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Questions from the practice: Do you meditate? How? Why?

By  Rianne Collignon     June 08, 2021    Labels:, 


Dear People, 

I always get a lot of questions about meditation. If I do it, how often I do it, if it's worth it etc. etc. Most questions come from people who try to meditate a lot to progress in their spiritual journey and are interested how I do it and from people who are struggling to meditate. I've done an Instagram Live answering some common questions and hosting a group meditation, but I love to discus some things on the blog as well.

My meditation practice
If I do a focused meditation, I prefer using my meditation pillow to sit down or laying down in bed. I never do full lotus, as that isn't comfortable for me. I might work up to this yoga position, but for now my focus is on having the time and space to meditate. I also prefer active meditation from Osho, which is standing, dancing and shaking. I also like doing walking meditations and I prefer using a labyrinth or spiral for that. Now that I have a garden, I can do this type of meditation more easily. I also love laughter meditations.
I would say I'd do at least one type of meditation once a week, but I also have daily check ins in which I am mindful and in the moment. I don't meditate daily for a set amount of time, as I have different needs at different times. So sometimes I do many long meditations (1 hour +), while other times I might have 3 small meditations (5 minutes) a week.

Why I meditate
There are many reasons to meditate as it has a lot of benefits, but here is my top 3:
  1. I prefer to have a clear and solid connection to Spirit. Meditating helps me to create clarity and listen to my intuition easily. 
  2. I prefer to process my emotions, worries etc. by meditating. 
  3. I love using meditations in healing work, like shamanic journeys or manifestation meditation

There are many health benefits as well, but these are the ones that make me the happiest.


Why I recommend meditation

Our lives are continuously busy and it's hard to find moments of reflection. It's like we are constantly adding stress, but only rarely removing it. Meditation is a powerful tool to increase intuition (making our lives easier!) and well being. 


I think meditation is for everyone, but finding the right meditation practice for yourself is vital. If you try a focused breath meditation and a few days or weeks in you still haven't reached a meditative trance or space, it's very discouraging. I also feel that different types of meditation also fill different needs, so I prefer a mix, while others might prefer to dive deep in a single meditation practice. 


If you have any questions about meditation, feel free to watch back the Instagram Live and leave a comment there or here. Want to meditate more? Check out my Manifesting Meditations on YouTube and see if they work for you.

Have a question for me about my work, me or my techniques? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.

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