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Monthly Evaluation Reading

By  Rianne Collignon     March 29, 2012    Labels: 
Dear People,

Doing Monthly Readings means I get to choose a new Deck every month! This way you will see a lot of different decks that I own. This month I chose the "The Original Angel Cards". The box alas is quite a bit bigger then the cards, but these are so funky that I love them. They often offer a wonderful boost and a smile.

Three Angels that are with me: Humour, Transformation & Respect
No surprise there! Like I said, these cards always bring me a smile. That is, what I as a Healer also try to do. I often have to bring messages that people don't like to hear. We all want good news and sometimes that is not yet what is happening, a lesson must first be learnt.

Transformation is something that always happens when we meet one another. We touch, connect and transform based on what we have heard, felt and experienced. Sometimes those transformations are very vivid and I can see the change in energy, the change in body stance and the change in a person. Sometimes it takes a while to take hold.

Respect is also something that is very important to me. I respect each and every client that comes through the door. I respect myself, by doing my best and trusting that I do what is right.

Three Angels that I should call upon more: Purification, Harmony & Sisterhood/Brotherhood
I used to have a random alarm in my phone to remind me to purify. Now that I went back to the University, I can't have my phone ringing at awkward moments so I put it off. Sadly, I often forget to purify even though I know it's better to do so more often. I guess it is back on my todo-list.

Harmony is something that I always strive for, but sometimes it's hard to see how to create a harmonious situation. I guess I have to call upon this Angel more often to help me out!

Sisterhood/Brotherhood is also an Angel job that I adore. I love finding like minded people and enjoying myself in their company. I'm really looking forward to having the Woman's Cycle start in April and meet more women who are interested in the same issues as I am!

An Angel to pat me on the back (what is going right) and one to warn me (what is not going right): Expectancy & Faith

Expectancy... hmm, that sounds good. I am expecting quite a lot of good things to happen this year as a lot of wheels are in motion. Top of my lists are a few wishes for people close to me, more health for myself and finishing up my studies fast and some partnerships that I am really hoping for.

Well, sometimes it's hard to keep Faith. When you do not see the promised fruits in somebodies life blossom. When you do not know at all if you are doing the right work. Even so, I will work on creating and holding on to more Faith. 

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