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Dear People,

Normally I plan around 2-3 articles a month. I quite enjoy writing them and it's lovely to get feedback from people who used my exercises, recognize things I write about or just enjoy reading them.

Recently I have become an aunt for the first time. I feel incredibly happy, but the baby is not healthy and will need quite a lot of medical attention. Right now are the most important weeks as we will find out part of the prognosis.

So, sadly, I won't have any time left over to write articles as I will be helping out my sister and her husband. If you want to send loving thoughts, prayers and energy towards their daughter, please do, it's always appreciated.

I hope to start up this blog again asap, but I'm shooting for January 2013.

Dear people,

Another month has come and gone and I'm preparing for the new workshops of 2013, the Weight Loss Course and yet another one which will remain a little secret as of yet! I'm also considering my advertising budget of 2013. This year I did some more advertising in the paper and a lot of people have commented that they saw me in it. So, that's wonderful news! However, I didn't get that much new clients from the advertisements. Most of my clients come from word of mouth or the website.

Still, if I want to continue with my practice it has to grow! Since I'm good at my job, most clients do stay with me for years. However, after the initial 3-5 sessions, they might only have a session or two for the next 3-5 years!

So, time for a Reading to maximize advertising results! I've decided to use the Pendulum to do this. It a quick way to see how things are going. I could of course make a chart, but for this purpose I'm using free fall questions. Questioning technique is very important with Pendulums. The Pendulum you see in the picture is one that was gifted to me by a client.

Question: Should I find new places to advertise to get maximum results?
A heavy swinging Yes. So, time to pin point.

Question: Are those places mainly online?
A small no. So some might be online, but most are not.

Question: Should I advertise in a magazine?
A maybe.
Question: Should I advertise my practice with flyers more?
A definite yes.

Question: Should I advertise my practice with flyers in a door-to-door fashion?
Probably not.

Question: Should I advertise my practice with flyers in the inner city?
Yes. (I have to ask the city council how that is arranged in Delft, however I see a lot of people do this)

Question: Is there another way in which flyers will give good results?

Question: Is there another way in which I'm advertising now that I should expand in?

Question: Should I slash my budget for the paper?

Question: Was I right in choosing a different category for my ads in the paper?
Heavy yes.

Question: Is it worthwhile to advertise in other categories?

Question: Is it worthwhile to advertise in another paper?

Question: Is it worthwhile to advertise in a regional paper?Yes.  (I asked a couple of cities nearby to pinpoint the right one!)

Question: Did I miss another worthwhile way to advertise my practice? No.

You can see that I start with broader questions and narrow down on what I want to know. If I have a general idea of what I want but I have quite a lot of option I like working with the pendulum. It doesn't give you much extra information, compared to other techniques, but it does work fast and helps eliminate other options.

Do you work with the Pendulum too or do you want to comment on some other advertising options? Send me an e-mail or leave a message!

Dear People,

Today, I will answer some questions about my prices. Some people can easily afford me, but with the economy like it is, some people can't. When I get asked about my price, I try to keep the answer short, but that isn't always satisfactory. Now I will have a blog post that I can refer too! The most important thing for me is that, people are not asking me about my price because they don't think it's worth it (I know, I asked!), they ask me because they want to come more often then their finances allow.

Why are you this expensive?
First of all, expensive is very relative. For reference, for the price of a single session with me, in Holland you can also: have a perm set or your hair colored + a haircut, almost have microdermabrasion done (it's slightly more expensive), have a 3 course dinner for 2 (if you don't drink too much!) or have a session with a psychologist.

For the price of a Reading you can go see a movie + have popcorn and a drink. For the price of a Dail A for Answers phone session you might be able to get a massage (prices vary), a foot reflexology session (prices vary) or a pedicure.

Are there people who ask less? Yes, there are. However, almost all of them have other means to support themselves (another job, retirement funds or disability checks). And some of them don't pay taxes on what they earn. Remember, I have to give up 21% VAT plus income tax (varies).

Are there people who ask more? Yes, there are. I know people whose prices range between €150-300 for each session. Do I want to do that? No, I believe that I wouldn't be affordable anymore for many people. It's important to me that I stay affordable, because I believe that if I'm not, that's a loss for both me and my potential clients. Which is why, besides offering a range of services, I also offer discounts and a loyalty point system.

Why did you set these specific prices then?
Besides wanting to be affordable, I also looked at what I would compare my work too. Most of my work is helping others achieve a balanced life. I have many clients with serious health issues (physical, emotional or mental) who haven't found help anywhere else. In that, I feel my work compares to that of a psychologist. Hence a price in session that is comparable to their rate.

For massages, my rate can be consider a lot. Rates for a massage vary wildly, between people who have almost no training (€30-€40) and people who have a degree in for example Shiatsu or foot reflexology (€60-90). However, most people have to come back for massages often if they have a persistent health problem. In the end, you'd pay much more then if you have 1 or 2 session with me and I use my Energy Therapy to solve the problem during the massage. So my massages do not only relax, they also offer lasting health benefits.
What do you do for each session?
Some people count the amount I make in 50 minutes, then multiple that by 8 (normal work hours) and think I'm making a fortune! If only that was so. For each client I have preparation time (so I can start the session talking about what I sensed and see if we are on the same page) that is between 15-30 minutes. Sometimes it's a bit longer, but rarely.

Besides prep time, I also have administration that needs to be done, advertising and of course I have to set up appointments with clients and answer e-mails. So, yes, there are many unpaid hours in my day.

Also, don't forget I have to pay for ads (some people are very surprised that a small ad can already cost €150-€200 in a local paper), for the space (which goes at a premium in Delft) and various other little things. And so far, I'm not building a pension with Hart en Ziel.

So, am I making a comfortable living? No, I'm not, but that's ok. I'm holding my head afloat and Hart en Ziel is growing. I hope to make a living out of Hart en Ziel soon and after that, maybe a comfortable living. Want to help? Spread the word that I do good work and it's worthwhile!
Dear People,

The Weight Loss Course is almost ending. I'm not an ending type of person, I must confess. I always miss sessions and clients, although I love the fact that they are ready to strike out on their own. I guess this is why I offer so many ways to keep in touch (Facebook Fan Page, Blog and E-mail).

However, a new beginning is of course also in the works. I'd love to have a Weight Loss Course in 2013. I already started the first process of advertising and I've brainstormed about it a bit too. This year I've had again, great results (not only concerning weight loss, but also gains regarding self-esteem, self-love, metabolism and energy), but I'm always willing to change to find even better results.

 I've decided to work with the Cope Deck for my brainstorm today. I love working with it in combination with EFT, as the images evoke feelings that can be released or reinforced. So it's very suited to the weight loss course, which also works heavily with EFT.

What would a Weight Loss Course in 2013 bring me and my clients?
The Cards have no names, but they featured: a woman swimming happily in the waters, a circle of people standing/sitting around somebody talking and a boy and girl sitting together looking at the sky who seem to have survived a bombardment.

Well, I can easily relate to the first two cards. I've seen time and time before how the course lessons are a happy flow of energy which refreshes and energizes us. Also, water is the universal symbol of emotions and the course helps navigate those troublesome emotions concerning weight loss and body image. I can see how the group of people that is listening to a single one relates to me taking on the role as course leader. This year again, I had to balance the happy chatting with the working ;) The last two years I have worked as a participant too, but since I'm almost on goal weight, I probably won't do so next year. This card seems to reinforce that.

The last one, seems to be focused on how it can feel a lot safer to do work together. I love hosting workshops, but sometimes it's a lot of work to promote them. So I often wondered if I shouldn't just focus on sessions instead. However, weight loss is tackled a lot better together as a group.

What can I incorporate in the course to improve it?
I swear I truly shuffled, but the second card came up again. Ok, another reinforcement that I should take upon the role as course leader. The second card shows the roots of a tree, while the third was up side down, a man behind a barbed wired fence looks away.

The first course in 2011 had a little bit of personal work with me at every session. In the second course, I decided to focus more on group work, more lessons (twice a month instead of once) and personal homework. This third course I wanted to do more roots work. To help people personally with what is the root course of their weight gain and the inability to lose it. I will offer 3 personal telephone sessions of 25 minutes for each participant to do so. It might be necessary to do more roots work in the course as well. I will definitely look into how to incorporate this more in the lessons.

The third card reminds me on how important it is to feel free of this issue. Many people feel trapped in an overweight body, trapped with the idea it can't be solved overnight. While I spend a lot of time explaining that Weight loss is a marathon, a path of living that's healthy happy and balanced, and not a sprint, I think I should also focus more on the results. To do so, we have to face the prison we made for ourselves.

What do I need to know about my course?
A card showing a handkerchief with in it, many different items, ranging from an apple to a flute, to a little cat to a telescope. A card showing a man, standing on some kind of ledge, holding his hand before his face and jumping off. He's strangely contorted. A woman with a blindfold and a lute or harp sitting on a stone.

I think the handkerchief shows me that my course has many different theme's, so everything that you could possible need is in it. Some people feel more connected to youth patterns, while others feel more connected to emotional eating. If I wanted too, I'm sure I could find more then the current 9 theme's. I'm going to check up on each and every one of them and see if I want to connect them more, like the items lying on this handkerchief.

The man shows me that doing a course is a bit of a plunge. I often find it a pity that I never have the chance to offer a free lesson so you can see if this course is for you. The problem is that I don't have the space to accommodate a large group. This is why I often have an open house day where you can see the workbook, try out EFT and ask me questions. I'm going to muse on other ideas concerning this as well.

The woman on the stone is a bit of a muse to me. I guess I do need to know that I need to promote the course a bit better. I haven't done so much last year, but for 2013 I certainly will. I know this course is very worthwhile, so I have to be a siren and entice people to have a look! I have a couple of events in November, so I better take the workbook with me!

Interested in the Weight Loss course or have questions? Don't hesitate to ask!
Dear People,

I already wrote an article about Asking for Help, but that was about urging people to ask for help from your Guides, Angels or Animal Totems. Besides them, there is a multitude of Healers, Advisers, friends and family that are there to help you. Yet, often, we want to do it on our own!

Why we won't accept help from friends
Often our loved ones will see that we need help. They can see our stress or that we are postponing important tasks, because we are not sure if we can do them. They offer help, because they want to help. Either because it costs them very little energy or time or because they want to do something for us. However, most people routinely say no to offers of help. Why? Because we think that we know better then the person offering help! We think that it would cost them too much, so we say no. Or we want to be polite and we say no, secretly hoping the other person will offer again or do it anyway.

If you recognize this type of behavior, allow yourself to accept offers of help and see how your life will become easier and happier. When other people help us, in a true fashion (see the article True Aid and the Quick Fix) the bond between people grows and strengthens. It brings joy and positivity to all involved. If you still can't accept help, look for exercises that allow your self esteem to grow so you can accept that everybody deserves help!

Why we won't ask for help
Besides accepting help, we always have the option to ask for help. However, most people refuse to do this. They have the mistaken belief that they have to do things on their own. Prove somehow, that they are capable of doing things on their own, as if this would gain them something.

To decide if we will ask for help, we have to take a closer look at our own beliefs about help. Everybody has a different set of rules stating when you can and when you can't for help.

For example: some people would go to a doctor if they think they have broken something, but won't go to the dentist immediately if they have pain. Some people will go see a psychologist if they feel traumatized, but others would prefer to deal with this type of pain themselves first. Also, everybody's position about medication is different. Some people think it's wise to take as little as possible (so sometimes they have to bear pain) while others decide that living as pain free as possible is the best option.

When you write down your rules, you might recognize that some of them are not healthy or conductive to a healthy and happy life. Why is it ok to have dental pain for hours? Why is it ok to keep feeling traumatized? Why is it ok to feel depressed for a year or longer, before seeking help?

Mostly, it's our ego that tells us that it will toughen us up or that we can prove something if we don't ask for help, but fix it ourselves. However, rationally speaking, we can see how not asking for help after trying on our own for a while, will only make our lives more difficult.

How to check when help is needed
 When I ask people what they gained by waiting years/months/week or days to ask for help, most them answer: "Nothing". While it's understandable to take some time to see if you can do something on your own, after a while, you should have a pretty clear idea if that works or not. If you have such a situation in your life - where you don't see a solution, even though you tried. Start thinking on who you can ask for help or do some research on finding a professional.

Also, when I ask them, what the better option is: slaving away 1 year to do something on your own, or fixing it together with a friend in half the time or even less, most people agree that asking for help would be the better option. Sometimes this is easy to see: when moving house, you don't go around carrying all those boxes on your own. You know that it would take you months, while calling a few friends or hiring a service makes sure you can move within the weekend!
If you have a similar situation in your life, where you have worked for a long time and the work that remains will take you quite some time longer, it's time to ask for help.

If there is a situation that you need help with and you don't know if I can help you, simply call me on work days between 7pm-8pm in the evening or send me an e-mail.
Dear People,

We all have those little disasters in life: your car suddenly stops working, your fridge dies or your laptop just won't start. For most people, it feels like there has been no warning at all! It usually means that people lose files, urgently need help or need to buy a new appliance on the fly. Often this is very stressful.

However, when living the Psychic Life, you do get a warning and that usually means you live a relaxed life. Most of my warnings go in the following categories:

Sudden urge to shop:
Usually when something at the end of life cycle I get the sudden urge to shop. I find myself looking at washing machines or shoes, even though they weren't on my "to-buy"-list at all. This usually happens around 3-4 months in advance, so I might have a good idea of what I want before I actually need to replace something.

Direct Psychic Flash
Sometimes I see myself buying something new and/or have the feeling I have to be in a certain shop or I see a new something in my future. I then know it has to be replaced urgently and I usually make sure it gets replaced fast!

There are many examples that I could tell you about, but most telling is that I've almost never had to replace something when it was already broken. I've had some items 12 years or more before I had the feeling I needed to replace them and they weren't necessarily at the end of their lives according to their manufacturers.

Psychic Life Moving
Another beautiful example of this type of being in tune with life is when I decided December 2017 that I wanted to refurnish the practice in Summer 2018. I felt that after 10 years it was time to buy some new furniture and decide on maybe some new curtains and even redo the floor and paint maybe one of the walls. I'd already looked for some things that I liked when March 2018 I noticed that the neighbors opposite the hallway had movers going in and out. They were moving out!

Their space had a lot of things that were high on my wish list:
  • A beautiful wooden floor
  • A wall already painted in a color I liked
  • Beautiful natural light due to roof windows/skylights while maintaining the privacy I craved.
Of course I immediately called my landlord to ask if I could rent their space and how much it would cost. Since it was end of March he wanted me to start renting by the beginning of April. Luckily for me I could take a long weekend and have everything fixed to move over, due to having done most of the work before the space became available. My next door neighbors that were going to rent my old space were amazed how fast I got everything done!

While having your intuition tell you these kind of things doesn't seem very flashy compared to predictions concerning your love life, the lottery or your career, it sure makes for a pleasant life!

Did you ever have a prediction concerning ordinary items? Expand upon it by adding a comment on this blog or on the Facebook Fan Page!

Dear People,
Sometimes it's hard to bring our path into words and that is when I start Drawing! When I was still experimenting a lot with my Psychic Voice, I decided that I wanted to see if I could draw Energy. I thought I'd be drawing aura like pictures, but besides colors I would also draw shapes (and very rarely words). In my last Monthly Evaluation Reading I used this technique to check out a physical space, but you can also use it to check out relationships, goals and the future.

Starting a Spiritual Drawing
Usually it's a good idea to start with a Grounding Exercise to make sure you are grounded and centered. Set aside some space, colored pencils and make sure you will not be disturbed. You could set an extra mood with incense or relaxing music.

It's important to focus on the Question or Theme you want to draw for. If you find it hard to keep it in your mind, you can write it above your drawing. This makes sure you stay on track. If you lose your focus - simply recite the theme to yourself and then continue drawing.

A good place to start would be to move your fingers over your pencils and see where you feel warmth to select the pencil that needs to be used. If you are in the flow it should be easy to place your pencil where it needs to be. Sometimes, it might be hard though, so you can select several places to see where it feels right.

It doesn't matter if you draw well, what matters is that you let yourself be guided to what needs to be drawn. You might experience the need to draw forcefully or very tenderly. You might see yourself drawing things you might not recognize. If you are stuck, you can also draw a card and see what part of the art wants to be drawn on your paper.

After you are done drawing it's time to translate your art into a Reading. A good place to start would be to interpret the composition of colors: is it light or dark? Is it drawn hasty or relaxed? What symbols did you draw and what do they mean to you? After answering those questions about the composition take the time to interpret every symbol: what does it mean to you? Why is it drawn in that specific color or colors?

Want to share your Spiritual Drawing? You can place it on the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail it to me! I'll let you know what I think it represents! Of course, any comments on this technique are appreciated too!
Dear People,

Today I'm using a Spiritual Technique that I call Energetic/Spiritual Drawing to get a Reading. There will be a blog post about this technique soon so you can try it at home if you want too. So, I only offer the quick explanation here: I draw what I sense/feel/see.

I decided to check up on the Spiritual/Energetic Levels of the actual practice, aka the room in which I do most of my work in Delft.

I started by drawing a floor map of my room in the building. It only featured the door, the shape of the room and the windows. I picked up my coloring pencils and got to work. 

The first thing I noticed is that there is truly a lot of energy in the room (this often gets commented upon by clients as well), so it's hard to draw straight lines. Lines tend to become wavy and want to be drawn fast and furious.

Where the massage table is standing I drew blue lines, looking like the waves of a sea or ocean. Energetically speaking, this is where I tame emotions, and the area looks clear and sparkly except for the head rest. I often get bothered by the thing and it got drawn as a big black box. I wanted to have alternative options for a long time as I noted most people aren't comfortable in the head rest.

This Reading suggests I'm past due with offering better options and trying out new things.

The windows had purple energy streaming in and out. Especially the right window (which I rarely open) has a lot of energy in front of it. A plant currently lives there, so it might be adapting to the energy and keeping it centered. Since the other window which I do always open has energy pouring it, this is definitely something I want to continue doing. 

This Reading suggest that another plant would benefit me, keeping even more purposeful and powerful energy in.

The place where I keep my Crystals and the Coffee machine is filled with a yellow and purple fire. My Crystals get cleansed now and again, but not that often, since the room itself seems to cleanse them. 

This Reading suggests that all is well in this area although I might want to spread the Crystals out some more as the energy there is burning quite brightly.

The place were my sound system stands on top of the dresser is curiously empty. Not much energy there. A good place to put some of my Crystals I think!

The place where I keep my extra chairs is a deep blue and round well of potential. It seems they are out of the way but, there is more if I want to tap into it.

This Reading suggests that there is potential in group work and I can accommodate a larger group if I want too.

The place where I normally sit with clients, containing some chairs and a large table is transformed into a large Pyramid. It's color is Orange, showing Energetically that a lot gets done here and it's a very emotional secure place. It's the color of the Sacral Chakra and symbolizes productive emotions. A Pyramid is a symbol of growth and ascendance as it moves from a strong base into a proud tip. A human like figure is contained within the Pyramid, showing a burning violet in the Third Eye Chakra, a representation of the Higher Self, which watches over the work I do. My own seat is a bright apple green, a light fresh color of love and joy and is a Spiral, the symbol growing into healthier balance.

This Reading suggest that all is well in this area (I find it a bit cluttered in real life) and nothing should be done here.

Well, some interesting findings for me here with this Technique, which means I have to change some things. Maybe in a month or so I will recheck and see where the energy stands then!

Dear People,

So here I am again, showing you that Psychic Life really does have it's little perks. Today I'm going to talk about Intuition Surge. This is a fun phenomenon that I have encountered with many people in my life. When being around a Psychic it seems that most people's intuition soars.

Surging Intuition: Clients
Many clients have noted to me that during sessions they feel very connected to their Higher Selves and intuition. Sometimes they will receive information while speaking with me or find a strong sense of confirmation when I tell them things.

This effect happens in sessions even when we are not working on intuition or intuition related areas.

Surging Intuition: Partners

I have had several long term relationships and in all of those my partners noticed that their Intuition soared when they were around me. Of course it's easier to talk about Intuition, when both partners are accepting of the fact that we all get 'gut-feelings' and that some of those are a little more precise then others. You will start paying more attention to what you are hearing, because Intuition becomes a normal part of your life.

While it's hard for me to remember a specific incident as this happened so often, I've heard many partners exclaim: "Oh my, maybe I'm becoming Psychic too".

If you have a funny story about your Surging Intuition around me, please feel free to share in the comments or on Facebook!
Last month I was called up again to a certain forum by a stray e-mail. I decided to get my trusted Faeries Oracle out and play along with the Fae some. As you can see, this Oracle is very light and energetic. I used it a lot for Energy Healing Work for myself and sometimes for others in Groups. Since I was planning on having an Energy Healing Course in 2013, I felt it more then appropriate to work with them this Month.

What is the Root of this Course: The Maiden, The Guardian at the Gate Rx, The Green Woman Rx
I do feel at the root, this Course is one of Miracles, of changing yourself and of seeing what needs to grow and what does not. Strangely enough in this Deck, the Maiden is a young baby. It gives off a fragile vibe, but at the same time one of inner strength.

I would love to have a course in 2013, but I fear the Fae are telling me that now might not yet be the time. I might need to get a clearer view of what I want to accomplish with this course. The Green Woman is all about nurturing the right ideas and pulling out the weeds.

I was wondering if I want to have a course for people who already know Healing or for beginners. If I want a course with a set Theme a month or not. I have so much that I can choose from because I have been working with Energy for such a long time and with a lot of different techniques.

What do I need for this Course: Death, The Singer of Connection
I do of course need to connect to others who wish to follow an Energy Healing Course. Also, my other course needs to end (Death), before I can start a new one. Two Courses a year is the maximum that I do with the practice.

What do I need to know: He of the Fiery Sword
This Fae is one of active will. Telling me that yes, there is a good basis for this course and I should move ahead with my plans. However, it's important that I slice through some decisions on what exactly I will be teaching.

If you are interested in an Energy Healing Course, don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a message here or on Facebook based on what you would like.
Dear People,

Time again for some answers to questions clients ask me regularly. Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments on the Blog or on the Facebook Fan Page.

When did you know you were Psychic?
This is one of the questions I get regularly and it's has a bit of a strange answer. Since I grew up feeling and sensing a lot more then most people, I thought for a long time that it was completely normal. It never occurred to me that other people didn't have dreams that came true, didn't sense feelings and energy and didn't just 'know' things.

Around the age of 6-7 I noticed I was saying a lot of things that left other people speechless. Sometimes because it was about things I wasn't supposed to know, sometimes because it was about things that I shouldn't be able to know. I more or less got the hint to keep my mouth shut more often.

It still took me a few years more of misunderstandings to realize that most people just hear the words. They don't feel the intention of the other person or their feelings. I often wondered why people were so upset with the fact that I could be blunt. After all, in my opinion, I wasn't that blunt. Couldn't they feel the love and care I was emitting?

I think the full realization that I could do things that others couldn't hit me around 16-17 and then I started reading books about Psychics (I still do btw). I realized that I didn't want others to know about it anymore nor did I want to work in the field. I met with so much prejudice and it didn't seem worth it to me. So I decided to go into Computer Science and minimize contact with people.

Ignore who I am and what I can do got me into quite a mess of health problems, emotional turmoil and failed relationships. Around the age of 23 I started on the path of self healing, self discovery and self acceptance. I noticed that the amount of prejudice wasn't at all what I had expected. I rarely get nasty remarks. Since then my Psychic Powers have soared as they are now being used on a daily basis.
Dear People,

Sometimes we know exactly what we should be doing - but we are not doing it. Yesterday I talked with a friend on sabotage and how nice it would be to be able to clone our sensible parts. How they would kick us to bed on time, take our cookies away and generally help us to do right thing.

Sabotage is usually very hard to overcome, because we are so divided. A part of us wants to heal and move forward, yet another part of us is urging us to postpone healthy decisions, hide in addictions or deflect energy into less useful actions. So today, I'm going to talk about a useful exercise to find some direction and help yourself.

When is the Healing Voice Exercise useful?
When you are feeling that too much energy is going into things, people or actions that aren't healthy for you. While it's hard to stop such behavior on your own (in my practice I've helped a lot of people overcome addictions and unhealthy behavior) in the immediate moment, reflection and analysis can help you.

Since everybody has sabotaging behavior, I recommend that you do this exercise at least once a year.

What do you need for this exercise?
  • A pen and paper
  • Around 30-50 minutes of undisturbed time
Step 1: The Advice
Take a deep breath and center yourself. Image yourself in a bus - in the back are a lot of passengers who are all parts of yourself. Find The Healing Voice and call it to the front of the bus. This part of you knows what is most right for you, what actions you should take, what path is perfect. Allow this part of you to drive the bus.

Put your pen towards the paper and write everything that comes into your mind unto the paper.

Step 2: Action
Some people will have found themselves writing things that they hear in their head quite often: "You should sleep more", "Put down the phone and stop this conversation as it's not right for you", "You should start exercising" etc. etc. While other parts of what you have written might surprise you.

Carefully consider each and every instruction that you have been given. Does it feel right to you? Does it feel difficult to do? After considering each piece of advice, decide upon which action you are willing to make and what reward you will give yourself.

For example:
A piece of advice that says you should exercise more could be accompanied by the action to start looking for a sport you like or to invest in 30 minutes of a walk each evening. A reward might be that after 7 walks you can give yourself a little gift or spoil yourself with some free time.

Step 3: Revisiting
After a month or two, revisit the advice you got and the actions you took. If you did manage to do the things, what have they brought you? If you are unable to implement those actions in your life, what has gone wrong? Where your goals to high? Did you need some extra healing before you can commit and if so, where would you get it?

Enjoy this exercise and the healing it brings!
Summer is the ideal time for brainstorming for me. Since I still had one Monthly Evaluation Reading to do, I decided to work on an issue that is linked to the practice, but not always so apparent. However, I do want to improve on Bedside Manner.

You can be a great professional, give great advice and aid, but if you are Bedside Manner is standoffish your clients might not feel heard, appreciated or welcomed. To be fair, I haven't had any complaints about my Bedside Manner. However, a few nights ago I received some information in dreams showing me that some improvements can be made. So, here we are!

For this topic I decided to use the Universal Love Healing Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. It's very special to me as I heard I won it on the day of my grandmothers funeral. It always reminds me of her kindness and compassion for others.

What is the current energy of my Bedside Manner? Forgiveness
This Card depicts Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. I have a statue of her in my bedroom. She is depicted with a dragon on her side: one that is tamed by her energy. This card radiates knowledge, wisdom, care, compassion and mercy.

That certainly is the type of energy I want to bring to my clients. No matter the problem, no matter the questions, I won't judge. I'd be open to help you and radiate towards you that we are all loved and cared for, especially in our darkest hours.

What energy can improve my Bedside Manner? Expectancy
Expectancy is a very red card, showing a red flower in the middle of a purple field. It has four symbols around it.

Sometimes clients expectations are such that it's almost impossible to fulfill. They might yearn for something that isn't right for them or for a resolution that isn't the best for everyone involved. This is so human and natural, but hard on both of us. I do need to tell people when their expectations aren't correct. However: I can use the power of expectancy to turn their expectations into love.

What energy is interrupting my Bedside Manner? Relationship & Tantric Union
Relationship is a purely blue card depicting a winged figure and two dolphins. Tantric Union shows two figures holding each other and having the same aura.

These two cards enforce each other, yet show a different way of relating. Spiritually speaking: we are all one. This energy, spiritually, can be expressed in a Tantric Union, and show a path of deep connection. However, while we are all one, we are also separate. We have our own lessons to learn and our own  path to follow. When relating with another, it's often easier to melt into them and their wishes then to stand up for ourselves.

These two cards remind me to keep the relationship between me and clients, loving, caring and spiritual. It's important to keep this relationship balanced for all involved.
Dear People,

So here I am again, showing you that Psychic Life really does have it's little perks. Today I'm going to talk about Good Timing. Good Timing for non-Psychic people usually means that they are on schedule, but Good Timing for me has a lot more to do with what you would think is 'Luck'.

Good Timing: Didn't I just see that on Sale?
Good Timing is one of the best Psychic perks if you are looking for something that you wish to buy or that somebody you know wants. Often, I don't know what comes first: the idea that I might want something or the fact that I just happen upon it. Sometimes I wonder if I have zoned in on the fact that I'm going to find that item a few hours later.

One example of this was when I looked online and saw the particular hairbrush (Satin Hair from Braun) that I wanted to try out for a while. I found it a bit on the expensive side (even on discount) and wondered if those ions would really do more for me or not. 15 minutes later my mother in law calls: She would like to have that particular hairbrush having seen it on discount (at a different store) but needed some more Air Miles to purchase it. Since I didn't have any, I mentioned that I saw it for a reduced price online. We bought it together, so we split on shipping, making it a cheaper deal for both of us.

Once when going out shopping, my sister told me I must have a lucky rabbits foot, because she got all the things she had been looking for (and most of them on a discount!).

Good Timing: Hey, what a surprise to catch you here!
Often, Good Timing also resolves around where I am. It's often surprises people that just when they were thinking about me, they caught me on the street or meet me somewhere. It doesn't surprise me, because I tend to pay attention to whom I think about. If you are on my mind, it's likely I will see you that day or get a call from you!

Also, sometimes I really do get the feeling I have to get to spot X a few minutes early or go by Y and then I just know why that extra time was needed when I bump into somebody I'd love to speak too.

Good Timing: The right Mix
Another perk of Psychic Good Timing is that you just meet the people you are supposed to meet and that most exchanges are very positive and balanced. It's like there is a Right Mix out there which you find quite often. Sometimes I don't even know what I'm supposed to do or say, just that somebody is important and we should speak.

An example of this is at a networking event a few months ago when I talked to somebody and said: "Excuse me, can I just ask you something" in quite a cheeky manner. He laughed and asked what was going on. I said I didn't have anything specific to offer but loved to work together. He told me to give his partner a call. Just the next day I already received an e-mail from said partner to come and discuss options. We are currently working on a project that I hope will have a date soon, so I can talk all about it!
Dear  People,

I'm still one month behind with the Evaluations, but since it's Summer I might be able to catch up. These past 2 weeks I have been brainstorming on a few ideas. One of the Decks that I usually work with to get some quick Yes/No Answers is the Good Witch/Bad Witch Deck from Gillian Kemp. I don't usually work much with Witches or Witch-Mythology, but this Deck has a lot of humor and a very nice structure.

In essence you draw 3 Cards for each question. Two or more Good Witches means Yes, two or more Bad Witches means No. Depending on which Witches show up, you can get a good idea on why it's a Yes or No. While I made quite a few decisions yet, it's fun to evaluate them beforehand with the Witches instead of seeing how they pan out!

Is offering "the One" Reading a good idea?
The Good Witch: Stardust Witch, The Bad Witch: Warty Witch and The Bad Witch: The Wickedest Witch
Interestingly, this answer would be "No". It seems that the Witches tell me that while doing these Readings will give hope to people and that little bit of magic that they sometimes need, the Witches warn that this is just a stepping stone (Warty Witch) and that there is something I might not have seen. This might cause some opposition that I might need to be aware of.

A caution then, for me when offering this type of Reading!

Is offering the "Dail A for Answers" session a good idea?
Bad Witch: The Green Witch, Bad Witch: The Abracadabra Witch, Bad Witch: The Tortured Witch
This answer would also be "No", although the quality of the bad witches is such that it seems to be a caution to me. The Green Witch speaks of good luck and timing, making sure you do not take on too much, while the Abracadabra Witch speaks of having all the aid you need and the Tortured Witch speaks of allowing to move on from bad times. All in all, it does seem this type of session might be a bit more time consuming then I thought as well as bringing more emotional stress then I anticipated.

I decided to draw an additional Set to see what more could be learned:
The Bad Witch: Thunder and Lightening Witch, The Good Witch: The Treasure Witch and The Good Witch: The Timeless Witch
Two witches again, which speak of good rewards and taking your time to set something up. The Thunder and Lightening Witch tells me that sometimes the technology might fail and I need to implement some additional things for this.

Some nice information that I will use to implement these two types of Sessions!

Is there something else that is good for me and my clients to offer?
The bad Witch: The Coven Witch, the Good Witch: Ageless Witch and the Earth Witch
Ah, I know of what the Witch speak, the Coven implies a group offering, while the Ageless Witch implies it will be based on Inner Beauty and Richness, while the Earth Witch also speaks of material rewards.

This offering is going to be a little secret a little longer! The other two will be explained in Today's Newsletter and on Facebook and the Website a little later!

If you thought of something else you'd like me to offer, don't hesitate to ask!
Dear People,

Lately I haven't had time yet to write down the answers to some of the questions I have had, but this one is one I recently got asked again.

Is there a difference between long-distance work and seeing you in person?
For some people, coming to my practice is almost impossible, as I have clients all over the world, for others it's possible to choose to see me in person or have a long distance session.
Both methods have their advantages and drawbacks.

Please note: The quality of your session doesn't suffer regardless of which choice you make. Both methods give great results.

Many things in the session stay the same regardless of the method: I prepare what is most important to work on and write down any information I receive before your session starts (which is always long distance work for me), in the beginning of the session I discuss with you what you find important and ask how things have been going and at the end of the session we discuss how you are feeling now and how you want to continue.

That being said: yes, there is a difference between long distance work and seeing me in person.

A Session in person

It's often easier for me to read your energy, meaning I almost never need 'a moment' to check up on things. However, I get a bit more interference, because while receiving things you might talk to me at the same time. So I have to sort through 2 streams of information. It's easier to interact however, when I can also see your facial expressions, body language and other energy shifts and you can see mine.

Often, people comment on how nice my practice is and how it already relaxes them when they walk through the door. A healing environment will often have a calming and healing effect, even when I haven't done anything yet. I don't underestimate this effect as it's a healing balm for everyone.

It's also very nice to lie down and let me do the work while you concentrate on your healing. Usually this means clients are more aware of the energy shifts that occur and feel more in tune with what is happening.

Of course, you do need some traveling time to come and see me and I don't offer 25 minute sessions in person.

+ Easier interaction
+ Healing environment
+ Able to lie down and concentrate on the healing
- Traveling time for the client and possible parking costs
- Not possible to book a 25 minute session

A long distance session

A long distance session can be unavoidable due to distance, but it can also be an excellent way to save time. If you have a clear view of what you want a Chakra Healing or Energy Scan (includes a report) or Psychic Reading by E-mail means that you don't even have to set time apart for a session! Before the agreed upon deadline you will find your report or reading in your inbox! And when in need of a quick session to just answer a (few) short questions or an Energy Boost, just make an appointment for a 25 minute session.

A lot of my long distance clients take the time to write down what I am saying or record the session. In person, it's often more difficult to do so, because during a conversation a lot is said. During a phone call there are often natural pauses that allow for writing or you can have your own equipment to record your session with me. Or if you have chosen an E-mail session, you have the written report to read as often as you want.

One of the drawbacks is that sometimes technology fails. You might be unable to call me due to reception on your phone or your internet connection fails. Of course I try to accommodate by having several ways in which you can reach me: land line, mobile phone, MSN, Gmail Chat, FaceTime and Skype. Sometimes however, it's necessary to reschedule.

The feel of a long distance session is a bit different too. I can't touch your body or the energy field above your body directly. You don't see my body language and/or facial expressions. For some this offers a layer of privacy and concentration, but for others it's a disappointment.

+ No traveling time
+ Easier recording a live session/Receive a written report
+ 25 minute session
+ E-mail Reports
- Technological problems (Phone/Internet-connection)
- Less interaction
It's harder then you think to offer True Aid, helping others in a way that is healing for you and them. Often in my practice I see people who carry other peoples problems on their back and can't stop thinking on how people they love are in trouble. Luckily for them, I can remove those pesky energy connections and return people to true balance. Then it's time to help them see the difference between True Aid and the Quick Fix.

True Aid: Step 1 Don't take charge
We are all responsible for our own happiness, for our own feelings and for our own lives. So, if at this moment, your life is not the way you want it to be: take charge and start the work that is necessary. That doesn't mean that you deserve the bad things that have happened to you or that you should feel guilty. We are all human and we all make mistakes that we need to correct.

When we want to help others, we often can try to take charge of the problem. We think that we know better so we try to shoulder the burden and solve the problem. This completely depletes us and soon we start feeling resentful. At the same time, the people we are trying to help do not learn their lesson and start to become more and more needy and dependent. It's a lose-lose situation.

A short example: If you have a partner that doesn't seem to be able to deal with their finances, it's tempting to try to take charge. You might choose to give them an allowance or check their finances now and again. You might offer money to help them out when they are in trouble. 

All of these things are Quick Fixes, because it doesn't change the fundamental problem: Your loved one should take charge of their money problems and learn how to spend money responsibly. Sooner or later they will mess up again and you need to either play savior (which depletes yourself and keeps them dependent) or feel like there is nothing you can do.

So, what can you do? In this example, True Aid means you either steer somebody to a professional to get aid (in this case a financial adviser) or you will do the work together with them and explain how to budget and keep to it. Then you let them try for themselves and won't step in when the inevitable mistake gets made. After all, nobody does everything right 100% of the time. Over time you will see improvements if your loved one really wants to learn.

Check carefully if you are giving somebody True Aid or if you are at the moment handling out Quick Fixes. 

To find out you ask yourself:
  • Is there somebody in your life that makes you feel depleted or that you feel is very needy?
  • Are their tasks you are doing that actually don't belong to you?

True Aid: Step 2 Identify the structural problem
Often we are misguided in our attempts to help somebody because we are sure we know what the problem is. When somebody complains that they always fall for the same man, it's tempting to start hooking them up on blind dates, but is that really what they want or need?

When people are ready to have help in a situation, they will ask. Before that time, it's just our job to protect our boundaries. Are you tired of hearing people vent, please change the topic of the conversation, but don't press aid upon them!

Once they ask for help, be honest. Don't try to be kind first, because then we have a tendency to smudge the truth by saying things like: "I'm sure you are doing all you can" or "I trust things will resolve themselves". When your loved one has a structural problem, the thing they need from us first and foremost, is the truth. That can be discomfiting, because we have to tell people we love that they should take responsibility for the problem and how they are enabling their problems. Be as kind as possible, while being honest.

It might surprise you that your loved one actually recognizes the structural problem, but felt uncomfortable talking about it or unable to see what they can do about it. Or that your idea of the structural problem is not their idea. This offers opportunities to deepen your bond together and learn from each other.

True Aid: Step 3 Discussing potential solutions
Once you have helped identify the problem, you can give true Aid by discussing potential solutions. Sometimes your loved one is too angry to listen to a potential solution and that's fine. Just shelve it for another time. Structural problems don't go away and your loved one might need to struggle with it for a bit longer, before wanting to solve it.

There are many potential solutions for structural problems, but most of them include:
- Analyzing why you are in this pattern
- Analyzing your past (is there something there that is causing these problems)
- What is this pattern giving you?
- What is this pattern taking from you?
- Is there a professional that can support you in solving this problem?
- Do you have the skills to solve this or do you need to learn something first?

True Aid: Step 4 Step Back and be supportive!
This is the most important aspect of True Aid. Step back. You have done all you can. Don't fall in the trap of wanting to set up meetings, discuss some more or hounding your loved one into getting a professional to help them. Don't fall into temptation to fix it for them.

You said your piece, you did your part,  step back and let them fix it. While they fix it, be supportive by being there when mistakes are made or when your loved one feels disappointed. Over time, your loved one will learn or move to a level that's appropriate for them.
Dear People,

Well, the Monthly Readings aren't really on time that much anymore, but I do quite like them so I will suffer the fact that I seem to be always 1 Month behind! For this Reading I chose the Housewives Tarot. I adore this little Deck because it's spunky, retro and funny. I decided to go with the big Spread called: "The Martini" (did I mention funny already?) for this Reading which you guessed already, is in the shape of a Martini.

What is the Practice present position: The Empress
Oh, a lovely lovely Major Arcana. In this Deck she is represented by an older mom figure which holds up a book called: Recipes for Success". I do find that the practice is very succesfull at the moment. I'm adoring my clients, the workshops and the courses, but... I don't think I'm there yet! She has a lot of food on the table and that sadly, isn't the case yet for me!

What is my present expectation: Nine of Pentacles Rx
This card shows a woman who has a dishwasher for a body, picking out just on plate, but she is busy with many inside of her. Yes, I do expect a lot of work! I hope to not be the only one though, and have some help getting those plates (ideas, opportunities) out. I still have some workshops and other things on the slow burn. I don't think they will move along as quickly as I would like.

What is the unexpected that may happen: The Emperor
Oh, that's funny, the Empress and the Emperor are both next to each other now. Well, it would be a nice surprise to have someone take a strong interest in the Practice and to build something together! I have an inkling who this might be, but I'm not telling...

What is the Practice's Past: The Devil Rx
Many people do not like the Devil as a card, but in this Deck she is a chocolate pie, but sexy legs! I always grin when I see her. The Devil is not such a bad card at all, although it might shock. I've been working with Cards for years, so I know how to get the important message from each of them.
Devil in this Deck is really about materialism and I know it hasn't been about that for me in the past - hence the hike up in price to make things work for me. It's an admonishment that I have to take into account that I need to earn enough to live! 

What is in the Practice's Future: 8 of Cups
This card shows a woman wiping her forehead and a stack of 8 Cups. Phew, it looks like a lot of work is in the future. As well as some decision making - 8 Cups are too much for me. Although perfect for workshops (in which 8 people is my max).

Difficulties I'm facing: 9 of Wands
Funny how 9 of Wands is the typical exhaustion card, although in this case the woman looks totally zen on top of a ladder. I do need to choose were to put in my time and energy though, echoing the future Card. All in all, not the toughest difficulty to face!

My responsibilities: 6 of Pentacles Rx
This Card seems to depict Halloween, with a child dressed up like a little Devil in front of a plate of cookies. Hmmm, it's my responsibility to keep things between me and my clients even. Sometimes I wish I could work for free and I do a lot of things on the side, but it can't always be that way - or I'd have no cookies left.

What will oppose me: Wheel of Fortune
Sometimes things are just luck of the draw. No matter how well prepared you are - sometimes 2 people turn up sick and your workshop consists of 1 person only. Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with unpredictability, as I tend to predict quite a lot. I guess I will have to deal with it!

What will help me: Page of Cups Rx
A lovely boy is watering Sunflowers! Although I might not always see the results of my clients spreading the word about me, I do know that they do. It might be a bit delayed, but, loving comments will help me move forward.

Hope and Fears: 8 of Wands Rx
When I saw this card I really had to laugh - this one of my old pitfalls. I always worry that things aren't going fast enough or are going too fast! Balance is important to me, but I do need to let go and move with the Flow some more!

What Course of Action to take: 4 of Cups
A woman backs away from a huge offered glass filled with some cocktail and a sword. It shows me that I have to work on accepting new things in my life and at the same time, make sure I do not overdo it. The Cup is almost as big as the woman!

Surroundings or how others see you: The Sun
Oh, such a sweet card, a man is looking pleased being served a good plate of food and a sun with two eggs for eyes is shining above him. So good to know that people around me love my energy and good nature and the nurture I bring.

What you will achieve: 8 of Swords Rx
The poor woman is strapped to a pick and used to serve up an olive. Well, I'm glad if I will achieve the fact that I won't be in there! It shows me that I have to be careful what choices and decisions I make, so I won't end up here.

The message seems to be very clear: a very balanced Spread with Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles and quite some Majors. I have to make some important decisions about the direction of the practice, workshops and classes I'm going to give (and take) and to make sure I don't overdo it!
Dear People,

I decided to start a new series, besides the Questions from the Practice, Healing Thoughts and Monthly Readings. This is because I noted that many people seem to think that a Psychics Life is really hard and tell me often they wouldn't want to have mine. They are concerned about the repercussions of knowing so much information about others and dealing with so many feelings besides your own. While it's true that sometimes things can be hard, most of the time being a Psychic is FANTASTIC. In this series I will tell you what is really wonderful about my Psychic Life!

Joys of a Psychic Life: Gift Giving
I often hear from people how hard it is to find that perfect gift for your spouse, loved one or that colleague that you hardly know but turns 50 in a few weeks. Maybe you recognize this in your own life too! However, for me, Gift Giving is often extremely easy. This happens because of several Psychic Gifts I have.

The Idea Connection
As a Psychic my intuition is sky high - which often means that when I think about a person and think about the occasion the idea just pops into my head! Oh, I just have to get this for him/her and it will be PERFECT.

Often people are surprised at what I come up with, because it was something they just thought about the other day! Now how did I know that? This usually gives me a satisfied grin!

Push in the right Direction
Sometimes I do not have a good idea pop into my head. I sometimes ask people what they want to have or if they have some gift ideas. Some want money, so then I just spend my time looking for a nice card. So here I am, a bit out of sorts that my idea hasn't popped yet, when I find myself holding an item that I just know is PERFECT.

Sometimes I find myself in front of a store and I don't quite get what I need to do there, but then the perfect gift is there. Just the right push!

So yes, I get a lot of compliments on the gifts I select, even though, contrary to most people, I usually don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Sometimes however, I do think about it, meaning I then mess up and buy something that isn't that wanted! It always reminds me to just take a break and let my intuition take over.
Dear People,

I had done quite a bit of Readings for myself lately but haven't had the time to blog about it. Wednesday the 30th of May I had a lovely evening and a question popped up that I wanted to review. I often hear that it's appreciated that I also doing work during workshops. So, while everybody is spilling the beans, sharing personal stories and being vulnerable, so am I. There is an enormous strength in just being yourself!

Last week's workshop was about strength in women and I admitted that I often have difficulty seeing myself as wise. Even though it's one of the compliments I receive the most in my practice (wise, understanding, old soul), I find it hard to accept.

There are many teachings that say that a wise person knows that we know nothing or almost nothing. Compared to all the knowledge that is in the world, we are small. While this is of course true, the Archetype of the Crone, the wise woman, wise through experience, is a different wisdom altogether.

I did learn a lot from my life - difficult as it has been - so we all decreed it was time for me to own that Archetype. Especially since they informed me that I do own the knowledge - by sharing it through workshops, blog posts and sessions - and I do acknowledge that. So, this strange split has to be solved.

Since it's Archetype Work I chose the Archetype Cards from Carolyn Myss that I used before to do my Reading.

What Archetype is blocking me from owning the Crone: Bully
The Card reads: Light Attributes: Highlights your tendency to intimidate others. Helps you confront the inner fears that bully you. Shadow Attribute: Conceals deep fears behind verbal or physical abuse.

Quite an interesting card and I can see how this fits. At first I was quite surprised to learn that some people find me intimidating or scary. Mostly this is due to my talents - but since I was born with them and they grow as I do - I find them normal. I had to learn how to deal with owning my power and putting people more at ease.

Crone Archetypes can be intimidating too. Having that kind of knowledge brings with it a certain type of power - will and strength. A large part of me doesn't like to be intimidating. I don't like the thought of me as a bully or as a know-it-all. I don't like being intimidated myself either! However, all power will be intimidating.

What Archetype will help me to own the Crone: Seeker
The Card reads: Light Attribute: Thirst for wisdom and truth wherever they are. Shadow Attribute: Inability to commit to a path once found.

Well, that's easy and true! I will always be a Seeker - someone who wants to continue to learn - to discover - to find. It's not hard to see how Crone and Seeker complement each other. Both have a thirst for wisdom. The Seeker by going out to seek it in places without themselves - the Crone by going in to seek it in places within themselves.

Now that I can see them both together - I'm sure I have an easier time seeing them both within me!
Dear People,

Lately I have seen a few examples on how a sense of 'what is fair' can impede the Healing Process, which is why I wanted to write about this on the blog for a while now.

Why a feeling of fairness can impede the start of your Healing
In our lives, we encounter people/things/events that we deem 'good' or 'bad'. A lovely Chinese Parable about what we deem a blessing or a curse is the story of the Old Man and the Horse. Despite it's dire warnings to not judge, most of us continue to do so. Out of this judging comes a sense of fake Fairness, which I will talk about in this article.

Now that people have decided what in their lives is a blessing and what is a curse, they will deem if they are treated unfairly or fairly. They can now complain that they always get the short end of the stick - that they have more troubles then their neighbors and that it is unfair.

Now this unfairness grows into a sense of entitlement. If you are treated unfairly, why should you do the work? Shouldn't good things happen to you to compensate for it? Shouldn't you have an easy time of it? You surely didn't deserve this!

So now, you have a good reason to stop investing in your Healing Journey. Nobody deserves illness, broken relationships or other things we qualify as misfortune or curses. Yet, when we encounter them, we have a choice to work through it or stay with it. Fair or not, there are no other options!

How a feeling of fairness can impede a Healing Journey
Another way 'fairness' can impede a Healing is when it impedes the Healing Journey. Healing is a Journey of self discovery of finding out what works for you and what doesn't. Often it's hard to see what is working for you and what isn't. Some people with the same complaints might make more progress and despite your hard work it might *look* like you are making none.

Then it's easy to sit down and complain. To find it unfair that you are doing so much work - with none of the results you hoped for. This sense of Fairness can stop people in their Healing Journey completely for a long time if you let it. 

A Healing Journey is not straight forward. Now that my blood values are returning to normal and stabilizing, I can not say: "This is what worked for me". I have done many things and worked through many issues. I have had help along the way. A clear cause and effect often doesn't exist. A Healing Journey often hits a tipping point, after which things improve or heal completely. Finding that point is hard work.

An exercise in balancing fairness: The List
If you still have trouble starting on your Healing Journey or keeping on it this is an exercise to help you return to balance and truth.

Take the time to sit down somewhere for around 30-45 minutes. It's often best to be undisturbed, because while your list can give quite some tears, it may also give you some unexpected laughter. Once you are stuck in the "Fair" world idea it might be hard to let go, but this exercise is meant to show how silly that idea is!

Write above the list: "The Getaway" and fill in all the things you have done that you have gotten away with. Nights not sleeping and working hard without getting ill? Drove too fast, but didn't get fined? Treated a person ugly, but they forgave you and remained your friend?

Most of us will have hundreds if not thousands of these kind of 'offenses' in which we weren't caught or didn't pay any price. How strange is it to think then, that the world if "fair" in the way that everything gets paid for? How strange that you have to have 'done' something to deserve what happened? Or that because you didn't, it should be solved for you?

Enjoyed reading about this part of the Healing Journey? Want to tell me how your exercise went? Respond on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or through E-mail!
Dear People,

Yesterday I had a lovely evening with 2 wonderful ladies while we were working on getting back to strength, to your center and to your own truth. One of the topics of conversation in that workshop was being gentle. We talked about how easy it is to be gentle to others and how hard it sometimes is to be gentle to yourself. I felt it was a good topic for a blog post on being gentle after something goes wrong!

Why being gentle with yourself is so important
Imagine a poor wounded bird that dropped from the nest. We wouldn't chide it for falling out. We wouldn't poke it to try to make it fly back up. We wouldn't think it deserved to stay in pain. We would gentle cup it in our hands and put it back where it belongs - to safety and warmth. This is what is right.

Now think back on the last time you made a mistake and you dropped from the nest. I'm sure you chided yourself sternly. Your guilt probably helped that chiding along, as well as making you believe you deserved punishment. How does that help you? It keeps you out in the cold, keeps you in a negative cycle and keeps you from seeing yourself for what you truly are: Human - capable of making mistakes - and capable of correcting them.

So, take the time to be gentle with yourself. That way you stay in a positive loving vibe - even after the worst mistakes in your life.

How to be gentle: Step 1: Stopping the Out of Control Inner Critic
Having an Inner Critic is fine - we all need to evaluate our actions, thoughts and decisions. Our Critic lets us know when we stray or how we could do better next time. However, with some people the Critic is out of control! It keeps on talking and talking and talking - making you feel small, stupid and belittled.

Sometimes this is caused by the teachings of your parents, siblings or other significant people in your life, sometimes it's primarily us - we want to be the best and we think that yelling at ourselves will accomplish that. It's quite a silly notion, as we all know that we feel more motivated with gentleness then with toxic words.

So, next time your Inner Critic gets out of control and you are telling yourself how you should have known to do things differently - get your Inner Fan on the stage. The Inner Fan balances out the Inner Critic. It encourages us, finds us courageous and cheers every time we try to take positive action - regardless of the outcome.

How to be gentle: Step 2: Allowing your feelings
Ok, so something went wrong and you feel terrible about it. Often, people want to stay positive or deal with the problem by ignoring it. Neither is good idea. First and foremost, allow your feelings to be there. Then - comfort yourself accordingly for as long as you need!

That little bird out of the nest is cold and upset - just like you are. Comfort yourself gently, before taking steps to correct issues. Heartache only heals when we allow it to be there and when we take care of it.

How to be gentle: Step 3: Working on the solution
It's easy to stay stuck in negativity once something went wrong and to stay harsh. To think of all kinds of negative solutions based on punishments or to think only of the problem that was created.
Instead, be sure to think of what you have learnt about yourself and others. Think on how this can be bring something positive into your life. If you can't think of something, that's fine.

Then, start thinking on how to solve it in a way that is satisfying.

How to be gentle: Step 4: Reward yourself
Regardless of the consequences of your solution reward yourself. You did your best, so be gentle and acknowledge that. This step is most often forgotten, because we tend not rarely reward ourselves. When we do it, it's mostly when we get exceptional good results (promotion, getting a degree etc.), but those are just the endpoints of a journey. All those times in between are also worth celebrating.

So, for today (and hopefully every day), practice Gentleness!
Dear People,

Time for some answers to questions clients ask me regularly. For this Article I decided to group 3 common questions together.

Question 1: Can you help me?
My clients can be split in two groups: One group just makes an appointment. They call or e-mail, set a date and save all their questions for their first session. The other group usually asks Question nr. 1! Sometimes they give me a lot of information on what they want help with, sometimes they are are vague and want me to fill in the blanks.

For both groups, even those that never ask this question, I do the same. Before making an appointment I take some time to listen. To feel if this client is *my* client. I find it very important not to waste my time or my clients time. So I listen and then I decide.

Sometimes I refer the person to somebody else, sometimes I explain that I will be able to help them with X, but not with Y or Z and most of the time I'm happy to make an appointment knowing I can help them completely.

Question nr. 2: Do you work with children?
It always surprises me when parents ask me if I work with children. Children are not so different from adults after all! They can have problems in their energy fields just like adults, they can have physical, emotional and mental problems, just like adults... goals they are unable to meet, just like adults and so on!

Of course children ask for a different approach based on their age and understanding. Most kids love being in the practice as they usually are still very energy sensitive. They love the relaxed and loving atmosphere. More then once I've had parents tell me their kids continued talked about me or asking if they could come and visit me again for months afterwards!

I love working with children and it's very satisfying to help them find their own power and place in the world. I'm often asked to work with children that have problems that are hard to solve in other ways like: unexplained physical problems (sleeping problems, headaches, stomach problems, asthma etc.), difficult situations (bullying, divorce etc.) or developmental/behaviour problems (ADHD, dyslexia etc.).

Sometimes the solution involves the parents too!

Question nr. 2: Do you work with animals?
Yes, I work with animals and I love working with them as well. Most of the time I help animals who have unexplained behavioral problems like aggression or anxiety. It's often very hard for humans to find out what is wrong with their pet.

I can tune in and see what can be done for the pet, but often I ask if they can be brought to the practice. Some people are very surprised at how easily I'm often able to handle a frightened pet. Pets are usually very energy sensitive, so most of the time they are much more relaxed then their owners would expect.

The hard part is that I can't make a pet understand that I'm going to do something that might temporarily hurt but that it will be ok again soon. Especially with anxious pets you do not want to do anything that might link pain with humans. However, even with those limits, I have seen some miraculous results!

I remember one client telling me she wished her behavior could change so rapidly, when her beloved pet was ok again with harsh sounds after a 25 minute session.
Dear People,

Doing Monthly Readings means I get to choose a new Deck every month! This way you will see a lot of different decks that I own. This month I chose the "The Original Angel Cards". The box alas is quite a bit bigger then the cards, but these are so funky that I love them. They often offer a wonderful boost and a smile.

Three Angels that are with me: Humour, Transformation & Respect
No surprise there! Like I said, these cards always bring me a smile. That is, what I as a Healer also try to do. I often have to bring messages that people don't like to hear. We all want good news and sometimes that is not yet what is happening, a lesson must first be learnt.

Transformation is something that always happens when we meet one another. We touch, connect and transform based on what we have heard, felt and experienced. Sometimes those transformations are very vivid and I can see the change in energy, the change in body stance and the change in a person. Sometimes it takes a while to take hold.

Respect is also something that is very important to me. I respect each and every client that comes through the door. I respect myself, by doing my best and trusting that I do what is right.

Three Angels that I should call upon more: Purification, Harmony & Sisterhood/Brotherhood
I used to have a random alarm in my phone to remind me to purify. Now that I went back to the University, I can't have my phone ringing at awkward moments so I put it off. Sadly, I often forget to purify even though I know it's better to do so more often. I guess it is back on my todo-list.

Harmony is something that I always strive for, but sometimes it's hard to see how to create a harmonious situation. I guess I have to call upon this Angel more often to help me out!

Sisterhood/Brotherhood is also an Angel job that I adore. I love finding like minded people and enjoying myself in their company. I'm really looking forward to having the Woman's Cycle start in April and meet more women who are interested in the same issues as I am!

An Angel to pat me on the back (what is going right) and one to warn me (what is not going right): Expectancy & Faith

Expectancy... hmm, that sounds good. I am expecting quite a lot of good things to happen this year as a lot of wheels are in motion. Top of my lists are a few wishes for people close to me, more health for myself and finishing up my studies fast and some partnerships that I am really hoping for.

Well, sometimes it's hard to keep Faith. When you do not see the promised fruits in somebodies life blossom. When you do not know at all if you are doing the right work. Even so, I will work on creating and holding on to more Faith.