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Questions from the practice: Mediumship Questions

By  Rianne Collignon     February 25, 2013    Labels:, 
Dear People,

Time to answer a few questions about one of my gifts that isn't talked about much. I don't really advertise that part of my services, but most people know somehow that I do this type of work. I do find it important, so here are some questions I have been asked. What am I talking about? Mediumship.

Can you reach people who are deceased?
I can never give a 100% guarantee that I will be able to connect to a specific person.
I am almost always willing to try.

Does the time of the passing matter?
Not for me, but I do notice the following: Most people who have recently died will try to make themselves known to their loved ones. During this time people can have dreams or feelings and most often report seeing butterflies, lights flickering or the TV turning itself on or off. After this period, it usually becomes much harder to reach your loved one and often in this time stage people seek a Medium.

How do you know you connected to a specific individual?
Usually I feel how they have passed. Sometimes I get complete names of other family members or characteristics that people recognize. Often I can describe a complete picture of the deceased persons personality.

Once you have connected, what do you do?
I ask for any messages that they would like to give. Most of the time the messages are specific, to the point and in the 'voice' of the deceased. Sometimes those messages are universal (for example: parents being proud, brothers telling sisters not to worry so much), but sometimes they are based on unfinished business (for example property that they want sold) or sending on a message to a family member who is not there. After that, I ask the person who is with me if they want to ask any questions and relay any answers.

What if you can't connect?
If I do not get a connection I will refund the money for the session and ask that they try again later.
I often ask my Guides what would be the recommended period to wait. It happens very rarely, but it does happen. Sometimes a client wants to have a regular session instead or wants to know if I can connect to somebody else.

Why do you think you can't connect?
We think that after somebody has passed, that they have 'nothing to do'. Most of the time, that's not true. Souls have to learn their lessons, release feelings and reconnect to their purpose. I can ask, but I can't force. Very rarely I'm not in optimum condition (flu etc.). If so, I won't do the session and will cancel in advance. For this type of session I need to be in optimum condition.  

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