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Dear People,

Well, the Monthly Readings aren't really on time that much anymore, but I do quite like them so I will suffer the fact that I seem to be always 1 Month behind! For this Reading I chose the Housewives Tarot. I adore this little Deck because it's spunky, retro and funny. I decided to go with the big Spread called: "The Martini" (did I mention funny already?) for this Reading which you guessed already, is in the shape of a Martini.

What is the Practice present position: The Empress
Oh, a lovely lovely Major Arcana. In this Deck she is represented by an older mom figure which holds up a book called: Recipes for Success". I do find that the practice is very succesfull at the moment. I'm adoring my clients, the workshops and the courses, but... I don't think I'm there yet! She has a lot of food on the table and that sadly, isn't the case yet for me!

What is my present expectation: Nine of Pentacles Rx
This card shows a woman who has a dishwasher for a body, picking out just on plate, but she is busy with many inside of her. Yes, I do expect a lot of work! I hope to not be the only one though, and have some help getting those plates (ideas, opportunities) out. I still have some workshops and other things on the slow burn. I don't think they will move along as quickly as I would like.

What is the unexpected that may happen: The Emperor
Oh, that's funny, the Empress and the Emperor are both next to each other now. Well, it would be a nice surprise to have someone take a strong interest in the Practice and to build something together! I have an inkling who this might be, but I'm not telling...

What is the Practice's Past: The Devil Rx
Many people do not like the Devil as a card, but in this Deck she is a chocolate pie, but sexy legs! I always grin when I see her. The Devil is not such a bad card at all, although it might shock. I've been working with Cards for years, so I know how to get the important message from each of them.
Devil in this Deck is really about materialism and I know it hasn't been about that for me in the past - hence the hike up in price to make things work for me. It's an admonishment that I have to take into account that I need to earn enough to live! 

What is in the Practice's Future: 8 of Cups
This card shows a woman wiping her forehead and a stack of 8 Cups. Phew, it looks like a lot of work is in the future. As well as some decision making - 8 Cups are too much for me. Although perfect for workshops (in which 8 people is my max).

Difficulties I'm facing: 9 of Wands
Funny how 9 of Wands is the typical exhaustion card, although in this case the woman looks totally zen on top of a ladder. I do need to choose were to put in my time and energy though, echoing the future Card. All in all, not the toughest difficulty to face!

My responsibilities: 6 of Pentacles Rx
This Card seems to depict Halloween, with a child dressed up like a little Devil in front of a plate of cookies. Hmmm, it's my responsibility to keep things between me and my clients even. Sometimes I wish I could work for free and I do a lot of things on the side, but it can't always be that way - or I'd have no cookies left.

What will oppose me: Wheel of Fortune
Sometimes things are just luck of the draw. No matter how well prepared you are - sometimes 2 people turn up sick and your workshop consists of 1 person only. Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with unpredictability, as I tend to predict quite a lot. I guess I will have to deal with it!

What will help me: Page of Cups Rx
A lovely boy is watering Sunflowers! Although I might not always see the results of my clients spreading the word about me, I do know that they do. It might be a bit delayed, but, loving comments will help me move forward.

Hope and Fears: 8 of Wands Rx
When I saw this card I really had to laugh - this one of my old pitfalls. I always worry that things aren't going fast enough or are going too fast! Balance is important to me, but I do need to let go and move with the Flow some more!

What Course of Action to take: 4 of Cups
A woman backs away from a huge offered glass filled with some cocktail and a sword. It shows me that I have to work on accepting new things in my life and at the same time, make sure I do not overdo it. The Cup is almost as big as the woman!

Surroundings or how others see you: The Sun
Oh, such a sweet card, a man is looking pleased being served a good plate of food and a sun with two eggs for eyes is shining above him. So good to know that people around me love my energy and good nature and the nurture I bring.

What you will achieve: 8 of Swords Rx
The poor woman is strapped to a pick and used to serve up an olive. Well, I'm glad if I will achieve the fact that I won't be in there! It shows me that I have to be careful what choices and decisions I make, so I won't end up here.

The message seems to be very clear: a very balanced Spread with Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles and quite some Majors. I have to make some important decisions about the direction of the practice, workshops and classes I'm going to give (and take) and to make sure I don't overdo it!
Dear People,

I decided to start a new series, besides the Questions from the Practice, Healing Thoughts and Monthly Readings. This is because I noted that many people seem to think that a Psychics Life is really hard and tell me often they wouldn't want to have mine. They are concerned about the repercussions of knowing so much information about others and dealing with so many feelings besides your own. While it's true that sometimes things can be hard, most of the time being a Psychic is FANTASTIC. In this series I will tell you what is really wonderful about my Psychic Life!

Joys of a Psychic Life: Gift Giving
I often hear from people how hard it is to find that perfect gift for your spouse, loved one or that colleague that you hardly know but turns 50 in a few weeks. Maybe you recognize this in your own life too! However, for me, Gift Giving is often extremely easy. This happens because of several Psychic Gifts I have.

The Idea Connection
As a Psychic my intuition is sky high - which often means that when I think about a person and think about the occasion the idea just pops into my head! Oh, I just have to get this for him/her and it will be PERFECT.

Often people are surprised at what I come up with, because it was something they just thought about the other day! Now how did I know that? This usually gives me a satisfied grin!

Push in the right Direction
Sometimes I do not have a good idea pop into my head. I sometimes ask people what they want to have or if they have some gift ideas. Some want money, so then I just spend my time looking for a nice card. So here I am, a bit out of sorts that my idea hasn't popped yet, when I find myself holding an item that I just know is PERFECT.

Sometimes I find myself in front of a store and I don't quite get what I need to do there, but then the perfect gift is there. Just the right push!

So yes, I get a lot of compliments on the gifts I select, even though, contrary to most people, I usually don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Sometimes however, I do think about it, meaning I then mess up and buy something that isn't that wanted! It always reminds me to just take a break and let my intuition take over.
Dear People,

I had done quite a bit of Readings for myself lately but haven't had the time to blog about it. Wednesday the 30th of May I had a lovely evening and a question popped up that I wanted to review. I often hear that it's appreciated that I also doing work during workshops. So, while everybody is spilling the beans, sharing personal stories and being vulnerable, so am I. There is an enormous strength in just being yourself!

Last week's workshop was about strength in women and I admitted that I often have difficulty seeing myself as wise. Even though it's one of the compliments I receive the most in my practice (wise, understanding, old soul), I find it hard to accept.

There are many teachings that say that a wise person knows that we know nothing or almost nothing. Compared to all the knowledge that is in the world, we are small. While this is of course true, the Archetype of the Crone, the wise woman, wise through experience, is a different wisdom altogether.

I did learn a lot from my life - difficult as it has been - so we all decreed it was time for me to own that Archetype. Especially since they informed me that I do own the knowledge - by sharing it through workshops, blog posts and sessions - and I do acknowledge that. So, this strange split has to be solved.

Since it's Archetype Work I chose the Archetype Cards from Carolyn Myss that I used before to do my Reading.

What Archetype is blocking me from owning the Crone: Bully
The Card reads: Light Attributes: Highlights your tendency to intimidate others. Helps you confront the inner fears that bully you. Shadow Attribute: Conceals deep fears behind verbal or physical abuse.

Quite an interesting card and I can see how this fits. At first I was quite surprised to learn that some people find me intimidating or scary. Mostly this is due to my talents - but since I was born with them and they grow as I do - I find them normal. I had to learn how to deal with owning my power and putting people more at ease.

Crone Archetypes can be intimidating too. Having that kind of knowledge brings with it a certain type of power - will and strength. A large part of me doesn't like to be intimidating. I don't like the thought of me as a bully or as a know-it-all. I don't like being intimidated myself either! However, all power will be intimidating.

What Archetype will help me to own the Crone: Seeker
The Card reads: Light Attribute: Thirst for wisdom and truth wherever they are. Shadow Attribute: Inability to commit to a path once found.

Well, that's easy and true! I will always be a Seeker - someone who wants to continue to learn - to discover - to find. It's not hard to see how Crone and Seeker complement each other. Both have a thirst for wisdom. The Seeker by going out to seek it in places without themselves - the Crone by going in to seek it in places within themselves.

Now that I can see them both together - I'm sure I have an easier time seeing them both within me!