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Thoughts on Healing: Spiritual Drawing

By  Rianne Collignon     September 21, 2012    Labels:,, 

Dear People,
Sometimes it's hard to bring our path into words and that is when I start Drawing! When I was still experimenting a lot with my Psychic Voice, I decided that I wanted to see if I could draw Energy. I thought I'd be drawing aura like pictures, but besides colors I would also draw shapes (and very rarely words). In my last Monthly Evaluation Reading I used this technique to check out a physical space, but you can also use it to check out relationships, goals and the future.

Starting a Spiritual Drawing
Usually it's a good idea to start with a Grounding Exercise to make sure you are grounded and centered. Set aside some space, colored pencils and make sure you will not be disturbed. You could set an extra mood with incense or relaxing music.

It's important to focus on the Question or Theme you want to draw for. If you find it hard to keep it in your mind, you can write it above your drawing. This makes sure you stay on track. If you lose your focus - simply recite the theme to yourself and then continue drawing.

A good place to start would be to move your fingers over your pencils and see where you feel warmth to select the pencil that needs to be used. If you are in the flow it should be easy to place your pencil where it needs to be. Sometimes, it might be hard though, so you can select several places to see where it feels right.

It doesn't matter if you draw well, what matters is that you let yourself be guided to what needs to be drawn. You might experience the need to draw forcefully or very tenderly. You might see yourself drawing things you might not recognize. If you are stuck, you can also draw a card and see what part of the art wants to be drawn on your paper.

After you are done drawing it's time to translate your art into a Reading. A good place to start would be to interpret the composition of colors: is it light or dark? Is it drawn hasty or relaxed? What symbols did you draw and what do they mean to you? After answering those questions about the composition take the time to interpret every symbol: what does it mean to you? Why is it drawn in that specific color or colors?

Want to share your Spiritual Drawing? You can place it on the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail it to me! I'll let you know what I think it represents! Of course, any comments on this technique are appreciated too!

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  1. very nice:) just did it!!
    groetjes dear!

  2. Glad you did it and enjoyed the excersise! Groetjes, Rianne