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Dear People,

A lot of us want to be connected to our inner child in a healthy and wonderful way. We want to feel that sense of wonder, that playfulness and creativity and enjoy it. Sometimes that's hard because of trauma or because we lost our connection. Time to affirm the wonders of our inner child and enjoy our own energy.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I am open to connecting to my Inner Child
I am willing to connect to my Inner Child
I allow my Inner Child to exist
I embrace my Inner Child
I claim my Inner Child
I am my Inner Child

I feel the joy of my Inner Child
I feel the wonder of my Inner Child
I feel the playfulness of my Inner Child
I feel the vunerability of my Inner Child
I feel the creativity of my Inner Child
I feel my Inner Child
I am willing to hear the needs of my Inner Child
I am wiling to understand the needs of my Inner Child
I am willing to feel the needs of my Inner Child
I am willing to listen to the needs of my Inner Child
I am wiling to acknowledge the needs of my Inner Child
I am willing to be there for my Inner Child
I take care of my Inner Child 
I claim my Inner Child
I embrace my Inner Child
I love my Inner Child
I experience life with my Inner Child
I embrace life with my Inner Child
I enjoy life with my Inner Child
I love life with my Inner Child
Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page or watch the past Instagram Live about affirmations. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice or by e-mail.

Dear People, 

This has been a question that I've been asked multiple times after people have had a session with me. I sometimes get asked a variation of this question before I work, which happens more often if people come to for relationship or family problems. They ask me: "Will this work also impact my partner/child/family". The short answer is yes, the long answer is this blog post.


Your energy changes, your behavior changes and your network changes


We are all part of the network of life and when one of us changes, the whole network does. It's often that people say we are all connected, but we might not always realize that. The first major shift is the following: when you are more energetic, happy, available, open, alive, vibrant... and so on your behavior changes. You can be more patient, more tolerant, more loving, more kind and other people will respond to that. One single act of kindness can have a ripple effect to thousands of people. 


Since our energy changed, our behavior changes as well and it's much easier to step out of negative patterns like power struggle, the drama triangle, attacks and self attack. Often that means that you will see behavior changes in those around you, as they respond more positively to the new you by finding their new them.


Depending on what your session was far, you can also see more specific changes based on what has healed within you. For example if you've become more assertive you might notice your friendships deepening and meeting more like minded people.

Changes in your family by fixing ancestral problems


Sometimes during a True Unity session we work on ancestral problems. It could be that you noticed that your whole family has difficulties dealing with money (some having too much but being scrooges, others having too little) or with love (loads of heart break and divorces and people who never connect to others) or any type of other problem. We often notice what type of unhealthy patterns are working through our families. 

Healing an ancestral problem is vital in making sure the unhealthy behavior pattern stops with us and doesn't continue on to our children. Sometimes people come and tell me that they feel they are 'just like their mom/dad' and they know it's unhealthy but feel that they are unable to change. That's where ancestral healing comes in.


By healing the pattern at the root, where the ancestor has made a mistake, and accessing the lessons and the gift, we can heal the whole family. Often times if this healing was done, people report back that they see the patterns disappearing in their families. Suddenly people become more open and loving and relationship pain disappears or health issues seem to get better for family members as well. 


I love the saying: "A rising tide lifts all ships", because for me, that's what healing is all about. Being able to help the whole world.

Do you have a question for me about my work, me or my techniques? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.