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Questions from the Practice: Pricing

By  Rianne Collignon     November 08, 2012    Labels: 
Dear People,

Today, I will answer some questions about my prices. Some people can easily afford me, but with the economy like it is, some people can't. When I get asked about my price, I try to keep the answer short, but that isn't always satisfactory. Now I will have a blog post that I can refer too! The most important thing for me is that, people are not asking me about my price because they don't think it's worth it (I know, I asked!), they ask me because they want to come more often then their finances allow.

Why are you this expensive?
First of all, expensive is very relative. For reference, for the price of a single session with me, in Holland you can also: have a perm set or your hair colored + a haircut, almost have microdermabrasion done (it's slightly more expensive), have a 3 course dinner for 2 (if you don't drink too much!) or have a session with a psychologist.

For the price of a Reading you can go see a movie + have popcorn and a drink. For the price of a Dail A for Answers phone session you might be able to get a massage (prices vary), a foot reflexology session (prices vary) or a pedicure.

Are there people who ask less? Yes, there are. However, almost all of them have other means to support themselves (another job, retirement funds or disability checks). And some of them don't pay taxes on what they earn. Remember, I have to give up 21% VAT plus income tax (varies).

Are there people who ask more? Yes, there are. I know people whose prices range between €150-300 for each session. Do I want to do that? No, I believe that I wouldn't be affordable anymore for many people. It's important to me that I stay affordable, because I believe that if I'm not, that's a loss for both me and my potential clients. Which is why, besides offering a range of services, I also offer discounts and a loyalty point system.

Why did you set these specific prices then?
Besides wanting to be affordable, I also looked at what I would compare my work too. Most of my work is helping others achieve a balanced life. I have many clients with serious health issues (physical, emotional or mental) who haven't found help anywhere else. In that, I feel my work compares to that of a psychologist. Hence a price in session that is comparable to their rate.

For massages, my rate can be consider a lot. Rates for a massage vary wildly, between people who have almost no training (€30-€40) and people who have a degree in for example Shiatsu or foot reflexology (€60-90). However, most people have to come back for massages often if they have a persistent health problem. In the end, you'd pay much more then if you have 1 or 2 session with me and I use my Energy Therapy to solve the problem during the massage. So my massages do not only relax, they also offer lasting health benefits.
What do you do for each session?
Some people count the amount I make in 50 minutes, then multiple that by 8 (normal work hours) and think I'm making a fortune! If only that was so. For each client I have preparation time (so I can start the session talking about what I sensed and see if we are on the same page) that is between 15-30 minutes. Sometimes it's a bit longer, but rarely.

Besides prep time, I also have administration that needs to be done, advertising and of course I have to set up appointments with clients and answer e-mails. So, yes, there are many unpaid hours in my day.

Also, don't forget I have to pay for ads (some people are very surprised that a small ad can already cost €150-€200 in a local paper), for the space (which goes at a premium in Delft) and various other little things. And so far, I'm not building a pension with Hart en Ziel.

So, am I making a comfortable living? No, I'm not, but that's ok. I'm holding my head afloat and Hart en Ziel is growing. I hope to make a living out of Hart en Ziel soon and after that, maybe a comfortable living. Want to help? Spread the word that I do good work and it's worthwhile!

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