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Dear People,

Time to answer a few questions about one of my gifts that isn't talked about much. I don't really advertise that part of my services, but most people know somehow that I do this type of work. I do find it important, so here are some questions I have been asked. What am I talking about? Mediumship.

Can you reach people who are deceased?
I can never give a 100% guarantee that I will be able to connect to a specific person.
I am almost always willing to try. I am able to reach most people who are deceased.

Does the time of the passing matter?
Not for me, but I do notice the following: Most people who have recently died will try to make themselves known to their loved ones. During this time people can have dreams or feelings and most often report seeing butterflies, lights flickering or the TV turning itself on or off. Smelling scents they connect to the deceased or just feeling a presence.
After this period, it usually becomes much harder to reach your loved one for a time. During this time the deceased is usually going through some type of cleansing of the soul and often in this time stage people seek a Medium. If this cleanse is finished, it becomes easier again to contact somebody and they often have a milder and wiser view of life.

How do you know you connected to a specific individual?
Usually I feel how they have passed. Sometimes I get complete names of other family members or characteristics that people recognize. Often I can describe a complete picture of the deceased persons personality.
If I get names that don't make sense of pieces that I can't seem to connect, I usually do write those down in my reports and/or tell them to my clients. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to me, but it does make sense to my client. Sometimes it doesn't fall into place until later.

Once you have connected, what do you do?
I ask for any messages that they would like to give. Most of the time the messages are specific, to the point and in the 'voice' of the deceased. Sometimes those messages are universal (for example: parents being proud, brothers telling sisters not to worry so much), but often they are based on unfinished business (for example property that they want sold, specific advice on items) or sending on a personal message. After that, I ask the person who is with me if they want to ask any questions and relay any answers I get.

What if you can't connect?
I used to refund the money, but in time, I've chosen to warn people in advance what this type of sessions entails and let them take the risk if they want to. Only if I hear from my Guides that contact is very unlikely to come to pass, I won't book a session and would give a recommended period to wait. 

Why do you think you can't connect?
We think that after somebody has passed, that they have 'nothing to do'. Most of the time, that's not true. Souls have to learn their lessons, release feelings and reconnect to their purpose. I can ask, but I can't force. Very rarely I'm not in optimum condition (flu etc.). If so, I won't do the session and will cancel in advance. For this type of session I need to be in optimum condition.   
Why do you generally don't advertise these sessions?
Doing these types of sessions takes a lot of energy and they are often very emotional. Sometimes people come to me while they are still very much in the grieving process and other times the messages given are very personal. As such, this isn't a service where I'd have to strongly limit the amount of sessions I do. So it's not worth it to me to advertise them, except on Halloween.

During Halloween it's much easier to connect to the deceased, so that means I will spend a lot less energy compared to other times of the year. I often have people in tears from the Halloween Reading that they received. 
Why would I book a Mediumship session or Halloween Reading?
Some clients have some unanswered questions or unfinished business and would like to still connect to their deceased loved one's. Others just want to hear the guidance clearly or ask questions. For some, it's part of honoring their loved one's to try to reconnect after death. 

I have found that these Readings or sessions have brought great peace and joy to clients. It's a comfort to know that love transcends all.
This article was updated in 2022 to reflect what I currently offer. If you have question you'd like to ask me about mediumship or if you have another question for me send me an email or talk to me through the socials by leave a comment on my Blog, Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.
Dear People,

Well January definitely went differently then I would have thought. Normally I do not have such long vacations, but now I was really needed elsewhere. The weight loss course has started with a wonderful new group and I'm back on track with articles and the Facebook Fan Page.
So now it's time to do a Reading for the practice again. I don't have any specific questions in mind so I decided to do a free flow Reading.

A free flow Reading has no questions or set positions. I love doing them when I do want some information, but when I do not think I know the appropriate questions to ask. They are nice to check in with guidance. I decide to use my Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters for this Reading.

I chose 3 Cards and received: The Angel of Being: My Soul rests in the truth that my being is eternal, The Arch Angel Metatron: I am united with the source of all goodness, love and creativity and the Angel of Discernment: Through the grace of the divine I am able to know the right path.

What instantly strikes me is the Angel of Discernment, for the practice, it's very important that I am connected with true guidance and am able to tell people of the path that brings them to healing, health, well being and balance. I often feel that I'm aided very strongly, especially since sessions never drain me. It reminds me however, that I can also ask consciously for help. I do prepare sessions in advance, but almost never ask for help. This is definitely a good idea to do in the future. I know help is always available to me.

Metatron for me, is an Archangel I do not often call upon. I worked extensively with Michael to support healthy boundaries, to work on being assertive and to stand up for myself. I worked with Gabriel to clear Chakras and energy fields and with Raphael to promote healing. Metatron for me is the healer teacher, the voice of reason and love. I will call upon him more in the future and this week to promote balance and to get my voice out there. I have been making progress in promoting myself more, but I feel that it's possible to receive better results and to do more.

The Angel of Being is all about being at ease with who you are. It features a Mandala which is quite funny to me, as recently somebody asked me if I still did Mandala work as one popped up in a Reading for me. I do believe that I am called to do more creator work and the Angel of Being is excellent Guide to help me in that. I think I will create a few Wish Mandalas for myself soon.

All in All some interesting areas to spend more time and energy in. The Angels do tell me that many things are moving in the right direction for me, so I'm grateful and content.
Dear People,

It's February not January, but I'm almost back on track so here is a new article for all of you to enjoy.
Asking for a Miracle is the to-do method when you do not truly see the answer. We all have those situations in our lives where we feel helpless and it seems like they won't end. Whether it's a house you really want to sell that can't seem to attract a buyer, a job that won't materialize while you are still unemployed or that wonderful partner that you want but never seem to meet, Miracle Work is for you!

What is a Miracle?
A Miracle is something wonderful and good that you did not see coming. It can be the result of years of hard work, but it can also be something you feel you did nothing for. A Miracle is usually attributed to a divine being or saint, but like many people I believe that we are divine beings as well. So, a Miracle can be created or facilitated by you.

Sometimes, I do see a Miracle coming into a person's life. Often, these are the predictions that people are the most reluctant to believe. It's because Miracles are spectacular and go beyond common sense. Telling a person that after 2 years of job seeking they will land the job they want, well, that sounds too unlikely to believe. That sounds like... a Miracle!

So in fact, a Miracle is that ray of sunshine that you can't seem to find, because all you see is clouds.

Difference between Miracle Work and doing nothing
Often when I talk about Miracle Work, people are wondering if I'm talking about doing nothing. In theory, saying that a ray of sun will hit you from behind the clouds, means you really don't have to do anything because it will hit you. True, Miracles can happen at any time, but doing a bit of work to make them happen faster or easier is worth it.

Miracle Work

Choose the Miracle you need and describe it as open ended as possible. If you are looking for a romantic partner, don't fill in what type of attributes or habits that partner needs to have, just write: "A romantic partner that is right for me". If you are looking for a job, don't fill in the blanks, but ask for a job that is right for you.

Now that you have ascertained what type of Miracle you want and need, it's time to start welcoming it into your life. You can choose to write it down where you can see it regularly (like your planner or a noticeboard) or write it down often. Doing this will ensure that you will continue to spend positive energy towards your Miracle and that you will continue to contemplate ways that it might occur.

Ever week or so, describe what you see changing in your life concerning the area of your life that pertains your Miracle. This will allow your conscious mind to tell you about results and new ways of making your Miracle happen. Be grateful and welcome them into your life. Take the time to feel the energy and where it's going. Keep up the belief that your Miracle is coming.

For me, some small Miracles (like creating opportunities) will appear within 1 or 2 weeks. I haven't worked on Miracles that take longer yet. Except for getting healthy, which is reaching the 8 year bench mark. However, each year I would see positive results and be grateful for them.

Currently, I am working with a Miracle Planner. It's a year planner in which every week I write down what kind of Miracles I am looking for and at the end of the week write about the opportunities, results and thoughts have come my way. So far, many Miracles have happened already in the past 6 weeks so I'm very grateful.
I really encourage everybody to do their own Miracle work! It's extremely worthwhile and fun. If you start doing Miracle work and want some help or share your results, don't hesitate to write a comment on the Blog or Facebook Page!