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By  Rianne Collignon     October 27, 2012    Labels: 
Dear People,

The Weight Loss Course is almost ending. I'm not an ending type of person, I must confess. I always miss sessions and clients, although I love the fact that they are ready to strike out on their own. I guess this is why I offer so many ways to keep in touch (Facebook Fan Page, Blog and E-mail).

However, a new beginning is of course also in the works. I'd love to have a Weight Loss Course in 2013. I already started the first process of advertising and I've brainstormed about it a bit too. This year I've had again, great results (not only concerning weight loss, but also gains regarding self-esteem, self-love, metabolism and energy), but I'm always willing to change to find even better results.

 I've decided to work with the Cope Deck for my brainstorm today. I love working with it in combination with EFT, as the images evoke feelings that can be released or reinforced. So it's very suited to the weight loss course, which also works heavily with EFT.

What would a Weight Loss Course in 2013 bring me and my clients?
The Cards have no names, but they featured: a woman swimming happily in the waters, a circle of people standing/sitting around somebody talking and a boy and girl sitting together looking at the sky who seem to have survived a bombardment.

Well, I can easily relate to the first two cards. I've seen time and time before how the course lessons are a happy flow of energy which refreshes and energizes us. Also, water is the universal symbol of emotions and the course helps navigate those troublesome emotions concerning weight loss and body image. I can see how the group of people that is listening to a single one relates to me taking on the role as course leader. This year again, I had to balance the happy chatting with the working ;) The last two years I have worked as a participant too, but since I'm almost on goal weight, I probably won't do so next year. This card seems to reinforce that.

The last one, seems to be focused on how it can feel a lot safer to do work together. I love hosting workshops, but sometimes it's a lot of work to promote them. So I often wondered if I shouldn't just focus on sessions instead. However, weight loss is tackled a lot better together as a group.

What can I incorporate in the course to improve it?
I swear I truly shuffled, but the second card came up again. Ok, another reinforcement that I should take upon the role as course leader. The second card shows the roots of a tree, while the third was up side down, a man behind a barbed wired fence looks away.

The first course in 2011 had a little bit of personal work with me at every session. In the second course, I decided to focus more on group work, more lessons (twice a month instead of once) and personal homework. This third course I wanted to do more roots work. To help people personally with what is the root course of their weight gain and the inability to lose it. I will offer 3 personal telephone sessions of 25 minutes for each participant to do so. It might be necessary to do more roots work in the course as well. I will definitely look into how to incorporate this more in the lessons.

The third card reminds me on how important it is to feel free of this issue. Many people feel trapped in an overweight body, trapped with the idea it can't be solved overnight. While I spend a lot of time explaining that Weight loss is a marathon, a path of living that's healthy happy and balanced, and not a sprint, I think I should also focus more on the results. To do so, we have to face the prison we made for ourselves.

What do I need to know about my course?
A card showing a handkerchief with in it, many different items, ranging from an apple to a flute, to a little cat to a telescope. A card showing a man, standing on some kind of ledge, holding his hand before his face and jumping off. He's strangely contorted. A woman with a blindfold and a lute or harp sitting on a stone.

I think the handkerchief shows me that my course has many different theme's, so everything that you could possible need is in it. Some people feel more connected to youth patterns, while others feel more connected to emotional eating. If I wanted too, I'm sure I could find more then the current 9 theme's. I'm going to check up on each and every one of them and see if I want to connect them more, like the items lying on this handkerchief.

The man shows me that doing a course is a bit of a plunge. I often find it a pity that I never have the chance to offer a free lesson so you can see if this course is for you. The problem is that I don't have the space to accommodate a large group. This is why I often have an open house day where you can see the workbook, try out EFT and ask me questions. I'm going to muse on other ideas concerning this as well.

The woman on the stone is a bit of a muse to me. I guess I do need to know that I need to promote the course a bit better. I haven't done so much last year, but for 2013 I certainly will. I know this course is very worthwhile, so I have to be a siren and entice people to have a look! I have a couple of events in November, so I better take the workbook with me!

Interested in the Weight Loss course or have questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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