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By  Rianne Collignon     September 07, 2012    Labels: 
Last month I was called up again to a certain forum by a stray e-mail. I decided to get my trusted Faeries Oracle out and play along with the Fae some. As you can see, this Oracle is very light and energetic. I used it a lot for Energy Healing Work for myself and sometimes for others in Groups. Since I was planning on having an Energy Healing Course in 2013, I felt it more then appropriate to work with them this Month.

What is the Root of this Course: The Maiden, The Guardian at the Gate Rx, The Green Woman Rx
I do feel at the root, this Course is one of Miracles, of changing yourself and of seeing what needs to grow and what does not. Strangely enough in this Deck, the Maiden is a young baby. It gives off a fragile vibe, but at the same time one of inner strength.

I would love to have a course in 2013, but I fear the Fae are telling me that now might not yet be the time. I might need to get a clearer view of what I want to accomplish with this course. The Green Woman is all about nurturing the right ideas and pulling out the weeds.

I was wondering if I want to have a course for people who already know Healing or for beginners. If I want a course with a set Theme a month or not. I have so much that I can choose from because I have been working with Energy for such a long time and with a lot of different techniques.

What do I need for this Course: Death, The Singer of Connection
I do of course need to connect to others who wish to follow an Energy Healing Course. Also, my other course needs to end (Death), before I can start a new one. Two Courses a year is the maximum that I do with the practice.

What do I need to know: He of the Fiery Sword
This Fae is one of active will. Telling me that yes, there is a good basis for this course and I should move ahead with my plans. However, it's important that I slice through some decisions on what exactly I will be teaching.

If you are interested in an Energy Healing Course, don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a message here or on Facebook based on what you would like.

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