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Dear People,

I often get questions regarding the e-mail Readings or One Question - One Answer service I provide. This blog post is going to answer some of these questions, but if you have more, don't hesitate to ask them.

How does ordering a Reading work?
I receive a request by e-mail, telephone or in the practice that you want to have a Reading. I then ask you if you have a specific question or theme for the Reading or if you want me to check what is important to know for you right now. After everything is agreed I send payment details (those are not on the website for security reasons). As soon as payment is confirmed I will do the Reading and send you a report including pictures by e-mail within 7 business days.

What is the difference between a question and a theme?
A theme is a broader look at what is going on and can give surprising insights, because often it answers the questions we didn't think to ask.

Some examples: suppose you are single and want a Reading on the theme Love. You can receive answers focusing on actions you can take, answers focusing on inner healing, answers focusing on who is near you that likes you but that you don't know about or answers focusing on healing the past. If you had asked the question: "What can I do to find love?", you would have received answers only focusing on the actions you could take.

Suppose you have a health issue and you want a Reading on the theme Health. You can receive answers focusing on actions you can take, answers focusing on the root cause for a specific health issue, answers focusing on outside help that is available, answers focusing on things that are negatively impacting your health and should be addressed. If you had asked the question: "What is causing this health issue?, you would have received answers only focusing on the cause of a specific health issue.

I generally advise: If you want to have a broader view or are afraid that you are missing something ask for a theme, if you want a specific answer to a specific question, ask a question.

How do I know what question to ask?
Usually people have good idea of what type of answer they want to receive. They might want to know if a certain opportunity is a good one or if a relationship can be saved or what the cause is for a specific illness. So, even if you have trouble formulating the question, tell me what type of answer you are looking for and I will help you find a question that most likely fits your answers.

What does an e-mail Reading consist of?
You will receive a PDF file containing a front cover stating the date and my contact info. The first page is an energy scan of the situation, theme or question you have asked me. This often talks about blockages that can be felt and most of the time gives some small advice. After that, the question or theme is written down and I will include the name of the Deck I've used plus a picture of your specific Cards followed by their interpretation. Usually the Reading is between 3-4 pages long.

What is the difference between an e-mail Reading and a Reading by phone or in person?
The advantages of having a Reading done by e-mail is that it's the cheapest option (for a smaller Reading) and that you don't have to schedule time to meet with me. You just go about your day and receive the Reading when it's done. Also, you can re-read the Reading whenever you want and often people tell me it has gained in insight upon reflection.

The disadvantages are that during a Reading by e-mail you can't ask additional questions or clarification. Sometimes answers spark multiple questions or aren't clear enough so then it's very helpful that you can talk to me. To mitigate this I always allow people to ask questions after a Reading concerning clarifying things I have written. If you want additional clarification or have additional questions, you will have to order a new Reading or a session.

Have some more questions about e-mail Readings? Don't hesitate to ask on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail.
Dear People,

Often we look at our lives at this particular moment and we see what we don't have. We might miss a romantic partner, money or health. We see what isn't right for us at the moment and we can stay focused on what is missing. When we do that, we miss out on opportunities to change, grow and learn. This exercise is a mix of gratitude and growth to make the most of your now, read it completely and then schedule between 10-20 minutes to do it.

Embracing the Now
  • Make sure all distractions are set aside (mobile phone off etc.)
  • Find a comfortable meditation position (sitting, lotus, half lotus, laying down)
  • Close your eyes
  • The sentence: I fully embrace X, at this moment, and embrace what I have done in the past to be here now, as well as any lessons I need to learn in the future will be repeated until you are calm and clear. Substitute X for all that you need to embrace.
  • First, fully, embrace your body as it is now
  • Secondly, fully embrace your mind as it is now 
  • Thirdly, fully embrace your heart as it is now
  • Once you have done the basics, you can embrace your work life, your family life, your romantic life etc. etc. It's easier to start with things that don't bother you as much and work up to things in the now that bother you. 
  • I usually end with: I embrace all, because I trust Heaven's Plan for me, but you can substitute to The Universe's Plan, God, My Higher Self, The Creator in Me or whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • Open your eyes
  • Drink some water to ground and eat something or do a grounding exercise
I usually do this type of exercise when my life is a bit chaotic and it's hard to see the road ahead and to stay balanced. It helps ground you in the realization that you have created these experiences for yourself and you can learn and create better one's. It also helps to accept what is going on so you can focus your energy on moving forward instead of feeling upset, hurt or in pain.

If you gave this exercise a try, you can share your experiences on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail!