeat the mantra until your worries have melted away
After this section, it can be that you will receive guidance on what to do concerning your troubles or you mind just feel peace and know that one way or another, it will be resolved.  

  • Feel your hurting heart and again allow a bridge to be formed between your hurt and the  Love of God/The Universe/Guides/Angels etc.
  • Allow your hurt to be moved unto the bridge
  • Feel in your heart the words: "You are not meant to be in pain, learn the lesson and move on"
  • Take a few breaths and repeat the mantra until your hurt has melted away
  • Allow yourself to be cocooned in light and strength
  • When you feel up to life again, take a few breaths and slowly open your eyes 
Enjoy the exercises! If you want to have a guided exercise, try out the Manifestation Meditation: Grounding on my YouTube Channel. Do you want to share your experiences with grounding or ask me questions about thsi technique? You can email me, post a comment on the blog or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.
Dear People,

I was planning on doing this Reading a little sooner, it's now already mid March instead of mid February. Sadly, life threw a bit of a spanner in the works, so it had to be postponed. While I am sad that means I didn't completely hold to my pledge of a Reading a Month, I do believe that with promises, taking care of ourselves first and the promise later, is the way to go. I hope to do an extra Reading this Month.

I had the idea to focus on Archetypes this time, so I worked with Caroline Myss's Archetype Cards. She has done very interesting work on the archetypes that we all have in us and in working with them to better ourselves.

What Archetype do I have to embody more to be a better Psychic Healer? Midas/Miser
The Card reads: Light Attribute: Entrepreneurial or creative ability to turn anything to gold. Delight in sharing life's riches. Shadow Attribute: Hoarding money and emotions. Obsessive fear of losing your wealth.

It was very interesting to me to see this Archetype pop up. I had of course expected one of the many archetypes that focus on healing (Shapeshifter, Guide, Mystic) to pop up and to work with that. Instead the archetype focusing on money and creative ability, the Midas/Miser card showed it's face.

Not surprisingly (coincidence does not truly exist), today I talked with a client about money issues that she was facing. We talked about asking a fair price for your services, even when this can be scary. Will clients show up or turn away? However, a good Psychic Healer (and a good professional!) takes good care of him/herself as it's otherwise not sustainable to keep doing the work. And ending a practice is a loss for the world.

For me personally, I know that money is not and will never be, my first concern. My first concern is to deliver excellent service and excellent results. However, if I want to sustain my work, I need to treat it with the respect it deserves. So I do need to see that the work I do gives me enough money. This has lead to some problems in the past when I have to choose between what is profitable and what I would love to do. Currently, I'm seeing that a lot of things I love to do become more and more profitable. So, I do feel a bit like Midas, seeing everything I touch turn into gold. This card is therefore also a thankful reminder that I'm on the right path.

I'm being asked to trust myself and to delight myself and others, while at the same time making sure I do what's right by myself. So my personal resolution is to look closely at the monetary flows for a bit, to make sure that my time and energy does pay off!

What Archetype do I have to let go off to be a better Psychic Healer? Detective
The Card reads: Light Attribute: Great powers of observation and intuition. Desire to seek out the Truth. Shadow Attribute: voyeurism. Falsifying information.

No surprises here. I often tell people have strict boundaries so I do not turn to voyeurism in their lives. That I do not look at things consciously unless I'm asked to look for them. It's so easy to sneak into somebodies life and see what they are going through or will be going through. You tell yourself that you are just worried... that you care... and down the rabbit hole you go.

While I don't really experience this that much with clients, with people I deeply love and who are very close to me it's another matter. I like to bring my troubled mind at ease! I'm definitely going to do some healing work to bring this archetype back into balance.

Another part of this dark side of this Archetype is Falsifying Information. I don't really approve of falsifying information, but sometimes, it's hard to see what is the better option: the truth of the lie. Suppose that you have got an intuitive vibe that somebody is going to miscarry. They ask you directly if you have had such a vibe. How do you answer? If you say yes, you give a huge amount of stress and your vibe might be wrong! If you say no, you lie. These are the kind of situations in which people tell me: "I'm so glad I'm not Psychic!".

I will definitely meditate on this some more, although I think the best option is to ask your Guides, Heaven or your Higher Self what  is the best thing to do and to just trust that. I'm human however, so sometimes the urge to say you "didn't sense a thing", is very strong.

From experience, I also know that a lot of people are tempted to give better news than what they are sensing. That is one of the pitfalls of Psychics that I never fell into. I guess this is because I do not think that giving bad news is the problem. Giving bad news without options on how to solve a situation is a problem. So if a clients hearts wish is not going to happen, I search for ways to make it happen, but will never tell them that it 'just will as long as they are open to it'.

On a personal level, I also think that giving this archetype a bit of a rest now and again is good! Once you sense so much, it's easy to keep on searching for the truth and dissect the lives of your friends and family. It will be my resolution this month to balance this Archetype in all it's aspects.

What Archetype do I need? Don Juan
The Card reads: Light Attribute: Spotlights your positive seductive qualities Shadow Attribute: Using the power of romantic attraction for private agendas.

I always love to ask an open ended question in my own Readings, sometimes I call it extra insight or special wisdom, sometimes it's an open invitation to show me what I need.

Personally, I love the Don Juan Archetype in it's light state. It's that special feeling that sweeps you off your feet, that someone who can make you swoon or that special feeling you get when you are all ready to go out and conquer the world.

Time to entice people to see the worth in what I do!