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Monthly Evaluation Reading

By  Rianne Collignon     July 18, 2012    Labels: 
Dear  People,

I'm still one month behind with the Evaluations, but since it's Summer I might be able to catch up. These past 2 weeks I have been brainstorming on a few ideas. One of the Decks that I usually work with to get some quick Yes/No Answers is the Good Witch/Bad Witch Deck from Gillian Kemp. I don't usually work much with Witches or Witch-Mythology, but this Deck has a lot of humor and a very nice structure.

In essence you draw 3 Cards for each question. Two or more Good Witches means Yes, two or more Bad Witches means No. Depending on which Witches show up, you can get a good idea on why it's a Yes or No. While I made quite a few decisions yet, it's fun to evaluate them beforehand with the Witches instead of seeing how they pan out!

Is offering "the One" Reading a good idea?
The Good Witch: Stardust Witch, The Bad Witch: Warty Witch and The Bad Witch: The Wickedest Witch
Interestingly, this answer would be "No". It seems that the Witches tell me that while doing these Readings will give hope to people and that little bit of magic that they sometimes need, the Witches warn that this is just a stepping stone (Warty Witch) and that there is something I might not have seen. This might cause some opposition that I might need to be aware of.

A caution then, for me when offering this type of Reading!

Is offering the "Dail A for Answers" session a good idea?
Bad Witch: The Green Witch, Bad Witch: The Abracadabra Witch, Bad Witch: The Tortured Witch
This answer would also be "No", although the quality of the bad witches is such that it seems to be a caution to me. The Green Witch speaks of good luck and timing, making sure you do not take on too much, while the Abracadabra Witch speaks of having all the aid you need and the Tortured Witch speaks of allowing to move on from bad times. All in all, it does seem this type of session might be a bit more time consuming then I thought as well as bringing more emotional stress then I anticipated.

I decided to draw an additional Set to see what more could be learned:
The Bad Witch: Thunder and Lightening Witch, The Good Witch: The Treasure Witch and The Good Witch: The Timeless Witch
Two witches again, which speak of good rewards and taking your time to set something up. The Thunder and Lightening Witch tells me that sometimes the technology might fail and I need to implement some additional things for this.

Some nice information that I will use to implement these two types of Sessions!

Is there something else that is good for me and my clients to offer?
The bad Witch: The Coven Witch, the Good Witch: Ageless Witch and the Earth Witch
Ah, I know of what the Witch speak, the Coven implies a group offering, while the Ageless Witch implies it will be based on Inner Beauty and Richness, while the Earth Witch also speaks of material rewards.

This offering is going to be a little secret a little longer! The other two will be explained in Today's Newsletter and on Facebook and the Website a little later!

If you thought of something else you'd like me to offer, don't hesitate to ask!

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