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Joys of a Psychic Life: Good Timing

By  Rianne Collignon     July 27, 2012    Labels: 
Dear People,

So here I am again, showing you that Psychic Life really does have it's little perks. Today I'm going to talk about Good Timing. Good Timing for non-Psychic people usually means that they are on schedule, but Good Timing for me has a lot more to do with what you would think is 'Luck'.

Good Timing: Didn't I just see that on Sale?
Good Timing is one of the best Psychic perks if you are looking for something that you wish to buy or that somebody you know wants. Often, I don't know what comes first: the idea that I might want something or the fact that I just happen upon it. Sometimes I wonder if I have zoned in on the fact that I'm going to find that item a few hours later.

One example of this was when I looked online and saw the particular hairbrush (Satin Hair from Braun) that I wanted to try out for a while. I found it a bit on the expensive side (even on discount) and wondered if those ions would really do more for me or not. 15 minutes later my mother in law calls: She would like to have that particular hairbrush having seen it on discount (at a different store) but needed some more Air Miles to purchase it. Since I didn't have any, I mentioned that I saw it for a reduced price online. We bought it together, so we split on shipping, making it a cheaper deal for both of us.

Once when going out shopping, my sister told me I must have a lucky rabbits foot, because she got all the things she had been looking for (and most of them on a discount!).

Good Timing: Hey, what a surprise to catch you here!
Often, Good Timing also resolves around where I am. It's often surprises people that just when they were thinking about me, they caught me on the street or meet me somewhere. It doesn't surprise me, because I tend to pay attention to whom I think about. If you are on my mind, it's likely I will see you that day or get a call from you!

Also, sometimes I really do get the feeling I have to get to spot X a few minutes early or go by Y and then I just know why that extra time was needed when I bump into somebody I'd love to speak too.

Good Timing: The right Mix
Another perk of Psychic Good Timing is that you just meet the people you are supposed to meet and that most exchanges are very positive and balanced. It's like there is a Right Mix out there which you find quite often. Sometimes I don't even know what I'm supposed to do or say, just that somebody is important and we should speak.

An example of this is at a networking event a few months ago when I talked to somebody and said: "Excuse me, can I just ask you something" in quite a cheeky manner. He laughed and asked what was going on. I said I didn't have anything specific to offer but loved to work together. He told me to give his partner a call. Just the next day I already received an e-mail from said partner to come and discuss options. We are currently working on a project that I hope will have a date soon, so I can talk all about it!

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