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Dear People,

Often people will find their way into my practice when they have searched long and hard for a solution to their health problems. Some clients are familiar with my work and will book a session to get help with a new problem. Only rarely do I receive clients who find it important to prevent problems. Isn't it strange that we have a yearly check up for our car, but not for ourselves?

Check in ~ Check up Session
So here you are, wanting to prevent small hiccups from becoming larger problems or checking what you can do to make your life better. I will check in on the energy field first and see what type of disturbances I detect. Mostly these are small things that might get bigger if they remain unattended. This can be an emotion that hasn't been released (for example: anger, sadness, frustration, pain) or a next level in healing an old deep wound.

After the energy field is cleared I will check up on spiritual nudges. I check what type of road is before you and how you can transverse it in the best way. Most of the time people have gotten small acknowledgements that they should make changes, but haven't acted on them yet. It's helpful to receive some clear instructions on how to move forward and get confirmation on some things you already know deep down. It's very freeing to be able to move forward.

Most of the time I have some extra time left in the session and I help people attune to higher energy fields available to them. Depending on their specific challenges I can help people attune to Trust, to increase the trust in themselves and others, to Love, Healing, Joy or whatever is needed. Most clients will feel extreme warmth and energy flow into them and are in awe that they can connect to such high vibrant energy.

Prevention Exercise
Take some time to connect to your own higher guidance.

Pick up a pencil and start writing a list of what is going on in your life right now

Which parts of your life do you feel will cause problems in the near future?

What can you do to resolve them before it becomes a destructive force or energy leak?

What lessons/patterns are coming back to be relearned or released?

What energy do you need to move forward or inward?

In gratitude release yourself and/or ground yourself.

Have a beautiful prevention story? Share it in the comments or on the Facebook Fan Page!
Dear People,

Well, this is the Reading for May. I have been a bit busy preparing for the party on Saturday. Really looking forward to celebrating with my clients and enjoy some tea and sweets. So, I decided to do a Reading focusing on mostly the past few years. I chose the Tarot of Dreams because it's very beautiful. I don't work with it often as it is quite large.

Year 0 (2008): Knight of Cups Rx
I still remember the start of my company. It was very hard to be confident that I could start up, because I still had major health challenges and no experience starting a business. I still felt it was the right thing to do to start sharing my Healing with the world. Many of my friends had seen me get healthier and had inquired as to my methods. I decided to take the leap and rent an office space.

I remember the idealistic happiness of knowing I was starting on the right path even though I was very doubtful it would work financially. Faith and trust are hard when you have seen no concrete evidence.

Year 1 (2009): King of Coins Rx
This is the year I moved to a new location and changed my name. I was surprised I was making more money then I thought as most people told me you won't turn a profit for the first 3 years at least. Even thought it was a very modest profit, I felt very proud. I also continued working and refining new techniques.

I was glad to move to a better location and to start fresh. I remember how happy I was to furnish the new space even though it was larger and more costly then I would have liked. I loved my new name and website.

Year 2 (2010): Page of Wands Rx
This was the year where I had to look and see that things weren't going as well as I hoped. I had to look carefully and see that I was putting in a lot of time and effort, but financially I wasn't receiving the right returns. I saw that if I kept this up, I wouldn't be able to continue the practice. So a price raise was necessary and I was lucky to move within the building to a smaller practice to save costs.

In 2010 I had to make some hard choices and temper my love for my work and my enthusiasm for what I was doing with smart choices. I did a lot of workshops in different locations to see what would work for me and for my clients.

Year 3 (2011) 10 of Swords Rx
2011 was a bit of a rebirth for me, transforming things and feeling better with the results. I started a course for weight loss that was fun and effective and was rebuilding on a more stable financial basis. I had to cut out things that weren't working for me. I remember when I started I wanted to try everything: networking meetings, advertising, new workshops, you name it, I was up for it. I noticed however that not everything was coming to fruition and if I didn't want to run empty, I had to make choices.

I started slimming down on what wasn't working in 2011 and seeing what direction I wanted to take. It certainly was slower going then I had hoped, but I was happy to do so. Word also started to spread about the transformative work I do, bringing in new clients.

Year 4 (2012) 7 of Coins
Last year I advertised more often as I wanted the practice to grow and me with it. I also picked up my studies, so it certainly was a busy year. Not everything got to fruition, but I still was happily assessing the situation and building a better future.

I received more feedback from clients on the work I do, started working on creating more of a web presence with the Blog and the Facebook Fan Page. Financially it wasn't the best year, as I had a lot of expenses, but I still was very happy with my work.

Year 5 (2013) 3 of Wands Rx
This year I'm happily anticipating the future. I feel like I am ready to take new steps in better directions. I'm glad of my social media presence and I have been attracting more clients and more abundance. I hope to look towards what needs to change for the better (probably sharing my office space) and where I can expand (more clients, businesses and international clients). 

I am happy with how 2013 is going so far, even though the intuitive course I wanted to do couldn't start due to lack of interest. I love hosting workshops, but it takes a lot of time to prepare and promote. I really do have more then enough directions to expand into and am excited for the future.

Future: 8 of Wands
A beautiful card for the future, signaling high energy, movement and joy. This Card features many birds together with the wands and just makes me think on how much my work sets people free. Free to be who they are meant to be - joyful, loving and kind.
Dear People,

Today I want to answer a single question only, because I fear I have to be verbose about it. It's hard to answer this question completely as circumstances are never exactly the same. So, if you are struggling with a question, don't hesitate to ask me. I will do my utmost to either answer it or explain why I won't.

What questions won't you answer?
I don't have fixed rules that I will always keep to concerning questions. I believe rules limit us, because you can no longer respond authentically to the situation. Often I have been in situations where people say: 'rules are rules' instead of listening and responding. That doesn't mean I don't have guidelines, but it does mean that I choose what is right after listening.

So what are my guidelines based on? Whenever I have a client ask me a question that makes me wonder about ethics, what I find important is intent. If a client asks me to answer a question concerning a third party (spouse, potential partner, family member, business partner, colleague or child) I want to know why they want it answered. Do they want to know things because they are curious or concerned?

For example: A parent once asked me how her child was doing, because another Psychic warned her that her teenage daughter would die of an overdose soon. This parent wasn't in contact with the child, due to family issues (divorce) and had tried to reconcile to no effect. So the parent wanted to know if there were reasons to be concerned.

I felt confident that the intent was one of love and that no other avenues were available. So I answered the question by telling this parent that there was no reason for concern as far as I could see and saw a reconciliation in the future. Years later the parent called to let me know that there was no evidence of any drugs (confirmed by the ex-partner) and that reconciliation had begun.
Another guideline of mine is to see how I would feel if somebody answered questions about me. I carefully weight the right we all have to privacy and the right we all have to the help we need. Sometimes that means I will discuss changing the question towards one that is more fitting to achieve a good balance.

For example: A parent told me that she felt concerned about the direction her child's life was heading in. This child was already an adult, but communication between parent and child was strained. It was hard to figure out what was going on for the parent, leading to stress and conflict.

I told this parent that I would not look directly into the life of the child. There was a right to privacy. However, I would look into seeing how their personalities worked together and what could be done to achieve a better relationship. Any direction questions that weren't too personal (for example: I feel my child is mad at be because of X, is that true?) were also questions I could answer. When communication is strained, most people start communicating more by their actions which can be hard to decipher. I helped to create a better atmosphere and communication started to become easier due to a better understanding of each other.

Besides intent and the privacy balance, I also check in with my guides. Sometimes they tell me not to answer a question, because it's not right to have that answer, sometimes they will tell me to answer even when I worry on if it's the right action. As soon as I get the go ahead and the answer pops in however, I feel confident to give it.

I listen and then I work with clients to answer their questions. So don't be worried if you wonder if your question is toeing the line, just ask. I will listen.