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Dear People, 

When I first tell people the energy of a session can still be felt 6-8 weeks after, a lot of people don't really believe me. I can understand why, but I've been doing this work for many years now and I keep getting updates from people sometimes even months later. So here is why I know True Unity works longer then just the session itself.


When we need a slower change


Often we want things to change directly, right now, completely, but a lot of times this is not what true change is like. This is because a sudden complete shift scares us. We want it, but at the same time we'd be extremely afraid of this type of miracle. We all need some time to process and most of us will appreciate gentle changes.


I can always see how ready somebody is to receive fast healing, because then the session usually has huge and sudden results, which makes me feel very grateful. However, positive change building up slowly throughout the weeks till the new level is reached is also a wonderful result.


So one of the reasons I can see True Unity energy working for so long is that we sometimes need that, so because the shift that was needed has been achieved, the energy will get you to the next level and it takes you there slowly but surely. I've had people reporting positive shifts months after their session with me.

More energy available


The second reason why you will see long term results and feel that energy is because there simply is more energy available. That is not only the energy I gave to people during a session, but also the energy within that is now freed to be available to do positive things. If most of our energy goes to pain, suffering or other people, it can't be used for positive change.

With inner conflicts solved, we are no longer working at odds with Heaven, but are co-creating our Golden Path. That means that we are within the Flow of Miracles, being able to receive bigger and better gifts and rewards. It doesn't matter what type of higher power you believe in, a lot of people do feel that positive alignment shift or will notice the results.


Often, these gifts show up within a few weeks of positive change building upon positive change. So it's common for people to tell me that they have found new opportunities for their career, love life etc. because of a session with me.


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Dear People,

Psychic life is especially good in helping us stay in the blessing of good fortune. People who are in tune with the energy of the Universe and with their intuition often have lucky breaks. They are at the right place at the right time, they seem to find what they are looking for and attract good fortune. I feel everybody has the right to receive this, so read on how you can manifest more good fortune.


Create your own luck story


I have always felt that I'm a lucky duck or as we say in Dutch, lucky bird. I've noticed that a lot of people have a bad luck stories. They tell me that they never win anything, always have bad luck etc. Once you are in that mindset, it's very hard to manifest any good luck, let alone good fortune. You are rowing against the current of your own belief system. 


So take some time to create your own luck story. Find instances in your life where you felt lucky or something of great good fortune happened to you. Start affirming that you are lucky. Ask your intuition to help you find your luckiest paths and to bring you great good fortune. You will be surprised what the combination of releasing your old belief system, taking time to listen in the now and affirming with gratitude afterwards will do for your good fortune. 


I'm sure a lot of people won't think I had a lucky life, based on the amount of health challenges I faced, but I do feel lucky. I have many stories of winning contests or lotteries (although no huge jackpots yet), stories of getting discounts or being where I need to be. I do practice manifestation in many forms. If you want to manifest with me, you can listen to my Manifestation Meditation series. 

Staying in the Flow of Miracles or creating one

Another good way to have more good fortune is to stay in the Flow and specifically the Flow of Miracles. Flow is the sensation that everything is going well, that we feel vibrant and alive and that getting things done is effortless. Getting into the Flow will become easier when you decide to live a spiritual aware life, so that's why I'm always doing Monthly Next Step Readings. Knowing which energy is available and what the natural Flow of life is doing, definitely helps to get your life flowing well. 


Moving upwards from the Flow to the Flow of Miracles is one that I highly recommend. Once you are open to the idea of sudden unexpected positive change, which is what Miracles are, you will find that they will happen more and more often. Definitely let go of any beliefs that block Miracles and understand that they happen around us every single day. 


You can easily create a Flow of Miracles by surrendering to your idea of a higher power and trusting that you will be led to where you need to go. The more you do this, the easier it is for Miracles to appear and for you to release what has been blocking them. Be sure to keep the faith strong or if you feel like you can't do this on your own, you can always ask me for help or join in with any of my free offerings. 


Have a good fortune story to share? Post a comment on the blog, Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.