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Dear people,

I often see people unwilling to ask for help or to invest in themselves, until there is a (big) problem. That means that we see our lives get worse and worse, until we truly have to accept that something is wrong. As if we can only go for a change when the situation has become unacceptable. It's much easier to turn things around when we have more energy left, when we aren't as emotionally hurt or mentally exhausted. So today I'm writing about how to change this mindset.

Embracing available help


While it's true that you can do things on your own just fine, doing things together is often faster and more joyful. By supporting each other, we share in success and love and increase bonding. We gift each other the satisfaction of helping out and feelings of gratitude and appreciation.


There is no problem too small to ask for help, whether it's from Heaven or from a friend, family member or colleague. If you find that situation hard to stomach, you probably feel that you gain in self confidence or self esteem for doing things on your own. You might feel that by doing it the hard way, you are proving something about yourself.


The question is: is what you are proving, worth it? If we all lived effortless lives, we'd be happier, more abundant and more connected. So, let's make all our lives easier and embrace the available help.

Don't wait until there is a breakdown

In our busy lives it's tempting to wait until something really breaks down. We can keep putting it off and focus on thing we find more urgent... until the problem becomes urgent. Just like a small leak that isn't tended to can turn into huge massive water damage, so can small frustrations turn into something much bigger.


If you always are feeling that you don't have the time or the energy to look at what's happening in your life, I highly suggest you find a better balance. You might have to delay some known big projects, so you can do some inner housekeeping. It's tempting to keep doing new things, but we need to take care of ourselves too. 

How small problems turn big


Mostly, problems start with small signs in the spiritual realm: feeling a bit more frustrated with your spouse, finding less enjoyment in a hobby or in your job and they are easily ignored. After that, it usually grows into the mental realm: you start noticing stress, impatience, worrying etc. and you start to believe something needs to change. If nothing is done, it will drop down the emotional and you will most likely experience sadness, disappointment, anger and other troubling emotions. If you still ignore it, it will turn into the physical realm and you will get health concerns. 


How often do you tell yourself: "I should have done something about this sooner" or "I can't believe how out of hand this got". If you do find yourself doing that, remember that a small problem will turn big with time passing. 


Creating an effortless flow


So, to make sure you ask for help at the right time, make it a habit to ask for help. Don't go at things alone, but allow Heaven to support you. When you notice something is off, take charge and ask for help. Deal with issues as they crop up and you will start noticing lots of things move better and happier.


All in all, creating a Flow of Miracles in your life takes some effort, but once it started, it's much easier to keep it going. So yeah, living a spiritually aware life might make others feel like your life is charmed, but you just learned to make the effort before there is a problem. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you want to see what's going on in your life more clearly or want to work on something that still feels small. You can email me, post a message on the blog or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or Instagram.


Dear People, 

I always get a lot of questions about meditation. If I do it, how often I do it, if it's worth it etc. etc. Most questions come from people who try to meditate a lot to progress in their spiritual journey and are interested how I do it and from people who are struggling to meditate. I've done an Instagram Live answering some common questions and hosting a group meditation, but I love to discus some things on the blog as well.

My meditation practice
If I do a focused meditation, I prefer using my meditation pillow to sit down or laying down in bed. I never do full lotus, as that isn't comfortable for me. I might work up to this yoga position, but for now my focus is on having the time and space to meditate. I also prefer active meditation from Osho, which is standing, dancing and shaking. I also like doing walking meditations and I prefer using a labyrinth or spiral for that. Now that I have a garden, I can do this type of meditation more easily. I also love laughter meditations.
I would say I'd do at least one type of meditation once a week, but I also have daily check ins in which I am mindful and in the moment. I don't meditate daily for a set amount of time, as I have different needs at different times. So sometimes I do many long meditations (1 hour +), while other times I might have 3 small meditations (5 minutes) a week.

Why I meditate
There are many reasons to meditate as it has a lot of benefits, but here is my top 3:
  1. I prefer to have a clear and solid connection to Spirit. Meditating helps me to create clarity and listen to my intuition easily. 
  2. I prefer to process my emotions, worries etc. by meditating. 
  3. I love using meditations in healing work, like shamanic journeys or manifestation meditation

There are many health benefits as well, but these are the ones that make me the happiest.


Why I recommend meditation

Our lives are continuously busy and it's hard to find moments of reflection. It's like we are constantly adding stress, but only rarely removing it. Meditation is a powerful tool to increase intuition (making our lives easier!) and well being. 


I think meditation is for everyone, but finding the right meditation practice for yourself is vital. If you try a focused breath meditation and a few days or weeks in you still haven't reached a meditative trance or space, it's very discouraging. I also feel that different types of meditation also fill different needs, so I prefer a mix, while others might prefer to dive deep in a single meditation practice. 


If you have any questions about meditation, feel free to watch back the Instagram Live and leave a comment there or here. Want to meditate more? Check out my Manifesting Meditations on YouTube and see if they work for you.

Have a question for me about my work, me or my techniques? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.