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Dear people,

Guilt keeps us a prisoner of the past: we can't turn back time to undo what we feel so guilty about. Underlying guilt can create unhealthy behavior as we are seeking punishment for what we feel guilty about or try to compensate for our guilt by self sacrifice. While everybody knows how important forgiveness is, not many people take the time to examine their guilt and their behavior. So let's move past guilt today.


Guilt is a manufactured emotion

When I first heard that guilt was a manufactured emotion I was stunned. Surely that can't be true. Guilt is like any other emotion that just popped up in my life. Once I took some time to examine that, I realized however that it is true. We choose how guilty we feel about our behavior. We can feel extreme guilt over the smallest things: like forgetting somebodies birthday or being 5 minutes late. Or feel no guilt at all for behavior that objectively isn't very good, like cheating a company out of money or hurting another person. 


Our beliefs are the deciding factor in how much guilt we feel. If we are able to give ourselves "reasons" for our behavior, we might feel hardly any guilt. If we believe we did something deeply wrong, even if the other person forgives us, we might be consumed by guilt for a long time. So yes, how much guilt you feel is absolutely a choice.


Guilt forming beliefs

Once you know that you choose how guilty you feel, you can see what beliefs create more and more guilt. Beliefs around not being able to make mistakes, not allowing yourself to be human and having to be perfect create guilt. Beliefs around being not good enough and needing to be the hero or the fixer create more guilt. Beliefs about what is an unforgivable mistake or action only create more guilt. 


Take some time to think on what you are doing to yourself with those beliefs. Guilt never leads to a better outcome. I highly recommend releasing all guilt forming beliefs as soon as possible.

The two paths of guilt

Generally speaking, there are two ways that make us feel guilty. 


The first path is us not doing something or doing something that we see as bad. So this is all about us, what we have decided about ourselves and our behavior. We might be able to hide our own judgement a little bit, but once you feel guilt, there was a judgement involved. If you walk this path, it's important that you practice self-forgiveness, find out where you are self sabotaging and move forward into more self love. 


The second path is where we feel we failed somebody else's expectations and that makes us feel guilt tripped. Sometimes people really lay on the guilt thick, but other times they can accept our no, but we still feel guilty. Once somebody else is involved, we can project our anger onto them (they shouldn't have asked) and become resentful. We can also hide into self sacrifice, which we still feel guilty about, because we know we didn't really want to help. If you walk this path, it's important you forgive everybody involved and heal the wound within that made you feel that you owed something to the other person. 


Guilt Exercise

Find some time to sit down and really listen to what's going on with your own guilt. I recommend you take at least 30 minutes. However guilt is super uncomfortable, so if you only manage to take 5 minutes, take 5 minutes.


  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe in and out
  • Feel how much guilt you are carrying
  • Feel how it's dampening your soul expression 
  • Feel how it's keeping you from being free
  • Feel how it's with holding the power of innocence
  • Ask your Guides or Angels to help you release all this guilt
  • Set your intention to release as much as you can handle
  • Imagine your guilt being removed bit by bit while you gently breathe out
  • Let light enter the places formerly clouded by guilt
  • Allow that light to show you what wisdom is there for you
  • Accept the gifts that now come to light by breathing in gently
  • Breath in and out until you feel centered and happy
  • Open your eyes 


If you want some more help releasing guilt, check out my YouTube video and do the True Unity exercise or ask me for an intake.