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Dear People,

Purity can have very negative connotations for people, because they often feel that they've lost it. Maybe it's because they feel only virgins or children are pure. Or any other set of arbitrary rules splitting the world into pure and impure. For me return to purity is a beautiful thing was it allows us to shatter judgements about ourselves and others, it allows us to release guilt and return back to innocence.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.
Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).
I want to be pure
I want to have a pure body
I want to have pure thoughts
I want to have pure actions
I want to have pure love
I want to have pure innocence

I am willing to see the purity in nature
I am willing to see the purity in life
I am willing to see the pure love in others
I am willing to see the purity in actions of others
I am willing to see the purity in others
I see life as pure
I see nature as pure 
I see myself as pure
I see others as pure
I am pure love
I am pure soul
I am pure innocence
I am pure joy
I am pure laughter
I am pure happiness
I am pure release
I am pure energy
I am pure
Have an affirmation you want to share? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your affirmation stories in the practice, by email or publicly online.


Dear People,

A lot has been written about how to deal with negative energy when you are energy sensitive and intuitive, but what about positive energy? When we are energy sensitive we can easily recharge in positive environments and feel immense feelings of contentment and peace. Time to share my favorite energy recharging places and habits.



We make jokes about 'tree hugging', but the positive environment of trees and plants is well documented. There has been research showing people that work in office spaces with plants actually have better hormone levels. 


Recharging in the forest is wonderful, just a slow walk under the trees can uplift and relax us. Actually hugging a tree is also a wonderful way to feel grounded, strong and stable. So, sneak a hug when nobody is looking if you feel self conscious and let the tree help you recharge. 


If you can't get away, getting some easy plants at home or in your garden is also a wonderful way to stay connected to the recharging energy of Mother Earth. Watch my Creating Joy with Plants video to see me with some of my plants.


I'm a true sea child and I do love love the sound of waves, prefer being on the water and love to swim. A lot of people recognize the recharging energy of the water. They talk about feeling better after a beach walk, feeling it clears their head or soothes their heart. 


Recharging near the water is wonderful if you have a troubled heart, as water helps us (re-)connect with our feelings, cleanses negative energy and brings out a playful side in us. So dipping your toes in the water or hearing a stream is a wonderful way to recharge.

If you can't get away, consider recharging under the shower or in the bath tub (especially with some nice bubble bath bombs), listening to some water music (streams, waterfall or thunderstorm) or just taking a relaxing foot bath.



Even people aren't inclined to believe that semi precious stones or crystals can improve people's lives acknowledge their beauty. There is something special about the thousands of years a crystal has grown and how it has done so organically. The energy of caves can be awe inspiring and make us feel comforted and safe.

I own a lot of small and a few big pieces, but I love working with Crystals. They can easily recharge us if we wear them, have them in our spaces (desks/beds etc.) or are just around us. I have many so it's hard to say what my favorite would be. I highly recommend also recharging your stones. 


If you want to see some of my collection, check out my Instagram, You will see pieces I work with appear there regularly or check the Healing for the Week video's. I love picking small pieces to display in the video.



Seeing uplifting art, listening to music or getting on our feet to dance, these connections with human made creativity are all a wonderful way to recharge. It doesn't matter if you are looking at formal art in a museum or gallery, going to a concert or dancing professionally or if you are just seeing something at home, human creativity recharges us.


I admit I own a lot of art, because I love recharging with it and being in a wonderful atmosphere. Creating your own art is also a wonderful way to uplift and recharge.  


So, don't focus only on the irritants of negative energy that you might be feeling day to day because you are sensitive, but celebrate the many ways of positive energy available to us daily. I'm sure I know many more ways to recharge with energy, but these are the ones I use the most.

Let me know how you recharge with positive energy or ask me a question on the blog, Facebook Fan page,  Instagram or in the practice if you want to hear more about my Psychic Life.